White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 76: Forcing

In the past few days, Su Mo Li has been watching the chicken flying around the house with cold eyes.

She did not expect that Su Lin had already regarded herself as the most dependable person, while Su Xin Zhen and Li Qianshi were so angry with Su Lin that their heads were smoking.

“Miss, all the news has already been spread out.”

Su Mo Li answered and slowly asked, “How is Elder Ge?”

“Elder Ge has gone to talk to the Emperor.” Cheng Tao said helplessly, “Elder Ge said, he was bored and just happened to have some friendship with the Emperor, so he is living in the palace.”

Su Mo Li laughed lightly and shook her head helplessly: “So be it, keep him safe and let him do whatever else he wants.”

After a pause, Su Mo Li was just about to go to Su Jia Xuan, when she saw the housekeeper walking over.

“Miss, the master has asked for you.”

At this time in the study, Li Qianshi looked at Su Chen incredulously. She opened her mouth, and her face was full of shock: “Master, what did you say? Why?”

“Why?” Su Chen coldly snorted, “Don’t you know why in your heart? Because of you, the Emperor has begun to suspect me!

If the Emperor intervenes in this matter, do you think it can still be concealed? I’m telling you, either we all die, or you take the blame alone so that I can still find a way to save you!

Even if you don’t want to live, think about Lin’er! Do you want Lin’er to follow us to death?”

Su Chen’s words made Li Qianshi’s face pale. If looked at carefully, the panic could be seen on her face.

Pursing her lips, she asked with a trembling voice, “Master, will you really save me?”

“Of course I will save you.” Su Chen sighed, “If I don’t save you, you can just give me up as well.”

“Master, has it really come to this? Perhaps there is still room for maneuvering? Maybe the Emperor will not ……”

Su Chen shook his head, “From the time the Emperor suspended me, I knew that the Emperor was going to make a move on me. They say that accompanying an emperor is like accompanying a tiger and it’s true.”

Su Chen’s words made Li Qianshi take two steps backward. She opened her mouth, but couldn’t say a word.

Su Chen said indifferently: “I have already asked someone to invite Li’er to come over, when the time comes, you will bear the burden.”

Li Qianshi raised her head sharply. Her eyes full of disbelief. She didn’t expect that Su Chen had actually arranged this matter and didn’t even give her time to think about it!

“Master, Eldest Miss is here.” Outside, the butler’s voice rang out.

After Su Chen gave Li Qianshi a look, he rushed outside and shouted, “Come in.”

Su Mo Li came in modestly and swept a glance at the two people’s expressions without moving. She then bowed, “Father, Mother.”

Su Chen’s face was very grave, and after seeing Su Mo Li, he slowly said, “Li’er, I called you here today for the matter of your real mother.”

Su Mo Li looked at Su Chen in confusion: “Father, Li’er has some confusion.”

Su Chen sighed again: “It’s unfortunate for the family! Back then, your mother’s death, there was something else, you …… are you ready?”

What else did Su Mo Li not understand, he was looking for a scapegoat.

It looks like Su Chen is trying to put everything on Li Qianshi.

Dog bites dog, huh.

After a coldly laughing in her heart, a shocked look appeared on Su Mo Li’s face and she seemed very puzzled: “My mother’s death, what is going on? Father, you quickly tell me!”

Saying that, Su Mo Li collapsed on the stool next to him and cried in a small voice: “What the hell is going on …… woo woo ……”

“You still do not kneel down!” Su Chen roared angrily. Li Qianshi, who was on the side, knelt down, “Master, I ……”

Meeting the coldness in Su Chen’s eyes, Li Qianshi bit her lips and let out a cry, “Li’er, I’m the one who wronged you! I’m sorry! It’s because I got carried away in the moment!

I was jealous of Princess Huimin and poisoned her to death. I know I was wrong. I pray every day for Princess Huimin to be blessed. Li’er, please, forgive me, okay?”

Su Mo Li’s face took on the appearance of feigned shock, while Li Qianshi had already crawled over and grabbed Su Mo Li’s coat: “Li’er, you are the most kind. Please, forgive Mother, okay?

Li’er, it’s all Mother’s fault. Please, spare me this time, okay?”

Su Mo Li stood up. She looked at the expectant look in Li Qianshi’s eyes, then turned her head to look at Su Chen: “Father, do you want me to forgive Mother too?”

Su Chen’s eyes flashed, he sighed then said slowly: “Your mother was also overwhelmed by jealousy at that time, but people can’t come back to life. Let your mother live in regret for the rest of her life. You are after all Huimin’s only daughter, let your mother take good care of you and thus make amends, okay?”

Saying so much, it could be summed in one sentence.

Make the big things small, make the small things even smaller.

But on what basis?

Not to mention that she would not spare Li Qianshi, even Su Chen, she wouldn’t spare that cheap father either .

“No, I do not agree!” Su Mo Li raised her head and met Su Chen’s eyes, “My mother died in vain. I want the murderer to be brought to justice!”

Su Mo Li’s words made Li Qianshi cry out loud: “Li’er aren’t you the kindest? Why do you want to do this to me? Do you want me to pay for her life with my life? I can indeed, but Xuan’er and Lin’er are still so young. Li’er, even if you hate me, you should think about your younger siblings ah ……”

Su Mo Li looked at Li Qianshi and her face was expressionless: “I will take care of my younger siblings, Mother should do as she sees fit.”

Saying that, Su Mo Li was about to leave.

Behind her Su Chen immediately called out: “Li’er, how did you become like this? Can’t you be more broad-minded and spare your mother?”

Su Mo Li only felt it was funny. The hatred of killing her mother was irreconcilable. Yet Su Chen said she should let it go so easily, as if it was wrong to find an enemy and want to take revenge!

Su Mo Li lightly laughed out and slowly said, “I will not interfere in this matter, everything is up to the Emperor!”

“Nonsense! This is our family matter, why do we have to go to the Emperor!” Su Chen immediately stopped Su Mo Li.

Then he gave Li Qianshi a look.

Li Qianshi was also busy climbing up and blocked Su Mo Li’s way: “Li’er, just forgive me, whatever you want, I am willing to give you. As long as you don’t make a big deal out of this matter.

If this matter gets out, your father’s official career will be ruined ah!”

Su Mo Li lowered her head, so that people could not see what was in her mind.

She wanted to leave, but obviously, these two people would not let her leave.

Just before she was about to speak, she heard a familiar voice: “Li’er!”

Su Mo Li lifted her head and after looking at Old Madam Su, everything was clear. It seemed that they were forcing her to agree today!

Translator’s note:

Truly a garbage family. They deserve each other.

Edited by EllieKit

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