White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 8: The gentle Lady of the Marquis.

“Accuse you unjustly?” Su Chen sneered, “You think I’ve wronged you? Yes! Then we’ll go face to face!”

“Master!” Li Qianshi was crying pear-shaped tears, and Momo Chen, who was on the side, appeared to be unable to see past it, and even walked over and knelt down.

“Master, you have wronged your wife!”

“It’s true that Madam only gave Eldest Miss ten taels of silver, but that was because she was in a hurry when she learned that Second Miss had offended Eldest Miss and didn’t have much on her.”

“When this slave came back, this slave took care of the matters in the back house with great difficulty, but this slave didn’t expect that it would be late, so this slave didn’t send the things prepared for the Eldest Miss over.”

Saying that, Momo Chen knelt to the side and took out a box, after opening it, it contained jewelry designed to be worn by a young girl: “Master, look, these are all selected by Madam one by one.”

Su Chen looked over and saw that each one was worth something, the anger in his heart was just a little less.

“Go send them over to the Eldest Miss.”

“Yes.” Momo Chen responded in succession and left with a group of maids.

“Alright, it’s your husband’s fault.” Su Chen walked over to Li Qianshi, held her hand, and said softly.

Li Qianshi was grieving, but Su Chen’s few words made her smile, her fawning eyes like shining threads, and in order to snuggle into Su Chen’s bosom, she said, “I won’t bother with you this time, but next time, I won’t forgive!”

That coquettish look made Su Chen’s heart race, hugging Li Qianshi and kissing those red lips.

A chamber of spring delight.

The next day, after Su Mo Li finished her breakfast, she took Huang Fan to Mrs. Liu’s courtyard.

This Mrs. Liu was a very famous female scholar and had received praise from the Emperor.

She was no more than thirty-four years old, and her face was full of seriousness.

“Hello, Master.” After Su Xin Zhen and Su Xin Xuan greeted her, they sat down.

Su Mo Li, on the other hand, bowed towards Mrs. Liu and formally greeted her, “Good day, Master.”

“Miss is not feeling well, sit down.” Mrs. Liu took a glance at Su Mo Li and a bright light crossed her eyes.

Thinking that she had seen countless beauties, this Miss Su really was a fine woman of color.

Mrs. Liu’s lecture was very old-fashioned, but it was simple and easy to understand, obviously in order to take care of Su Mo Li.

The students were also serious about their studies.

Su Mo Li was not well, so she only attended half a day’s class.

When it was time for lunch, Momo Ke came over, and after meeting with Mrs. Liu, she slowly said: “Mrs. Liu, the Lady of the Marquis family has given an invitation to the three Misses, and the Master and Lady are at the Old Madam’s place, the three Misses this way please.”

Su Xin Zhen’s eyes lit up, “Is that Lady Marquis Cheng Ning?”


Su Xin Zhen held back the joy on her face and quickly walked towards the front.

Su Jia Xuan walked to Su Mo Li’s side and followed Su Mo Li’s pace, “Big Sister you don’t have to be in a hurry, just walk slowly.”


Su Mo Li lightly responded with a shallow smile on her face.

Marquis Cheng Ning was the younger brother of the current Emperor and was well-loved by the Emperor. Additionally, Marquis Cheng Ning’s wife also came from a famous family, so it could be said that one could show off for several years if one could get an invitation from Marquis Cheng Ning’s wife.

And if you get praise from Marquess Cheng Ning, you would be stepping on all the noble girls in the capital.

When they reached the courtyard, they heard a burst of laughter.

“Mother, is it really an invitation from Marquis Cheng Ning’s house, can I really go over there?” Su Xin Zhen’s face was filled with excitement.

Li Qianshi smiled and nodded: “Naturally, you can, so why don’t you hurry up and thank your father, who took the trouble to get this for you.”

“Thank you, Daddy!”

Su Xin Zhen immediately saluted towards Su Chen.

When Su Mo Li and Su Jia Xuan entered the room, they sat in their seats.

Su Jia Xuan was interested in the food, while Su Mo Li was sipping her tea.

“Big Sister is going too?” Su Xin Zhen was confused and looked at Su Mo Li who was drinking tea. She lowered her head and trailed off, “Big Sister doesn’t know anything, if she makes a joke won’t it make everyone laugh at the Prime Minister’s House?”

The smile on Old Madam Su’s face disappeared: “Zhen’er, what do you mean by that? Is it because you think your Big Sister will embarrass you?”

Seeing Su Chen’s face change, Li Qianshi busily gave Su Xin Zhen a look.

Su Xin Zhen immediately said: “Grandmother, you misunderstood, what I meant was, let me teach Big Sister some manners and talk about the relationship between noble girls in the capital, so that Big Sister won’t be blind and know nothing when she goes over.”

Upon hearing that, Old Madam Su’s face improved a lot: “That’s more like it.”

Su Chen also smiled, “Zhen’er has a point.”

“Thank you, Younger Sister.” Su Mo Li stood up and bowed towards Su Xin Zhen, “Thank you, Sister.”

“It doesn’t matter, we’re sisters!” Su Xin Zhen’s face showed a pure smile as she walked over to Su Mo Li. Her eyes filled with incredulity as she saw the bracelet on Su Mo Li’s wrist out of the corner of her eye.

“Sister, do you like my bracelet?” Su Mo Li revealed the bracelet.

Su Xin Zhen forcibly endured the anger in her heart.

This bracelet was clearly promised by her mother that she would give it to her in the future! Why did she give it to Su Mo Li!

“This bracelet was given to me by Mother yesterday, since you like it, I’ll give it to you.” Saying that, Su Mo Li put the bracelet on Su Xin Zhen’s hand, “It just so happens that my sister wants to instruct me on etiquette, so this will be a thank you gift.”

Su Xin Zhen really liked this bracelet, but she knew that she couldn’t take it.

Taking a deep breath, Su Xin Zhen laughed, “Why did Sister say that, it’s just that I think the bracelet is pretty, it’s something that Mother gave to Sister, so of course it’s Sister’s.”

After saying that, she returned the bracelet to Su Mo Li.

Su Mo Li had a bright smile on his face, “Sister is a really good person, I do like this bracelet.”

There was a bit of unnaturalness on Su Xin Zhen’s face.

Shouldn’t a normal person try extremely hard to let her have the bracelet?

She then pretended to take the bracelet down as if it was bad to refuse.

This Su Mo Li was truly a country bumpkin!

She didn’t understand anything!

Although she was angry, she had a smile on her face.

“Alright, let’s eat something first.” Su Chen gave the word, and naturally, the people did not object and took their seats.

When they finished their meal, they went back to their respective courtyards.

Li Qianshi helped Su Chen to take off his clothes and slowly said, “Master, there are some things I still can’t help but say, perhaps you feel that it’s this Concubine who is making a fuss.”

“But this Concubine’s really doesn’t mean anything else, even if you misunderstand this Concubine, this Concubine is still going to say it today.”

Su Chen looked at Li Qianshi with confusion, and couldn’t help but smile and say, “What’s going on? Suddenly so serious, what can’t you and I say to each other?”

“It the matters of Li’er.” Li Qianshi sighed, “Although Li’er was not born in my womb, however, she is your daughter and therefore my daughter.”

“Li’er has just returned from the countryside, she doesn’t understand many things, whether it’s manners or speech.”

“Master you are in a high position of authority, Li’er’s return will naturally attract the attention of many people, and when the time comes to go to the Marquis’s Residence, if Li’er is used by someone with an agenda to do something bad, it will be a disgrace to the Prime Minister’s Residence.”

Li Qianshi’s words caused Su Chen’s heart to tremble fiercely.

After taking a few steps forward, he stopped, turned to look at Li Qianshi, opened his mouth, and eventually turned it into a sigh: “You’re right.”

“It’s good that Master understands, it’s not that I won’t let Li’er go out to meet people, but no matter what, you have to learn the etiquette before you go out, this etiquette isn’t something you can learn in three days.”

“Nowadays, the children are all older, not to mention Xuan’er, Li’er and Zhen’er are old enough to talk about others, for their own sake, they should also have a good reputation.”

“Yes, you’re right.” Su Chen nodded, “Tomorrow, you’ll go and tell Mother to tell Li’er not to go to the Marquis Residence.”

“Master …….”

Li Qianshi pursed her lips and laughed bitterly: “Mother has never liked me, if I go and say it, she would think that I dislike Li’er.”

“Master, this Concubine wouldn’t dare.”

Saying that, Li Qianshi came to Su Chen’s side and pulled the corner of Su Chen’s coat: “Master, will you go and help this concubine ……”

The sweet voice made Su Chen feel much better and touched Li Qianshi’s cheek: “Good, I’ll tell her tomorrow, it’s getting late, let’s go to bed.”

The next day after the morning court, Su Chen told Old Madam Su about this.

Old Madam Su was about to get angry, and when she heard the rest, she was silent.

Only after a long time did she say, “What you say is not unreasonable, Nan Nan has grown up in the countryside from the bottom in the end, even if you and I only lived in Tian Jia Village for a month and came to the capital, it took several years to change the habits.”

With a long sigh, Old Madam Su nodded, “Ah Ke, you go to the Marquis and tell him that Nan Nan is not well and cannot come.”


Momo Ke quickly left.

Su Mo Li, who got the news, yawned with a smile on her face: “This is good, I don’t have to get up early.”

“This stepmother of mine can still do good things, it’s better to put off these messy banquets in the future.”

Cheng Tao smiled helplessly and said slowly, “Miss, it’s just that they don’t want you to take the limelight off of Second and Third Miss.”

“After all, Second Miss is also old enough to get married.”

“Saying marriage or whatever has nothing to do with me.” Su Mo Li turned over on the bed and said unconcernedly, “Since Father picked me up, he naturally wants to use me in exchange for the greatest benefit.”

After a moment of silence, she slowly said, “I heard that Father and the Second Prince are very close?”

“Second Prince’s Side Consort …… I guess that’s the purpose of picking me up.”

Cheng Tao and Huang Fan looked at each other, then nodded their heads.

“Miss, don’t be afraid, what Eldest Prince and Second Prince, as long as you don’t want to, we can take you away!”

“And then go back and inherit the family fortune?” Su Mo Li’s face showed her disgust, “I don’t care about those family properties, I haven’t gotten my revenge yet!”

Meanwhile, Momo Ke explained her intentions and left the Marquis Residence.

And when Marquis Cheng Ning and Madam Cheng Ning heard their servant’s report, they directly stood up.

“Is the Eldest Miss sick?”

“Is it serious? This wind chill is not good for your health if you don’t treat it properly!”

“No, Husband, you should hurry to the Emperor and have the Imperial Doctor take a look at Missy!”

Marquis Cheng Ning even nodded, “Madam don’t worry, I’m going, I told you this girl shouldn’t go back, is it bad to come to our house?”

Madame Cheng Ning shook her head as she quickly left.

The servants were stunned, it wasn’t their Eldest Miss who was sick, it was the Eldest Miss of the Prime Minister’s Residence who was sick.

Why were the Marquis and Madam so anxious?

In the Prime Minister’s Residence, looking at Imperial Doctor Chen in front of him, Su Chen’s brain was a bit confused.

Who was Imperial Doctor Chen?

That’s the Emperor’s Imperial Physician!

Even a Prince couldn’t get Imperial Doctor Chen to do anything!

But today, Imperial Doctor Chen was coming to see Su Mo Li’s body?

This, how is it possible!

“Imperial Doctor Chen, you mean, to treat the little girl?”

Su Chen’s face was a little surprised.

Imperial Doctor Chen smiled and said, “Yes, it was Madam Cheng Ning Marquis who heard that Miss Su was sick, which is why she asked me to come over and take a look.”

“Could you invite Miss Su out?”

Su Chen took a deep breath, pressed down the questions in his heart, and asked someone to go and invite Su Mo Li.

Doctor Chen looked at Su Chen and slowly said, “Lord Su doesn’t need to be so nervous, I heard from Marquis Cheng Ning that it was because Lord Su unintentionally held up Marquis Cheng Ning who tripped over a stone once, so that Marquis Cheng Ning didn’t make a fool of himself, so when Marquis Cheng Ning heard that Miss Su was sick, that’s why he wanted to return the favor.”

Upon hearing that, Su Chen let out a sigh of relief, “So that’s how it is.”

The Marquis of Cheng Ning and Lady Marquis, on the other hand, were nervous, especially the Lady Marquis, who directly broke a branch on the side of the tree, her eyes filled with anger, “If I find out who bullied the Eldest Miss, see if I don’t kill them!”

“Madam! Keep your voice down. Did you forget you’re going to be a damsel in distress? Hurry up, calm down, keep smiling, yes, but don’t curse.”

Marquis Cheng Ning touched the cold sweat on his forehead, if this was known that his wife was a quick-tempered and not a gentle noblewoman, he was afraid that his wife would be chased and beaten by them.

It would be hard for him to live in order to protect his own wife’s reputation for gentleness!

The author has something to say… it’s going to be a slow fall from the vest starting tomorrow!

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  1. I confused, I thought the emperor brother should be a prince or “wang” because they were sons of the late emperor, how could he became a marquis?

  2. ‘Su Jia Xuan was interested in the food, while Su Stranger was siping her tea.’
    Su Stranger should be Su Mo Li. Also, you misspelled ‘sipping’.

    “Thank you, younger sister.” Su Mo Li stood up and bowed towards Su Xin Zhen, “Thank you, sister.”
    Thanking her sister twice seems weird.

    “Imperial Doctor Chen, you mean, to treat the little girl?”
    Wouldn’t it be better if Su Chen said ‘my daughter’, or something like that, instead of ‘the little girl’? Saying ‘the little girl’ makes it sound like they’re not related. Yeah he doesn’t care for her very much, but he wouldn’t want to speak in a way that would make that clear to people outside the family since that could very well be used against him.

    ‘Su Chen took a deep breath, pressed down the questions in his heart, and asked someone to go and invite Su Stranger.’
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