Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Character & Relationship Tree

Wen Family

Wen Qi Qi :

Main female lead

Married to Gu Lin Chao as the Regents Primary Consort

Loved by her parents Wen Shi Qing and Xu Shi and elder brothers Wen Ting Xuan

Transmigrated in this life

Can be considered the aunt of the emperor Gu Heng

Xu Shi

Wen Qi Qi, Wen Ting Xuan, and Wen Ting Yun’s Mother

Lu Ying Ying

Married to Wen Ting Yun

Currently Pregnant

Wen Ruyi

Main Female Antagonist

Hates Wen Qi Qi

Adopted by the Wen Family

Loved by Old Madame of the Wen Family

Currently Pretending to be Liu Chang Zai/Liu Jieyu

Is in love with Gu Lin Cha

Old Madame Wen

Loves Wen Ruyi and doesn’t like Wen Qi Qi

Wen Ting Xuan

2nd Eldest son of the Wen Family

Wen Qi Qi’s elder brother

Military man

Hates Wen Ruyi

Wen Shi Qing

Duke and head of the Wen family

Wen Qi Qi and Wen Ting Xuan’s father

Wen Ting Yun

Wen Qi Qi’s eldest brother

Shizi of the Wen household

Married to Lu Ying Ying

Imperial Family – Surname Gu

Gu Lin Chao

Main male lead

Regent Prince of the Daye Dynasty in Court and military affairs

Uncle to the Emperor

Gu Xiao Yan

Gu Lin Chao’s Uncle

Duke Jing

Brother to the OG Empress Dowager (Gu Lin Chao’s Mother)

Frivolous personality

Gu Heng

The emperor

Age 17 so has a regent (Gu Lin Chao)

Feels overshadowe by Gu Lin Chao

Liu Chang Zai / Jie Yu

Gu Hengs concubine

Grand Empress Dowager Guo

Gu Lin Chao’s Mom

Loves Wen Qi Qi

Tolerates Gu Heng and Empress Dowager Guo

Empress Dowager Guo

Gu Heng’s Mom

In love with Gu Lin Chao

Hates Wen Qi Qi

Hates Wen Ru Yi


Lu Qiao

Wen Qi Qi’s maid

Si Yi

Gu Lin Chao’s bodyguard

Feels more indifferent to Wen Qi Q

Ennuch Wang Hou De/Houde

Gu Lin Chao’s Servant

Really likes Wen Qi Qi


External Imperial Members

Princess Atuo Jing Hua

Wen Qi Qi’s friend from another country

Wants to marry Gu Heng

Drinking buddies with Wen Qi Qi

Prince Atuo Qingye

Jing Hua’s older brother

Miscellaneous Characters

Madame Chen

Likes to gossip with Old Madame Wen