One Night Lovely Wife $5.50: Overwhelming Black Belly Husband Chapter 1: The Black Belly and Venomous Uncle

The night was thick, dark, and gloomy, and the Chateau de France was glowing with cold diamonds.



“Get the fuck out of here!!!! –“

In her sleep, Nalan Xin’er wrinkled her tender white face, biting her lips and murmuring.

In the dream, she felt a touch of cold steel stabbing hard, it hurts, it is very painful.

She was born stubborn and never yielded to anyone, so she naturally fought back desperately with her hands and feet, and a pair of small wildcat-like claws rushed at the black shadow in the void and scratched it hard!

Damn that guy, how dare he try to commit murder in the night! I’ll get you!

Well, even if I don’t catch you, I’ll leave a mark on your face! Shame on you!

I scratch! I scratch! I’m scratching!


A muffled sound.

The little body, flopping around, lost its balance, and rolled off the bed.

Under the huge palace imperial bed, a thick Persian cashmere carpet was laid.

Nalan Xin’er tugged at the silk netting, rolled twice, and her back was hit by a hard object, which hurt again.

Her skin is particularly delicate and fair, usually, just a gentle pinch of her fingers would cause a bruise. Just now she was stabbed by something cold, this time she fell and felt something hitting her, which hurt again. Wincing, she bit her lip and opened her eyes!

She held one hand to her dizzy forehead and wondered how she could have gotten hit when she hadn’t been drinking alcohol last night at the dinner party and had only been drinking water. ……

Her other hand reached out to remove what was pressing against her back, which turned out to be a man’s shoe.

Handmade custom vintage leather shoes, expensive and unique.

Nalan Xin’er, who was born into a noble family and has seen a lot of valuable and good things, did not take it in her eyes, but became even angrier: ” Hooligan! Fuck you!”

She shook it so hard that the shoe smashed into the king’s bed!

Kill you motherfucker! How dare you bully me!

A tall, arrogant shadow was half leaning on the bed, with long fingers supporting his chin, revealing a sense of coldness and nobility, wearing only a thin, cicada-winged black nightgown.

The man slightly curved his lips, disdainfully sneering: “Sooner or  later, no one would want a woman with a bad temper.”

With a “thud”, the shoe hit the other side of the bed and fell to the ground.

Nalan Xin’er took a deep incredulous breath: Impossible! I’ve always been the best dart player in the dart club, and I can’t even throw a shoe at that hoodlum! Outrageous!

Could it be that there was really something wrong with what she drank at the party last night?

Which motherfucker is hiding in the shadows and plotting against me?

I’ll have to find out more about it later!

She blinked hard, trying to get a good look at the man on the bed, but couldn’t make out anything except for a vaguely recognizable, elegant, mature male profile and a sense of a cold, powerful aura.

“I’ll have no one? Joke! It’s uncles like you who are the unwanted leftovers, and only dare to do bad things to little girls like me.” Nalan Xin’er was exasperated.

“How do you know that I’ve done something bad? Or is it that inside you really want men to do bad things to you?” The man’s mouth is a bit venomous, choking Nalan Xin’er and making her want to pounce and scratch again!

But she didn’t do it this time but calmed down for a moment.

“Then …… what did you just do to me, uncle?” She mustered up the courage to ask, biting her lower lip.

She felt a pain somewhere below and very cold.

What else could it be if this horny uncle hadn’t done that to her?

“What do you think? What would a man do to a woman who comes to his door dressed like that?” The man’s voice had a touch of arrogant disdain in it.

Nalan Xin’er’s heart sank and scanned around the night room: yes, although the furnishings are similar, this is not her room! She’s the one who showed up at someone’s door!

She looked down at herself again. Her heart sinking even deeper, and she quickly gathered her loose nightgown, but another stab of pain came.

She was inexperienced and didn’t know what it was all about.

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