One Night Lovely Wife $5.50: Overwhelming Black Belly Husband Chapter 12: This thing has never been used.

There is a small pharmacy not far away from the school.

He Xiao Wu went in for a short time and came back in a daze: “Fuck, when buying the pregnancy stick I was bumped into by Principal Huangfu, I was so scared! But up close, I occasionally find that the principal is quite handsome when he’s not acting stiff……”.

Nalan Xin’er took the pregnancy test: “Thank you, you big flirt, so do you want the Dongfang or the Huangfu?”

He Xiao Wu was embarrassed, “Can I embrace the right and the left?”

“With your stamina …… you still want two? Geez, you’re hopeless.” Nalan Singh joked with Xiao Wu as she walked to the bathroom.

Ten minutes later.

Song Jun Hua stood nervously at the door of the bathroom, “Xin’er, is everything okay?”

He Xiao Wu also stretched out her head and muttered: “Do you want some help? …… But it doesn’t seem like I can help, it’s the first time I’ve seen what that stick looks like. …… Song Song, how do you think that thing works? She’s not going to stick in, is she? ……”

Song Jun Hua knitted his eyebrows: “I haven’t used it either, so what’s the point of asking me?”

As she was saying that, Nalan Xin’er finally came out, drooped her little head, and threw the pregnancy test stick into the trash with a ball of tissue paper.



In the face of two curious babies’ questions, Nalan Xin’er bit her tongue and sadly said: “The instructions say that it can only be measured after 14 days ……”.

“I’m going!”

“That’s not fair!”

“Science is so backward!”

He Xiao Wu suggested, “I’ve heard there’s something called …… the day after~pill ……”

“No!” Song Jun Hua objected, “It hurts the body and I heard it can cause infertility.”

Song Jun Hua thought about it and said, “Why don’t you go to the hospital and check …… first?”

“No!” Nalan Xin’er objected.

The driver was waiting at the door to pick her up, and the driver, in fact, was her stepmother’s eyes and ears, watching where she was going all the time.

If she were to go into the hospital, her stepmother would know.

Song Jun Hua didn’t know she was a young Miss, but she knew her family was keeping an eye on her, so she said: “I’m talking about that kind of private clinic, hidden in an alley, no one will find it, I’ll help you with the idea …….” she said, whispering in Nalan Xin’er’s ear.

The three of them carried their bags and walked towards the school entrance.

As expected, Nalan’s driver, Yao Dazhuang, was already waiting at the door, driving a car that was a common car that middle-class families could afford.

After the two girlfriends got into the car, Nalan Xin’er said to Yao Dazhuang: “Master Yao, I’m sorry, I’m going to Xinhua Bookstore with two classmates to buy a foreign language dictionary, would you please drive us to the Diamond Plaza next to the Imperial Building and wait for us for a while?”.

Yao Dazhuang was very unhappy.

How dare she tell him to go around a long way without peeing to take care of her virtue. There is no place for her in this family. She really regards herself as a young lady and carries herself on airs?

Yao Dazhuang was about to coldly refuse, only to hear Nalan Xin’er faintly add: “I heard that my sister was sick and didn’t come to class today. She still doesn’t know that the teacher has assigned the task of buying a dictionary. If I don’t buy one for her today, I’m afraid ……”.

When Yao Dazhuang heard that Lan Zhi Rou also needed to buy a dictionary, he immediately did not dare to say more.

He was working for Lin Mei Qing, whose daughter was also his mistress, and since she was buying things for her, he was obliged to do so.

So the car started and drove towards Diamond Plaza.

The car stopped at the entrance of the plaza, Yao Dazhuang said: “You move quickly.”

Nalan Xin’er faintly “hmm”, pulling the two girlfriends to run inside.

Nalan Xin’er and Song Jun Hua went straight through the lobby, slipped out the back door, and turned into an alley.

Nalan Xin’er suddenly stopped and took a look at the gorgeous Diamond Plaza behind her.

“Xin’er, what are you looking at? Hurry up, there’s that private clinic I was talking about up ahead,” Song Jun Hua urged. 

“Okay.” Nalan Xin’er withdrew her gaze and quickened her pace.

The Beautiful Diamond Plaza was the property of her stepmother Lin Mei Qing’s maiden family.

When her stepmother entered the house, it was while her father’s business was in a slump that she took the deed to the plaza, borrowed a large sum of working capital, and established her position.

One day, I’ll let your hard-earned skyscrapers turn into rubble and collapse completely, Lin Mei Qing.

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