Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 302 – Luckily She Has An Extraordinarily Competent Husband

Chapter 302 – Luckily She Has An Extraordinarily Competent Husband

Because of Lu Ying Ying’s relationship, she immediately developed a favorable impression of this Lu Yu Ying.

With a sister like Lu Ying Ying, she thought that this Lu Yu Ying’s nature must not be bad either.

However, it was crowded at the moment, so she did not greet her, but turned her head to the round-faced girl beside her and asked with a smile, “Which family is the little sister from?”

The girl was a bit flattered, and said with a red face, “My surname is Su, Sister Wang Fei can call me Qian Qian.”

Wen Qi Qi sniffed and raised her eyebrows slightly.

This little girl was really cute as hell, when she called her little sister, she immediately called her sister, instantly bringing everyone closer.

“Su Qian Qian? I’ll remember that.”

At this time, a few small eunuchs carrying the soft sedan chair walked directly in front of Wen Qi Qi.

“Regent Princess, the Empress Dowager has learned that you have entered the palace, and has sent this slave and others to come and take the Wang Fei to the Imperial Garden, please get on the sedan chair.”

Wen Qi Qi froze, so it was the people sent by the Dowager Empress to fetch her.

She lifted her skirt and got into the soft sedan chair.

Soon, several small eunuchs carried the palanquin away.

The atmosphere was quiet, and at this time, a group of noblewomen reacted and whispered in low voices.

“I thought it was sent by the Empress Dowager to pick up Miss Lu.”

“I thought so too.”

“Surprisingly, it’s sent by the Empress Dowager to pick up the Regent Princess.”

“I thought that the Empress Dowager paid much attention to Ms. Lu. ……”

The murmurs were interspersed with a few snickers from time to time.

The sound of their unavoidable conversation naturally fell into Lu Yu Ying’s ears.

She lifted the corner of her mouth and did not say anything more.

Su Qian Qian gave her a somewhat sympathetic look, and after thinking about it, she couldn’t help but rub up against her side and comforted her in a low voice, “Sister Lu don’t take it to heart, they are just sour in their hearts, they are jealous of you.”

Lu Yu Ying glanced at her with some surprise, and immediately flashed a smile at her, “Thank you, but I didn’t take their words to heart.”

“That’s good.” Su Qian Qian breathed a sigh of relief.

Seeing her like this, Lu Yu Ying abruptly relaxed.

She knew that the Empress Dowager intended for the Emperor to marry her as the Empress, and she had been very uneasy in her heart about this.

This was because she had heard that the Emperor had a favored concubine before, but after favoring her for a few days, he sent the person to the Cold Palace.

From this, it could be seen that the Emperor was a cold person.

A place like the harem was a place where people were eaten without spitting out bones, and if the emperor was cold-hearted, the days would be really hard to live with.

She did not want to enter the palace and become a woman who would spend the rest of her life in mourning.

But the Empress Dowager has taken a liking to her, and their family doesn’t dare to disobey.

Thinking about this, she became more and more worried.

Today is clearly a flower appreciation banquet, but in reality, it is the Emperor’s appreciation of beauty.

Although it was some time ago, the palace had already accepted several ladies, but the huge harem naturally needs to be filled with more women.

So today, she and the other noblewomen were all coming into the palace for the Emperor to look at them.

She hoped that the Emperor would not be able to look at her so that she would not have to suffer that much.

While Lu Yu Ying was worried, Wen Qi Qi had already arrived at the imperial garden.

In the imperial garden, Gu Heng’s concubines have arrived one after another, all of whom are of lower rank.

When they saw Wen Qi Qi, even if they were reluctant, they had to come over and bow to her.

“Greetings, Consort Regent.”

Naturally, Wen Qi Qi could see their reluctance.

She sighed in her heart. Luckily, she had a particularly capable husband, or else she would be the one saluting at this moment.

“All of you are excused.” She said with a smile.

A few concubines saw this and felt unusually prickly.

“Many thanks to Regent Consort.”

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