Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 303 – Naturally, I’m Grateful That I Have a Capable Husband

Chapter 303 – Naturally, I’m Grateful That I Have a Capable Husband
“I don’t know what she’s so proud of, if it wasn’t for the Regent Prince’s face, who would want to go and bow to her.” A concubine muttered in a low voice.

“Naturally, I’m pleased that I have a capable husband.”

When Wen Qi Qi, who had already walked towards her seat, heard it with her sharp ears, her footsteps stopped. She turned back to lock her gaze on the woman who spoke, and said with neither a smile nor a laugh.

That consort did not expect her ears were so sharp. On hearing this, her face suddenly turned red and she did not dare to say anything.

Wen Qi Q also did not bother with her. In her opinion, they are quite pitiful. They will be trapped here for the rest of their lives, and the only way to free themselves is to die.

The servants waiting beside her were very respectful to her, serving her tea and water, very attentive.

Wen Qi Q naturally knew that this was again because of Gu Lin Chao’s sake.

She was eating fruits and snacks and enjoying the scenery of the garden. Those noblewomen came late. They are usually pampered, and after walking so much, they all have disorganized breaths and aching feet, but they have to maintain the decency of the noblewomen, and do not dare to show it on their faces.

When they saw Wen Qi Q sitting there, eating refreshments, everyone was jealous.

This Wen Qi Q is really lucky!

“Qian Qian, Yu Ying, come here.” At this moment, Wen Qi Qi waved at Su Qian Qian and Lu Yu Ying.

The former ran over very joyfully, while the latter was a bit surprised and flattered, but also walked over as she was told.

The palace maid was very insightful. Seeing that Wen Qi Qi was treating the two of them with special care, she added a stool beside her and poured tea and water, acting in a very considerate manner.

Su Qian Qian and Lu Yu Ying had been thirsty for a long time, and looked at Wen Qi Qi gratefully.

“Many thanks to Regent Consort.”

“It’s not me who poured tea for you, it’s our palace girl, it’s her you should thank.” Wen Qi Qi pointed to the small palace maid serving at the side and said with a smile.

The little palace maid froze, and responded by waving her hand, “It’s all that this slave girl should do, I don’t need to be thanked.”

However, Su Qian Qian and Lu Yu Ying heard Wen Qi Qi’s words and immediately turned their heads, kindly expressing their gratitude towards her.

The little palace maid’s entire body was a little fluttery and her face reddened.

No one had ever thanked her before.

But today, the Regent Consort and two noblewomen from high families, both thanked her.

She had a strange feeling in her heart.

It was as if the things she did, the position she was in, were not so humble anymore.

For the first time, Lu Yu Ying and Su Qian Qian expressed their gratitude to a servant girl. They were born in a high family, and had been surrounded by servant girls since they were young, and what they wanted, they only needed to order their subordinates to do it, which they had long been accustomed to, and took for granted.

But at this time, looking at the palace maid’s look of excitement because of being thanked by the two of them, they couldn’t help but be stunned. They were suddenly struck with some strange thoughts in their hearts.

It turns out that subordinates also need to be thanked and respected.

A word of thanks from them could make the subordinate so happy, they felt that there was no harm in saying it more often in the future.

As the noblewomen looked at the three of them talking and laughing, jealousy grew in their hearts and they said disdainfully, “Lu Yu Ying and that Su Qian Qian, they are really ass-kissers.”

“They’re stinky together.” Someone said sourly.

“Their kind is also called like-mindedness.” Someone followed and chimed in.

It wasn’t long before Atuo Jiang Hua arrived with a few other concubines.

Atuo Jiang Hua had married into the Daye Palace as the princess of Huijiang, and her status was so noble that even though she wasn’t the Empress, she had been named a Noble Concubine, and was currently the highest-ranking in Gu Heng’s harem.

Seeing her arrival, everyone rose to salute her.

(End of chapter)

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