Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 307 – Stepping on Her Whenever She Moves

Chapter 307: Stepping on Her Whenever She Moves

Lu Yu Ying said grimly, “But compared to this, I want to live more freely.”

Wen Qi Qi was surprised. She didn’t think that in the face of such a great temptation, Lu Yu Ying would want to give it up without hesitation. If it was someone else, they would be waiting to be welcomed into the palace with joy and happiness.

“I know it’s presumptuous, but I can’t find anyone who can help me. Your Highness, can you help me think of a way to avoid it?” Lu Yu Ying looked at her hopefully.

Wen Qi Qi said, “There is a way, but won’t you regret it?”

“I will only regret it if I enter the palace.” Lu Yu Ying said with unusual certainty, “I know very well what I want, but entering the palace is definitely not what I want. I’m afraid that if I don’t go for it now, I will regret it in the future.”

“OK, I’ll help you.” Wen Qi Qi agreed, then whispered something to her.

Lu Yu Ying listened attentively, nodding her head every now and then.

After that, the two of them parted ways.

When Wen Qi Qi returned to the banquet, Empress Dowager Guo had already arrived and was sitting on a high seat.

She had no choice but to go forward and salute, “I have seen the Empress Dowager.”

Empress Dowager Guo’s eyes fell on her. She saw that she wore an orange-red dress today. With her already beautiful face, she was even more radiant, with a heavenly scent, and all the young and beautiful noblewomen in the audience were her companions.

Seeing the situation, Empress Dowager Guo pinched her hand tightly. Her eyes quickly swept through the haze, and after a long time, she said with a faint voice: “Regent Consort is exempted from salute.”

“Many thanks to the Empress Dowager.” Wen Qi Qi rose and returned to her seat.

Just as she sat down, she heard Empress Dowager Guo say, “Today’s weather is very good, full of spring colors, how can we sit and waste this good time? At the last palace banquet, the Regent Princess recited a poem, stunning the whole scene. I’m still remembering it, and I really want to listen to Regent Princess recite a poem for today’s flower appreciation banquet.”

Wen Qi Qi froze, somewhat surprised that Empress Dowager Guo would suddenly name her.

In her opinion, today’s Flower Appreciation Banquet was obviously a selection banquet organized by Empress Dowager Guo for Gu Heng, which should allow the noblewomen to show off their talents.

She had doubts in her heart, but still said: “I’m not very talented, last time it was just a fluke. If I’m allowed to compose a poem this time, I’m afraid that I won’t be able to do it even if I try my best. Today, all the ladies present are talented, Empress Dowager might as well let them compose poems for you.”

Are you kidding? All of these noblewomen are waiting to perform on the stage, if she steals their limelight, won’t she be scolded to death in secret?

This kind of publicity, she doesn’t even want it.

Empress Dowager Guo did not expect her to refuse. She frowned and jokingly said, “Wang Fei is amazingly talented, last time, she has already opened everyone’s eyes, this time, she is so modest, it can’t be because the Regent Prince is not here, right?”

Wen Qi Qi gave her a surprised look.

In her opinion, those who can sit in the position of Empress Dowager are all extremely wise and extremely generous. How is it that Empress Dowager Guo, however, gives her a feeling of being very petty?

Why did she keep attacking her? When had she offended her?

“If Empress Dowager wants to think so, it’s fine.” She simply said.

Empress Dowager Guo’s face flashed with gloom when she heard this.

Truly unashamed!

Having remembered the main purpose of organizing this Flower Appreciation Banquet today after all, she turned her attention to the noblewomen.

“Although the Regent Consort’s talent has suddenly dried up, I am still willing to believe that she is being modest, not really unable to compose poems, so you all can show off your talents as much as you like and ask the Regent Consort to give you an appreciation.”

Hearing this, the corner of Wen Qi Qi’s mouth twitched.

This Empress Dowager Guo had a grudge against her, she even had to step on her at every turn.

What do you mean, her talent has suddenly dried up? She still wants to believe that she’s being modest, but this is clearly turning the corner to say that she’s a con artist in the first place.

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Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 306 – Can’t Help But Feel a Little Jealous

Chapter 306: Can’t Help But Feel a Little Jealous

Seeing that she had listened to her words, Wen Qi Qi was relieved.

Although Atuo Jiang Hua had brought two maids of honour from Huijiang, she was still too powerful and alone.

Since she was going to live in this palace, she had to cultivate some people who could be of use.

Atuo Jiang Hua wanted to sit with her, but she was already sitting next to Su Qian Qian and Lu Yu Ying. Looking at the three sitting next to each other, she couldn’t help but feel a little jealous, “How did you make two more friends in just a short period of time? I am very unhappy.”

Wen Qi Qi lost her smile, “What’s there to be upset about? However, I only met them today.”

Hearing that she has only just met them, Atuo Jiang Hua is relieved, “I am in the palace. Although I can’t go out to play with you, you can’t forget about me.”

“I won’t forget.” Wen Qi Qi said with a smile.

Su Qian Qian curiously surveyed Atuo Jiang Hua.

She didn’t realize that the princess of Huijiang was such a simple and fun person.

Lu Yu Ying was also a bit surprised.

Seeing that the two of them were curious about Atuo Jiang Hua, Wen Qi Qi couldn’t help but tease, “What’s wrong? Is it that this Hui Jiang Princess is different from what you imagined?”

The two of them reddened a bit in embarrassment.

Seeing this, Atuo Jiang Hua looked at them curiously, “Why are you blushing?”

Wen Qi Qi gave her an amused look and was about to speak when Lu Yu Ying suddenly tugged on her sleeve, “Regent Consort ……”

Wen Qi Qi turned her head to look at her, “What’s wrong?”

“I have something I want to ask you.” Lu Yu Ying bit her lip and said softly.

“Go ahead.” Wen Qi Qi said.

Lu Yu Ying looked around and said with some difficulty, “Can I ask Your Highness to come somewhere else?”

Wen Qi Qi looked at her in surprise, and seeing that she seemed to really have something to do, she thought for a moment and nodded in agreement, “Yes.”

She was just about to get up, but was pulled back by Atuo Jiang Hua, “Are you going to whisper? What’s there that we can’t hear?”

Lu Yu Ying bit her lip in some embarrassment.

Seeing this, Wen Qi Qi pulled away Atuo Jiang Hua’s hand and said with a smile, “We’ve all said that while whispering, it’s natural that we can’t be heard by others. You quickly go back to your seat, I will go with Yu Ying and return.”

Atuo Jiang Hua was a bit resentful but did not follow.

She looked at Su Qian Qian, shrugged, and went back to her seat.

When they reached a place where no one was around, Wen Qi Qi stopped, turned to look at Lu Yu Ying, and said with a smile, “There’s no one here, so you can talk now.”

Lu Yu Ying hesitated before saying, “Your Highness, I don’t want to enter the palace, what can I do to avoid it?”

Wen Qi Qi looked at her in surprise, “You wanted to enter the palace?”

Lu Yu Ying lowered her head and said in a low voice, “Empress Dowager intends to let me enter the palace to accompany her, but I ……” She sighed lowly and didn’t say anything further.

Wen Qi Qi suddenly realized. No wonder just now at the entrance of the palace, a few small eunuchs carrying a soft sedan chair came over, everyone was looking at her.

It turned out that it was because Empress Dowager Guo intended to make her Gu Heng’s Empress.

They then took it for granted that it was Empress Dowager Guo who had asked people to pick up Lu Yu Ying.

“But why did you tell me about this? Aren’t you afraid that I’ll tell?” Wen Qi Qi said in disbelief.

Lu Yu Ying said with some embarrassment, “I heard everything you said to Noble Consort Atuo just now ……”

Wen Qi Qi was stunned, then she remembered that she was next to her when she was talking to Atuo Jiang Hua just now.

She paused and laughed, “But your situation is different from Jiang Hua’s. You are going to enter the palace to become the Empress and have your mother’s family to back you up. In the future, when you enter the palace, you will have the luxury of enjoying endless honour and wealth, and you will also be able to mother the world.”

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Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 305 – Her Fists Are Harder Than Theirs

Chapter 305: Her Fists Are Harder Than Theirs

Alto Jiang Hua froze, then laughed: “I know ah, but what does it matter? As long as the emperor has liked me. When he doesn’t like me, I have nothing to complain about, whether it’s silence or torment. After all, it’s the path I’ve chosen.”

Wen Qi Qi looked at her with surprise, “Do you really like the emperor that much?”

“Well, very much.” Alto Jiang Hua lowered her face, vaguely shy.

Complications arose in Wen Qi Qi’s heart.

She had always thought that Alto Jiang Hua did not really like Gu Heng, but looking at her reaction now, she knew that Alto Jiang Hua was serious.

“Qi Qi, in Daye, I only have you as a friend, so you have to help me.” Alto Jiang Hua suddenly shook her arm, softly pleading.

Wen Qi Qi sighed, “Since this is what you want, I’ll try my best to help you, but whatever the result will be, you can only bear it yourself.”

“Regardless of the outcome, I will bear it myself. We daughters of Huijiang, we are not that weak.” Alto Jiang Hua said with a firm look.

With things having come to this, what else could Wen Qi Qi say?

“Okay, I know.”

The two of them touched their heads and whispered as if no one else was there, and it was only then that they remembered that the group of noblewomen and concubines had yet to get up.

Alto Jiang Hua coughed lightly, “All get up.”

Those concubines, who had been dissatisfied and hated her in the past, had just been hung out to dry for so long, and their dislike for her deepened.

Alto Jiang Hua did not care about this, anyway, her fist was harder than theirs.

If one of them comes, she will beat up one of them, if a pair of them comes, she will beat up a pair of them, and she will always be able to beat them into submission.

Seeing her like this, Wen Qi Qi couldn’t help but come to her ear and whisper, “Normally in the palace, it’s better not to make more enemies.” After all, Alto Jiang Hua is a foreign princess. In Daye, it can be said that she has no relatives, unlike those concubines, who all have powerful families behind them for support.

Making too many enemies was not a good thing.

Alto Jiang Hua was particularly convinced by her words, and when she heard them, she humbly asked for advice, “Then what should I do?”

“Don’t make grudges with them in normal times, show goodwill if you can, and if you can’t, don’t be easily offended.” Wen Qi Qi said.

“But sometimes, it’s not that if I don’t offend them, they won’t target me.” Atuo Jiang Hua was distressed. The women of Daye were not as open and honest as their counterparts in Huijiang, and they loved to play tricks on others, playing dirty tricks behind their backs.

“We can’t control other people’s minds, as long as we don’t actively provoke them.” Wen Qi Qi appeased.

Sometimes it was indeed like that, even if you did nothing, others just hated you and saw you as a thorn in their side.

“Alright, I’ll try my best.” Alto Jiang Hua said.

Wen Qi Qi looked at her side. She looked at the two maids that she had brought from Huijiang, and after some thought, she added: “In the palace, make more good connections, if something goes wrong, at least there are still people who can report the news for you.”

Although Alto Jiang Hua’s nature was a bit overbearing, she was also a smart person, and once she heard her words, she understood, “Are you asking me to buy people’s hearts?”

“You could say that.” Wen Qi Qi laughed.

Alto Jiang Hua was a little bit bitter. Her eyes swept over those glorious concubines, how could she tell which one of them was worth befriending?

“Sometimes those unassuming servants can help you in critical times.” Wen Qi Qi reminded.

Atuo Jiang Hua immediately understood, “I know what to do.”

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Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 303 – Naturally, I’m Grateful That I Have a Capable Husband

Chapter 303 – Naturally, I’m Grateful That I Have a Capable Husband
“I don’t know what she’s so proud of, if it wasn’t for the Regent Prince’s face, who would want to go and bow to her.” A concubine muttered in a low voice.

“Naturally, I’m pleased that I have a capable husband.”

When Wen Qi Qi, who had already walked towards her seat, heard it with her sharp ears, her footsteps stopped. She turned back to lock her gaze on the woman who spoke, and said with neither a smile nor a laugh.

That consort did not expect her ears were so sharp. On hearing this, her face suddenly turned red and she did not dare to say anything.

Wen Qi Q also did not bother with her. In her opinion, they are quite pitiful. They will be trapped here for the rest of their lives, and the only way to free themselves is to die.

The servants waiting beside her were very respectful to her, serving her tea and water, very attentive.

Wen Qi Q naturally knew that this was again because of Gu Lin Chao’s sake.

She was eating fruits and snacks and enjoying the scenery of the garden. Those noblewomen came late. They are usually pampered, and after walking so much, they all have disorganized breaths and aching feet, but they have to maintain the decency of the noblewomen, and do not dare to show it on their faces.

When they saw Wen Qi Q sitting there, eating refreshments, everyone was jealous.

This Wen Qi Q is really lucky!

“Qian Qian, Yu Ying, come here.” At this moment, Wen Qi Qi waved at Su Qian Qian and Lu Yu Ying.

The former ran over very joyfully, while the latter was a bit surprised and flattered, but also walked over as she was told.

The palace maid was very insightful. Seeing that Wen Qi Qi was treating the two of them with special care, she added a stool beside her and poured tea and water, acting in a very considerate manner.

Su Qian Qian and Lu Yu Ying had been thirsty for a long time, and looked at Wen Qi Qi gratefully.

“Many thanks to Regent Consort.”

“It’s not me who poured tea for you, it’s our palace girl, it’s her you should thank.” Wen Qi Qi pointed to the small palace maid serving at the side and said with a smile.

The little palace maid froze, and responded by waving her hand, “It’s all that this slave girl should do, I don’t need to be thanked.”

However, Su Qian Qian and Lu Yu Ying heard Wen Qi Qi’s words and immediately turned their heads, kindly expressing their gratitude towards her.

The little palace maid’s entire body was a little fluttery and her face reddened.

No one had ever thanked her before.

But today, the Regent Consort and two noblewomen from high families, both thanked her.

She had a strange feeling in her heart.

It was as if the things she did, the position she was in, were not so humble anymore.

For the first time, Lu Yu Ying and Su Qian Qian expressed their gratitude to a servant girl. They were born in a high family, and had been surrounded by servant girls since they were young, and what they wanted, they only needed to order their subordinates to do it, which they had long been accustomed to, and took for granted.

But at this time, looking at the palace maid’s look of excitement because of being thanked by the two of them, they couldn’t help but be stunned. They were suddenly struck with some strange thoughts in their hearts.

It turns out that subordinates also need to be thanked and respected.

A word of thanks from them could make the subordinate so happy, they felt that there was no harm in saying it more often in the future.

As the noblewomen looked at the three of them talking and laughing, jealousy grew in their hearts and they said disdainfully, “Lu Yu Ying and that Su Qian Qian, they are really ass-kissers.”

“They’re stinky together.” Someone said sourly.

“Their kind is also called like-mindedness.” Someone followed and chimed in.

It wasn’t long before Atuo Jiang Hua arrived with a few other concubines.

Atuo Jiang Hua had married into the Daye Palace as the princess of Huijiang, and her status was so noble that even though she wasn’t the Empress, she had been named a Noble Concubine, and was currently the highest-ranking in Gu Heng’s harem.

Seeing her arrival, everyone rose to salute her.

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Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 302 – Luckily She Has An Extraordinarily Competent Husband

Chapter 302 – Luckily She Has An Extraordinarily Competent Husband

Because of Lu Ying Ying’s relationship, she immediately developed a favorable impression of this Lu Yu Ying.

With a sister like Lu Ying Ying, she thought that this Lu Yu Ying’s nature must not be bad either.

However, it was crowded at the moment, so she did not greet her, but turned her head to the round-faced girl beside her and asked with a smile, “Which family is the little sister from?”

The girl was a bit flattered, and said with a red face, “My surname is Su, Sister Wang Fei can call me Qian Qian.”

Wen Qi Qi sniffed and raised her eyebrows slightly.

This little girl was really cute as hell, when she called her little sister, she immediately called her sister, instantly bringing everyone closer.

“Su Qian Qian? I’ll remember that.”

At this time, a few small eunuchs carrying the soft sedan chair walked directly in front of Wen Qi Qi.

“Regent Princess, the Empress Dowager has learned that you have entered the palace, and has sent this slave and others to come and take the Wang Fei to the Imperial Garden, please get on the sedan chair.”

Wen Qi Qi froze, so it was the people sent by the Dowager Empress to fetch her.

She lifted her skirt and got into the soft sedan chair.

Soon, several small eunuchs carried the palanquin away.

The atmosphere was quiet, and at this time, a group of noblewomen reacted and whispered in low voices.

“I thought it was sent by the Empress Dowager to pick up Miss Lu.”

“I thought so too.”

“Surprisingly, it’s sent by the Empress Dowager to pick up the Regent Princess.”

“I thought that the Empress Dowager paid much attention to Ms. Lu. ……”

The murmurs were interspersed with a few snickers from time to time.

The sound of their unavoidable conversation naturally fell into Lu Yu Ying’s ears.

She lifted the corner of her mouth and did not say anything more.

Su Qian Qian gave her a somewhat sympathetic look, and after thinking about it, she couldn’t help but rub up against her side and comforted her in a low voice, “Sister Lu don’t take it to heart, they are just sour in their hearts, they are jealous of you.”

Lu Yu Ying glanced at her with some surprise, and immediately flashed a smile at her, “Thank you, but I didn’t take their words to heart.”

“That’s good.” Su Qian Qian breathed a sigh of relief.

Seeing her like this, Lu Yu Ying abruptly relaxed.

She knew that the Empress Dowager intended for the Emperor to marry her as the Empress, and she had been very uneasy in her heart about this.

This was because she had heard that the Emperor had a favored concubine before, but after favoring her for a few days, he sent the person to the Cold Palace.

From this, it could be seen that the Emperor was a cold person.

A place like the harem was a place where people were eaten without spitting out bones, and if the emperor was cold-hearted, the days would be really hard to live with.

She did not want to enter the palace and become a woman who would spend the rest of her life in mourning.

But the Empress Dowager has taken a liking to her, and their family doesn’t dare to disobey.

Thinking about this, she became more and more worried.

Today is clearly a flower appreciation banquet, but in reality, it is the Emperor’s appreciation of beauty.

Although it was some time ago, the palace had already accepted several ladies, but the huge harem naturally needs to be filled with more women.

So today, she and the other noblewomen were all coming into the palace for the Emperor to look at them.

She hoped that the Emperor would not be able to look at her so that she would not have to suffer that much.

While Lu Yu Ying was worried, Wen Qi Qi had already arrived at the imperial garden.

In the imperial garden, Gu Heng’s concubines have arrived one after another, all of whom are of lower rank.

When they saw Wen Qi Qi, even if they were reluctant, they had to come over and bow to her.

“Greetings, Consort Regent.”

Naturally, Wen Qi Qi could see their reluctance.

She sighed in her heart. Luckily, she had a particularly capable husband, or else she would be the one saluting at this moment.

“All of you are excused.” She said with a smile.

A few concubines saw this and felt unusually prickly.

“Many thanks to Regent Consort.”

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Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 301 – Only She is Worthy of a Person Like the Prince Regent

Chapter 301: Only She is Worthy of a Person Like the Prince Regent

Since ancient times, those who were sent to the Cold Palace, how many of them could have a good ending?

Wen Ruyi was sent to the Cold Palace, and she was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to turn around in this lifetime.

What else can she expect from her?

Luckily, she still has two grandsons in front of her that can earn her face back.

When she heard that Wen Ting Xun won the top prize in the martial arts examination, she was also happy in her heart.

She was ready for Wen Ting Xun to come over, and she had to take out her elder’s style to give him a good encouragement.

However, Wen Ting Xun didn’t plan to come over at all.

For this reason, Old Madam Wen was angry and missed Wen Ruyi more and more. She hoped that she would be able to make a comeback so that she could raise her head.

On the following day, Wen Ting Xun went to the capital camp and ordered all the men to go to Kunhu Mountain.

Wen Qi Qi was supposed to go out today, but the palace suddenly sent someone to fetch her to the palace.

She had thought it was someone sent by the Grand Dowager Empress, but when she asked, she realized that it was Empress Dowager Guo.

“Today is a good time to enjoy the flowers, today the Empress Dowager has set up a flower-viewing banquet in the Imperial Garden, and has specially asked this servant to come and fetch Wang Fei into the palace to enjoy them together.” The visitor spoke respectfully.

When Wen Qi Qi heard that Empress Dowager Guo had set up a flower-viewing banquet, she didn’t really want to go, but when she thought of Atuo Jiang Hua, whom she hadn’t seen for a long time, she was hesitant not to go.

Atuo Jiang Hua has been in the palace for a long time, and now she’s in the court, she doesn’t know how she’s doing.

If she entered the palace, she should be able to see Atuo Jiang Hua.

Thinking of this, she said to the palace eunuch who came to fetch her, “Wait a moment, I’ll go change my clothes.”

“Yes.” The eunuch responsible for coming to fetch her into the palace had a respectful attitude.

It was already April, so the weather was getting warmer, and after entering the palace, she would have to enjoy the flowers in the imperial garden, so Wen Qi Qi chose a lighter dress to change into.

Her skin was white, and she could handle all colors of dresses and skirts.

Today she wore a reddish-orange dress, which made her skin even whiter than porcelain, as if it could be shattered.

The chamberlain couldn’t help but stare blankly.

It is said that the Regent Princess was born with good looks, and when he saw her today, it was really so.

Only a beauty like this can match a man like the Prince Regent.

When she arrived at the palace gate, Wen Qi Qi realized that today Empress Dowager Guo had invited many noblewomen from the capital to enjoy the flowers together in the palace.

She is not Gu Lin Chao, so she has no privileges. Therefore, when she arrived at the palace gate, she got down from the carriage and entered the palace on foot.

She was already beautiful, so when she dressed up a little, she was even more outstanding, and she stood out among the group of noblewomen who were all dressed in red and green.

The imperial guards who guarded the gate with solemn faces couldn’t help but look a few more times.

A group of noblewomen saw her, and their hearts were sour.

This Wen Qi Qi, after not seeing her for many days, seemed to have become better looking again.

“Greetings, Regent Consort.” Despite their reluctance, the crowd of noblewomen went forward and saluted.

“Be excused.” Wen Qi Qi’s hand, which was holding a cloak, was slightly raised.

Only then did the crowd of noblewomen straighten up and follow her, entering the palace together.

At this time, a few eunuchs carrying soft palanquins walked over this way.

Seeing this, the eyes of the noblewomen unanimously looked at a young girl in the center.

Seeing this, Wen Qi Qi couldn’t help but take a look at the girl.

The girl was about fifteen or sixteen years old, and she was beautiful, dignified, and gentle.

When she saw her looking over, she immediately smiled kindly at her.

Wen Qi Qi froze, just wondering about her identity. Next to her, a girl with a round face suddenly came over and whispered, “Regent Consort, that one is the youngest daughter of the Lu family, her name is Lu Ying Ying.” After a pause, she added, “It’s your maternal sister-in-law’s cousin.”

As soon as Wen Qi Qi heard this, she suddenly realized that it was Lu Ying Ying’s cousin.

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Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 300 – Completely Cold Hearted

Chapter 300 – Completely Cold Hearted

“I didn’t offend His Majesty, but I offended my good sister.” Wen Ting Xuan sighed in a pretentious manner.

“What happened?” Wen Shi Qing frowned.

Wen Ting Xuan then told the crowd what happened in the Regent King’s residence today, and when he finished, he couldn’t help but laugh out loud, “That stupid girl, still so stupid ……”  

Before his words fell, he received a blow on his head.  

He was just about to curse, but he met his own father’s indignant eyes, and he instantly wilted.  

“I think you’re the one who’s stupid, you’re the one who’s stupid.” Wen Shi Qing reprimanded, “Is that how you talk about your own sister? It’s a shame you’re still the older brother, it’s really unbecoming.”  

Wen Ting Xuan: “……”

Seeing that the others were also looking at him with accusing faces, he instantly lost his temper. Obviously, Wen Qi Qi that girl is their real child, he was just a random child they picked up. 

“I’m going to Kun Hu Mountain tomorrow to fight the bandits.” He reminded, hoping that the others would be able kind to him. 

However, everybody lowered their head and did their own thing.

“I heard that the bandits of Kun Hu Mountain are very cunning and also very ferocious. During this trip, I don’t know whether I can come back safely or not.” Wen Ting Xuan added.

The people seem to have gone deaf as if they didn’t hear it.

Wen Ting Xuan was defeated.

It was his first time leading an army, and none of them were even worried about him, humph, as if he was a spare person?

He was furious, just about to leave, but Xu Shi suddenly pulled him back and put a safety talisman in his palm.

He wrinkled his eyebrows, just about to refuse, but Xu Shi was one step ahead and said, “This safety talisman is what I went to the temple to beg for last time, you have to bring it with you.”

Wen Ting Xuan: “……”

He was a seven-foot tall man, and he was told to carry this on his body?

“Mother, I don’t ……”

“You’re not allowed to say you don’t want it.” Xu Shi’s attitude hardened, “Wang Ye values you enough to give you such a good opportunity, so don’t let him down, and make sure to wipe out the bandits of Kunhu Mountain. This talisman will bless you with great success!”

The corner of Wen Ting Xuan’s mouth twitched. So was his mother suddenly being so nice to him because she was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to win against the bandits and lose face for Gu Lin Chao?

“Fine, I’ll carry it close to my body, all right?” He took the safety talisman in a bad mood and put it in his arms, keeping it close to his body.

Xu Shi was satisfied and patted his shoulder, “Alright, you go back to rest early, and leave early tomorrow.”

“Got it.” Wen Ting Xuan lost his temper.

Fu An Hall.

Old Madame Wen had also received news that Wen Ting Xuan had won the top prize in the martial arts exam and was praised by the Emperor in front of the civil and military officials. He was appointed as a general and was also a third-grade official.

In this regard, Old Madame Wen is still happy. Her grandson has made achievements, and she is also honored.

She fully thought that Wen Ting Xuan was going to come over to greet her and tell her the good news. For this reason, she prepared a bellyful of words just to wait for Wen Ting Xuan to come over.

However, she waited and waited, but did not see the figure of Wen Ting Xuan, and her face sank, “Where did the second son go?”

When the maid who was waiting on the side heard this and hurriedly went out, when she came back, her face was a bit odd, “The second son has gone back to rest.”

When Old Madame Wen heard this, she immediately felt that her face could not keep up.

Bastard thing, this is not putting her in her eyes ah.

Originally she had high hopes for Wen Ruyi who got the Emperor’s favor. She was very happy in her heart, but also a little proud, that after all, Wen Ruyi was raised at her knee. She had personally raised the girl, and Wen Ruyi being able to get the Emperor’s attention was due to her grandmother’s good teaching.

But within a few days, the news came that Wen Ruyi was sent to the Cold Palace.

She felt like someone had poured a basin of cold water, and her heart was completely chilled.

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Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 299 – The Girl’s Soft Hands Suddenly Covered Up

Chapter 299 – The Girl’s Soft Hands Suddenly Covered Up

When she arrived at the front hall, she wanted to go straight back to the Shen Xiang Courtyard, but she was called by Gu Lin Chao.

“Wang Ye?” Wen Qi Qi looked at him doubtfully.

Gu Lin Chao’s gaze paused on her small face and said, “Go in and have a seat.” After saying that, he went into the front hall.  

Seeing this, Wen Qi Qi suppressed the doubts in her heart and followed him.  

When she entered the front hall, Gu Lin Chao had already sat down at the center of the room.  

Seeing her come in, he said in a warm voice, “Sit down.”

Wen Qi Qi complied and sat down next to him, then glanced at his face and asked, “Does Wang Ye have something to say to me?”  

Gu Lin Chao’s gaze fell on her small face, his finger rubbed the rim of the cup, and then he said, “Don’t worry too much about your second brother, he is good at martial arts, and he is also vigilant, this time he was sent to clear out the bandits, and it is also a chance for him to practice.”

Wen Qi Qi froze and nodded, “I understand Wang Ye’s bitterness, after all, if Second Brother wants to gain a foothold in the dynasty, he still has to rely on his military prowess. Since he chose the path of a military general, I’m sure he himself is mentally prepared to have to charge into battle for the court at any time.”  

Hearing this, Gu Lin Chao’s face slightly softened. He should have known that this girl was always very perceptive in the face of great matters of right and wrong, and did not take rash actions.  

Just now, when he suddenly sent Wen Ting Xuan to fight the bandits, he was actually a little worried that she would be unhappy about it.  

Now after hearing what she said, he finally let go of his heart.  

Wen Qi Qi also realized that he had called her in because he was afraid that she would be upset, so he had specially explained it to her.  

Gu Lin Chao was the regent under one person and above ten thousand people. When he did something, did he need to explain it to anyone?  

Yet he had solemnly explained it to her.  

Thinking, she blinked her eyes and suddenly reached out to cover the back of his hand resting on the table, “Is Wang Ye afraid that I’ll be upset?”  

As the girl’s soft hand suddenly covered his, Gu Lin Chao was stunned. His gaze fell on her small hand that covered the back of his hand, his heartbeat was suddenly a bit disorganized, and sweat broke out on his palm.  

Only after a long time did his disordered heartbeat calm down, and his eyes looked elsewhere, “Ben Wang …… the study still has political affairs to deal with, so I will go over first.” 

After saying that, he hesitated for a moment before removing her hand and getting up to leave.  

Only when he went out, he didn’t know whether he didn’t pay attention to his feet or if he was in too much of a hurry, but he actually kicked the threshold, and his entire body stumbled.  

“Wang Ye be careful.” Wen Qi Qi rose and rushed over, holding his arm.  

Gu Lin Chao’s handsome face burned, his thick eyelashes fluttered a few times, and he said in a low voice, “I’m fine.” After saying that, he pushed her hand away and left with quick steps.

Looking at the man who was almost fleeing, Wen Qi Qi smiled wryly. Gu Lin Chao was as unflappable as ever.  

Returning to the Shen Xiang Courtyard, she took out the letter Wen Ting Xuan gave her and read it carefully.  

It turned out that the letter was sent from Tunzhou, and it explained the recent movements of the Chi Yu Lou.  

The five Elders had a clear division of labour and each of them had their own duties, and all of them were on track.  

Especially Hundred Flowers Pavilion. Since it reopened two days ago, the business has been as hot as she had envisioned.  

Because of the good publicity and the after-effects of her appearance on the stage with Wen Ting Xuan, the customers that day had nearly overwhelmed the Hundred Flowers House.  

Through the letter, Wen Qi Qi seemed to have seen the smiling, creased face of the Fifth Elder.  

She smiled and put the letters away.


Wen Mansion.  

The Wen family had long known about Wen Ting Xuan’s success in the martial arts examination, but before they had time to rejoice, they heard that Wen Ting Xuan was going to lead the troops to Kunhu Mountain to fight against the bandits.

Everyone was a bit confused.  

How could you receive an official position and be sent to fight against the bandits?

There has never been such a precedent ah.  

“…… Did you offend the Regent?” Xu Shi couldn’t help but open her mouth and ask.    

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Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 298 – My Whole Body Is Floating, It Feels Like I’m Dreaming

Sure enough, in the next moment he heard Gu Lin Chao faintly say: “Ting Xuan, although you won the top spot in this martial arts test and were also appointed as a general by the Emperor, you don’t have any military achievements after all. A few days ago, the court received a report from a local official that the Kun Hu Mountain region is infested with bandits, requesting the court to send troops to clean up the area.

Ben Wang will now give you this opportunity to clean up. Tomorrow, you will gather a hundred men and head to Kun Hu Mountain to eliminate the bandits.”

Wen Ting Xuan felt as if he had been splashed with cold water from head to toe, and his entire being was a little chilled through and through.

He had only just been appointed as a general, and he was going to lead troops to fight against the bandits. Gu Lin Chao must have done it on purpose, just because Wen Qi Qi, this stinky girl, had complained to him.

Wen Ting Xuan had a headache, but he had to harden his heart and promise, “Yes, I will ensure that I fulfil the mission.”

Gu Lin Chao said in a warm voice, “Good. Ben Wang is optimistic about you, on the day you return to the capital after fighting the bandits, Ben Wang will organize a feast for you at the Ministry of War.”

Wen Ting Xuan was not happy at all. Why did he come to the Regent’s Mansion today?

Wen Qi Qi’s original intention was to straighten out Wen Ting Xuan for a bit, but she didn’t think that Gu Lin Chao would actually take action.

Thinking that her second brother would be sent to clear out the bandits tomorrow, she couldn’t help but feel a little worried.

It seemed like she had overplayed her hand.

She looked at Gu Lin Chao and wanted to ask for leniency, but she saw him casting her a soothing glance.

Seeing this, Wen Qi Qi shut her mouth.

Gu Lin Chao was not the kind of person who acted arbitrarily on a whim, and since he had made this arrangement, he must have had his own considerations.

Thinking of this, she put her heart down.

It was already noon, Gu Lin Chao asked Wen Ting Xuan to stay at the Regent Mansion to have a meal together.

Wen Ting Xuan didn’t refuse this time.

After lunch, Gu Lin Chao called Wen Ting Xuan to his study.

The two of them discussed for a long time in the study, and when Wen Qi Qi came in with refreshments, their conversation had only just ended.

However, she vaguely heard that Gu Lin Chao seemed to be telling him about strategy.

Wen Ting Xuan sat there for a while longer before getting up to take his leave.

Seeing this, Wen Qi Qi said to Gu Lin Chao, “Your Highness, I’ll go see off Second Brother.”

Gu Lin Chao glanced at her, stood up, and said in a warm voice, “Let’s go together.”

Wen Qi Qi looked at him in surprise.

He actually wanted to send off her second brother together with herself?

It would be fine if it was an ordinary family, but he was the Regent of the dynasty, with a noble status and a lot of work to do. On top of that, he had always been a person whose nature was not very warm.

Therefore, Wen Qi Qi was surprised when he offered to go with her to see off Wen Ting Xuan.

Wen Ting Xuan felt equally flattered, and at this moment, he finally felt like Gu Lin Chao’s brother-in-law.

It was unthinkable that Gu Lin Chao would send him away one day.

Wen Ting Xuan’s entire body felt as if it was floating a bit, it felt as if he was dreaming.

When he arrived outside the gate of the mansion, he took advantage of Gu Lin Chao’s lack of attention and shoved a letter into Wen Qi Qi’s hand.

Wen Qi Qi collected the letterhead without moving, then instructed, “Then, if Second Brother goes to fight the bandits this time, he must be careful and pay attention to safety.”

“I know.” Wen Ting Xuan’s heart warmed.

However, the warmth in his heart didn’t last for a moment before he heard Wen Qi Qi say, “Second Brother, if you can’t beat them, then run away, don’t hang on, your life is important.”

The corner of Wen Ting Xuan’s mouth twitched, is this girl sure she didn’t come to destroy his honour?

The fight hadn’t even started yet she was talking as if he would definitely lose.

Afraid that she would say something more unpleasant, he hurriedly waved his hand, 

“Alright, I’m going back, you guys go in as well.” After saying that, he hurriedly mounted his horse and left.

Seeing him walk away, Wen Qi Qi followed Gu Lin Chao inside.

Although she had just said bad words, she was actually a little worried in her heart.

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Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 297 – Feeling Uneasy and Having a Bad Premonition

Her gaze first landed on Gu Lin Chao. Suddenly thinking of yesterday’s incident, she grimaced and turned away her gaze.

Of course, with Gu Lin Chao’s character, it was impossible for him to do something so boring, so the person who had just knocked down a corner of the fake mountain at the back must have been Wen Ting Xuan.

That muffled laughter must have come from him as well.

She had wanted to fix him up a bit, but froze when she saw the armour and sword he was wearing, “Second Brother, why are you dressed like this?”

Seeing that she finally noticed the attire on his body, Wen Ting Xuan said rather proudly, “Naturally, it’s because I won the top spot in this martial arts test, and the Emperor has already appointed me as a General of the Army. Starting tomorrow, I will be serving in the military barracks.”

Upon hearing this, Wen Qi Qi was very happy, “Congratulations Second Brother.”

Wen Ting Xuan was concerned about Gu Lin Chao being here so he didn’t dare to get too carried away, and he only smiled.

Wen Qi Qi naturally understood him. If not for Gu Lin Chao’s presence here, she was afraid that this kid’s tail would be going up to the sky.

She coughed lightly and looked at Gu Lin Chao, “Wang Ye, it can’t be that you’re the one who gave Second Brother the position through the back door, right?”

Hearing this, without waiting for Gu Lin Chao to speak, Wen Ting Xuan was the first to yell and grunt, “What are you talking about? I got this position by strength, what back door? Don’t you talk nonsense.”

Gu Lin Chao also said, “It’s true that Ting Xuan got it with strength. I wasn’t in the capital on the second and third day of the competition.” After a pause, he said in a warm voice, “Even if I was in the capital, Ting Xuan doesn’t need me to give him the back door. He won first place in all three days of the competition.”

When Wen Ting Xuan heard this, he immediately looked at Wen Qi Qi, “Do you hear that? I don’t need a back door at all.”

Wen Qi Qi rolled her eyes, “Wang Ye was being polite, but you took it seriously?”

Wen Ting Xuan sniffed, his handsome face reddened and looked at Gu Lin Chao, “I ……”

Seeing this, Gu Lin Chao busily relieved him, “I’m not saying polite words, Ting Xuan does have that strength.”

Looking at the two people who are more serious, Wen Qi Qi was somewhat aloof, “Alright, alright, I’m joking with you guys.”

Wen Ting Xuan glared at her in a somewhat depressed manner, this girl was really lawless.

If not for Gu Lin Chao being here, he would have to teach her a lesson.

Wen Qi Qi saw his stifled feelings in his eyes. Her eyes rolled, and holding back her laughter, she suddenly walked over to Gu Lin Chao’s side and pulled his sleeve. She then lifted her small face and said in a resigned manner, “Your Highness, Second Brother just bullied me, you must be the judge for me.”

At those words, Wen Ting Xuan’s face stiffened, and he had a bad premonition.

No, when had he bullied her.

How could this girl talk nonsense with her eyes open?

However, he quickly remembered what had just happened and stared at her with wide eyes full of dismay.

No way, that wasn’t a big deal. Wasn’t he just firing from behind and knocking off a corner of the fake mountain?

Did she have to complain to Gu Lin Chao?

However, he didn’t believe that Gu Lin Chao could still reprimand him for such a trivial matter.

Although Gu Lin Chao was older than him, his seniority to Qi Qi was greater than his.

If it was an ordinary family, Gu Lin Chao would still have to call himself Second Brother.

Thinking this way, Wen Ting Xuan had the courage of his convictions, and was just about to take out his elder brother’s style and reprimand Wen Qi Qi, when he saw that his Regent’s brother-in-law suddenly turned his head to look at him.

When Wen Ting Xuan saw that he suddenly looked at him, his heart felt a bit furtive and he had a bad premonition.

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