Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 136 – Captivated

The Imperial Physician Lin was quickly invited.

He was invited here by Wang Hou De in a great hurry, and thought Gu Lin Chao had suffered some serious injury. Therefore, he was so scared that he almost crawled and rolled to arrive.

Only when he arrived did he learn that the Princess had been drunk and had not yet woken up.

He wiped his sweat and sighed with relief.

He was really worried that something had happened to the Regent, which was a major event that would shake the court.

However, he did not dare to slow down and went up to diagnose Wen Qi Qi.

A few moments later, he finished checking her pulse and said respectfully to Gu Lin Chao, “Your Majesty, don’t worry, Her Highness is only drunk. Her body is not seriously injured and she will wake up in three days.”

Gu Lin Chao frowned and said in a deep voice: “Is there no other way to make her wake up earlier? If she keeps sleeping like this, won’t it affect her body?”

The Imperial Physician Lin shook his head, “This is Qingfeng Pavilion’s Hundred Flowers Clear Wine. Once a person drinks it, they cannot wake up unless they sleep for three days and nights. It does not have an antidote.”

At this time, Si Yi came back and reported outside the door, “Master, my subordinates have searched all over the Duke of Jing’s residence, but they have not found him, so I think …… he has slipped away.”

Gu Lin Chao forehead veins throbbed. This Xiao Yan, slipped away quickly.

But he thought, he can hide for today, can he hide forever?

Unless he does not come back for life!

All the people in the room sensed the Regent’s hidden anger and were too scared to breathe.

“All go down.” After a long time, Gu Lin Chao spoke.

All of them were relieved and withdrew from the room.

No sooner had Imperial Physician Lin left the house was he taken to the Palace by the official in charge of receiving ambassadors at the Palace.

When he got there, he realized that the Princess of Huijiang was also drunk, and had also drank the Hundred Flowers Clear Wine.

How come both of them are drunk?

He shook his head and sighed.

At this time, in the Imperial Palace, Xiang He Hall.


The top quality vase was smashed on the ground, and immediately the porcelain pieces flew. The court lady kneeling there was hit on the face by the bouncing porcelain pieces, and the blood immediately flowed all over her face, but she did not dare to reach out to wipe it. She only hung her head and knelt while holding her breath.

Empress Dowager Guo took a breath and sat down on the chair. Her hand slapped heavily on the armrest, her face was full of gloom, and she gritted her teeth and said, “Wen Ruyi, I really underestimated you!”

The palace maid kneeling on the floor did not dare to breathe.

But she knew very well why the Empress Dowager had lost her temper with such anger and hatred.

A few days ago, she was instructed by the Empress Dowager to secretly lay hands on Liu Chang Zai, but on the second day, news spread in the courtroom that the Emperor wanted to recruit more concubines, so the Empress Dowager changed her mind.

The Emperor will soon be attracted by a newcomer. On the contrary, if she kills Wen Ruyi and the Emperor finds out about it, she is afraid that there will be a gap between mother and son.

However, the Empress Dowager’s kindness gave Liu Chang Zai the opportunity to climb the dragon bed.

In fact, Liu Chang Zai is really a tactful one.

She actually bribed several eunuchs and palace maids to work for her and spy on the Emperor’s itinerary every day.

Finally, she found the opportunity.

This morning after the Emperor left the court, he went to the imperial study as usual.

But to go to the imperial study room, you have to pass through a rockery. That Liu Chang Zai was dancing on that rockery in advance.

Liu Chang Zai was slender and thin. She was standing on the rockery, dancing in the wind, her clothes fluttering, like a fairy who is about to be immortalized. In addition to the beautiful dance, the main thing is that it was unique, which also attracted many palace people to watch.

The Emperor passed by and seeing so many people around, he was naturally curious and went over to see.

When he took a look, he was fascinated by Liu Chang Zai’s dance.

Translators Note: Say what you want about Ruyi, but she’s putting in work

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