Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 301 – Only She is Worthy of a Person Like the Prince Regent

Chapter 301: Only She is Worthy of a Person Like the Prince Regent

Since ancient times, those who were sent to the Cold Palace, how many of them could have a good ending?

Wen Ruyi was sent to the Cold Palace, and she was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to turn around in this lifetime.

What else can she expect from her?

Luckily, she still has two grandsons in front of her that can earn her face back.

When she heard that Wen Ting Xun won the top prize in the martial arts examination, she was also happy in her heart.

She was ready for Wen Ting Xun to come over, and she had to take out her elder’s style to give him a good encouragement.

However, Wen Ting Xun didn’t plan to come over at all.

For this reason, Old Madam Wen was angry and missed Wen Ruyi more and more. She hoped that she would be able to make a comeback so that she could raise her head.

On the following day, Wen Ting Xun went to the capital camp and ordered all the men to go to Kunhu Mountain.

Wen Qi Qi was supposed to go out today, but the palace suddenly sent someone to fetch her to the palace.

She had thought it was someone sent by the Grand Dowager Empress, but when she asked, she realized that it was Empress Dowager Guo.

“Today is a good time to enjoy the flowers, today the Empress Dowager has set up a flower-viewing banquet in the Imperial Garden, and has specially asked this servant to come and fetch Wang Fei into the palace to enjoy them together.” The visitor spoke respectfully.

When Wen Qi Qi heard that Empress Dowager Guo had set up a flower-viewing banquet, she didn’t really want to go, but when she thought of Atuo Jiang Hua, whom she hadn’t seen for a long time, she was hesitant not to go.

Atuo Jiang Hua has been in the palace for a long time, and now she’s in the court, she doesn’t know how she’s doing.

If she entered the palace, she should be able to see Atuo Jiang Hua.

Thinking of this, she said to the palace eunuch who came to fetch her, “Wait a moment, I’ll go change my clothes.”

“Yes.” The eunuch responsible for coming to fetch her into the palace had a respectful attitude.

It was already April, so the weather was getting warmer, and after entering the palace, she would have to enjoy the flowers in the imperial garden, so Wen Qi Qi chose a lighter dress to change into.

Her skin was white, and she could handle all colors of dresses and skirts.

Today she wore a reddish-orange dress, which made her skin even whiter than porcelain, as if it could be shattered.

The chamberlain couldn’t help but stare blankly.

It is said that the Regent Princess was born with good looks, and when he saw her today, it was really so.

Only a beauty like this can match a man like the Prince Regent.

When she arrived at the palace gate, Wen Qi Qi realized that today Empress Dowager Guo had invited many noblewomen from the capital to enjoy the flowers together in the palace.

She is not Gu Lin Chao, so she has no privileges. Therefore, when she arrived at the palace gate, she got down from the carriage and entered the palace on foot.

She was already beautiful, so when she dressed up a little, she was even more outstanding, and she stood out among the group of noblewomen who were all dressed in red and green.

The imperial guards who guarded the gate with solemn faces couldn’t help but look a few more times.

A group of noblewomen saw her, and their hearts were sour.

This Wen Qi Qi, after not seeing her for many days, seemed to have become better looking again.

“Greetings, Regent Consort.” Despite their reluctance, the crowd of noblewomen went forward and saluted.

“Be excused.” Wen Qi Qi’s hand, which was holding a cloak, was slightly raised.

Only then did the crowd of noblewomen straighten up and follow her, entering the palace together.

At this time, a few eunuchs carrying soft palanquins walked over this way.

Seeing this, the eyes of the noblewomen unanimously looked at a young girl in the center.

Seeing this, Wen Qi Qi couldn’t help but take a look at the girl.

The girl was about fifteen or sixteen years old, and she was beautiful, dignified, and gentle.

When she saw her looking over, she immediately smiled kindly at her.

Wen Qi Qi froze, just wondering about her identity. Next to her, a girl with a round face suddenly came over and whispered, “Regent Consort, that one is the youngest daughter of the Lu family, her name is Lu Ying Ying.” After a pause, she added, “It’s your maternal sister-in-law’s cousin.”

As soon as Wen Qi Qi heard this, she suddenly realized that it was Lu Ying Ying’s cousin.

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