One Night Lovely Wife $5.50: Overwhelming Black Belly Husband Chapter 8: Seeing the Uncle Again

Nalan Xin’er responded, standing calmly while meeting the interrogating gazes of everyone.

Alexander’s eyes also flashed with admiration and he nodded repeatedly, “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

The little girl said that beauty is not about looks, but about value and he couldn’t agree more.

Finally hearing a satisfying answer, he beckoned the group forward to continue the presentation of the lavender species.

He pointed to two clumps of lavender that looked similar and asked, “Who can tell the difference between the two?”

Lan Zhi Rou was anxious to reverse the loss she had just suffered, so she snapped, “The left cluster is darker in color and the flowering period has already passed, while the right cluster is in the bud and ready to release.

She had checked some information beforehand and knew that the flower fields would be planted at different times to attract tourists and prolong the viewing time, so she thought she was speaking professionally.

Unexpectedly, Alexander shook his head and turned to ask Nalan Xin’er, “What do you think about this student?”

Nalan Xin’er was reluctant to make a spectacle of herself, but since she was asked, she answered generously: “The left-hand side of the bunch, it’s an impostor.”

Her sure and confident words, like an ice thorn, suddenly pierced into the heart of Lan Zhi Rou.


When Lan Zhi Rou listened to those words, she felt that they were mocking herself.

It’s a mockery of her as a small ~ third-rate “impostor”,  who had so many years of greed to steal the identity of the Nalan family’s eldest daughter.

However, Nalan Xin’er’s tone was so calm and indifferent that she didn’t even look at her: “On the left is blue flower sage, and on the right is lavender. The two leaves are different, one is wide, one is narrow, one is bulging, and the pedicel is purple while the other one is green. It’s obvious who the impostor is.”

When Nalan Xin’er said that, everyone came forward to identify it, muttering that they had gained knowledge.

Some of them, who were smart enough to use their brains, looked at Lan Zhi Rou oddly: the top student had spoken so smoothly before as if she knew a lot about lavender, how come she couldn’t even distinguish between counterfeits? Don’t tell us you just memorize some random passages from an encyclopedia, right? Are you a dummy trying to fooling us?

Lan Zhi Rou was stared at with questioning eyes, so much so that she could not help but want to shrink into the ground.

The teacher, Alexander, was so impressed with Nalan Xin’er that he even taught her how to make essential oils when she visited the essential oil workshop, making the female students envious of her.

Nalan Xin’er looked askance at Lan Zhi Rou, who was excluded by everyone and sneered in her heart.

Rebirth is also an opportunity for me to screw you over again!

I’m a slacking student? That’s okay, I can learn everything all over again!

No Goldfinger(cheat), it’s okay, I have courage and confidence in myself!

Fucker, she doesn’t believe that what she Nalan Xin’er wants to do with her heart can’t be done right? The fact that she was so good at the darts, gambling and car racing she once indulged in proves that she wasn’t born with a stupid IQ and that there’s no reason why she couldn’t learn anything else!

See, last night when she dropped $5.50 on the lecherous uncle, all she did was glance at the bedside table and open a lavender brochure, which came in handy today!

She vowed that in this life, she would work hard to enhance her skills and abilities, and would never let the evil mother and daughter win.

She wants to live out the dominance and brilliance of a true princess!

But what is imminent at the moment is …… last night with the lecherous uncle, did they do what they shouldn’t have done or not? Was it possible for her to become pregnant or not?

She had to get to the bottom of it as soon as possible and not let anyone get a hold of her!

For the next three days, learning activities were held at the castle – but she never saw the lecherous old uncle again.

Three days later.

The large lecture room of the Imperial High School stairwell.

Song Jun Hua and He Xiao Wu waved desperately, greeting Nalan Xin’er, who had just returned from France: “Xin Mei(Beauty Xin), come quickly, I’ve reserved a seat for you.”

Nalan Xin’er looked at her two comical best friends, and her mood suddenly became much better.

She pursed her lips and smiled: “Song Meiyi, Wu Meiyi, I have brought you presents ……”

“Oh let’s talk gifts and all that later, I tell you this semester’s electives are damn good! Getting a seat is like getting concert tickets, you have to listen carefully!”

“If it weren’t for us, you’d be standing in the last row as a telephone pole!”

Nalan Xin’er left her mouth open, her mind was not on the elective courses, which had nothing to do with her college entrance exam results anyway.

She wanted to ask Song Song and Xiao Wu if they could help her buy a …… pregnancy test.

Her family is very strict with her, and it would be easy for her to buy one herself.

But before she could ask, she heard the entire classroom of girls scream, and Song Song and Xiao Wu stood up and applauded desperately!

” God of Men! God of Men!”

In the midst of screams and applause, Nalan Xin’er was startled to see the elegant and reserved man on the podium.

Great …… uncle?!!!

—[Interview with Little Theater II

Author of the straw bag: “Uncle, your wife says you’re a faithful dog, what does it mean to be a faithful dog ah?”

A man stood on the podium and looked askance at the cold, spitting out the words, “Stupid, the so-called faithful dog, that is, in his whole life, only bite one woman, only to her alone commit to giving rabies.”

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