White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 75: Before the Storm

By the time Su Xin Zhen got up, Su Jia Xuan had already run away.

Su Xin Zhen’s whole body was shaking with anger. She looked at Li Qianshi and began crying the next second: “Mother! Look at her! She bullied me!”

Li Qianshi was also shocked by Su Jia Xuan’s action. After hearing Su Xin Zhen’s voice, she reacted and a surge of anger emerged in her heart: “Okay, you go back to your courtyard first, Mother will go and get justice for you.”

Saying that, Li Qianshi went towards Old Madam Su’s courtyard.

A smug look appeared on Su Xin Zhen’s face and just as she was about to leave, she saw Su Lin glaring at her.

Su Xin Zhen was just about to speak when she heard Su Lin roar: “You evil person!”

Su Xin Zhen’s face changed: “What did you say?”

“I said you’re a bad person! Big Sister is the good guy, you’re the bad guy!”

Su Xin Zhen was furious and was about to make a move when she heard Su Chen’s voice: “What are you doing?”

Su Lin cried out and pounced towards Su Chen: “Father, Second Sister wants to beat me!”

Su Chen’s face sank and he coldly turned on Su Xin Zhen.

This is the first time Su Chen looked at Su Xin Zen with such an expression. For a moment, Su Xin Zhen froze and her heart was beating fast.

She felt fear ……

Su Lin, on the other hand, was hiding in Su Chen’s arms, and looked at Su Xin Zhen with triumph.

Su Xin Zhen’s teeth bit her lips and she stared angrily at Su Lin: “I didn’t! Father, I didn’t hit him, it’s because he said some nonsense!”

Su Chen frowned: “Zhen’er, your brother is still a child, do you think he will frame you?”

Su Xin Zhen opened her mouth and was about to speak, but Su Lin burst into tears.

Su Chen hurriedly went to coax Su Lin, not caring about Su Xin Zhen.

Su Xin Zhen was extremely uncomfortable in her heart.

Su Xin Zhen turned around and ran away trying to find Zhong Li Ling. She ran until she got to the entrance of the Second Prince’s residence, but she was stopped.

The guard frowned and slowly said, “Second Miss Su, you and the Second Prince have already broken off the marriage contract. Isn’t it bad for you to come over again?”

The guard’s words caused Su Xin Zhen’s face to change and instantly turn tragically white.

Taking two steps back, Su Xin Zhen was undeterred: “You go inside and inform him! There’s no way the Second Prince won’t see me!”

“I say, Second Miss Su, the matter between you and Lord Qian has been spread all over. Soon you will be Madam Qian, why do you still bother with our Second Prince?”

The guard looked at Su Xin Zhen mockingly and his tone was full of disdain.

Su Xin Zhen’s face became whiter and whiter. Her mouth opened and closed a few times, but she did not say anything and eventually turned around to leave.

At that moment, Su Mo Li was saying goodbye to the Emperor and the Empress.

The Empress sighed: “You need to care for yourself more. Your brother suffered a kidnapping, but the people of your family will naturally be kind and comforting him. But when you were injured? Not a word from them.

That’s all, I won’t say anymore. Since you want to go back, Your Majesty, let her go back.” The Empress looked to the Emperor helplessly.

After the Emperor took a sip of tea, he nodded: “That’s fine, if you encounter any difficulties, come to me.”

After thanking them, Su Mo Li left the palace.

This time back, Su Mo Li went back in a very high-profile way.

The Emperor and Empress rewarded her with a lot of things.

When they arrived at Su’s Mansion, only Old Madam Su stood at the door smiling as she looked at Su Mo Li.

The Momo who followed her back saw this and frowned, but they did not say anything. After bidding farewell to Su Mo Li, she returned to the palace and told the Empress what she had seen and heard.

The Empress sneered: “Don’t worry about it. I know and have kept this matter in mind.”

After saying that, the Empress waved her hand, signaling the people to leave.

After a moment of silence, the Empress approached the Crown Prince and explained the situation. Then she slowly said: “Shi’er, this cousin of yours is very pitiful. You should visit the Su Mansion more often.”

After a pause, she continued, “It’s not convenient for you to go over there alone, so take Xi’er with you.”

Zhong Li Shi answered.

Su Mo Li’s return made Su Lin extraordinarily happy.

Su Jia Xuan’s eyes also shone brightly. She came over and called out “big sister” in a good mood.

The only ones who were not happy were Su Xin Zhen and Li Qianshi.

After returning to Cui Zhu Yuan, Cheng Tao and Huang Fan came over and talked about the events of the house from the past few days.

“Is it ready?” Su Mo Li asked with raised eyebrows.

Cheng Tao and Huang Fan looked at each other and nodded their heads at the same time.

“Then let’s get started.”

The two happily responded.

Immediately after that, something was wrong in the Su Mansion. But since Su Chen was now too busy fighting for his own future, he didn’t even notice it.

Su Mo Li’s people had already started to reveal evidence to the Emperor’s people. Whether intentionally or unintentionally, all the evidence pointed to Su Chen and Li Qianshi.

This night, Su Mo Li stood on the roof. Looking at the people running towards the palace side, she hooked her lip and said: “They’ve lived long enough.”

Cheng Tao sighed. She was aware of how hard her young lady had worked on this journey.

The two were just about to leave when all of a sudden, there was a strange sound of laughter.

“Hahahahaha …… hahahaha ……”

The corners of Su Mo Li’s mouth twitched and she and Cheng Tao looked at each other. In an instant, they saw an old man with white hair appear in front of the two of them.

“Elder Ge.” Cheng Tao’s eyes lit up, “Why are you coming over?”

“Eldest Miss.” Elder Ge bowed to Su Mo Li and said with a smile, “I came here on the order of the City Lord. The City Lord said that you are having a hard time over here, so he asked me to come and help you.”

“Tough?” Cheng Tao gave an odd look at Elder Ge, “Elder Ge, where did you hear that?”

“Oh, the City Lord dreamed about it.”

Su Mo Li mouth twitched, really ……

Cheng Tao was also helpless.

“Elder Ge, I’ll take you to find a place to stay. The Young Lady has now started to move, and in a short time, this matter will be over.”

Elder Ge stroked his white beard. He looked at Su Mo Li, thought for a moment and said, “It’s good, but this time the reason I came over is not for the matter of Miss’s revenge.”

“Then what is it?” Cheng Tao asked in confusion.

“Naturally, it’s for Miss’s lifelong matter.”

Elder Ge’s words made Su Mo Li helpless and after instructing Cheng Tao with a few words, she directly left.

Cheng Tao dragged Elder Ge to a different residence.

Su Mo Li sat by the window. Her right hand was propped up on her jaw, and her eyes were looking out, not knowing what she was thinking about.

Huang Fan walked in: “Miss, what are you thinking about?”

“Thinking about ……” Su Mo Li raised her head and blinked her eyes, “Nothing.

I’ll rest first.”

Saying that, Su Mo Li went to bed.

Compared to the comfort on Su Mo Li’s side, Su Chen’s brain was working overtime.

“Master, why don’t you go and ask Eldest Miss to go to the Emperor’s place to beg for mercy. Nowadays, only Eldest Miss can speak in front of the Emperor.” The housekeeper whispered. Seeing Su Chen frowning, he continued, “Master, if this matter is exposed, the Su family will be finished ah!

Master, the only way out now, is to push everything onto Madam ……”

Su Chen’s pupils fiercely shrank. His hand tightly clenched into a fist and his eyes crossed with a hint of uncertainty. The scales in his heart had begun to shift towards what the housekeeper said.

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