White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 81: The End (Complete)

Zhong Li Shi’s reaction caused the Emperor to freeze and he couldn’t help but look over, “What are you thinking now?”

Zhong Li Shi coughed dryly and said slowly “Well it’s still possible to bestow the Princess Residence with Cousin’s identity. If she also becomes Imperial Mother’s real daughter her identity would be too conspicuous and would arouse others jealousy. And now Cousin is without her family’s support which is not good.”

The empty excuse made the Emperor look at Zhong Li Shi once again in doubt.

However Zhong Li Shi was looking up at the sky not saying anything.

In the end the Emperor did not refute Zhong Li Shi and only said “Shi’er’s words are also reasonable. It is not advisable to be too prominent. In this way I will not make a big show of rewarding you with the Princess mansion.

You know in your own heart what is good. If you are bullied in the future you can come to me.”

Su Mo Li did not have a good look for Zhong Li Shi. She glanced at him angrily then fixed her face and bowed her body. “Thank you Your Majesty”

After Su Mo Li left the Emperor looked at Zhong Li Shi “Tell me what are you doing.”

Zhong Li Shi narrowed his eyes “Father if she become Mother’s real daughter, in the future when I marry her won’t that be more trouble?”



Zhong Li Shi looked at the Emperor’s shocked face and swept a glance at the broken teacup. Sighing he said, “Father can you not focus? This teacup is worth a lot of money.”

“You say it again for me.”

The Emperor could not help but speak in a deep voice.

Zhong Li Shi was not afraid and directly said again causing the Emperor to be silent.

After a long time he said “Are you serious?”

“Father does not agree?” Zhong Li Shi continued to ask

The Emperor opened his mouth but did not say a word. He was silent for a while before saying “It is not impossible but the identity of that child is not good enough. How can she become the Crown Prince’s consort? The future Empress?”

Zhong Li Shi smiled “Father you don’t have to rush after all, Li’er hasn’t agreed yet.”

The Emperor was choked. He helplessly shook his head waved his hand and said, “Its just that this girl is also capable. Whatever, you youngsters can decide for yourselves.”

After saying this, he signaled Zhong Li Shi to leave.

At the same time the Empress also got the news. Who knows why, but she suddenly laughed, “I knew this kid was interested in that child Li’er, otherwise why would he specially ask myself to take care of her?”

Shaking her head, the Empress smiled “This is good!”

Momo Gui at the side said, “I always feel that County Princess Suo Rou is not that simple, after all Grandmaster Feng He and Miss Shi both know her, ah, so isn’t it possible that she know others?”

“It’s possible,” The Empress became interested “Only this girl, if you don’t ask her she won’t say. Still, we’re not busy, let’s wait and see.”

After Su Mo Li moved to her new home, Shi Zhu and Feng He both came. Feng He came to say goodbye as he was ready to continue his journey, while Shi Zhu decided to accompany Su Mo Li so that Su Mo Li would not be bullied now.

The only thing that surprised Shi Zhu was that Su Mo Li did not need protection at all!

Today, there was a flower appreciation banquet.

Su Mo Li was also invited.

Many people saw Su Mo Li and pointed her out. Su Mo Li came together with Su Jia Xuan. As for Su Xin Zhen, she was being watched by Su Mo Li’s people and naturally no one will take her in. She can only go stay with Old Madam Su and now she is also in Putuo Temple.

But she was no longer a proper young lady of a prominent family, yet she still throwing the temper of a young lady of a prominent family. Therefore the people in Putuo Temple did not like her and continued to punish her.

Looking at Su Mo Li’s appearance draped in gold and silver, many of the ladies were jealous

Su Jia Xuan was so angry that she pulled Su Mo Li’s sleeve, “Sister they said bad things about you.”

“No, they are jealous of me.” Su Mo Li laughed out lightly. She swept a glance at a few people not far away and said lightly “You have opinions about me?”

Before several people could speak they heard Su Mo Li continue, “You have to put up with it even if you have an opinion, who made me the County Princess.”

One of the women stood up her face full of mockery “What are you happy about? You only have a title of county princess. Your family is broken what is there to be proud of?”

“That’s right, if it wasn’t for the benevolence of the Emperor and Empress there would be no place for you here!”

“What’s the big deal? If I were you I would never come out to make a fool of myself!”

“Ashamed?” Su Mo Li laughed “I’m not a murderer, what do I have to be ashamed of?”

Several people listened to this and looked at each other unable to refute.

Su Jia Xuan couldn’t help but reveal a smile.

“Why is it so noisy?” Zhong Li Lan’s voice sounded and she slowly walked over When she saw Su Mo Li she raised her eyebrows and said mockingly, “I thought it was someone it turned out to be County Princess Suo Rou.

Your parents are dead and you’re not sad! How dare you still have the mood to attend the banquet?”

The people around sucked in a deep breath. The Eldest Princess was really straightforward ah. Isn’t this rubbing salt into peoples wounds

Su Mo Li lightly laughed out. “My mother died when I was five years old, is it useful to be sad? I avenged her and now she can rest in peace. As for my father, there is no fatherly love and he killed my mother, why should I be sad?

Rather what does the Eldest Princess mean by this? The Empress decreed not to mention this matter again. Eldest Princess is really powerful capable of treating the Empress’s imperial decree as nothing!”

“You shut up!” Zhong Li Lan roared. “You are violating the law you!”

“Whats wrong?” A lazy voice came over. The crowd looked over and saw the famous Zhong Li Shi slowly coming over.

Then the crowd saw Su Mo Li suddenly blush and her eyes turn red. In the next second the crowd saw Su Mo Li directly run towards Zhong Li Shi and throw herself at him, “Cousin, someone is bullying me. Waaa-“

The crowd sucked in a breath .Although Zhong Li Shi acted as gentle as a jade everyone knew that Zhong Li Shi did not like women especially crying women!

However, what did they see?

They actually saw Su Mo Li running over in tears.

The Crown Prince did not push Su Mo Li away as they thought, instead he reached out and hugged Su Mo Li but the look on his face was fierce and a cold murderous intent emerged in his eyes

Zhong Li Lan instantly became proud. “Big Brother, you don’t listen to County Princess Suo Rou. If she complains, Father will definitely punish her!”

The other ladies were also proud of themselves, it seems that Su Mo Li has kicked an iron plate this time. She dared to actually complain to Zhong Li Shi

Do you really think you are the Second Princess? Even the Second Princess wouldn’t dare to do that!

Zhong Li Shi swept a glance at several people and lowered his head, His voice suddenly became softer, “They bullied you. Do you want them to be split into pieces by five horses or do you want to execute their clans to the ninth generation? All according to you.”

The people took a step backwards, their faces suddenly became miserably pale

Among them Zhong Li Lan’s whole person was shocked. Her lips trembled and she didn’t know what to say

Su Mo Li got out from Zhong Li Shi’s arms, “Its not that serious, since they like to say things let me teach them a few lessons.”

The words just fell when Su Mo Li directly untied the whip around her waist and struck directly towards several people.

There were also ladies who knew martial arts and they immediately fought with Su Mo Li, however in just two moves they fell to the ground.


Su Mo Li fiercely flung the long whip and raised her jaw. Where there was previously softness, it had been replaced by confidence and coldness.

Zhong Li Ling who had just come over saw such a Su Mo Li and was instantly bewildered.

Shi Zhu looked at Su Jia Xuan who was pulling her arm and said helplessly, “Are you sure you want me to back her up?”

Su Jia Xuan said sarcastically, “It seems that there is no need.””

Zhong Li Shi narrowed his eyes and curled the corners of his lips.

He slowly walked over and directly took Su Mo Li’s hand. “Lets go.”

Su Mo Li only felt a warm touch on her hand and tilted her head slightly to meet Zhong Li Shi’s eyes. Her pupils shrank and she suddenly smiled.

The two held hands and walked away while the crowd was silent for a long time before they reacted.

County Princess Suo Rou and the Crown Prince are together!

Three days later they finally got the accurate news the Crown Prince consort candidate was Su Mo Li!

At this time Su Mo Li was in the courtyard to raise herself a few pots of herbs. Seeing Shi Zhu’s complex face looking at her, she could not help but smile.

“Want to ask why I became the Crown Prince Consort?”

For Su Mo Li to guess her question, Shi Zhu was not surprised at all. “Yes I need an explanation.”

“Because I like him.” Su Mo Li smiled. “Since I like him why not try? Even if it doesn’t work I still have a way back don’t I?”

Su Mo Li looked at Shi Zhu and her eyes were a bit lost. In fact she didn’t know how she really treated Zhong Li Shi. Its just that one night Zhong Li Shi specifically found her..

His heartfelt words caused her to be a little confused

But she also knows that if not Zhong Li Shi there will also be others, after all the Emperor and Empress will not let her be single and alone.

In that case let her choose the one she has a good feeling about.

Shi Zhu stared at Su Mo Li for half a second before saying, “Just figure it out yourself…”

Su Mo Li laughed lightly. “Well, many thanks.”

When Elder Ge knew about this matter it was already ten days later. He then directly left the capital as he had to tell the good news to the City Lord!

Zhong Li Shi on the other hand began to prepare for his own wedding.

The Empress slowly said, “Shi’er are you sure.”

Zhong Li Shi turned around and nodded. “Mother, I am sure. Although Li’er does not have much love for me yet I am willing to wait for her.

I also promised her that I will not have three wives or four concubines.”

The Empress smiled. “Good! I hope you’ll do what you say!”

Zhong Li Shi nodded.

However there are still some people who feel that Su Mo Li is not good enough for Zhong Li Shi and often find fault and complain on several occasions with Zhong Li Xi.

When the two could finally got married Zhong Li Xi was the happiest!

“Li’er, now you are my sister-in-law, don’t worry I will definitely protect you in the future!”

Su Mo Li smiled gently. “Good.”

On the day of the wedding everyone was happy and cheerful.

Until the arrival of the First City Lord caused everyone to be stunned.

When Su Mo Li opened her mouth and called “Foster father” the people were once again in an uproar.

The Emperor could not help but ask the Empress – “This daughter-in-law is a bit big right?”

Zhong Li Shi pondered, “Can I eat soft rice now?”(basically asking if he can mooch of his wife since she’s the big shot)

Zhong Li Ling’s hand clenched fiercely and his eyes were red – what the hell did he miss?

Su Mo Li stood on the steps and smiled slightly. After being reborn in this life her purpose was achieved.

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White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 80: Imperial Jade Butterfly

Indeed, the dust has settled.

Su Mo Li was received in the palace. The case of Princess Huimin was also announced to the public.

The people sighed, but at the same time felt sympathy for Su Mo Li.

The Empress Dowager wanted stopped Su Mo Li from leaving, but Su Mo Li approached the Empress Dowager and said, “I’m not at home in the palace because I’m the daughter of a criminal, and because the Imperial son of the harem has grown up.”

The Empress Dowager did not know this, helplessly sighed: “Just you alone, how to live?”

Su Mo Li smiled: “The Emperor gave Shi Zhu and Grandmaster Feng He a set of mansions. Grandmaster Feng He will soon go on a journey and told me to go directly to his mansion. Shi Zhu also told me to accompany her.”

“That said, it’s still a foster home.”

The Empress Dowager murmured a sentence. She thought about it and her eyes lit up. Smiling, she patted Su Mo Li’s hand: “Well, you should rest first, even if you want to leave, it will be tomorrow.”

Su Mo Li also did not refuse. Just then Zhong Li Xi came looking for Su Mo Li and the two went to the imperial garden.

“Li’er, do you really want to leave the palace? You are my master, there is nothing wrong with living in the palace ……”

Zhong Li Xi was not willing to let Su Mo Li leave.

Su Mo Li helplessly shook her head: “People’s words are scary.”

Zhong Li Xi could not refute these four words. She was silent for a long time before saying, “I should have begged Father to let me go out to live, so that you can live in my princess mansion. Then no one would dare to say anything about it.”

Su Mo Li smiled and shook her head, but did not say anything more.

At the same time, in the imperial study room, the ministers asked: “Your Majesty, the First City has always existed independently. The First City’s steward Elder Ge came to our country, what exactly is his purpose?”

“Yes, Your Majesty, the First City’s strength is unfathomable. This time, could it be that he wants to make a move against our country? But thinking about it, it doesn’t look like it.”

“Yes, I’ve already had someone check it out, but it didn’t turn out to be true.”

The crowd looked at each other, their faces full of doubts, obviously not knowing why.

The Emperor frowned, then said indifferently: “Elder Ge came, only to find me to play chess, but did not say anything else.

The most mentioned person was Li’er.”

“County Princess Suo Rou?” The ministers were puzzled, “Why would he mention Country Princess Suo Rou? Could it be because of her relationship with Grandmaster Feng He and Miss Shi?”

“But it doesn’t make sense. Can it be that the First City also wants to befriend Grandmaster Feng He and Miss Shi? This ……”

“I don’t think it’s that simple.”

The Emperor shook his head. He took out a token and handed it to a few of his inner circle, “Look at this, it’s a gift from Li’er to me.”

Looking at the symbol on it, the crowd sucked in a breath: “This, this is …… this is the token of the 4th Kingdom store, with this, it can be said to be rich enough to beat the 4th Kingdom!”

The Emperor nodded: “Exactly. The reason why I went to investigate the matter of Eldest Sister Huimin is because Li’er asked for it. And this is a gift of thanks from Li’er to me. This niece of mine, is not simple!”

The Emperor’s words made the crowd silent.

“You say that there is something wrong with Li’er living in the palace, but if Li’er becomes the daughter-in-law of another family, that is what is really wrong.” The Emperor’s words made the crowd startled.

“Your Majesty, what you mean is that you want to marry County Princess Suo Rou to the Crown Prince?”

The Emperor nodded: “I do have this idea, I once inadvertently mentioned it to Elder Ge. Guess what Elder Ge said?”

One by one, the people perked up their ears and looked at the Emperor nervously.

The Emperor smiled and said, “He said, the marriage of County Princess Suo Rou is her own decision. No one can stop her or interfere.”

The crowd sucked in a breath: “This, what does this mean? Do you mean to say that Elder Ge also knows County Princess Suo Rou?”

“Your Majesty, what do you think?”

“I don’t know either!” The Emperor sighed softly and smiled, “Even if I go to ask Li’er, if she does not want to say, she will not say.

Otherwise, when she just returned to the capital, she should have told everyone about her acquaintance with Feng He and Shi Zhu. If she did, who would dare to bully her?

But she didn’t, that means she has her own ideas.

No hurry, let’s wait slowly.”

The crowd looked at each other and felt more and more that Su Mo Li was mysterious.

And at this time, Su Mo Li and Zhong Li Xi were chatting in the rear garden, and coincidentally, Zhong Li Shi walked over.

“Three days later, Su Chen will be executed. In the next days, what are you going to do?” Zhong Li Shi went straight to the topic, making Su Mo Li freeze before she smiled and said “Naturally, I will continue to stay in the capital.

The Emperor will give me a place to stay.”

“Why?” Zhong Li Xi asked suspiciously, “Has Father already found a place for you?”

Su Mo Li shook her head and smiled, “Not yet.”

Zhong Li Shi was silent for a moment and seemed to understand something.

“It’s good. We can also take care of each other in the capital. If you are bored, you can go into the palace to see the Empress Dowager, who likes you very much.”

“The Empress Dowager’s fondness is my blessing, if the Empress Dowager does not mind me, I will naturally come often.”

Su Mo Li raised her head and met Zhong Li Shi’s eyes. She slowly moved her eyes away, her face natural, but her heart was beating uncontrollably.

Zhong Li Xi always felt that there was something wrong between these two, but her head couldn’t figure it out.

“This servant has met His Highness the Crown Prince, Second Princess, and County Princess Suo Rou.”

Da Guozi’s voice rang out as he slightly bent down and slowly said, “His Majesty summoned County Princess Suo Rou.”

“Well, it just so happens that I have something to say to Father, let’s go over together.”

Su Mo Li answered shallowly and they left together.

Zhong Li Xi: ????

So, just like that, she was left alone here?

When they arrived at the imperial study room, the Emperor was a little surprised to see Zhong Li Shi. When he saw Zhong Li Shi sitting directly aside without any care for him, he felt upset and could not help but glare at him.

Su Mo Li stood obediently below, waiting for the Emperor’s questioning.

The Emperor looked at Su Mo Li, sighed in his heart: “Today, Empress Dowager sought me out to talk about the matter of your home. I didn’t consider it well, so, I’ll give you a mansion.”

“A mansion?” Su Mo Li looked at the Emperor with a doubtful look in her eyes, “But Your Majesty, with no merit, a reward can’t be given. This will not be good ……”

“Huh.” The Emperor smiled, “The Empress Dowager likes you very much and the Empress also treats you like her own daughter. Your mother, Princess Huimin, also grew up at the knee of the Empress Dowager, so the Empress decided to directly accept you as a rightful daughter and directly added to the Imperial Family Lineage.”

“No way!”

Su Mo Li had not yet spoken when Zhong Li Shi directly and quickly spoke up and refused.

The Emperor looked at Zhong Li Shi in doubt, but saw this son for the first time showed a torn look.

Su Mo Li felt it was naturally good. No one would dare to bully her.

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White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 79: The Dust Has Settled

However, just as Su Chen’s voice fell, a large group of guards rushed in the door. Su Chen’s heart jerked and he quickly looked over, but found that it was royal army.

At once, his face turned white.

“This ……”

“Lord Su, you are suspected of causing the death of Eldest Princess Huimin. By order of the Emperor, we are to bring you forward for interrogation.” Zhong Li Shi’s voice faintly came over.

Not waiting for Su Chen to react, he saw that the guards had already clamped Su Chen in place.

“What are you doing? I’m the Prime Minister of the country! You let go of me!”

Zhong Li Shi lightly laughed and slowly said: “Now Lord Su is indeed still the Prime Minister, but later, it is not known. After all, Lord Su committed not just a crime, but a major crime that would cause the execution of nine generations.”

Su Chen’s face changed and he said angrily: “This is someone planting evidence and framing me! I would never do such a thing!”

“Then Lord Su can wait and go and explain to the Emperor.

Take him away!” Zhong Li Shi’s eyes were cold and he quickly ordered.

Soon, the guards took Su Chen away.

Immediately after, another guard brought out Li Qianshi, who had just been beaten and treated so rudely that she had already fainted.

After Su Xin Zhen saw Zhong Li Shi, she didn’t dare to let out a breath and was a bit confused. She didn’t know why things had turned out this way.

Old Madam Su wanted to come out, but was stopped by Su Mo Li’s people who took Old Madam Su away directly.

Momo Ke slowly said: “Old Madam, Eldest Miss is doing it for your own good. If this matter is really related to the master, then the Su family ……”

Old Madam Su closed her eyes and the Buddha beads in her hand were turning vigorously.

Momo Ke continued: “If it was before, you can blame Eldest Miss. But now, the Emperor has intervened, which means that the Emperor has begun to suspect the master. Even if Eldest Miss wants to make a big deal out of a small thing, it’s no use!”

At this sentence, Old Madam Su’s hand paused slightly, and then she opened her eyes with a complicated expression on her face.

“Ah Ke, I know what you mean. I just can’t get past this hurdle in my heart. I’m blaming Chen’er! I didn’t think that Huimin’s death was related to him! How am I going to meet Huimin after I die?

Huimin was true to me! How could I not have seen that ……”

Old Madam Su shook her head with tears flowing out of her cloudy eyes.

“What a sin!”

Momo Ke sighed and did not speak.

On the other side, Su Xin Zhen quickly rushed towards Su Mo Li’s side. She raised her hand to hit down, but was directly held by Su Mo Li by the wrist and pushed violently, causing her to fall to the ground.

Her face was full of shock: “Su Mo Li! You dare to push me!”

In the next second, Su Mo Li directly stepped forward and stepped on Su Xin Zhen’s stomach: “Su Xin Zhen, I’ve put up with you long enough.”

Her indifferent tone was full of killing intent, so Su Xin Zhen couldn’t help but shiver.

Su Mo Li coldly glanced at Su Xin Zhen: “If you want to die, I won’t stop you. Now your father and your mother have been arrested, what, you also want to join them?”

Su Xin Zhen shivered and looked at Su Mo Li in horror. The current Su Mo Li had become unrecognizable to her.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Su Jia Xuan next to her. Su Jia Xuan did not have any expression on her face, as if the one who was arrested was not her parents.

At this time, Su Lin ran out and was very happy after seeing Su Mo Li: “Big Sister!”

“Su Lin! Are you a fool! The person in front of you has captured your real parents!” Su Xin Zhen roared out angrily and Su Jia Xuan immediately said, “No, it was Father and Mother who killed someone!”

Su Lin’s little face was filled with a confused expression and he was somewhat puzzled.

After Su Jia Xuan explained, Su Lin frowned and looked at Su Mo Li and said, “Big Sister, is it really my parents who killed your mother? Why?

Was it because your mother did something wrong?” Su Lin thought of this and nodded, “It must be so, otherwise why would my father and mother kill your mother?

It must be your mother’s problem, you quickly let them release my father and mother, or else ……”

“Shut up!” Su Mo Li coldly glanced at Su Lin, “What do you want?”

Su Lin froze. He did not expect Su Mo Li to be mean to him all of a sudden. Obviously this big sister was very gentle before.

“Cheng Tao.” Su Mo Li called out, “Bring Su Lin to the City Lord and let him discipline him properly.”

Cheng Tao was slightly stunned then she answered and directly knocked Su Lin unconscious and took him away.

Su Xin Zhen’s heart rose to her throat, “You, what do you want to do!”

Su Mo Li sneered, “Xuan’er, let’s go.”

Su Jia Xuan took a deep look at Su Xin Zhen and slowly said, “You take care of yourself.”

Looking at the two’s backs, Su Xin Zhen quickly climbed up and wanted to call out to them, but her heart was not willing to do so. Stomping her feet, she ran directly to the Second Prince’s residence, however, the Second Prince did not even see her!

She had no choice but to go to the Qian family, but what she didn’t expect was that the Qian family also closed their doors and refused to see her!

Su Xin Zhen returned to the Su family only to find that all the servants were dismissed, and the Su family Mansion was sealed.

This incident involving the Su family made a big fuss, and almost everyone knew about it.

At this moment, Su Chen was extraordinarily anxious in his cell. He was now caught, and there was no way to get out and contact people!

Until now, he realized that he did not have a person around him who could take charge!

But thinking of those who were in the same boat with him, they should be able to do something, after all, if he falls, they would fall too.

There was also the Second Prince.

Thinking of the Second Prince, Su Chen’s heart was faintly comforted.

Only, Zhong Li Ling was currently busy. He didn’t know why, but all of a sudden, all his businesses were being suppressed and there were problems.

Without money, nothing can be done!

“Second Prince, the Prime Minister’s side ……”

Zhong Li Ling rubbed his brow and said indifferently, “Su Chen’s side has no leverage on us. Don’t bother with him. Whether he’s dead or alive, it has nothing to do with us.”


Three days later, the interrogation of Su Chen.

Su Chen was ready to deny any crime.

However, what he did not expect was that Zhong Li Shi was also uncomfortable with his ruse and directly threw the evidence at him.

“Lord Su, why don’t you explain it properly?”

Looking at the evidence, Su Chen froze, having no more words to argue.

After all, there was his seal here, a handwritten letter.

In one day, the Su family had fallen!

Immediately afterwards, Su Chen and Li Qianshi’s crime of killing the First Princess Huimin was also admitted.

Except for Princess Huimin’s daughter, County Princess Suo Rou, the entire Su family was sentenced to be killed.

“Originally, they were to be executed to their ninth descendants, but County Princess Suo Rou went to plead for mercy. She said that person who committed the crime should be punished and thee person who was uninvolved should be spared.”

“Oh my God, County Princess Suo Rou is too kind-hearted.”

“No, County Princess Suo Rou saved the lives of the rest of the Su family!”

“It’s a good thing that the Emperor agreed, otherwise would have been a river of blood running through the capital.”

Old Madam Su who was placed in a courtyard, sighed and slowly said, “After all, it was, she was not raised in vain.”

After a pause, she continued, “Let’s pack up and go to the temple, let me spend the rest of my life to atone for Huimin’s death.”

Momo Ke opened her mouth, but in the end did not persuade. She served Old Madam Su and walked towards the Putuo Temple.

Su Mo Li, who got the news did not stop, and said indifferently, ” The dust has settled after all.”

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White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 78: Taking Down Su Mo Li

Hearing this, Su Jia Xuan’s pupils fiercely shrunk. She quickly looked at Su Mo Li: “Big Sister, let’s not eat, I specially made you your favorite stinky tofu. Let’s go to my side to eat!”

Su Mo Li reached out, stroked Su Jia Xuan’s head, and said with a smile, “Since Grandmother wants us to accompany her, let’s accompany her for a meal.”

Su Jia Xuan saw a soothing look in Su Mo Li’s eyes, but when she thought of her previous life when her grandmother had put medicine in the meal to force her big sister to agree, her heart began beating very fast.

Su Mo Li smiled and talked to Old Madam Su about unrelated things. Soon it was time to eat.

The Old Madam kept giving Su Mo Li dishes and Su Mo Li ate them all: “Grandmother, no matter what, I still have to thank you for your love for Li’er. You were the only one who truly loved Li’er back then.”

Old Madam Su’s hand holding the chopsticks paused slightly and the smile on her face slowly disappeared: “Nui Nui, you are Grandmother’s own granddaughter, Grandmother naturally likes you.”

“Well, I know all that.” Su Mo Li smiled, “Grandmother is also a person who cares about the big picture.”

Old Madam Su sighed: “If this matter gets out, our Su family will be finished. You sisters still have to get married and it will affect your future.

Nui Nui, for Grandmother’s sake, can’t you just let it go?”

Old Madam Su begged once again.

Momo Ke frowned at the side, her eyes full of disapproval.

Su Mo Li lowered her head and did not speak, but Su Jia Xuan who was on the side, could not help but open her mouth, “Grandmother. This is the revenge for the murder of her mother. How can Big Sister let it go?

Even if the murderer is my mother, even if I want to protect my mother, in this situation, I am embarrassed to ask Big Sister to forgive. Grandmother, you only ask Big Sister to forgive, have you ever thought about Big Sister’s feelings?

If she really forgives, I’m afraid that the Eldest Princess Huimin will be so angry in heaven that she will jump down to earth!

Besides, what happened back then, was it really that simple?” Su Jia Xuan’s words caused Old Madam Su to freeze and she couldn’t help but glance once again at her granddaughter who she had been ignoring.

After opening her mouth, she still asked, “Xuan’er, do you know that if this matter got out, your mother would have to die!”

Su Jia Xuan sneered in her heart. In her previous life, she had done a lot of things to protect her mother properly, but in this life, she would not.

After all, no matter how much she does, in her mother’s eyes, she is just a dispensable person. In that case, why would she want to put her hot face against her cold ass?

“If you kill people, you have to pay with your life, it is only right.”

Su Jia Xuan’s words caused Old Madam Su to take a deep breath, her face filled with shock: “Xuan’er, how did you become like this?”

“Grandmother.” Su Mo Li interrupted the Old Madam Su’s words and said slowly, “Third Sister’s nature is already very upright and it’s not too much to say that if Third Sister was a man, such a nature will definitely be to the Emperor’s liking and she would become an important minister to the Emperor.

What Grandmother has said, Li’er also knows, but Li’er will still say that Li’er will never forgive!”

With that, Su Mo Li stood up and said in a soft voice to Su Jia Xuan who was on the side, “Let’s go.”

Su Jia Xuan nodded and was just about to leave when she felt a blackness in front of her eyes and directly fainted.

Old Madam Su gave a look to Momo Ke, who quickly closed the door behind her.

“Li’er, Grandmother has no choice. This matter, no one else must know about it, otherwise, the Su family will be finished!” Old Madam Su took a deep breath, “Li’er, don’t blame Grandmother.”

Su Mo Li sat on the stool, picked up a cup of tea and took a sip: “Since Grandmother chose the Su family, I have nothing to say. But for the sake of Grandmother protecting me for so many years, I will not do anything to Grandmother. No matter what, it’s okay for me to protect my grandmother for the rest of your life.”

Su Mo Li’s words made Old Madam Su’s heart tremble violently and she looked at Su Mo Li with some confusion.

However, Su Mo Li stood up with a light smile on her face: “My thoughts have already been conveyed to Grandmother, so I’ll leave first.”

Saying that, Su Mo Li then fed Su Jia Xuan a pill. When Su Jia Xuan woke up, she was ready to leave.

“Don’t let them go! Stop them!”

Soon, the guards outside rushed in and panic appeared on Su Jia Xuan’s face: “Big Sister, what should we do?”

However, Su Mo Li was not in a hurry and she said indifferently, “You guys come out too.”

As Su Mo Li’s voice fell, her people came out directly.

Ignoring the shocked eyes of Old Madam Su, she tugged Su Jia Xuan’s wrist and directly leapt out.

After landing outside in the courtyard, Su Mo Li smiled shallowly: “If I didn’t have some skills, why would I dare to come to this tiger’s den?”

Old Madam Su looked at Su Mo Li’s back. Her whole body was trembling. Was this still her soft granddaughter!

“I actually misjudged her!” Old Madam Su slammed the table and her face was full of anger.

Momo Ke sighed and said slowly, “Old Madam, you can’t blame Eldest Miss for this. This is the revenge for killing her mother!”

At these words, Old Madam Su’s anger was a little less.

The maid at the side knelt down: “Old Madam, this servant girl is also Eldest Miss’ person. This servant girl knows the art of medicine and it was Eldest Miss who asked this servant girl to take care of your body.”

The little maid’s words caused Old Madam Su to be slightly stunned, and a complicated look appeared on her face.

Momo Ke hurriedly said, “Old Madam, you see, in fact, Eldest Miss is really good to you!”

“I know.” Old Madam Su was silent for a moment, then sighed.

At this moment, Su Jia Xuan looked at Su Mo Li with eyes full of admiration. She wanted to say something, but couldn’t say a word.

“Pack your things and come with me.” After Su Mo Li simply instructed, Su Jia Xuan immediately nodded and ran towards her yard while holding her skirt.

Su Mo Li had nothing to pack. The dowry of Princess Huimin had long been transferred by her.

When Su Jia Xuan came back with Dong Xue, just as she reached the door, she saw a gloomy Su Chen.

“Where are you going?”

The gloomy voice made Su Jia Xuan’s body tremble.

Su Mo Li glanced at Su Jia Xuan soothingly, then said indifferently, “Make way.”

As Su Mo Li’s voice fell, quite a few black-clothed people as well as servants and maids around appeared, directly blocking Su Mo Li’s front.

Su Chen’s pupils fiercely shrank: “You!”

Su Mo Li lightly laughed, then said, “Father, I have already grasped all the evidence, and I will not forgive you for joining forces with Li Qianshi to kill my mother.

Your idea of letting Li Qianshi bear the burden and trying to take yourself out of it will only fall flat.”

“You are talking nonsense!” Su Mo Li’s words caused the people around to murmur. Su Chen was even more annoyed and immediately commanded, “Someone! Take Su Mo Li down!”

Translator’s note

G. A. R. B. A. G. E – This family’s garbage (to the tune of gwen stefani’s bananas)

I know the grandmother was partial, but y’all – I AM SICKENED

As always Xuan Xuan is best girl and this whole family is trash and we are almost done with the series

Ellie Note: I know all that was done in the heat of the moment, but what was the grandmother planning to do when Su Mo Li was summoned to the palace or crown prince or the second princess came to visit? Say she’d gone for a trip?

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White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 77: Li Qianshi Beaten

Old Madam Su walked over. She reached out and took Su Mo Li’s hand, opened her mouth, but couldn’t say a word.

After a long time of silence, Old Madam Su sighed: “Li’er, let’s go in.”

Once they were back in the study, Old Madam Su closed her eyes. When she opened them again, she looked at Li Qianshi with cold eyes: “Kneel down for me!

Li Qianshi quickly knelt down: “Mother!”

“You shut up! How can you face the ancestors of the Su family if you do something like this? How can you live up to Li’er!”

“Mother, I know I’m wrong! I beg your forgiveness!”

Li Qianshi prostrated herself on the ground, her whole body was trembling.

“Mother, Li Shi already knows she’s wrong, just ……”

“Someone!” The Old Madam didn’t pay any attention to Su Chen, and called out directly to the outside, “Take this poisonous woman down for me and beat her heavily with thirty strokes!”

Li Qianshi’s pupils shrank but Su Chen nodded on the side: “Indeed, it is necessary to punish her properly. If there is a next time, it will not be lightly forgiven!”

Li Qianshi bit her lips. Rather than being beheaded, a beating is better.

Su Mo Li just sat aside and didn’t say anything. Everything in front of her seemed like a farce.

The Old Madam did treat her well, but between her and the Su family’s face, she still chose the Su family.

After all, she is a member of the Su family.

After all, her own mother is dead, what else can she do?

Su Chen saw Su Mo Li kept her head down. He couldn’t see her expression and couldn’t help but ask: “Li’er, are you okay?”

Su Mo Li smiled: “Father, Grandmother, even if you beat Li Qianshi to death, I will still tell the Emperor and beg him to make a decision for me. I don’t believe that she, a woman, can destroy all the evidence.”

Su Mo Li’s words made Su Chen’s eyelids jump.

On the side, Old Madam Su frowned fiercely and looked at Su Chen.

Su Chen, however, did not dare to look at Old Madam Su. What else did Old Madam Su not understand?

For a moment, everyone was silent.

An awkward atmosphere lingered in the study.

Soon, the news of Li Qianshi being beaten reached the ears of the others. Dong Xue looked at her own Miss and couldn’t help but remind, “Miss, aren’t we going to take a look?”

“If Mother was beaten, there must be a reason. What’s the use of me going over there? I can only watch. Why not let Second Sister go over. After all, Second Sister is very much liked by my parents.”

After saying that, Su Jia Xuan sat in her seat and looked out the window, not knowing what she was thinking.

Dong Xue sighed. As she was about to leave, she suddenly thought of something and whispered, “But Third Miss, Eldest Miss is also over there, if Eldest Miss is dragged ……”

Su Jia Xuan’s eyes lit up: “I’m going over there.”

Dong Xue pursed her lips and quickly followed.

She did not know why her own young lady became so strange, but when she thought about it, it was normal. After all, in this whole house, only Eldest Miss is good to her own young lady.

Even Madam was always partial to the second young lady. More times than not, even she, the maid, could not bear to see it.

She followed Su Jia Xuan’s footsteps, just in time to see Su Chen, Old Madam Su and Su Mo Li standing in the courtyard.

And Li Qianshi was on the ground crawling.

Su Xin Zhen was on the side was crying loudly: “What exactly did my mother do wrong? Father, do you have to treat Mother like this? Is it because of Su Mo Li again? Ever since she came to our house, there has been no peace in our house! Why did you want her to come back! Why!”

Su Chen frowned: “You shut up!”

“Because your mother killed my own mother.” Su Mo Li said indifferently, “Your mother admitted it herself.”

Su Mo Li’s words caused Su Xin Zhen to freeze, her face filled with tears, clearly disbelieving.


Li Qianshi’s face was tragically white at this time. Drops of sweat slipped down her face. She did not bother to answer Su Xin Zhen’s words, but looked at Su Mo Li: “Li’er, can you forgive me?”

Su Mo Li snorted and looked at Su Xin Zhen: “Second Sister, if I killed your mother, would you be able to forgive me?”

Su Xin Zhen wanted to say definitely not, but she also knew that she couldn’t say that, so she could only be silent.

“If Eldest Sister killed my mother, I will never forgive Eldest Sister! The revenge of killing my mother will not be forgotten!” Su Jia Xuan slowly walked over, her face filled with determination, “Since I can’t do it, I won’t ask Big Sister to do it.

Big Sister hates my mother as she should. Mother, if you kill someone you have to pay with your life. How can you force Big Sister to forgive you!”

Su Jia Xuan’s words made Li Qianshi freeze: “What did you say?”

Su Jia Xuan’s face showed a painful look: “Mother, go report to the authorities. Admit your mistake. Maybe the Emperor can still forgive you for the sake of Big Sister, after all, you killed the Emperor’s life-saver, the Eldest Princess Huimin!”

“You shut up!” Li Qianshi roared out in anger. How could she have imagined that the one who finally gave her a stab was actually her own daughter!

Su Jia Xuan closed her mouth.

In her previous life, after she killed her enemy, her mother also told her to turn herself in like this. It was clearly that person who killed her good-for-nothing daughter first!

Su Xin Zhen however, was furious: “You stupid bitch!”

Su Jia Xuan glanced at Su Xin Zhen and did not say anything.

Such an expression enraged Su Xin Zhen even more. Su Xin Zhen directly rushed over and raised her hand to slap Su Jia Xuan’s face, but was easily stopped by Su Mo Li.


Su Xin Zhen became irritated: “Let go of me! I’m teaching my own sister, it’s nor up to you!”


Su Mo Li slapped Su Xin Zhen directly on the face and Su Xin Zhen screamed: “Su Mo Li! Are you sick!”

“I’m teaching my own sister a lesson. What, not allowed?” Su Mo Li looked at Su Xin Zhen with a smirk.

Su Xin Zhen fiercely turned her head to look at Su Chen: “Father!”

Su Chen was now trying to please Su Mo Li and not let Su Mo Li pursue the matter, so he wouldn’t even bother about the petty fight between them.

“Li’er, you come with me.”

Old Madam Su sighed and gestured for Su Mo Li to follow.

Su Jia Xuan was a little worried and said quickly, “Big Sister, I’ll go with you.”

Old Madam Su did not stop her and only after she arrived at Old Madam Su’s courtyard did Old Madam Su say, “Li’er, Grandmother is begging you with a shamed face. For Grandmother’s sake, let’s spare your mother this time, okay?”

“No.” Su Mo Li directly refused. Her small face was indescribably stubborn, “My mother’s death can’t be ended so hastily.”

Old Madam Su was silent for a while and sighed, “Fine, since that’s the case, then I, an old lady can’t care so much.

Accompany this old lady and have a meal with me. After this incident spreads, I don’t know when we can sit and eat together again.”

Su Mo Li smiled gently. She lowered her eyes and her eyes flickered for a few moments: “Okay.”

My baby Xuan Xuan. Come let Aunty Ruby hug you

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White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 76: Forcing

In the past few days, Su Mo Li has been watching the chicken flying around the house with cold eyes.

She did not expect that Su Lin had already regarded herself as the most dependable person, while Su Xin Zhen and Li Qianshi were so angry with Su Lin that their heads were smoking.

“Miss, all the news has already been spread out.”

Su Mo Li answered and slowly asked, “How is Elder Ge?”

“Elder Ge has gone to talk to the Emperor.” Cheng Tao said helplessly, “Elder Ge said, he was bored and just happened to have some friendship with the Emperor, so he is living in the palace.”

Su Mo Li laughed lightly and shook her head helplessly: “So be it, keep him safe and let him do whatever else he wants.”

After a pause, Su Mo Li was just about to go to Su Jia Xuan, when she saw the housekeeper walking over.

“Miss, the master has asked for you.”

At this time in the study, Li Qianshi looked at Su Chen incredulously. She opened her mouth, and her face was full of shock: “Master, what did you say? Why?”

“Why?” Su Chen coldly snorted, “Don’t you know why in your heart? Because of you, the Emperor has begun to suspect me!

If the Emperor intervenes in this matter, do you think it can still be concealed? I’m telling you, either we all die, or you take the blame alone so that I can still find a way to save you!

Even if you don’t want to live, think about Lin’er! Do you want Lin’er to follow us to death?”

Su Chen’s words made Li Qianshi’s face pale. If looked at carefully, the panic could be seen on her face.

Pursing her lips, she asked with a trembling voice, “Master, will you really save me?”

“Of course I will save you.” Su Chen sighed, “If I don’t save you, you can just give me up as well.”

“Master, has it really come to this? Perhaps there is still room for maneuvering? Maybe the Emperor will not ……”

Su Chen shook his head, “From the time the Emperor suspended me, I knew that the Emperor was going to make a move on me. They say that accompanying an emperor is like accompanying a tiger and it’s true.”

Su Chen’s words made Li Qianshi take two steps backward. She opened her mouth, but couldn’t say a word.

Su Chen said indifferently: “I have already asked someone to invite Li’er to come over, when the time comes, you will bear the burden.”

Li Qianshi raised her head sharply. Her eyes full of disbelief. She didn’t expect that Su Chen had actually arranged this matter and didn’t even give her time to think about it!

“Master, Eldest Miss is here.” Outside, the butler’s voice rang out.

After Su Chen gave Li Qianshi a look, he rushed outside and shouted, “Come in.”

Su Mo Li came in modestly and swept a glance at the two people’s expressions without moving. She then bowed, “Father, Mother.”

Su Chen’s face was very grave, and after seeing Su Mo Li, he slowly said, “Li’er, I called you here today for the matter of your real mother.”

Su Mo Li looked at Su Chen in confusion: “Father, Li’er has some confusion.”

Su Chen sighed again: “It’s unfortunate for the family! Back then, your mother’s death, there was something else, you …… are you ready?”

What else did Su Mo Li not understand, he was looking for a scapegoat.

It looks like Su Chen is trying to put everything on Li Qianshi.

Dog bites dog, huh.

After a coldly laughing in her heart, a shocked look appeared on Su Mo Li’s face and she seemed very puzzled: “My mother’s death, what is going on? Father, you quickly tell me!”

Saying that, Su Mo Li collapsed on the stool next to him and cried in a small voice: “What the hell is going on …… woo woo ……”

“You still do not kneel down!” Su Chen roared angrily. Li Qianshi, who was on the side, knelt down, “Master, I ……”

Meeting the coldness in Su Chen’s eyes, Li Qianshi bit her lips and let out a cry, “Li’er, I’m the one who wronged you! I’m sorry! It’s because I got carried away in the moment!

I was jealous of Princess Huimin and poisoned her to death. I know I was wrong. I pray every day for Princess Huimin to be blessed. Li’er, please, forgive me, okay?”

Su Mo Li’s face took on the appearance of feigned shock, while Li Qianshi had already crawled over and grabbed Su Mo Li’s coat: “Li’er, you are the most kind. Please, forgive Mother, okay?

Li’er, it’s all Mother’s fault. Please, spare me this time, okay?”

Su Mo Li stood up. She looked at the expectant look in Li Qianshi’s eyes, then turned her head to look at Su Chen: “Father, do you want me to forgive Mother too?”

Su Chen’s eyes flashed, he sighed then said slowly: “Your mother was also overwhelmed by jealousy at that time, but people can’t come back to life. Let your mother live in regret for the rest of her life. You are after all Huimin’s only daughter, let your mother take good care of you and thus make amends, okay?”

Saying so much, it could be summed in one sentence.

Make the big things small, make the small things even smaller.

But on what basis?

Not to mention that she would not spare Li Qianshi, even Su Chen, she wouldn’t spare that cheap father either .

“No, I do not agree!” Su Mo Li raised her head and met Su Chen’s eyes, “My mother died in vain. I want the murderer to be brought to justice!”

Su Mo Li’s words made Li Qianshi cry out loud: “Li’er aren’t you the kindest? Why do you want to do this to me? Do you want me to pay for her life with my life? I can indeed, but Xuan’er and Lin’er are still so young. Li’er, even if you hate me, you should think about your younger siblings ah ……”

Su Mo Li looked at Li Qianshi and her face was expressionless: “I will take care of my younger siblings, Mother should do as she sees fit.”

Saying that, Su Mo Li was about to leave.

Behind her Su Chen immediately called out: “Li’er, how did you become like this? Can’t you be more broad-minded and spare your mother?”

Su Mo Li only felt it was funny. The hatred of killing her mother was irreconcilable. Yet Su Chen said she should let it go so easily, as if it was wrong to find an enemy and want to take revenge!

Su Mo Li lightly laughed out and slowly said, “I will not interfere in this matter, everything is up to the Emperor!”

“Nonsense! This is our family matter, why do we have to go to the Emperor!” Su Chen immediately stopped Su Mo Li.

Then he gave Li Qianshi a look.

Li Qianshi was also busy climbing up and blocked Su Mo Li’s way: “Li’er, just forgive me, whatever you want, I am willing to give you. As long as you don’t make a big deal out of this matter.

If this matter gets out, your father’s official career will be ruined ah!”

Su Mo Li lowered her head, so that people could not see what was in her mind.

She wanted to leave, but obviously, these two people would not let her leave.

Just before she was about to speak, she heard a familiar voice: “Li’er!”

Su Mo Li lifted her head and after looking at Old Madam Su, everything was clear. It seemed that they were forcing her to agree today!

Translator’s note:

Truly a garbage family. They deserve each other.

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White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 75: Before the Storm

By the time Su Xin Zhen got up, Su Jia Xuan had already run away.

Su Xin Zhen’s whole body was shaking with anger. She looked at Li Qianshi and began crying the next second: “Mother! Look at her! She bullied me!”

Li Qianshi was also shocked by Su Jia Xuan’s action. After hearing Su Xin Zhen’s voice, she reacted and a surge of anger emerged in her heart: “Okay, you go back to your courtyard first, Mother will go and get justice for you.”

Saying that, Li Qianshi went towards Old Madam Su’s courtyard.

A smug look appeared on Su Xin Zhen’s face and just as she was about to leave, she saw Su Lin glaring at her.

Su Xin Zhen was just about to speak when she heard Su Lin roar: “You evil person!”

Su Xin Zhen’s face changed: “What did you say?”

“I said you’re a bad person! Big Sister is the good guy, you’re the bad guy!”

Su Xin Zhen was furious and was about to make a move when she heard Su Chen’s voice: “What are you doing?”

Su Lin cried out and pounced towards Su Chen: “Father, Second Sister wants to beat me!”

Su Chen’s face sank and he coldly turned on Su Xin Zhen.

This is the first time Su Chen looked at Su Xin Zen with such an expression. For a moment, Su Xin Zhen froze and her heart was beating fast.

She felt fear ……

Su Lin, on the other hand, was hiding in Su Chen’s arms, and looked at Su Xin Zhen with triumph.

Su Xin Zhen’s teeth bit her lips and she stared angrily at Su Lin: “I didn’t! Father, I didn’t hit him, it’s because he said some nonsense!”

Su Chen frowned: “Zhen’er, your brother is still a child, do you think he will frame you?”

Su Xin Zhen opened her mouth and was about to speak, but Su Lin burst into tears.

Su Chen hurriedly went to coax Su Lin, not caring about Su Xin Zhen.

Su Xin Zhen was extremely uncomfortable in her heart.

Su Xin Zhen turned around and ran away trying to find Zhong Li Ling. She ran until she got to the entrance of the Second Prince’s residence, but she was stopped.

The guard frowned and slowly said, “Second Miss Su, you and the Second Prince have already broken off the marriage contract. Isn’t it bad for you to come over again?”

The guard’s words caused Su Xin Zhen’s face to change and instantly turn tragically white.

Taking two steps back, Su Xin Zhen was undeterred: “You go inside and inform him! There’s no way the Second Prince won’t see me!”

“I say, Second Miss Su, the matter between you and Lord Qian has been spread all over. Soon you will be Madam Qian, why do you still bother with our Second Prince?”

The guard looked at Su Xin Zhen mockingly and his tone was full of disdain.

Su Xin Zhen’s face became whiter and whiter. Her mouth opened and closed a few times, but she did not say anything and eventually turned around to leave.

At that moment, Su Mo Li was saying goodbye to the Emperor and the Empress.

The Empress sighed: “You need to care for yourself more. Your brother suffered a kidnapping, but the people of your family will naturally be kind and comforting him. But when you were injured? Not a word from them.

That’s all, I won’t say anymore. Since you want to go back, Your Majesty, let her go back.” The Empress looked to the Emperor helplessly.

After the Emperor took a sip of tea, he nodded: “That’s fine, if you encounter any difficulties, come to me.”

After thanking them, Su Mo Li left the palace.

This time back, Su Mo Li went back in a very high-profile way.

The Emperor and Empress rewarded her with a lot of things.

When they arrived at Su’s Mansion, only Old Madam Su stood at the door smiling as she looked at Su Mo Li.

The Momo who followed her back saw this and frowned, but they did not say anything. After bidding farewell to Su Mo Li, she returned to the palace and told the Empress what she had seen and heard.

The Empress sneered: “Don’t worry about it. I know and have kept this matter in mind.”

After saying that, the Empress waved her hand, signaling the people to leave.

After a moment of silence, the Empress approached the Crown Prince and explained the situation. Then she slowly said: “Shi’er, this cousin of yours is very pitiful. You should visit the Su Mansion more often.”

After a pause, she continued, “It’s not convenient for you to go over there alone, so take Xi’er with you.”

Zhong Li Shi answered.

Su Mo Li’s return made Su Lin extraordinarily happy.

Su Jia Xuan’s eyes also shone brightly. She came over and called out “big sister” in a good mood.

The only ones who were not happy were Su Xin Zhen and Li Qianshi.

After returning to Cui Zhu Yuan, Cheng Tao and Huang Fan came over and talked about the events of the house from the past few days.

“Is it ready?” Su Mo Li asked with raised eyebrows.

Cheng Tao and Huang Fan looked at each other and nodded their heads at the same time.

“Then let’s get started.”

The two happily responded.

Immediately after that, something was wrong in the Su Mansion. But since Su Chen was now too busy fighting for his own future, he didn’t even notice it.

Su Mo Li’s people had already started to reveal evidence to the Emperor’s people. Whether intentionally or unintentionally, all the evidence pointed to Su Chen and Li Qianshi.

This night, Su Mo Li stood on the roof. Looking at the people running towards the palace side, she hooked her lip and said: “They’ve lived long enough.”

Cheng Tao sighed. She was aware of how hard her young lady had worked on this journey.

The two were just about to leave when all of a sudden, there was a strange sound of laughter.

“Hahahahaha …… hahahaha ……”

The corners of Su Mo Li’s mouth twitched and she and Cheng Tao looked at each other. In an instant, they saw an old man with white hair appear in front of the two of them.

“Elder Ge.” Cheng Tao’s eyes lit up, “Why are you coming over?”

“Eldest Miss.” Elder Ge bowed to Su Mo Li and said with a smile, “I came here on the order of the City Lord. The City Lord said that you are having a hard time over here, so he asked me to come and help you.”

“Tough?” Cheng Tao gave an odd look at Elder Ge, “Elder Ge, where did you hear that?”

“Oh, the City Lord dreamed about it.”

Su Mo Li mouth twitched, really ……

Cheng Tao was also helpless.

“Elder Ge, I’ll take you to find a place to stay. The Young Lady has now started to move, and in a short time, this matter will be over.”

Elder Ge stroked his white beard. He looked at Su Mo Li, thought for a moment and said, “It’s good, but this time the reason I came over is not for the matter of Miss’s revenge.”

“Then what is it?” Cheng Tao asked in confusion.

“Naturally, it’s for Miss’s lifelong matter.”

Elder Ge’s words made Su Mo Li helpless and after instructing Cheng Tao with a few words, she directly left.

Cheng Tao dragged Elder Ge to a different residence.

Su Mo Li sat by the window. Her right hand was propped up on her jaw, and her eyes were looking out, not knowing what she was thinking about.

Huang Fan walked in: “Miss, what are you thinking about?”

“Thinking about ……” Su Mo Li raised her head and blinked her eyes, “Nothing.

I’ll rest first.”

Saying that, Su Mo Li went to bed.

Compared to the comfort on Su Mo Li’s side, Su Chen’s brain was working overtime.

“Master, why don’t you go and ask Eldest Miss to go to the Emperor’s place to beg for mercy. Nowadays, only Eldest Miss can speak in front of the Emperor.” The housekeeper whispered. Seeing Su Chen frowning, he continued, “Master, if this matter is exposed, the Su family will be finished ah!

Master, the only way out now, is to push everything onto Madam ……”

Su Chen’s pupils fiercely shrank. His hand tightly clenched into a fist and his eyes crossed with a hint of uncertainty. The scales in his heart had begun to shift towards what the housekeeper said.

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White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 74: I Will Kill You

Su Chen arrived at the bottom of the hill just in time to see Su Mo Li. He took a couple steps towards her and raised his hand to hit her.

But Zhong Li Shi stopped him, and his cold eyes met Su Chen’s angry ones: “What is Lord Su doing?”

It was like a pot of cold water fell from the sky, which made Su Chen startled. He immediately bent down: “Greetings, Your Highness.”

Zhong Li Shi put down his hand and said indifferently: “Lord Su came here to beat my cousin without asking any questions, I wonder what the reason is?”

Su Chen hurriedly said, “Your Highness, forgive me, I was just too anxious ……”

“Anxious?” Zhong Li Shi sneered, “If Lord Su was really anxious, why did you come here only now? Your son was almost killed by bandits.

If Cousin hadn’t taken out her dowry, and given it to those mountain bandits, did Lord Su think he would still be able to see his son?

However, after Lord Su came over, instead of asking about Cousin’s previous injury, you even tried to beat her… What, is Lord Su saying that Cousin shouldn’t take out her dowry to save others?”

Su Chen froze and looked at Zhong Li Shi with a shocked face: “She took out her dowry?”

Su Mo Li let out a bitter smile, “Father, do you not believe in me that much?

I knew that something had happened to my brother, so I begged His Highness to bring me here. In order to bring my brother back with my own hands, I knew that Mother she …… was going to prepare a dowry for my second sister, and my second sister would not agree to take out her own dowry ……”

“Bad people! You are all bad people!” Su Lin, who had not spoken, suddenly raised his head and glared angrily at Su Chen, “You’re bad people! You don’t want to save me! I hate you!”

Su Lin’s voice caused Su Chen to look over: “Lin’er, are you okay? Come, let Father take a look.”

“You go away!” Su Lin pushed Su Chen away and ran directly behind Su Mo Li while glaring at Su Chen angrily, “You don’t want to save me! None of you want to save me! Only Big Sister wants to save me!”

“Okay Lord Su.” Zhong Li Shi glanced at Su Chen, “This is not the place to talk, Cousin is still injured so let’s go back first.”

Saying that, Zhong Li Shi then gestured for Su Mo Li to follow.

Su Mo Li’s face was full of aggravation. She looked at Su Chen and slowly said, “I always thought that Father knew who I was, but clearly it was me who thought too much.”

Saying that, Su Mo Li got on the carriage.

Su Chen frowned fiercely. He always felt that Su Mo Li did not know what to do or say. He had only wronged her a little, but she was making it seem as if he had done something big and unforgivable.

“I don’t want to go back! I want to go to Big Sister! Let go of me, you guys let go of me!”

Su Lin screamed loudly after being held by the old butler. Su Chen had a headache from all the noise, but after all, this was his only son, so he could only go along with him and coax him.

When they returned to the Prime Minister’s Residence, everyone gathered around, but Su Lin had already fallen asleep.

Su Chen had a tired face, and he gestured for them to go down first. If there was anything, they would talk about it tomorrow.

In the imperial palace, Su Mo Li handed some things to Zhong Li Shi: “These won’t bring down Su Chen, but they can break his left arm.

The best thing is to present it to him tomorrow morning at court, so that the night will not be too long.”

After speaking, Su Mo Li took two steps back, bowed her body and walked towards her room.

Zhong Li Shi raised his eyebrows, swept a glance at the information in his hand, and said to the man in the shadows, “Take these to Lord Lin.”

Lord Lin was Su Chen’s arch rival!

After that, the man in the shadows quickly left.

Su Mo Li lay on the bed and thought of how Zhong Li Shi defended her just now. She had to say that her heart was grateful.

Returning from rebirth, he was the only one who was willing to stand in front of her. (Shi Zhu to Su Mo Li: am I joke to you?)

After taking a deep breath and thinking of Su Chen, Su Mo Li’s eyes turned cold.

The next day, in court, Zhong Li Shi’s side had acted very quickly. Lord Lin had really confronted Su Chen.

When he first heard what Lord Lin said, Su Chen immediately took a step forward: “I’m being wrongfully accused, Your Majesty. How could I have done something corrupt! There must be some misunderstanding here! Lord Lin, don’t talk nonsense about things without evidence!”

Lord Lin sneered, “No evidence? Hmph, I have received an anonymous letter! I’m also asking Your Majesty to look at it!”

Saying that, Lord Lin handed something to Da Gouzi.

The Emperor’s expression grew worse and worse as Da Gouzi read it to him.

When he saw this, Su Chen’s eyes snapped shut and he knelt down: “I am asking Your Majesty to investigate this clearly!”

“Father, your son feels that there must be some misunderstanding here.” Zhong Li Ling hurriedly said, “Lord Su is diligent and loves the people. How could he do something like embezzling and taking bribes?”

Zhong Li Shi laughed lightly, “Back then, Lord Shi was also diligent and loved the people, but in the end, wasn’t he also investigated and punished for embezzlement?”

Su Chen was just about to argue, when he heard Zhong Li Shi continue, “It just so happens that this son here also has some evidence. This son wanted to investigate clearly before taking it out, but Father, please take a look.”

Saying that, Zhong Li Shi handed something to Da Guo Zi.

The Emperor looked at the evidence his his whole face changed. In the next second, he directly threw these things in front of Su Chen: “Su Aiqing take a good look at it.”

Su Chen took the papers with trembling hands. Looking at the information on it, it was written in his own handwriting. The whole person was confused as to how it got out, but he knew that he could not admit it.

So Su Chen directly fell on the ground: “Your Majesty, I am being wronged! I’m being framed! This must be someone framing Your servant ah!”

Zhong Li Shi looked at Zhong Li Ling who had a bad face, and said with a smile, “Does Second Brother want to see these things too?”

Zhong Li Ling took a deep look at Zhong Li Shi. He then picked up the evidence. When he read through it, his pupils shrank and his face was filled with disbelief.

Zhong Li Shi laughed lightly, “Indeed, someone might have framed Lord Su.

So, Father, it’s better to have someone go ahead and investigate a bit.”

The Emperor’s face was dark and sullen. He glanced at Zhong Li Shi and Zhong Li Ling: “This matter, you two go and investigate.”

Zhong Li Ling’s eyes lit up, it seems that their father wants to let them both race!

Zhong Li Shi helplessly glanced at the Emperor. He knew that the Emperor did not want him to offend Su Chen alone, after all, there were many people behind Su Chen.

If he was wrongly accused, with both of them checking him out, he wouldn’t resent them.


The Emperor’s good intention, he would naturally accept it.

The Emperor glanced at Su Chen who was kneeling on the ground and said indifferently: “Su Aiqing should not go to court for a few days. Stay and reflect in your mansion.”

“All right, this official will retire from the court.”

Su Chen staggered and stood up. He glanced at Zhong Li Shi and smiled, “The Crown Prince is really good at planning.”

Zhong Li Shi raised his eyebrows and looked at Su Chen: “What does Lord Su mean by that? I’m just saying what I know, if Lord Su is wronged, I will naturally return Lord Su’s innocence, if not ……”

The smile on Zhong Li Shi’s face disappeared, “Then Lord Su will have to think hard about how to apologize for his crime.”

After saying that, Zhong Li Shi flung his robe and left.

Zhong Li Ling walked over and slowly said, “Lord Su don’t worry, I will definitely find out the truth.”

Seeing Zhong Li Ling, Su Chen’s face eased a few points: “Second Prince, I wonder what you think about Zhen’er’s matter?”

Zhong Li Ling’s face sank: “Lord Su should know what to do.”

Su Chen sighed helplessly. He nodded his head and returned to the Su Mansion.

Soon, word spread that Su Xin Zhen dared to break off her engagement with Zhong Li Ling.

In the Su Mansion, Su Lin woke up and clamored for Su Mo Li and was dismissive of everyone else.

Su Jia Xuan felt it was a bit strange and found Su Lin who was playing in the garden while everyone was away: “Why are you looking for Big Sister? I’m telling you, don’t you try to bully Big Sister!”

Su Lin raised his head, looked at Su Jia Xuan and asked suspiciously, “Why would I bully Big Sister? It was Big Sister who saved me. You all didn’t save me, Big Sister is the good guy!”

“What are you talking about?” Su Xin Zhen walked over, “What are you babbling about? We are your sisters from the same mother, how dare you turn to outsiders?”

Su Xin Zhen was so angry that she glared at Su Lin angrily.

Su Lin already disliked Su Xin Zhen, and when she saw how she treated him, he screamed, “Second Sister is bullying me! Mother! Second Sister is bullying me!”

Su Jia Xuan had a momentary trance. When Su Lin came back, he also falsely accused her of bullying him, and at that time, her mother scolded her severely.

However, it was clear that she had not done anything.

Hearing the sound, Li Qianshi rushed over, and after hearing Su Lin’s words, she hurriedly hugged Su Lin in her arms: “My beloved son, who bullied you? Tell Mother!”

“It’s her! It’s her!” Su Lin pointed at Su Xin Zhen, his face was full of anger.

Su Xin Zhen glared at Su Lin and immediately said, “Mother, who has bullied him? When he came back, we all treated him like a treasure, who dares to bully him!”

Hearing this, Li Qianshi also hurriedly said, “Yes, how could your second sister bully you? Lin’er, don’t be naughty.”

Su Jia Xuan eyes dimmed as she looked on from the side.

They were both daughters, yet they were treated differently. And even though she was younger than Su Xin Zhen, it didn’t matter.

“I’ll go first.” Su Jia Xuan said in a small voice and was about to leave.

However, Su Lin directly broke away from Li Qianshi’s embrace and ran to Su Jia Xuan’s side: “I’m going to find Big Sister, do you know where Eldest Sister is?”

“Hey, you child!” Li Qianshi directly pulled Su Lin to her side, “This is your real sister, what are you looking for your eldest sister for?”

“Eldest sister is my Big Sister!” Su Lin got angry, “You guys don’t even like me! She’s not my sister either! Big Sister told me that she only thought about her dowry and didn’t give money to the kidnappers at all! It was Big Sister who took out her dowry and went to save me!”

“You! You white-eyed wolf!” Su Xin Zhen was furious, “Where did I not give you the silver? I clearly did!”

Su Jia Xuan said indifferently, “Second Sister did give it, just a few hundred taels of silver.”

“You shut up!” Su Xin Zhen raised her hand and slapped Su Jia Xuan directly on the face, “You always go against me, have you forgotten that I am your sister!”

Su Jia Xuan covered her cheek and turned her head to look at Li Qianshi, but she saw Li Qianshi frowning, “Xuan’er, your sister is right, why do you always turn to your eldest sister?”

“So, she can beat me?” Su Jia Xuan looked at Li Qianshi stubbornly.

Li Qianshi sighed: “All right, it’s just a dispute between sisters ……”

However, before she finished her words, she saw Su Jia Xuan directly rushed over. She threw Su Xin Zhen to the ground and slapped her face one after another.

Then, she stood up quickly and ran towards the outside.

“Ah!” Su Xin Zhen screamed, “I’m going to kill you!”

Su Jia Xuan is the best girl and I’m fighting anyone who wants to hurt her. She’s only 8 and has to deal with parents and a sibling that don’t love her

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White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 73: Vicious and Merciless

Su Jia Xuan’s words made Li Qianshi’s face sink.

Su Xin Zhen fiercely glared at Su Jia Xuan and her eyes were full of anger: “I am the one who is going to marry the Second Prince. Who are you to make me take out all my dowry? I have already taken out half of it, if you can, you take yours out!”

Su Jia Xuan looked at Li Qianshi: “Mother, how much of my dowry is left?”

Li Qianshi was just about to speak when she heard Su Jia Xuan say, “If I’m not wrong, I think you’ve taken it all out, right?”

Li Qianshi immediately said, “That is natural. Your brother had such a big incident, of course we took out all the valuable things we could.”

“Okay. Second Sister, did you hear that? I have taken out all mine, why can’t you take out all of yours?

Let’s not talk about whether the Second Prince will even marry you. If you don’t take all of yours out, why should you ask Big Sister to take out her dowry? Big Sister’s dowry was left to her by her own mother and has nothing to do with our family.

“Big Sister is now the county princess. Behind her is the Emperor and Empress. This matter must also be known to the Emperor and Empress. I’m afraid that in the Emperor’s heart, Father’s position has fallen a thousand times.”

Su Jia Xuan’s words made Su Xin Zhen angry: “What do you mean I can’t marry the Second Prince? I am the Second Prince’s concubine, you!”

“Alright!” Su Chen scolded and looked at Su Xin Zhen, “You are so old yet you don’t know how to behave like your sister!

It is true that we were wrong in this matter. The Emperor has now remembered how good Princess Huimin was to him and will naturally defend Li’er.

The dowry in Li’er’s hand was not prepared by us, so we have no reason to ……”

Su Chen paused and looked at Li Qianshi: “Take out all of Zhen’er’s dowry and go save Lin’er first.

As for the Second Prince’s side, withdraw the marriage after saving Lin’er.”

“Father!” Su Xin Zhen’s face was full of shock, “No, you can’t withdraw from the marriage! Why do you want to withdraw the marriage!”

Su Chen frowned: “After you did such a thing, do you think the Second Prince will still marry you? The Second Prince did not say anything because the Emperor pressured him! The Emperor is giving face to both you and I so that we can take the initiative to propose the cancellation of the marriage contract! Otherwise, you will be a royal abandoned woman! Who else will dare to marry you in the future?”

“Su Mo Li is also a royal abandoned woman, but she is still alive and well!”

Su Jia Xuan said with a smile, “Second Sister, have you forgotten that Eldest Sister withdrew from the marriage because the Second Prince and you …… You dare to say such words when in fact the fault does not lie with Eldest Sister. Plus now, Eldest Sister is a county princess, how can you compare with her?”

“Xuan’er is right.” Su Chen gave Su Jia Xuan an appreciative glance, “Zhen’er ah, you need to learn from your sister.”

Su Xin Zhen pouted. Her face was full of anger, but she didn’t dare to disobey Su Chen’s words. She reluctantly agreed and then gave Su Jia Xuan a fierce glare.

Su Jia Xuan on the other, lowered her head and didn’t say anything.

Afterwards, Li Qianshi came over with the rest of the dowry. Although she was heartbroken, compared to her own son, she could only give it up: “Master, it’s all here.”

“Well, count the value, then let’s go over.”

Su Chen stood up and his face was full of gloom.

“Father, why don’t we report it to the authorities!” Su Jia Xuan looked at Su Chen, “If something happens to my brother, what can be done?”

“What can the authorities do?” Su Chen frowned, “I’ve asked the housekeeper to report to the authorities, but it’s still up to us.”

“Let’s go.”

Saying that, Su Chen took the silver and walked out.

Looking at the silver in Su Chen’s hand, Su Xin Zhen’s hand fiercely clenched into a fist and her nails were embedded in her flesh. Unnoticed, she glanced at Li Qianshi and saw that her mind was on her brother’s, so she stomped her foot and ran out.



The maid looked at Li Qianshi, did not know what to do.

Su Jia Xuan immediately said: “Don’t worry about it too much. Sister is an adult. She’s probably in a bad mood so she went out. Mother, I’ll help you to go back to rest and we’ll wait for Younger Brother to come back. Don’t worry, Father will definitely bring Brother back.”

When Li Qianshi heard Su Jia Xuan’s voice, she thought of what just happened and frowned: “Xuan’er, Zhen’er is your real sister. How can you speak for your eldest sister?”

Su Jia Xuan pretended to be confused and looked at Li Qianshi: “What is speaking for Eldest Sister ah? It’s obvious that Second Sister was not going to do the right thing! Teacher said that one should be upright. I won’t lie!”

Su Jia Xuan beamed and her face was full of unwillingness.

Li Qianshi was unable to find a reason to disagree. Indeed, there was nothing wrong with what Su Jia Xuan said.

She frowned and continued: “That’s true, but no matter what, Zhen’er is your own sister. You should be the closest to her!”

“But brother is also my own brother. I can’t give up my brother for the sake of my sister!”


Li Qianshi only felt a headache and waved her hand, “Forget it.”

Saying that, she gestured for Su Jia Xuan to go back to her courtyard.

Su Jia Xuan also did not stay and went directly to the rear garden.

Dong Xue looked at her own miss and whispered, “Miss, do you think that the Young Master will come back safely?”

Su Jia Xuan was silent. She did not want Su Lin to come back but big sister said to let him come back …… let him pay back all that he owes us.

Big sister, could it be that she is also reborn back?

Then ……

Su Jia Xuan’s eyes lit up and her heart beat quickly.

“Miss, what’s wrong with you?”

Dong Xue looked at Su Jia Xuan in confusion.

Su Jia Xuan came back to her senses. She shook her head, and slowly said, “I’m fine, I just don’t know when Big Sister will come back.”

Meanwhile, the missed Su Mo Li had directly changed into her night stalking clothes and leaped out of the palace.

Just as she was about to leave the gate of the capital, she saw Zhong Li Shi leaving with his guards.

Su Mo Li followed behind them and frowned slightly. She touched her chest and had to say that it still hurt.

“Still hurts?” A familiar voice came over.

Su Mo Li looked over and stared slightly: “Why are you coming over?”

However, Zhong Li Shi did not answer Su Mo Li’s words and directly took her in his arms and entered the carriage behind the guards.

“Sit down.”

Su Mo Li’s face flushed red, but she quickly responded.

“Many thanks to His Highness the Crown Prince.”

Zhong Li Shi came back to his senses and coughed twice to hide the embarrassment in his heart.

“It’s okay.”

Then he glanced at Su Mo Li again and saw that the redness on her face had faded. He couldn’t help but feel a little chagrined and felt that he should have looked more.

Just, that stunning glimpse made him feel very shocked.

For a moment, he wanted to forget everything and just appreciate it.

“Going to save?” Zhong Li Shi changed the subject.

Su Mo Li answered and curled the corner of her lips: “I want Su Lin to know that without me, Su Mo Li, he can not live.”

Soon, they arrived at the bottom of the mountain.

Su Mo Li was just about to go out when she was pressed by Zhong Li Shi.

“Wait and listen to my instructions, when I tell you to come out, you come out.”

Saying that, Zhong Li Shi then had someone go and negotiate with the people above.

At the same time, he had his own secret guards go and stop Su Chen and his group. He also made sure to snatch the box from Su Chen’s hand.

The butler’s face was white: “Master, how can this be good! This is the Young Master’s life-saving silver!”

“Damn it!” Su Chen roared in anger, but in his heart he felt regret. He should have waited for the authorities to send someone to protect him, but he was too anxious, so he ……

He didn’t expect that someone would actually rob the silver halfway!

“Master ……” the butler called out again.

Su Chen took a deep breath and his eyes flashed with cold intent: “Go and pick up a few stones. First let’s pretend so that we can see Lin’er. The money can be raised again, but I have to make sure that Lin’er is safe.”

Although the butler was a little apprehensive, he also knew that this was the best way, so he could only agree.

The time that Su Chen delayed was enough for Zhong Li Shi.

Zhong Li Shi had long arranged for people to enter the mountain, therefore, with a single order, the people inside were directly tied up.


A boy’s cry came out loudly.

Afterward, Zhong Li Shi signaled someone to help the boy up: “Su Lin?”

Su Lin’s eyes lit up and he quickly raised his head: “Yes, I am Su Lin, the son of the current Prime Minister! Are you the one my father sent to save me! Quick, you quickly kill them all! They actually dared to capture me!”

Su Lin’s face was filled with rage.

He was manic and frenzied.

Zhong Li Shi swept a glance at Su Lin and said indifferently, “Your father doesn’t have the ability to instruct me. It was your big sister who asked me to come over to save the people.”

“Big sister?” Su Lin felt a little strange. He had never seen Su Mo Li before.

After Zhong Li Shi’s voice fell, Su Mo Li knew that it was time for her to take the stage.

Su Mo Li had already changed into normal clothes in the carriage.

Everyone froze after seeing Su Mo Li walk over. They didn’t know when County Princess Suo Rou actually followed him over.

“Su Lin, this is your eldest sister, Su Mo Li, the present-day County Princess Suo Rou.”

Zhong Li Shi said indifferently.

Su Lin’s entire body was dirty at this time, and when he met Su Mo Li’s eyes, he was a little strange: “I didn’t know I had a big sister.”

“Cough ……” Su Mo Li coughed twice. Her whole person swayed and it seemed like she was going to fall down in the next second.

Su Lin couldn’t help but hold her up: “Did you save me?”

“Yes.” Su Mo Li said in a soft voice, “The kidnappers needed silver, I took all the dowry my mother left me and saved you.”

“Why are you the one who took the silver, and who is your mother? Where is my father and my mother?” Su Lin frowned and a a few hints of hostility surfaced between his eyebrows.

Su Mo Li covered her chest and seemed to be a little uncomfortable.

Su Lin said at once: “You are injured?

You were injured and still came over to save me, why didn’t they come?”

The more Su Lin thought about it, the more aggrieved he was and he immediately burst into tears.

Zhong Li Shi instructed the subordinates to bring them to the carriage.

Su Mo Li rubbed Su Lin’s head and slowly said, “Let me explain to you. My mother was the Eldest Princess Huimin, but she passed away due to illness. Your mother was Father’s concubine, and only after my mother passed away did she become Father’s wife.

So do you understand?”

Su Lin said unconcernedly, “Of course I know, I’m very smart! Isn’t it just that you have a noble status? Don’t worry, I know!”

Su Mo Li hooked the corner of her lips, “It’s good that you know.”

Su Lin cocked his head and looked at Su Mo Li: “You are very good looking, even better looking than my two older sisters.”

Su Mo Li laughed out lightly, “You need to be good.”

If Su Lin can snap back and become good, she will give Su Lin a chance and forgive him. If he can’t snap back, then don’t blame her for being ruthless.

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White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 72: Enough[Catching Bugs]

Su Mo Li’s words instantly made Consort Gui choke.

Su Mo Li reached out and wiped the sweat on her forehead. She raised her head with a look of defiance. Her teeth and lips were bitten tightly, and she stared at the Emperor.

On the side, Shi Zhu had a cold sweat. Although their status is superb, but if the Emperor wants to kill them, it is also very easy.

“Your Majesty, do you believe me?”

The Emperor looked at Su Mo Li’s expression. He was in a trance for a moment and seemed to think of the time when Princess Huimin also knelt in front of the late emperor and told him that he was innocent.

At that time, everyone felt that it was because he was jealous and so caused his brother to be injured, but only elder sister Huimin believed in himself.

However, she was not afraid of other people and tried hard to find evidence for him.

“Li’er get up, quickly sit down.” The Emperor came back to his senses and instructed her. He then looked at Zhong Li Shi, and then at the Noble Consort and Zhong Li Lan. His eyebrows furrowed together and he said, “Li’er, tell me, why did you hit Lan’er?”

“Because she spoke out of turn.”

Su Mo Li said word by word: “It’s bad enough that she spoke rudely to Miss Shi, but she even hit her.

Yes, she is a princess, but Miss Shi’s status is not bad either!

Miss Shi has a high position in other countries. If this affects your friendship with other countries due to this it would be bad. What if other countries unite and attack our country?

Perhaps in the Eldest Princess’s opinion, it’s just that she doesn’t like Miss Shi, but other’s might think it’s your order, Your Majesty! I was thinking of you in the end!

So, I hit the Eldest Princess, but I didn’t expect that the Eldest Princess was enraged enough to kill me. If not for His Highness the Crown Prince rushing over in time, Miss Shi and I would have become the unjust souls under the Eldest Princess’ sword.”

Su Mo Li finished speaking and coughed violently.

The Empress said quickly, “Your Majesty, in the end, Li’er is weak. It is better to let her go to rest.

Ai, in the end, Li’er is also doing it for your sake and for the sake of our country. Your Majesty, what do you think?”

The Emperor raised his head to look at Zhong Li Lan and his expression was icy cold.

Concubine Gui immediately knelt down: “Your Majesty, you can’t listen to Su Mo Li’s words alone! Lan’er, Lan’er would definitely not be so rude to Miss Shi!”

Zhong Li Lan’s face was a bit flustered, but she knew she couldn’t admit it. She was just about to speak when Shi Zhu said coldly, “What, even I the party involved, can’t be trusted?”

Saying that, Shi Zhu pulled down her sleeve, and the whip marks on her arms were very obvious.

The crowd took a deep breath and heard Shi Zhu say, “How about having the Eldest Princess take out the whip and compare it to see if it’s the same?”

Zhong Li Lan’s hand fiercely tightened: “No, I didn’t, I didn’t mean to …… I ……”

“Good!” What else did the emperor not understand. He fiercely slapped the table, “Someone, take the Eldest Princess down and heavily beat her ten times with the board!”

Concubine Gui instantly screamed, “Your Majesty! No! Please be merciful, Your Majesty!”

In the end, this was his own daughter. The Emperor was also heartbroken. Just as he was about to speak, he heard the Empress exclaim, “Li’er! What’s wrong with you, Li’er!”

Zhong Li Shi stepped forward, picked Su Mo Li up and ran towards the side room.

Shi Zhu, on the other hand, glared fiercely at Zhong Li Lan and her tone was full of sarcasm: “The Eldest Princess is really good!”

Zhong Li Lan’s was naturally still beaten with ten hits.

Concubine Gui was furious, but there was nothing she could do.

When Su Mo Li woke up, the Emperor had gone to deal with political affairs.

The Empress had people carry Su Mo Li to her palace and then instructed her to rest well before leaving.

“Shi’er, stay with Mother and talk.” The Empress called out to Zhong Li Shi who wanted to leave.

Zhong Li Shi’s eyes deepened for a few moments. He responded and walked over.

The Empress let Momo Gui take the people away before looking at Zhong Li Shi: “Shi’er, you are also old. It’s time to look for a Crown Prince Consort, do you have a favorite candidate?”

Zhong Li Shi sipped his tea and said indifferently, “Why did Mother bring up this matter again?

Didn’t I say so? It’s not time yet.

What’s more, I don’t need to marry a Crown Princess to consolidate my power.”

The Empress was helpless: “Mother knows what you have in mind, but you always need to have someone by your side.”

“Well, if I fall in love with a certain woman one day, I will let the Empress Mother make it happen.”

The Empress had been observing Zhong Li Shi’s expression and saw that his face did not look different. She thought for a while and asked tentatively, “What does Shi’er think of Li’er?”

Zhong Li Shi’s hand holding the cup tightened, then he smiled: “This cousin is naturally excellent. Although she grew up in the countryside, her painting and qin are both good, and she does not lose to those famous ladies in the capital.”

The Empress nodded: “You are right, Li’er is a poor person. You also choose well, if there is a good male brother of yours, you keep an eye out for some and save him for Li’er.”

“Yes.” Zhong Li Shi lightly smiled and answered.

When the Empress saw this, she said with a smile, “Okay, you go and do your work.”

After Zhong Li Shi excused himself, the Empress summoned Momo Gui: “Did you hear what was said just now?”

“Empress, this old slave still doesn’t understand. Do you want the Crown Prince to be with the County Princess or not?”

Momo Gui asked in confusion.

The Empress sighed: “As long as Shi’er likes her, I am willing to let Li’er be my daughter-in-law. Only, I am afraid that Li’er will not agree. This girl looks delicate, but she has her own ideas, otherwise how can she get the favor of Grandmaster Feng He and Miss Shi?

Shi’er will definitely be the Emperor in the future, as the Emperor’s wife, there will be a lot to endure.”

Looking at the Empress’ gloomy and lost look, how could Momo Gui not understand. She could only sigh and whisper comfortingly.

The next day, after Su Mo Li finished her medicine, she and Zhong Li Xi were chatting about their plans for the day when she saw Bai Ling walk in: “Second Princess, the Prime Minister’s Residence has sent word that the Third Son has been robbed by bandits.”

“What?” Zhong Li Xi was shocked and quickly looked at Su Mo Li.

She saw Su Mo Li tense up and struggle to get up.

Zhong Li Xi hastily held Su Mo Li down: “Don’t move, your wound is not healed yet! I know you are anxious, don’t worry, it will be fine.”

Su Mo Li shook her head with a face full of gloom: “No, I want to go back to the house, I am going to ……”

Before the words were finished, Su Mo Li fainted.

“Quick! Call the Imperial Doctor!”

Zhong Li Xi was anxious and quickly asked someone to call the doctor. She asked Bai Ling to report the matter to the Empress.

Soon, the Empress came over. She looked at Su Mo Li lying on the bed with a pale face, and sighed: “The news of Li’er’s injury has also spread to the Prime Minister’s Residence, yet no one came over to comfort her.

This time, the Su family’s son was robbed by bandits, so what can Li’er do? What are they trying to do?”

Zhong Li Xi was also indignant: “Who knows! These people don’t go to the authorities but come to Li’er. Who knows what they want!”

The Emperor also received the news and raised his eyebrows: “Why is that?”

Zhong Li Shi, who was reading a memorial, raised his head, and his sharp eyes took on a smile as he said briskly, “Why else? I heard that the robbers wanted silver before releasing the Su family’s son. They are obviously looking for money from County Princess Suo Rou.”

“They want money?” The Emperor was even more puzzled, “Li’er is just a child, what kind of money can she have?”

As soon as the words left his mouth, the Emperor felt that something was wrong. Li’er should have quite a lot of silver, however, Li’er gave all those properties to himself. Now he is afraid that she is also out of silver.

Zhong Li Shi did not answer, but yawned: “Father, let’s stop here today, I’m tired.”

The Emperor said in a good-natured way: “There are so many more! What, just want to dump it to me?”

Zhong Li Shi said with a smile: “Father is capable of more work!”

“Come on!” The Emperor did not have a good expression for Zhong Li Shi, but he could not stop the smile coming to his face is. “Let’s do it this way, the matter of the third son of the Su family will be left to you, you must save the person.”

Zhong Li Shi frowned: “Then how about I continue reading the memorials with you, Father?”

“No good!”

The Emperor directly threw the memorial at Zhong Li Shi: “Go!”

Zhong Li Shi was full of rejection, but he had no choice but to respond and walk towards the outside.

“This child! He’s really ……” The Emperor shook his head with a helpless look on his face.

Da Gouzi on the side said with a smile, “The Crown Prince’s relationship with the Emperor is really good ah. This old slave has followed the Emperor for so many years, and only when the Crown Prince is there will the Emperor be happy.

The Crown Prince also believes in you. This old slave can see at a glance that the Crown Prince is a million times reluctant to succeed the throne.”

The Emperor shook his head: “But that’s not it! I also know his mind is non-competitive, but he’s the only one who can guard my kingdom!

Look at those other children (i.e. third price), they can only look at him. They are not as good as one ten thousandth of Shi’er!

Look at those who are jumping up and down everyday. Do they really think that Shi’er can’t see what they are doing? Only Shi’er is not willing to bother with them.”

The Emperor coldly snorted: “But Shi’er not caring is his generosity, but I can not chill his heart. This is a good opportunity. If Su family’s third son is saved, it can also make Su Chen recognize the Crown Prince’s goodness.”

Da Gouzi immediately said, “Your Majesty has a heart.”

At this time in the Su Mansion, Li Qianshi was crying non-stop and Su Xin Zhen’s eyes were full of anger: “Father, Sister must not be willing to save her brother. That’s why she hasn’t replied!”

Su Jia Xuan fiercely turned back to Su Xin Zhen and glared: “Second Sister, have you forgotten that Eldest Sister has suffered a very serious injury? The Empress has said that it is difficult for her to even get out of bed!”

“So what?” Su Xin Zhen said unconcernedly, “As long as she gives us the money, it’s not like she needs to get out of bed!”

Su Jia Xuan looked at Su Xin Zhen incredulously, “Second Sister, you want Big Sister’s dowry to save your brother? Then why don’t you take out your own dowry? You and your brother are blood siblings!”

Li Qianshi glared at Su Jia Xuan: “What are you talking about? Your second sister took out her dowry a long time ago, it’s just not enough!”

Su Jia Xuan sneered and lowered her head: “Oh? I remember that Second Sister’s dowry is 50,000 silver, plus seven or eight chests. Adding it up should be 100,000 taels and the kidnappers are asking for 100,000 taels. Clearly it’s enough!”

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