Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 305 – Her Fists Are Harder Than Theirs

Chapter 305: Her Fists Are Harder Than Theirs

Alto Jiang Hua froze, then laughed: “I know ah, but what does it matter? As long as the emperor has liked me. When he doesn’t like me, I have nothing to complain about, whether it’s silence or torment. After all, it’s the path I’ve chosen.”

Wen Qi Qi looked at her with surprise, “Do you really like the emperor that much?”

“Well, very much.” Alto Jiang Hua lowered her face, vaguely shy.

Complications arose in Wen Qi Qi’s heart.

She had always thought that Alto Jiang Hua did not really like Gu Heng, but looking at her reaction now, she knew that Alto Jiang Hua was serious.

“Qi Qi, in Daye, I only have you as a friend, so you have to help me.” Alto Jiang Hua suddenly shook her arm, softly pleading.

Wen Qi Qi sighed, “Since this is what you want, I’ll try my best to help you, but whatever the result will be, you can only bear it yourself.”

“Regardless of the outcome, I will bear it myself. We daughters of Huijiang, we are not that weak.” Alto Jiang Hua said with a firm look.

With things having come to this, what else could Wen Qi Qi say?

“Okay, I know.”

The two of them touched their heads and whispered as if no one else was there, and it was only then that they remembered that the group of noblewomen and concubines had yet to get up.

Alto Jiang Hua coughed lightly, “All get up.”

Those concubines, who had been dissatisfied and hated her in the past, had just been hung out to dry for so long, and their dislike for her deepened.

Alto Jiang Hua did not care about this, anyway, her fist was harder than theirs.

If one of them comes, she will beat up one of them, if a pair of them comes, she will beat up a pair of them, and she will always be able to beat them into submission.

Seeing her like this, Wen Qi Qi couldn’t help but come to her ear and whisper, “Normally in the palace, it’s better not to make more enemies.” After all, Alto Jiang Hua is a foreign princess. In Daye, it can be said that she has no relatives, unlike those concubines, who all have powerful families behind them for support.

Making too many enemies was not a good thing.

Alto Jiang Hua was particularly convinced by her words, and when she heard them, she humbly asked for advice, “Then what should I do?”

“Don’t make grudges with them in normal times, show goodwill if you can, and if you can’t, don’t be easily offended.” Wen Qi Qi said.

“But sometimes, it’s not that if I don’t offend them, they won’t target me.” Atuo Jiang Hua was distressed. The women of Daye were not as open and honest as their counterparts in Huijiang, and they loved to play tricks on others, playing dirty tricks behind their backs.

“We can’t control other people’s minds, as long as we don’t actively provoke them.” Wen Qi Qi appeased.

Sometimes it was indeed like that, even if you did nothing, others just hated you and saw you as a thorn in their side.

“Alright, I’ll try my best.” Alto Jiang Hua said.

Wen Qi Qi looked at her side. She looked at the two maids that she had brought from Huijiang, and after some thought, she added: “In the palace, make more good connections, if something goes wrong, at least there are still people who can report the news for you.”

Although Alto Jiang Hua’s nature was a bit overbearing, she was also a smart person, and once she heard her words, she understood, “Are you asking me to buy people’s hearts?”

“You could say that.” Wen Qi Qi laughed.

Alto Jiang Hua was a little bit bitter. Her eyes swept over those glorious concubines, how could she tell which one of them was worth befriending?

“Sometimes those unassuming servants can help you in critical times.” Wen Qi Qi reminded.

Atuo Jiang Hua immediately understood, “I know what to do.”

(End of chapter)

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