Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 135 – Smooth Skin Rubs Against His Palm

The girl’s little face was flushed, as if smeared with the finest rouge. It was beautiful and lush to the extreme, and the smooth skin, rubbing against his palm, brought a slight itch. The hot air she exhaled from her nose, hit his hand, and he suddenly felt there was a burning sensation.

Looking at the girl’s unguarded appearance, Gu Lin Chao himself did not notice that a trace of doting emerged in his own eyes.

It was only after a long time that he came back to his senses and leaned down to pick up Wen Qi Qi horizontally and walked towards the house.

Lu Qiao and the others followed him as if they were waking up from a dream.

After placing Wen Qi Qi on the bed, Gu Lin Chao turned around and instructed Lu Qiao, “Prepare sobering soup, and let the Princess drink it once she wakes up.”

“This servant will go and get it now.” Lu Qiao nodded and turned to go out.

Looking at the sleeping girl on the bed, Gu Lin Chao hesitated and instructed Wang Hou De, “Bring those files over from this King’s desk.”

Wang Hou De looked at him with surprise, the master intends to deal with government affairs here? But he did not dare to be slow and answered “yes”, then he hurriedly went to fetch them.

After the room quieted down, Gu Lin Chao’s gaze couldn’t help but fall on the girl on the bed.

After thinking about it, he raised his hand and put down the curtain.

In a short time, Wang Hou De fetched the files he had to deal with.

What Gu Lin Chao didn’t expect was that Wen Qi Qi didn’t wake up until the evening after she slept.

He finally sensed that something was wrong and got up to check her forehead. When he saw that her cheeks were hot and her face was red, there was no sign of her waking up, he called out to Lu Qiao.

“Bring the sobering soup.”

Lu Qiao quickly brought the sobering soup over, “Your Majesty.”

Gu Lin Chao looked at Wen Qi Qi’s sleeping appearance. He sat down on the edge of the bed, lifted her up, and let her lean on his arms, then called to Lu Qiao, “Bring it over.”

Lu Qiao went forward with the bowl.

Gu Lin Chao held Wen Qi Qi’s shoulders with one hand and took the spoon with the other, scooping up the sober soup and bringing it to her mouth.

However, it didn’t go in at all, but spilled a lot.

“What kind of wine did Duke Jing give her?” He asked in a deep voice as a frown covered his brow.

“The name was called the Hundred Flowers Clear Wine.” Lu Qiao immediately answered back.

Gu Lin Chao did not know the nature of this wine, so he had to ask someone to invite Housekeeper Chen.

The moment Butler Chen heard that it was Hundred Flowers Clear Wine, his face immediately changed dramatically.

“How come the Duke of Jing gave this kind of wine to the Princess?”

Wang Hou De hastily asked, “What’s wrong with this wine?”

“You guys used to be at the border, so you don’t know anything. This Hundred Flowers Clear Wine is also known as Three Days Drunk, also called Thousand Gold Wine, because it is very rare and the price is also very expensive. But the most famous thing about this Hundred Flowers Clear Brew is that it tastes sweet, but the strength is very strong. Once you drink too much, you will get drunk and have to sleep enough for three days and nights, before you wake up.

On the contrary, if you drink slowly, it is not easy to get drunk. Now looking at the appearance of Her Highness, I’m afraid she drank a lot, and also drank very quickly.” Housekeeper Chen said to the end, anxious.

“In that case, Princess must sleep enough for three days and three nights before she will wake up?” Wang Hou De gaped.

Housekeeper Chen sighed, “Mm.”

“How can there be such a weird wine?” Wang Hou De was puzzled.

“Quickly go and ask for Imperial Physician Lin.” Gu Lin Chao commanded in a deep voice. The gloom between his eyebrows instantly silenced several people.

“Yes.” Wang Hou De flew back out.

“Si Yi, go and capture Duke Jing.” Gu Lin Chao immediately ordered again.

“Yes.” Si Yi answered from outside the door and quickly left.

Translators Note: Kyaa Kyaa feelings are forming and yet my romance is 300 chapters away. Also love how Xiao Yan tried to run but he’s going to be kidnapped again 😂

Edited by EllieKit

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