Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 137 – A Little Bit Of Gu Lin Chao’s Shadow Between His Brows

Liu Chang Zai seems to be dancing to forget herself. When she was making a rotation movement, her feet faltered and her whole body fell down from the rockery.

Of course, Liu Chang Zai did not fall down. At the critical moment, the Emperor caught her in his arms.

The most important thing is that Liu Chang Zai’s skirt somehow broken and her body was seen by the Emperor.

The Emperor had to bring her back to the Jiu Chen Hall.

Today, Liu Chang Zai stayed in the Jiu Chen Hall all day.

In the evening, the news came that tonight Liu Chang Zai will stay in Jiu Chen Hall to attend the Emperor.

That’s why Empress Dowager Guo was so angry.

After Empress Dowager Guo was no longer so angry, the court lady said carefully: “Empress Dowager, Liu Chang Zai is only one person. There is no need for Empress Dowager to be angry over such a person. In a few days, the Ministry of Rites will choose a suitable candidate, and the palace will be busy.”

When Empress Dowager Guo heard this, she was really not so angry anymore, but she was still feeling annoyed and said coldly, “You are right, that Wen Ruyi is just a fox who can do some foxing tricks. When a more beautiful and fresh beauty comes into the palace, she will become yesterday’s dirty flower.”

In fact, she regretted that she hadn’t made arrangements for Gu Heng’s women earlier. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have been exploited by Wen Ruyi so easily.

Gu Heng is young and has not had a woman yet, so when he sees a woman like Wen Ruyi, he will not be able to resist.

The Empress Dowager was in a gloomy mood.

However, since the matter has come to this point, there is no other way.

She can’t clash with the Emperor for a lowly woman like Wen Ruyi, that would be too unprofitable.

Since concubines will be added to the palace in a few days, why should she lower her status and deal with Wen Ruyi herself?

When the time comes, there will be a lot of fun to watch.

“The Empress Dowager is absolutely right. In addition, the servant girl heard that the Princess of Huijiang is extremely fond of the Emperor and has a beautiful face. When she enters the palace, Liu Chang Zai will not be good enough.” The palace maid hurriedly said again.

Empress Dowager Guo nodded her head. She had seen Tuo Jiang Hua at the palace banquet that day. She was extremely spirited, and she could also do martial arts, so Wen Ruyi would have to suffer.

“Forget it, this matter is closed. I have more important things to do.” Empress Dowager Guo said, then turned to the inner room and tidied up her face.

The palace maid’s eyes flashed.

Although Empress Dowager Guo was already in her thirties, she was well maintained and looked like she was in her twenties, but she was not satisfied. Every day, she had to use pearl-ground powder on her face, and she had to eat bird’s nest every day ……

Thinking of this, the palace maid touched her face which was cut by the porcelain pieces and sighed gloomily.

Jiu Chen Hall.

Wen Ruyi looked at the man sleeping beside her, and her face was unusually ugly.

Tonight was her first time, and after it was over, he didn’t even say a word of warmth.

Did he just treat her as a bed-warming tool?

After using it, he just casually threw it aside.

Wen Ruyi was angry and hated him in her heart, but she could not do anything.

This step was calculated by her. She finally became the Emperor’s person, but she was not happy at all.

She does not like Gu Heng. Although he is also good-looking, and even has a bit of Gu Lin Chao’s shadow between his eyebrows, he does not have Gu Lin Chao’s flavor despite the fact that he is a few years younger than Gu Lin Chao.

Thinking about it, Wen Ruyi’s heart was filled with hatred and jealousy towards Wen Qi Qi again.

It was all because of Wen Qi Qi that she had come to this point today.

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