One Night Lovely Wife $5.50: Overwhelming Black Belly Husband Chapter 2: $5.50 for your hard work

The man briefly glanced at Nalan Xin’er and saw how she gathered her nightgown to cover her chest, and then smirked: “It’s so small, not even the size of a fried egg, is it necessary to cover it? It’s also safe enough to be thrown to the wolves.”

Nalan Xin’er was furious and blood rushed to her face: “You …… are talking nonsense!”

How dare you say that she was like a fried egg!

Insulting, it was downright insulting!

The man came down from the other side of the bed slowly and deliberately, stretching out his long, strong arms, his black robe made him as mysterious as a dark emperor: “It’s the truth, my hands don’t lie.”

Nalan Xin’er couldn’t hold back any longer, and stood up from the carpet, holding back the pain, to go and fight with the man.

At any rate, she had been a fencing and judo student from elementary school, and if she hadn’t been framed, she wasn’t the kind of woman who was weak and easy to bully when she was sober!

But to her surprise, the man turned around, pushed open the bathroom door, walked in, and dropped a curt line: “What? Want to come over and wash with me?”

Nalan Xin’er furiously squeezed her small fist and waved it around in the air, “Lecherous Uncle, you go to hell!”

The man shrugged his shoulders: “Am I lecherous? You’re wrong. It’s you who seems to be chasing me, right? Is it because you are obsessed with my body? Frankly speaking, wouldn’t it be more pleasant to have this kind of thing over and done with? Do you want me to be responsible for you? Don’t forget you enjoyed it too.”

Nalan Xin’er was so choked that she couldn’t say a word.

Obviously, she was the one who had suffered and been taken advantage of, so why did this man have the ability to talk as if she was taking advantage of him ah!

Did she enjoy it? Get the fuck out of here! Ouch!

In the bathroom, there was the sound of running water.

Nalan Xin’er’s heart was in turmoil.

Was she waiting for this man to come out and talk to him?

Or should she go now?

Was it useful to talk to him? Would he tell the truth? –Obviously not.

Based on the experience of talking to him, this man is quite deep, conceited, venomous, and difficult to deal with.

He would never tell her the truth about how she got into the room last night, what she did with him …… or even if he was arranged to bully her or if it was just an accident.

Nalan Xin’er sighed, her small face became pale.

Would …… everything go on according to an unchangeable trajectory?

She was set up to lose her virginity, and then her family found out …… and then …… she lost everything, and all hell broke loose.

No! She doesn’t want that!

Since this man won’t talk, she’ll start somewhere else!

The pale little face flashed a hint of perseverance and determination.

Nalan Xin’er, the eldest daughter of the Nalan family in the Eurasian continent, the true eldest daughter of a famous family is not a vegetarian!

Just a man, right? What’s the big deal! Just think of it as a dog bite, okay?

Although the …… bite hurts a little ……


Nalan Xin’er breathed in cold air and withdrew from the room with a frown on her face.

She just closed the door, and then she retreated.

A pair of clear and attractive big eyes, sprinkled with light starlight, cherry-like delicate lips curved up a wry smile: “Humph, lecherous uncle, although I don’t have time to pay attention to you now, but since you have taken advantage of me, I will come back to you sooner or later to settle the score.

She walked gently to the huge emperor’s bed, reached out, and touched the pillow.

A small, exquisite, ancient pocket watch fell into her hands.

The cover of the watch was inlaid with warm ancient jade, and a large bird with wings was carved out of it.


Less than fifteen minutes after Nalan Xin’er left.

The bathroom door opened.

The man’s long, clean hand rose in a smooth motion, and the bedroom’s chandelier also turned on.

The bright glazed light illuminated the entire space at once.

The man’s handsome and extraordinary face, with the dense water vapor after the bath, was more eye-catching than the light of the chandelier; elegant temperament as if he did not belong to the world in general; dark and deep eyes, full of insight into all the wisdom.

The eyes locked on the empty pillow, his pocket watch is missing.

Then, they locked on to the one additional thing on the bedside table: money.

His eyebrows knitted up coldly, the man squeezed the two bills in his hand and found six more words written on them: you’ve worked hard, you’re welcome.

“Five dollars and fifty cents? To pay me for my hard work? Woman, you’ve got some nerve! You better not let me see you again! Otherwise–“

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