Taste Testers

These are just books I started translating for fun but don’t plan on finishing because I think the story developed in a stupid direction. I’ll link to the original raws so if you’re interested you can take mtl it. I will maybe translate until around ch 500 then drop it because it ended up shifting to a world jumping transmigration cultivation novel πŸ™

Title: One Night Lovely Wife $5.50: Overwhelming Black Belly Husband

Raw Link: here

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“Uncle, don’t …… it hurts!” 

“The nail is cut, what hurts?!”

“Uncle pinched me there, that’s why …… ” her small face blushed in protest, but she can not resist the uncle’s favor: 

In the last life she was bullied, after the rebirth, her uncle helped her to abuse the scum – the evil sister scheme? Uncle will face them! 

The betrayal of an unscrupulous stepmother? Uncle buy her out! 

A fiancΓ© who breaks off her marriage in public? I’m sorry, but I’m getting married to my uncle! 

An overnight acquaintance, uncle turned husband, first meeting, then bang bang. “Husband, I’m old and ugly, do you still love me?” 

“Love? It’s better to show rather than say.”

Translated Chapters: