One Night Lovely Wife $5.50: Overwhelming Black Belly Husband Chapter 3: Attempt to stamp out the elder sister

Nalan Xin’er, barefoot, ran out of the room and down the long corridor in a single motion.

As she ran, she already had a plan in mind.

This was the main building of the European-style castle she had visited during the day, not the secondary building she lived.

She was a senior at Imperial High School and had been chosen to stay at the Château de Lavender in Provence with several of her classmates on an international exchange trip to France. After the welcome party last night, she was supposed to go back to her room on the second floor, but somehow she got lost and ended up in the room of the lecherous uncle, with whom she had an affair that should not have happened.

She pulled out the pocket watch she had stolen from the lecherous man, and the indicated time was 3:00 a.m. 

Luckily, she was still on time.

It was imperative for her to go back to her room as if nothing had happened, and no one must know about it.

Especially her step sister Lan Zhi Rou, who was the honor student of class A, and was staying in the room next to her on this trip together!

She must not be discovered by Lan Zhi Rou!

But things in the world tend to go in the direction you don’t want them to go.

The more you don’t want it to happen, the more it is destined to happen.

As soon as Nalan Xin’er slipped out of the main door of the main building and slipped against the wall towards the secondary building, she heard a sweet and tender call from the big lawn behind her: “Sister Xin’er? Where are you going?”

Shit! This is bullshit, I want to go back to the room!

Nalan Xin’er turned her head slightly to the side, and at a glance, she saw a girl half a head shorter than her, with a much chubbier figure and a smile full of affection, standing on the lawn behind her off to the side. It was her stepsister Lan Zhi Rou!

Nalan Xin’er clenched her fist, trying to pretend not to hear, but Lan Zhi Rou gripped her firmly and did not let go, instead raising her voice a few degrees: “Is sister Xin’er going to see a friend? After the party, everyone wanted to play bridge, but I couldn’t find you anywhere! I didn’t realize you were talking to your friends so late!”

There were a few scattered voices, male and female, in agreement.

“Oh, so this is Zhi Rou’s sister? Hey, how come your last names are different? They don’t look alike!”

“No way, Zhi Rou you study so well, but your sister is that slacker in class B?”

“It’s the middle of the night, your little sister isn’t going to find a man, is she?”

“Don’t you want to be a good student at such a young age? Have you never been out of the country and seen a foreign man and been hungry for him?”

“Gee, it’s normal for people to look for men, but do they really cover themselves with a blanket and just chat? Hahahaha!”

When she heard this, Nalan Xin’er could no longer pretend not to hear. It turned out that Lan Zhi Rou also brought along a few class A classmates that she did not know. This was to make sure that when she came out of a man’s room in the middle of the night she would be seen.

Fuck, wishful thinking!

Nalan Xin’er tightened fists gradually loosened, with a graceful spin, she turned back to those behind her with a brilliant smile and she playfully spat out: “Sister, originally you and friends were playing bridge until midnight ah, didn’t I come out to find you? I’m relieved to have found you.”

Pretending, right?

I can do it too!

She deliberately stressed the words “midnight” and “looking for you”.

Lan Zhi Rou obviously did not expect her sister to react so quickly, not only did she not admit to playing with men in the middle of the night, but also hit her back by saying that she was out looking for her.

Lan Zhi Rou’s face turned white, and she felt that her sister was acting a little different from her usual self today.

But then she saw the bruise marks on Nalan Xin’er’s arm through the light of the moon …… No matter how you look at it, she looked like she had been ……

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