One Night Lovely Wife $5.50: Overwhelming Black Belly Husband Chapter 9: Being Punished by a Cold Man

Nalan Xin’er sat in the back right of the lecture room by the window, just slanted at the most perfect 45-degree angle to look at the podium.

The man on the podium was well-groomed, exuding a sense of independence and nobility. Not to mention the fact that in such a large lecture hall, even if it was a soccer field was packed with people, this man would certainly be able to shine brightly in the crowd.

His voice was cold and steady, and his pointer aimed at a heavy ink painting hanging from the blackboard: “…… Everything solid can dissipate in a puff of smoke. Space, time, culture, all meaning, order, and identity, can disappear. …… For example, in this painting, the vortex of the starry night, there is no longer a concept of stars, but more of an invisible force. The power of the stars. Assuming you can communicate with the stars, it is unknown that you will gain such power ……”

Nalan Xin’er was startled to see his perfect side profile. As he spoke, his words were like pearls and jade, full of profound philosophical thoughts, which cracked down on her heart and gave her a fierce blow – Never mind the thoughts, this man’s voice was so damned good!

Is this that lecherous uncle?

Last night, the light wasn’t very good and she couldn’t see very well. …… the profile was very similar  but there are people who look alike in this world, right?

If it is from the temperament …… last night, the lecherous uncle wore a sleek black silk robe, but the man in front of her wore an elegant light apricot suit.

And the lecherous uncle so sleazy and venomous, which drove her crazy, but the man in front of her is reserved and elegant, cold and profound, it is really hard for people to link the two together.

However, she couldn’t explain why, maybe purely feminine intuition told her that this was the lecherous uncle, who had bullied her while she was unconscious!

“Xiao Wu, who is he?” Nalan Xin’er poked He Xiao Wu on the side.

“Go, go, go, don’t interrupt my soul communication with my high and mighty cool male god!” He Xiao Wu was starry-eyed, and like most of the girls beside her, her face was full of flirtation.

It was Song Jun Hua who answered her: “Dongfang Yunhe, a famous professor of astrophysics. It is said that he was Principal Huangfu’s senior at the International Physics Institute back then.”

If it wasn’t for Principal Huangfu’s strong friendship, how could he be able to invite such a titanic and powerful person to lecture to them?

It was only then that He Xiao Wu chimed in adoringly, “A tenured professor who is not even 30 years old.”

“Astrophysics professor?” Nalan Xin’er almost pounded the table, “Shit, then what’s he doing talking about a stupid painting if he’s not talking about physics?”

Song Jun Hua held her forehead, feeling helpless: “His course is called Astrophysics and Human Culture, and the focus is on culture, but can you understand it if the gods talk about higher physics? And it wasn’t just any old painting, it was the great painter Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” painted in 1889!”

He Xiao Wu also looked over her shoulder and mysteriously said, “It is said to be a genuine work of art brought back from abroad by Professor Dongfang, and is estimated to be worth several hundred million. Do you know how much it’s valued? It could buy several of you!”

Nalan Xin’er trailed off, “Pretending, who knows if it’s real or not?”

When she was a child, her older cousin took her to the museum to see the exhibition, this painting was actually known to her. Although it is some distance away from the podium at the moment, she can tell that the painting is real and that it is a masterpiece that cannot be bought for hundreds of millions of dollars.

If Professor Dongfang is really that lecherous uncle, then what is his origin?

Such an elegant man, should not be a person who cooperates with Lan Zhi Rou to set her up, right?

So, the madness of last night was an accident?

Was he also the one who slept with her in the last life?

With her head down, Nalan Xin’er’s thoughts became more and more confused, and a cold, sharp gaze, from the direction of the podium, came straight at her!

With a start, she looked up to find that her classmates were all looking at her, while Song Song and Xiao Wu were wiggling their eyebrows at her and striking a flowing pose with their palms.

The man’s cold voice came out, “This student, I’ll ask again, what physical phenomenon does Starry Night allegorize?”

“Object …… physical phenomenon ……” Nalan Xin’er bit her lip, “Star… …the power of the stars?”

Damn, I didn’t hear the just now!

As if he were a god, the man looked down on her from a high podium, as if she were a tiny ant, and slowly spoke.

“Wrong, it’s turbulence.”

“As punishment, turn in a research paper on Starry Night before your next class.”

“Remember, ten thousand words.”

“Class dismissed!”

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