Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 4 – Gu Lin Chao

In a deep dark alley, a carriage stood quietly.

The color of the carriage almost blended with the night as one.

If one didn’t look carefully, one wouldn’t notice it.

The carriage was surrounded by iron-clad guards who were on strict alert. They all had sharp, stern eyes.

Xue Zi Yu looked at the battalion in front of him, turned his head to run, but found that his legs had been scared soft. He could not walk.

Looking at the cold young man approaching, he held onto the wall and shouted sternly, “You, who are you?”

The cold young man in black clothes just gave him an expressionless glance with hidden disdain. With a wave of his hand, the two iron-armored guards behind him walked up to either side of Xue Zi Yu and picked him up.

“You, you let go of me……” Xue Zi Yu wanted to shout, but when he made eye contact with the iron-armored guard’s cold eyes, he was automatically silenced and did not dare to struggle.

The black-clothed young man turned his head and walked to the side of the carriage and reported in a low voice to the person in the carriage.

“Just now at the back door of the Wen Mansion, the person who had a private meeting with Xue Zi Yu, was Third Miss Wen, and not the Regent’s Princess ……”

“You didn’t see wrong?” A moment later, a cold and low voice came out from the carriage.

“This subordinate saw it clearly. It is indeed not the Regent’s Princess. Moreover, the matter of Third Miss Wen’s private meeting with someone was also discovered by the servant girl beside the Regent’s Princess. It is estimated that the matter has now become a big deal in the Wen Mansion.” The black-clothed young man finished with a frown. He glanced at Xue Zi Yu on the side and said, “By the way, Xue Zi Yu escaped and was caught by our people.”

“Xue Zi Yu ” In the carriage, the man’s low voice slowly sounded.

“Exactly.” The black-clothed young man replied.

At this moment, the iron-armored guards directly threw Xue Zi Yu down on the ground next to the carriage.

Looking at the black carriage in front of him, Xue Zi Yu felt a suffocating oppression for no reason. Without the iron-armored guard calling for it, he immediately knelt down and begged for mercy, “Lord spare my life, I’m just a blade of grass. I usually live peacefully and have not done anything harmful to heaven and earth, please let me go ……”

It was quiet all around and the person in the carriage did not speak out.

For some reason, Xue Zi Yu felt more and more apprehensive. Beads of sweat from the top of his head slipped down and chills spread to all his limbs.

He did not dare to move.

After a long time, a gust of wind from nowhere swept up a corner of the carriage curtain, revealing the scene inside.

A man dressed in black robes was flipping through the files with his head down. Although he did not show his face, the side profile was noble and elegant, giving people a sense of cold asceticism.

He seemed to have not heard Xue Zi Yu’s pleas for mercy.

The long and bony fingers lightly knocked on the small table.

One by one, rhythmically. But in Xue Zi Yu’s ears, it sounded like a death knell.

While Xue Ziyu’s liver and guts were trembling, a soft snort suddenly came out of the carriage.

A very faint voice came out but people dared not ignore it.

“This kind of goods, Wen Qi Qi likes to look at it?”

It seems that he could somehow not agree with the other party’s taste.

Xue Zi Yu was not too stupid. At first he did not understand, but when he thought of the iron-armored guards around him, a light flashed in his mind and he suddenly understood what was going on. He was so scared that he almost peed his pants and hastily clarified, “Your Majesty, I am innocent and have nothing to do with Her Highness …… Right, this was all a set-up by the Third Miss Wen. She wanted me to lure Her Highness and take her to elope …… I did not do anything ……”

When the cold young man standing by the carriage heard this, he was vaguely surprised, “Are you telling the truth?”

“I do not dare to hide, every word is true, a thousand times true, but please have mercy on me. Forgive me ……” Xue Zi Yu kowtowed while begging for mercy.

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