One Night Lovely Wife $5.50: Overwhelming Black Belly Husband Chapter 7: The Amazing Straw Bag

Nalan Xin’er was on the bed, tossing and turning, thinking about the same issue.

Was there really no capital at all to fight the scum?

The sky was already white, and the dawn light hit her pocket watch through the window, giving it a bright, moist glow.

She closed the pocket watch with a click, jumped up, put on her school uniform, and cleaned herself up to go out.

Before breakfast, she snuck out to the main building to take a look at the room where she and the uncle had stayed last night.

After breakfast, the exchange program officially started.

The leading teacher of the French school-led everyone to visit the lavender fields planted in the castle.

The unique fragrance of lavender was so refreshing that it seemed to cleanse all impurities.

Nalan Xin’er did not pay attention to the few students who pointed at her and whispered about her but focused on the French teacher.

The French teacher, Alexander, was a handsome man of mixed race with brown hair and brown pupils, who liked to teach on-site: “Who can tell us what they know about lavender?”.

Nalan Xin’er cold eyes narrowed, this kind of limelight time, as a class A top student, Lan Zhi Rou will not let it go.

As expected, Lan Zhi Rou was the first to raise her hand, and her gentle voice was fluent: “Lavender belongs to the Lamiaceae family, small shrubs, with spikes, egg-shaped tubular calyx, 13-15 veins, and 5 teeth. There are 28 species in the world, distributed across the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea to Somalia and India. The flowering period is from June to August, it’s semi-heat resistant, prefers coolness, and can be grown at 5 to 30 degrees Celsius, so it is a very suitable ornamental flower for planting.”

The words were followed by a sigh.

“Wow, a top student is a top student! Awesome!”

“It feels so professional, so awesome, so high up ……”

“Zhi Rou, do you know what the lavender flower language is?”

“Waiting for love.” Lan Zhi Rou enjoyed everyone’s compliments, and softly replied to Alexander with a touch of shyness, “The lavender flower language is waiting for love.”

Everyone sighed again, the top student really is like a textbook, she knows everything.

Alexander did not comment, but smiled slightly and said, “Are there any other students who would like to answer?”

The crowd thought there was no better answer than Lan Zhi Rou’s, and shook their heads.

At this moment, they saw a long, white, slender arm, like a pavilion, raised high above them.

The crowd took a look and couldn’t help but reveal a disdainful expression.

“Isn’t that Nalan Xin’er, that slacker in class B?”

“It is said that she is Zhi Rou’s sister, how come the sisters are as different as the sky and the earth?”

“You know what, this sack of shit even went to the man’s room last night, it’s embarrassing!”

“Damn, she must have gotten her spot on the trip through the back door, what insight can a slacker have?”

The harsh words fell like needles into Nalan Xin’er’s ears.

She did not change expression but spoke in a smooth, elegant tone: “In Provence, lavender means ‘clean’, and its beauty does not lie in its appearance, but in its value. It inhibits a wide range of bacteria, and it is said that when the Black Death ravaged Europe, killing countless noblemen, lavender farmers were unharmed; it can also beautify the skin, help reduce weight and fat, relieve anxiety, alleviate sleep disorders, and even …… is said to exorcise demons. Many people think its flowering language is waiting for love, but few know that its more touching language is ‘just breathe, you can see a miracle’ – breathe hard and see the miracle! “

As soon as Nalan Xin’er’s voice fell, the audience was silent!

“Breathe hard and you will see a miracle!”

This sentence, as if with a magical power, was filled with powerful ideas, a kind of initiative, and righteous persistence and courage.

In contrast, what Lan Zhi Rou said just now, “waiting for love”, is a little short, passive, and small-minded.

Not to mention, Lan Zhi Rou said that lavender was an “ornamental flowers “, but Nalan Xin’er interpretation of the extraordinary medicinal value of lavender was also interspersed with small historical allusions and customs was refreshing to hear!

Fuck, wasn’t that a slacker? How did she come up with such a stunning answer!

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