One Night Lovely Wife $5.50: Overwhelming Black Belly Husband Chapter 12: This thing has never been used.

There is a small pharmacy not far away from the school.

He Xiao Wu went in for a short time and came back in a daze: “Fuck, when buying the pregnancy stick I was bumped into by Principal Huangfu, I was so scared! But up close, I occasionally find that the principal is quite handsome when he’s not acting stiff……”.

Nalan Xin’er took the pregnancy test: “Thank you, you big flirt, so do you want the Dongfang or the Huangfu?”

He Xiao Wu was embarrassed, “Can I embrace the right and the left?”

“With your stamina …… you still want two? Geez, you’re hopeless.” Nalan Singh joked with Xiao Wu as she walked to the bathroom.

Ten minutes later.

Song Jun Hua stood nervously at the door of the bathroom, “Xin’er, is everything okay?”

He Xiao Wu also stretched out her head and muttered: “Do you want some help? …… But it doesn’t seem like I can help, it’s the first time I’ve seen what that stick looks like. …… Song Song, how do you think that thing works? She’s not going to stick in, is she? ……”

Song Jun Hua knitted his eyebrows: “I haven’t used it either, so what’s the point of asking me?”

As she was saying that, Nalan Xin’er finally came out, drooped her little head, and threw the pregnancy test stick into the trash with a ball of tissue paper.



In the face of two curious babies’ questions, Nalan Xin’er bit her tongue and sadly said: “The instructions say that it can only be measured after 14 days ……”.

“I’m going!”

“That’s not fair!”

“Science is so backward!”

He Xiao Wu suggested, “I’ve heard there’s something called …… the day after~pill ……”

“No!” Song Jun Hua objected, “It hurts the body and I heard it can cause infertility.”

Song Jun Hua thought about it and said, “Why don’t you go to the hospital and check …… first?”

“No!” Nalan Xin’er objected.

The driver was waiting at the door to pick her up, and the driver, in fact, was her stepmother’s eyes and ears, watching where she was going all the time.

If she were to go into the hospital, her stepmother would know.

Song Jun Hua didn’t know she was a young Miss, but she knew her family was keeping an eye on her, so she said: “I’m talking about that kind of private clinic, hidden in an alley, no one will find it, I’ll help you with the idea …….” she said, whispering in Nalan Xin’er’s ear.

The three of them carried their bags and walked towards the school entrance.

As expected, Nalan’s driver, Yao Dazhuang, was already waiting at the door, driving a car that was a common car that middle-class families could afford.

After the two girlfriends got into the car, Nalan Xin’er said to Yao Dazhuang: “Master Yao, I’m sorry, I’m going to Xinhua Bookstore with two classmates to buy a foreign language dictionary, would you please drive us to the Diamond Plaza next to the Imperial Building and wait for us for a while?”.

Yao Dazhuang was very unhappy.

How dare she tell him to go around a long way without peeing to take care of her virtue. There is no place for her in this family. She really regards herself as a young lady and carries herself on airs?

Yao Dazhuang was about to coldly refuse, only to hear Nalan Xin’er faintly add: “I heard that my sister was sick and didn’t come to class today. She still doesn’t know that the teacher has assigned the task of buying a dictionary. If I don’t buy one for her today, I’m afraid ……”.

When Yao Dazhuang heard that Lan Zhi Rou also needed to buy a dictionary, he immediately did not dare to say more.

He was working for Lin Mei Qing, whose daughter was also his mistress, and since she was buying things for her, he was obliged to do so.

So the car started and drove towards Diamond Plaza.

The car stopped at the entrance of the plaza, Yao Dazhuang said: “You move quickly.”

Nalan Xin’er faintly “hmm”, pulling the two girlfriends to run inside.

Nalan Xin’er and Song Jun Hua went straight through the lobby, slipped out the back door, and turned into an alley.

Nalan Xin’er suddenly stopped and took a look at the gorgeous Diamond Plaza behind her.

“Xin’er, what are you looking at? Hurry up, there’s that private clinic I was talking about up ahead,” Song Jun Hua urged. 

“Okay.” Nalan Xin’er withdrew her gaze and quickened her pace.

The Beautiful Diamond Plaza was the property of her stepmother Lin Mei Qing’s maiden family.

When her stepmother entered the house, it was while her father’s business was in a slump that she took the deed to the plaza, borrowed a large sum of working capital, and established her position.

One day, I’ll let your hard-earned skyscrapers turn into rubble and collapse completely, Lin Mei Qing.

One Night Lovely Wife $5.50: Overwhelming Black Belly Husband Chapter 11: Not even a hundred dollars.

After hesitating for a moment, Nalan Singh finally decided to tell the truth to her two best girlfriends, “I may have lost that membrane ……”

As soon as the words fell, He Xiao Wu rushed up and made a “hush” gesture, full of heartache: “Hey, hey, hey, hey, rice can be eaten indiscriminately, words can not be said indiscriminately! You, which membrane are you talking about?”

Song Jun Hua, on the other hand, looked around vigilantly and found that all the students had chased after Professor Dongfang’s ink-black car outside the school gates to bid him farewell.

Making sure no one heard their conversation, Song Jun Hua breathed a sigh of relief and whispered, “Is it that …… the film?” The eyes swept downward.

Nalan Xin’er nodded sullenly.

He Xiao Wu let go of her hand, covered her heart, and stared, “Hey! You’re a beautiful girl, and you’re eating all by yourself, without even calling me! Unkind! …… But then again, enjoy it or not? Is it cool?”

“Pfft-“Nalan Xin’er felt drunk at the thoughts of a strange best friend.

What pleasure!

I was unconscious the whole time, only to feel something cold and hard, except for the pain and swelling, do not know what it feels like.

Song Jun Hua shook his head straight: ” Xiao Wu, stop it! Xin’er certainly didn’t do it voluntarily. Did someone force you to do it? Was it a classmate or a Frenchman? Do you need us to avenge you?”

He Xiao WU also got serious: “That’s right, how dare they bully our Xin Mei, they must be looking for a fight! Whip them into oblivion! Us three beautiful ladies from Imperial High School are not to be messed with!”

Nalan Xin’er heart surged with a touch of emotion, these two girlfriends are from ordinary backgrounds, Song Jun Hua is a middle student of class A, He Xiao Wu is the scum of class B. The three were acquainted with each other because they share the same dormitory room, usually playing around, but at critical moments, they always do not hesitate to help her!

In her previous life, Lan Zhi Rou used many tricks to divide their relationship, always saying that the two girlfriends were scheming whores, greedy for their Nalan family’s power.

The truth is, the two girlfriends didn’t even know the identity of her Nalan family’s eldest daughter!

It wasn’t until the scandal of her pregnancy, dropping out of school, and entering a nursing home that her two girlfriends read about her tragedy in the newspaper.

She also remembers that Song Song and Xiao Wu secretly went to see her in the nursing home and tried to help her escape, only to be discovered by Lin Mei Qing, who had the bodyguards beat them all up and called the principal on the spot to expel them! Locked up in an insane asylum, she doesn’t know where her two best friends ended up in their previous lives, but imagine how miserable it must have been for a commoner girl to drop out of high school!

She will not let her best friends be persecuted and oppressed for defending her!

She blinked her eyes, swallowed her sour tears, and spoke softly: “Song Song, Xiao Wu, I’ve been framed, and I still don’t know who the man who bullied me is. The first thing I need to do is to make sure I am not pregnant. So, can you guys buy me a pregnancy test? I’ll swipe my card to buy you dinner later.”

If she used the gold card her father gave her to spend, her stepmother could trace every payment to its destination. She didn’t have much cash with her, otherwise, that night, she would have proudly dumped a hundred yuan bill to the colorful uncle, instead of the pitiful $5.5 …… She really didn’t mean to humiliate him, but she just didn’t have any money with her.

He Xiao Wu nodded boldly, “Okay, I’ll go! It’s just a stick, it’s nothing!”

One Night Lovely Wife $5.50: Overwhelming Black Belly Husband Chapter 10: Have We Met?

Being punished in public, Nalan Xin’er was so depressed that she clenched her small fist.

Damn, I was just distracted for a few seconds and then you caught me! Uncle Dongfang, are you looking through my eyes?

10,000 words? Do you know it takes a long time to write 10,000 words, it’s very tiring!

This is clearly corporal punishment!

She looked angrily at Dongfang Yunhe.

Dongfang Yunhe, however, had already proudly put away his pointer and walked out the door with the lesson plan in his hand.

Bodyguards in military uniforms appeared from nowhere, carefully putting away the famous painting, and quietly followed behind, while Principal Huangfu personally waited in front of the classroom, escorting Professor Dongfang all the way out of the school.

Nalan Xin’er was stunned, and suddenly dashed over – fuck, fuck, she almost forgot the most important thing!

She was so nimble and clever that she caught up with them at once, pushed aside the students who were surrounding Dongfang Yunhe, bit her lip, and asked, “Wait! Professor Dongfang, have we met at ……?”

The man stopped in his tracks and gazed back at her.

His gaze was as hot and dazzling as the sun’s, but as distant and cold as the moon. 

He didn’t answer, just gazed at her proudly.

The students next to him couldn’t help but look at Nalan Xin’er with disgust.

“Hey, hey, hey, you’re too corny with that pick-up line!”

“Professor Dongfang just returned to China, how could he have met you, scum!”

“Who the hell are you! A slacker who was distracted in class and now has the nerve to come close!”

“Go cool off, be self-conscious, we won’t even pay attention to you!”

For a moment, Nalan Xin’er really reflected on whether or not she was a demon. She was too anxious, a bit jumpy from the night’s events, and thought it was the lecherous uncle when she saw a decent-looking tall man…….

Was she mistaken……

But in the next second, she extinguished that thought.

She saw Dongfang Yunhe push aside the people around her and stride in front of her.

He was too tall for her, and she was only up to his chest level, so he leaned over slightly and whispered in her ear, in a tone that only two people could hear, “Do you want to use money this time, or do you want to use your body to solve the problem?”

After saying that, he gracefully straightened up, as if the evil and nasty words just now did not come from him at all, and turned to a serious voice: “10,000-word report, do not want to miss a single word. I hate students who bargain.”

After saying that, he quirked his lips slightly and stepped away.

Principal Huangfu quickly waved his hand to stop the students: “Don’t crowd, Professor Dongfang’s open lecture has two sessions every week, see you in a few days!

In the midst of the chaos, Nalan Xin’er was pushed out of the crowd.

She was dumbfounded and frozen–

Damn, this man must be a lecherous uncle!

With money, or with your body? By saying this, he must be insinuating that she left the $5.50 behind to humiliate him!

And that charming tone of voice, the familiar venom, the earnest nastiness, it could only be him!

Just wait, I’ll find the evidence!

“Hey, Xin Mei, I didn’t think you were crazier than me! Fascinated by the cool guy in the first class? I can’t believe you’re faster than me!” He Xiao Wu ran along and finally caught up with Nalan Xin’er, shaking her hand exaggeratedly, “I told you, don’t steal from me, I liked him first! A friend’s wife is not to be deceived!”

Then Song Jun Hua arrived, with a touch of worry on her face: “Xiao Wu, don’t joke with her, don’t you think she’s not quite right since she came back from France?”

“Yes oh …… Xin’er, what’s wrong with you?” Xiao Wu blinked and started to worry as well.

“I ……” Nalan Xin’er hesitated for a moment and finally decided to tell the truth to her two best girlfriends.

“I may have lost that membrane …….”

One Night Lovely Wife $5.50: Overwhelming Black Belly Husband Chapter 9: Being Punished by a Cold Man

Nalan Xin’er sat in the back right of the lecture room by the window, just slanted at the most perfect 45-degree angle to look at the podium.

The man on the podium was well-groomed, exuding a sense of independence and nobility. Not to mention the fact that in such a large lecture hall, even if it was a soccer field was packed with people, this man would certainly be able to shine brightly in the crowd.

His voice was cold and steady, and his pointer aimed at a heavy ink painting hanging from the blackboard: “…… Everything solid can dissipate in a puff of smoke. Space, time, culture, all meaning, order, and identity, can disappear. …… For example, in this painting, the vortex of the starry night, there is no longer a concept of stars, but more of an invisible force. The power of the stars. Assuming you can communicate with the stars, it is unknown that you will gain such power ……”

Nalan Xin’er was startled to see his perfect side profile. As he spoke, his words were like pearls and jade, full of profound philosophical thoughts, which cracked down on her heart and gave her a fierce blow – Never mind the thoughts, this man’s voice was so damned good!

Is this that lecherous uncle?

Last night, the light wasn’t very good and she couldn’t see very well. …… the profile was very similar  but there are people who look alike in this world, right?

If it is from the temperament …… last night, the lecherous uncle wore a sleek black silk robe, but the man in front of her wore an elegant light apricot suit.

And the lecherous uncle so sleazy and venomous, which drove her crazy, but the man in front of her is reserved and elegant, cold and profound, it is really hard for people to link the two together.

However, she couldn’t explain why, maybe purely feminine intuition told her that this was the lecherous uncle, who had bullied her while she was unconscious!

“Xiao Wu, who is he?” Nalan Xin’er poked He Xiao Wu on the side.

“Go, go, go, don’t interrupt my soul communication with my high and mighty cool male god!” He Xiao Wu was starry-eyed, and like most of the girls beside her, her face was full of flirtation.

It was Song Jun Hua who answered her: “Dongfang Yunhe, a famous professor of astrophysics. It is said that he was Principal Huangfu’s senior at the International Physics Institute back then.”

If it wasn’t for Principal Huangfu’s strong friendship, how could he be able to invite such a titanic and powerful person to lecture to them?

It was only then that He Xiao Wu chimed in adoringly, “A tenured professor who is not even 30 years old.”

“Astrophysics professor?” Nalan Xin’er almost pounded the table, “Shit, then what’s he doing talking about a stupid painting if he’s not talking about physics?”

Song Jun Hua held her forehead, feeling helpless: “His course is called Astrophysics and Human Culture, and the focus is on culture, but can you understand it if the gods talk about higher physics? And it wasn’t just any old painting, it was the great painter Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” painted in 1889!”

He Xiao Wu also looked over her shoulder and mysteriously said, “It is said to be a genuine work of art brought back from abroad by Professor Dongfang, and is estimated to be worth several hundred million. Do you know how much it’s valued? It could buy several of you!”

Nalan Xin’er trailed off, “Pretending, who knows if it’s real or not?”

When she was a child, her older cousin took her to the museum to see the exhibition, this painting was actually known to her. Although it is some distance away from the podium at the moment, she can tell that the painting is real and that it is a masterpiece that cannot be bought for hundreds of millions of dollars.

If Professor Dongfang is really that lecherous uncle, then what is his origin?

Such an elegant man, should not be a person who cooperates with Lan Zhi Rou to set her up, right?

So, the madness of last night was an accident?

Was he also the one who slept with her in the last life?

With her head down, Nalan Xin’er’s thoughts became more and more confused, and a cold, sharp gaze, from the direction of the podium, came straight at her!

With a start, she looked up to find that her classmates were all looking at her, while Song Song and Xiao Wu were wiggling their eyebrows at her and striking a flowing pose with their palms.

The man’s cold voice came out, “This student, I’ll ask again, what physical phenomenon does Starry Night allegorize?”

“Object …… physical phenomenon ……” Nalan Xin’er bit her lip, “Star… …the power of the stars?”

Damn, I didn’t hear the just now!

As if he were a god, the man looked down on her from a high podium, as if she were a tiny ant, and slowly spoke.

“Wrong, it’s turbulence.”

“As punishment, turn in a research paper on Starry Night before your next class.”

“Remember, ten thousand words.”

“Class dismissed!”

One Night Lovely Wife $5.50: Overwhelming Black Belly Husband Chapter 8: Seeing the Uncle Again

Nalan Xin’er responded, standing calmly while meeting the interrogating gazes of everyone.

Alexander’s eyes also flashed with admiration and he nodded repeatedly, “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

The little girl said that beauty is not about looks, but about value and he couldn’t agree more.

Finally hearing a satisfying answer, he beckoned the group forward to continue the presentation of the lavender species.

He pointed to two clumps of lavender that looked similar and asked, “Who can tell the difference between the two?”

Lan Zhi Rou was anxious to reverse the loss she had just suffered, so she snapped, “The left cluster is darker in color and the flowering period has already passed, while the right cluster is in the bud and ready to release.

She had checked some information beforehand and knew that the flower fields would be planted at different times to attract tourists and prolong the viewing time, so she thought she was speaking professionally.

Unexpectedly, Alexander shook his head and turned to ask Nalan Xin’er, “What do you think about this student?”

Nalan Xin’er was reluctant to make a spectacle of herself, but since she was asked, she answered generously: “The left-hand side of the bunch, it’s an impostor.”

Her sure and confident words, like an ice thorn, suddenly pierced into the heart of Lan Zhi Rou.


When Lan Zhi Rou listened to those words, she felt that they were mocking herself.

It’s a mockery of her as a small ~ third-rate “impostor”,  who had so many years of greed to steal the identity of the Nalan family’s eldest daughter.

However, Nalan Xin’er’s tone was so calm and indifferent that she didn’t even look at her: “On the left is blue flower sage, and on the right is lavender. The two leaves are different, one is wide, one is narrow, one is bulging, and the pedicel is purple while the other one is green. It’s obvious who the impostor is.”

When Nalan Xin’er said that, everyone came forward to identify it, muttering that they had gained knowledge.

Some of them, who were smart enough to use their brains, looked at Lan Zhi Rou oddly: the top student had spoken so smoothly before as if she knew a lot about lavender, how come she couldn’t even distinguish between counterfeits? Don’t tell us you just memorize some random passages from an encyclopedia, right? Are you a dummy trying to fooling us?

Lan Zhi Rou was stared at with questioning eyes, so much so that she could not help but want to shrink into the ground.

The teacher, Alexander, was so impressed with Nalan Xin’er that he even taught her how to make essential oils when she visited the essential oil workshop, making the female students envious of her.

Nalan Xin’er looked askance at Lan Zhi Rou, who was excluded by everyone and sneered in her heart.

Rebirth is also an opportunity for me to screw you over again!

I’m a slacking student? That’s okay, I can learn everything all over again!

No Goldfinger(cheat), it’s okay, I have courage and confidence in myself!

Fucker, she doesn’t believe that what she Nalan Xin’er wants to do with her heart can’t be done right? The fact that she was so good at the darts, gambling and car racing she once indulged in proves that she wasn’t born with a stupid IQ and that there’s no reason why she couldn’t learn anything else!

See, last night when she dropped $5.50 on the lecherous uncle, all she did was glance at the bedside table and open a lavender brochure, which came in handy today!

She vowed that in this life, she would work hard to enhance her skills and abilities, and would never let the evil mother and daughter win.

She wants to live out the dominance and brilliance of a true princess!

But what is imminent at the moment is …… last night with the lecherous uncle, did they do what they shouldn’t have done or not? Was it possible for her to become pregnant or not?

She had to get to the bottom of it as soon as possible and not let anyone get a hold of her!

For the next three days, learning activities were held at the castle – but she never saw the lecherous old uncle again.

Three days later.

The large lecture room of the Imperial High School stairwell.

Song Jun Hua and He Xiao Wu waved desperately, greeting Nalan Xin’er, who had just returned from France: “Xin Mei(Beauty Xin), come quickly, I’ve reserved a seat for you.”

Nalan Xin’er looked at her two comical best friends, and her mood suddenly became much better.

She pursed her lips and smiled: “Song Meiyi, Wu Meiyi, I have brought you presents ……”

“Oh let’s talk gifts and all that later, I tell you this semester’s electives are damn good! Getting a seat is like getting concert tickets, you have to listen carefully!”

“If it weren’t for us, you’d be standing in the last row as a telephone pole!”

Nalan Xin’er left her mouth open, her mind was not on the elective courses, which had nothing to do with her college entrance exam results anyway.

She wanted to ask Song Song and Xiao Wu if they could help her buy a …… pregnancy test.

Her family is very strict with her, and it would be easy for her to buy one herself.

But before she could ask, she heard the entire classroom of girls scream, and Song Song and Xiao Wu stood up and applauded desperately!

” God of Men! God of Men!”

In the midst of screams and applause, Nalan Xin’er was startled to see the elegant and reserved man on the podium.

Great …… uncle?!!!

—[Interview with Little Theater II

Author of the straw bag: “Uncle, your wife says you’re a faithful dog, what does it mean to be a faithful dog ah?”

A man stood on the podium and looked askance at the cold, spitting out the words, “Stupid, the so-called faithful dog, that is, in his whole life, only bite one woman, only to her alone commit to giving rabies.”

One Night Lovely Wife $5.50: Overwhelming Black Belly Husband Chapter 7: The Amazing Straw Bag

Nalan Xin’er was on the bed, tossing and turning, thinking about the same issue.

Was there really no capital at all to fight the scum?

The sky was already white, and the dawn light hit her pocket watch through the window, giving it a bright, moist glow.

She closed the pocket watch with a click, jumped up, put on her school uniform, and cleaned herself up to go out.

Before breakfast, she snuck out to the main building to take a look at the room where she and the uncle had stayed last night.

After breakfast, the exchange program officially started.

The leading teacher of the French school-led everyone to visit the lavender fields planted in the castle.

The unique fragrance of lavender was so refreshing that it seemed to cleanse all impurities.

Nalan Xin’er did not pay attention to the few students who pointed at her and whispered about her but focused on the French teacher.

The French teacher, Alexander, was a handsome man of mixed race with brown hair and brown pupils, who liked to teach on-site: “Who can tell us what they know about lavender?”.

Nalan Xin’er cold eyes narrowed, this kind of limelight time, as a class A top student, Lan Zhi Rou will not let it go.

As expected, Lan Zhi Rou was the first to raise her hand, and her gentle voice was fluent: “Lavender belongs to the Lamiaceae family, small shrubs, with spikes, egg-shaped tubular calyx, 13-15 veins, and 5 teeth. There are 28 species in the world, distributed across the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea to Somalia and India. The flowering period is from June to August, it’s semi-heat resistant, prefers coolness, and can be grown at 5 to 30 degrees Celsius, so it is a very suitable ornamental flower for planting.”

The words were followed by a sigh.

“Wow, a top student is a top student! Awesome!”

“It feels so professional, so awesome, so high up ……”

“Zhi Rou, do you know what the lavender flower language is?”

“Waiting for love.” Lan Zhi Rou enjoyed everyone’s compliments, and softly replied to Alexander with a touch of shyness, “The lavender flower language is waiting for love.”

Everyone sighed again, the top student really is like a textbook, she knows everything.

Alexander did not comment, but smiled slightly and said, “Are there any other students who would like to answer?”

The crowd thought there was no better answer than Lan Zhi Rou’s, and shook their heads.

At this moment, they saw a long, white, slender arm, like a pavilion, raised high above them.

The crowd took a look and couldn’t help but reveal a disdainful expression.

“Isn’t that Nalan Xin’er, that slacker in class B?”

“It is said that she is Zhi Rou’s sister, how come the sisters are as different as the sky and the earth?”

“You know what, this sack of shit even went to the man’s room last night, it’s embarrassing!”

“Damn, she must have gotten her spot on the trip through the back door, what insight can a slacker have?”

The harsh words fell like needles into Nalan Xin’er’s ears.

She did not change expression but spoke in a smooth, elegant tone: “In Provence, lavender means ‘clean’, and its beauty does not lie in its appearance, but in its value. It inhibits a wide range of bacteria, and it is said that when the Black Death ravaged Europe, killing countless noblemen, lavender farmers were unharmed; it can also beautify the skin, help reduce weight and fat, relieve anxiety, alleviate sleep disorders, and even …… is said to exorcise demons. Many people think its flowering language is waiting for love, but few know that its more touching language is ‘just breathe, you can see a miracle’ – breathe hard and see the miracle! “

As soon as Nalan Xin’er’s voice fell, the audience was silent!

“Breathe hard and you will see a miracle!”

This sentence, as if with a magical power, was filled with powerful ideas, a kind of initiative, and righteous persistence and courage.

In contrast, what Lan Zhi Rou said just now, “waiting for love”, is a little short, passive, and small-minded.

Not to mention, Lan Zhi Rou said that lavender was an “ornamental flowers “, but Nalan Xin’er interpretation of the extraordinary medicinal value of lavender was also interspersed with small historical allusions and customs was refreshing to hear!

Fuck, wasn’t that a slacker? How did she come up with such a stunning answer!

One Night Lovely Wife $5.50: Overwhelming Black Belly Husband Chapter 6: Why Fight Scum?

Nalan Xin’er lay on the soft mattress, her small fists clenched tightly, her nails almost embedded in her flesh: the memories of her last life were too painful, and she would rather forget them if she could!

But, she can’t forget!

If she doesn’t keep her eyes open, she could make the same mistake!

She still remembers the feeling of dying, like being plunged into water, unable to breathe, but conscious, feeling the despair of losing a little bit of life at a time……

Fortunately, God had the good sense to give her a second chance!

When she opened her eyes again and realized that she had been reborn 10 months earlier, she hadn’t spent the night with a man or conceived a child, and she vowed to make the most of this life! Never live like a straw bag person with no heart and no soul!

When she was locked up in the asylum, she already had an inkling that this incident had something to do with her stepmother’s and step-sister, after all, they were the two people who would benefit most from her madness and death, weren’t they?

But she had no proof.

In the seven days since her rebirth, she had taken every step carefully, especially trying to avoid participating in this exchange trip to France.

However, her stepmother, Lin Mei Qing, lovingly expressed her support for her to come, while her stepsister, Lan Zhi Ruo, dragged her father to persuade her to come.

if she can’t avoid it, then she can’t avoid it. It would be a good idea to observe who harmed her.

Was it at the banquet last night? ……

“Xin’er, you’re not going to refuse the toast of the lead teacher, are you?”

“If you don’t drink alcohol, you can drink mineral water! Here, here’s a bottle!”

Nalan Xin’er’s eyes were half-lidded, remembering the scene at that time.

Fuck! It seems that she was negligent – even sealed mineral water can be injected with medicine through a syringe and it is not visible to the naked eye.

What if she hadn’t drunk it? –Then they must have another trick up their sleeve!

Nalan Xin’er’s heart was filled with anger again.

She felt that she had lived too freely in her last life, never taking a closer look at the people around her.

Her stepmother, Lin Mei Qing, apparently did not treat her badly at all, but intentionally or unintentionally let her wallow in pleasure and neglect her studies, and as a result, she has been a slacker, a bit arrogant and ignorant of the ways of the world, but her stepmother comforted her father: “Girls don’t need to be so smart to study well and marry a good man.

It seems that her stepmother is trying to ruin her ability before pushing her into the abyss of doom. 

She was afraid that this scheme was started 13 years ago when her mother died of an illness and her stepmother was brought as a stepmother into the house.

“Oh, 13 years of scheming, what a deep secret!”

Nalan Xin’er sneered, staring at the hands of the ticking pocket watch, and a sigh gradually surfaced in her heart: facing 13 years of wolves and tigers, she was reborn only 10 months early, there was really no advantage!

If she was reborn 13 years ago, she could find a way to stop her stepmother from entering the house; if she was reborn 10 years ago, she could ask her mother’s mother’s family, Xuanyuan, to help her …… Even if she was reborn 5 years ago, she could still get her studies done in time, but now she’s only 10 months ahead ……

Her stepmother has already established a foothold in the Nalan family, the Xuanyuan family is facing a crisis, her most loving first cousin left the capital five years ago …… and since she was a straw bag in her previous life, she knew nothing and was ignorant of the family business, why should she fight with her stepmother and stepsister?

In just 10 months of being locked up in an insane asylum, she was not privy to outside information. She didn’t even know where real estate was going up, which industries were surging, or what stocks were selling!

In other words, she doesn’t have any golden fingers to use, so why should she fight with a scum stepmother and a scum step sister?

Her rebirth was lucky but the reality was cruel!

Damn, what a great rebirth for me!

One Night Lovely Wife $5.50: Overwhelming Black Belly Husband Chapter 5: Washing off the smell of uncle

Zhi Rou Lan closed the phone and opened her door to enter the room.

At the corner of the corridor, Nalan Xin’er held her arms and calmly stepped out, a pair of beautiful eyes filled with intense anger!

Every word that entered her ears just now was like a knife that had been sharpened and pierced into her heart.

This shameless pair of mother and daughter!

Lin Mei Qing, her stepmother, and Lan Zhi Rou her step sister!

It was true that all these years they have been plotting how to kill and destroy her! So that we can put Lan Zhi Rou in the position of the Nalan’s elder miss!

So the drinks last night were the work of her stepmother, and the people who bullied her were arranged by her? So what was going on with the lecherous uncle?

Nalan Xin’er’s eyes were like a flame that wanted to pierce through the door of the room, directly onto the human with a beast’s heart, Lan Zhi Rou, and burn her into a pile of ash that even her mother couldn’t recognize!

However, she also knows that she has not yet graduated from high school and that she can’t take care of her stepmother yet, so she must plan calmly and act afterward. ……

After taking a few deep breaths, she opened the door again and entered the room.

After washing in the shower room for a full hour, she always felt that her body still had that faint smell of man, like sandalwood, or bamboo …… a very elegant and special smell.

“Nasty lecherous uncle! Wash off your smell!” She whined harshly and rinsed off several more times, her thin skin already scrubbed red and looking more like she had been bullied.

Nalan Xin’er gasped and stopped, dried herself off, and put on a new nightgown – the same silky, sheer nightgown that the castle provided to its female guests.

Nalan Xin’er threw herself into the classic princess bed.

She looked at the ceiling, unable to sleep.


A small sound, coming from the pillow.

It was the hand of the lecherous uncle’s pocket watch, the sound of moving around.

She grabbed it and opened it. It was already 4:30 in the morning.

It would soon be dawn.

If she couldn’t sleep, there was no need to force herself to sleep, so she decided to calm down and think about things.

She stared at the pocket watch’s exquisite antique dial and counted, she had been reborn in this world for 7 days.

Yes, Lan Zhi Rou’s intuition was not wrong, she Nalan Xin’er is no longer the straw bag Miss.

In the last life, she was also unconscious in France, lost her virginity, and soon after returning to the capital, the photos were sent home, causing her family to be furious.

Her stepmother claimed it was “for her own good” and helped her dispel the rumors by taking her to test her membrane, which, naturally, was long gone. Once again, there was a huge outcry and she became the laughing stock of the family.

Three months later, at her 18th birthday, it was revealed in public that she was pregnant, and her father was so furious that he threatened to break off his relationship with her! Grandma was so angry that she fainted on the spot! And her fiancé, the Prince of the Qin Clan, held the hand of her stepsister and announced their marriage.

That coming of age ceremony turned into an engagement banquet for her stepsister! Her step-sister also became a logical replacement for her and became the eldest daughter of the Nalan family!

She became a young abandoned woman and was locked up in a nursing home on the outskirts of the capital.

It was called a nursing home, but it was actually a prison cell!

She tried several times to escape and went to her father and grandmother to tell them that she had been framed …… but she was taken back as an insane person and locked up in an asylum!

The lunatic asylum, that’s where the really scary things are!

Constantly taking injections and medication …… locked in a dilapidated, dark, damp, windowless room …… for over half a year!

On the day she was about to give birth, she crawled to the door with her nails broken and her throat cracked, and no one paid any attention to her, and she ended up bleeding profusely. ……

The blood dried up and she died!

One Night Lovely Wife $5.50: Overwhelming Black Belly Husband Chapter 4: The Wicked stepmother of the step sister

Lan Zhi Rou secretly thought: Xin’er this girl must be talking tough, huh. But it doesn’t matter, as long as things were done well, good when this dead girl was revealed to be made pregnant by a man…… hehe……

So Lan Zhi Rou settled down and pulled out a gentle smile, “Sister, you should go back to your room. Don’t worry, I won’t say anything to my parents about you coming out to play.”

And then to the neighboring students: “You misunderstand my sister, she is very good, even if she went out to play, it was definitely someone else who held her back.”

The more Lan Zhi Rou said, the more disbelieving the classmates were, and they all closed their mouths and looked at Nalan Xin’er with contempt.

Nalan Xiner’s heart suddenly felt as if 10,000 horses were running wild:  Damn it, Lan Zhi Rou, you’ve made up your mind that I came out to play with men today right

You want to compare our acting, right? Good!

The smile on her face was brighter than the stars in the sky, and her big eyes were full of innocence: “Brothers and sisters, I can’t sleep at night without my sister, I have to sleepwalk! So …… I’ll take my sister back first ha!”

That said, without a word, she grabbed Lan Zhi Rou’s arm and walked back.

In order to maintain a gentle image, naturally, Lan Zhi Rou did not dare to struggle, so she waved goodbye to everyone and went back to her room with Nalan Xin’er.

Behind her, several male and female students looked at each other: was it sleepwalking?

The people who wanted to take pictures also stopped doing it – Nalan Xin’er was holding on to Lan Zhi Rou to death, if they took the picture wouldn’t it also drag down Lan Zhi Rou into the mud?

After leaving the crowd’s sight, Nalan Xin’er threw away Lan Zhi Rou and walked back by herself with a cold look.

Lan Zhi Rou wondered, this sister has always listened to her, why was her temper a bit strange today?

“Xin’er, are you blaming me for exposing our sisterly relationship in front of everyone?”

“Dear sister, just go home and explain this to your parents, I’m fine with it!” Nalan Xin’er faintly said.

In the Nalan family rules, in the 18 years of age before adulthood, the children of the family must keep a low profile on the outside, and must not easily disclose their identity and relationships, until their 18 years of age coming of age ceremony when they can officially step into the social circle.

Lan Zhi Rou’s heart skipped a beat: When did this little girl know how to turn the tables and threaten her with her parents?

With a twinkle in her eye, she said, ” Xin’er, are you …… under any kind of stimulus tonight? What the hell just happened to you? Talk to your sister, will you? Sister promises to keep your secret! And will help you come up with ideas ……”

She wanted her to follow the good advice and try to set up Xin’er with her words.

In the past, Nalan Xin’er might have foolishly told Lan Zhi Rou about the lecherous uncle tonight, and would have gratefully listened to Lan Zhi Rou’s “ideas”.

But now, she is no longer that silly little fool……

She smiled coldly, “Do you want me to be provoked that much?”

Lan Zhi Rou was startled: “I …… of course not …… sister is just concerned about you …… Xin’er what’s wrong with you?”

Nalan Xin’er did not want her to see her emotions, so she dropped her gaze, and restrained all the sharpness in her eyes, and spoke languidly and arrogantly: “In order to come out and find you even though I was sleepy! I have to get up early for the event tomorrow!”

“Good …… then you …… have a good rest.” Lan Zhi Rou watched Nalan Xin’er darted into the room and banged the door shut, her heart a little unable to speak.

This sister, although arrogant and playful, she had always been very easy to manipulate, last night she had plotted so carefully, nothing …… should have gone wrong, right?

She was thinking about it when the call came.

It was the middle of the night and no one was around.

Lan Zhi Rou walked to the corner and answered carefully: “Hello, Mom?”

A woman’s muffled voice came over the receiver, ” What happened to that straw bag girl?”

The woman’s voice was as gentle as Lan Zhi Rou’s, but when she mentions the four words “that straw bag girl”, she couldn’t disguise the trace of harshness.

“Don’t worry, Mom, I personally gave her a bottle of water with the powder, and watched her being taken away by the male servant …… Also, when she came out of the man’s room just now, I brought my classmates to block her halfway, and there are witnesses. Now she is bruised black and blue and looks ragged, it must be a done deal ……”.

“The key is whether a picture was taken or not.”

“Well, the castle doesn’t let outsiders in, you can’t invite reporters, and my classmates won’t be able to take pictures, I instructed the man to take a selfie of the whole thing, and the other guy said he’d send it when the money arrived.”

“Good work, Mom will immediately go to transfer the money. You know, this kind of visually striking photos will definitely make the family spit on her. When it is revealed that this straw girl is pregnant with an evil seed, your father will definitely kick her out completely, and then she will be at our mercy.”

“I understand, Mom, we will take it one step at a time, I have been waiting for this day for a long time.”

“Zhi Rou ah, these things Mom originally did not want you to participate, but you have to remember, Nalan Xin’er that straw bag will sooner or later go to the yellow spring and join her dead ghost old mother as a companion, and in the future you are going to be Nalan family eldest daughter, marry into the top noble family. Start learning now and when you’ve married over, you can give your husband’s three or four children ~ and you will have experience ……”

“Mom, I’ll learn.”

“Good girl, go to bed early.”

“Good night, Mommy.”

— [Interview One of the Little Theater] –.

Author: “Would you like some free lessons on how to deal with your three and four children from your stepmother, Missy?”

Miss Nalan: “Get out, no need! My husband is a faithful dog! Uncle-type loyal dog!”

One Night Lovely Wife $5.50: Overwhelming Black Belly Husband Chapter 3: Attempt to stamp out the elder sister

Nalan Xin’er, barefoot, ran out of the room and down the long corridor in a single motion.

As she ran, she already had a plan in mind.

This was the main building of the European-style castle she had visited during the day, not the secondary building she lived.

She was a senior at Imperial High School and had been chosen to stay at the Château de Lavender in Provence with several of her classmates on an international exchange trip to France. After the welcome party last night, she was supposed to go back to her room on the second floor, but somehow she got lost and ended up in the room of the lecherous uncle, with whom she had an affair that should not have happened.

She pulled out the pocket watch she had stolen from the lecherous man, and the indicated time was 3:00 a.m. 

Luckily, she was still on time.

It was imperative for her to go back to her room as if nothing had happened, and no one must know about it.

Especially her step sister Lan Zhi Rou, who was the honor student of class A, and was staying in the room next to her on this trip together!

She must not be discovered by Lan Zhi Rou!

But things in the world tend to go in the direction you don’t want them to go.

The more you don’t want it to happen, the more it is destined to happen.

As soon as Nalan Xin’er slipped out of the main door of the main building and slipped against the wall towards the secondary building, she heard a sweet and tender call from the big lawn behind her: “Sister Xin’er? Where are you going?”

Shit! This is bullshit, I want to go back to the room!

Nalan Xin’er turned her head slightly to the side, and at a glance, she saw a girl half a head shorter than her, with a much chubbier figure and a smile full of affection, standing on the lawn behind her off to the side. It was her stepsister Lan Zhi Rou!

Nalan Xin’er clenched her fist, trying to pretend not to hear, but Lan Zhi Rou gripped her firmly and did not let go, instead raising her voice a few degrees: “Is sister Xin’er going to see a friend? After the party, everyone wanted to play bridge, but I couldn’t find you anywhere! I didn’t realize you were talking to your friends so late!”

There were a few scattered voices, male and female, in agreement.

“Oh, so this is Zhi Rou’s sister? Hey, how come your last names are different? They don’t look alike!”

“No way, Zhi Rou you study so well, but your sister is that slacker in class B?”

“It’s the middle of the night, your little sister isn’t going to find a man, is she?”

“Don’t you want to be a good student at such a young age? Have you never been out of the country and seen a foreign man and been hungry for him?”

“Gee, it’s normal for people to look for men, but do they really cover themselves with a blanket and just chat? Hahahaha!”

When she heard this, Nalan Xin’er could no longer pretend not to hear. It turned out that Lan Zhi Rou also brought along a few class A classmates that she did not know. This was to make sure that when she came out of a man’s room in the middle of the night she would be seen.

Fuck, wishful thinking!

Nalan Xin’er tightened fists gradually loosened, with a graceful spin, she turned back to those behind her with a brilliant smile and she playfully spat out: “Sister, originally you and friends were playing bridge until midnight ah, didn’t I come out to find you? I’m relieved to have found you.”

Pretending, right?

I can do it too!

She deliberately stressed the words “midnight” and “looking for you”.

Lan Zhi Rou obviously did not expect her sister to react so quickly, not only did she not admit to playing with men in the middle of the night, but also hit her back by saying that she was out looking for her.

Lan Zhi Rou’s face turned white, and she felt that her sister was acting a little different from her usual self today.

But then she saw the bruise marks on Nalan Xin’er’s arm through the light of the moon …… No matter how you look at it, she looked like she had been ……