Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 3 – Hasten to Clear up The Relationship

However, what Wen Ruyi did not expect was that she had only just left the back door when a sharp voice cut through the quiet of the Wen Mansion.

“Thieves! Thieves!”

“The wedding token given by the Regent to the Fourth Lady has been stolen by thieves, come and catch the thieves…”

“Clang, clang, clang…”

A loud gong sounded, waking up the sleeping people.

The lights of each courtyard gradually lit up.

Wen Ruyi found the place where Xue Zi Yu was hiding, and was just about to speak when the back door of the Wen Mansion was thrown open with a “bang”, followed by a group of people rushing out.

“I just saw thieves escaping this way……”

“Hey, there’s someone there, go over and take a look.”

Wen Ruyi was startled. Before she understood what was going on, she was surrounded by a group of family servants who rushed over. Xue Zi Yu saw that the situation was not right and was just about to run, but he was grabbed by a tall servant.

“This person is sneaky. They must be the thieves who stole the token of the Fourth Miss! How dare you steal even the wedding token given to the Fourth Miss by the Regent?”


Without saying a word, that houseboy smashed his fist heavily on Xue Zi Yu’s face.

Xue Zi Yu was a weak scholar, how could he stand such a beating?

Seeing this, Wen Ruyi wanted to take the opportunity and slip away, but at that moment, a surprised voice shouted, “Hey, isn’t this the Third Miss?”

Wen Ruyi’s movement froze and she turned her head to see that the person who shouted at her was none other than Wen Qi Qi’s personal servant girl, Lu Qiao.

She was standing in the crowd, and her expression looked very surprised.

Wen Ruyi’s heart sank with a “thud”.

As expected, when the others heard Lu Qiao shouting, they all locked their eyes on her, and their expressions were very delicate. Their eyes wandered back and forth between her and Xue Zi Yu, as if they had discovered some kind of love affair.

Wen Ruyi was shocked and angry.

She didn’t understand how things could have evolved to this point.

“Third Miss, you and this gentleman……” Lu Qiao walked up and said in an inquiring tone.

Wen Ruyi haughtily returned to her senses and hurriedly brushed off the relationship, “I don’t know this person……”

Lu Qiao nodded, “So Third Miss and this gentleman don’t know each other.” Turning her head, she ordered her subordinates, “This man is sneaky, maybe he stole something from the Fourth Young Lady. Beat him to death!”

The servants lifted the sticks in their hands and were about to hit Xue Zi Yu.

Xue Zi Yu was so frightened that his face turned white and he struggled and shouted, “Wen Ruyi, you and I have been seeing each other for more than a few months! How could we not know each other? And tonight, it was you who asked me to come here, you should quickly help me say something……”

The crowd was in an uproar when this statement was made.

Wen Ruyi’s heart sank when she noticed the strange glances from the crowd. She was shocked and angry, and she wanted to kill Xue Zi Yu, this stupid person.

Lu Qiao frowned and said: “This person’s behavior is really suspicious. I have to report to the Duke, you guys hurry up and escort him back to the house for interrogation. Don’t let him get away.”

Before Wen Ruyi could react, Lu Qiao had already run through the back door.

Cold sweat slid down from her forehead.

This time, she was really panicked. If this was stirred up in front of Wen Shi Qing ……

At this time, a houseboy suddenly cried out in pain. When Wen Ruyi turned her head to look, she only had time to see the figure of Xue Zi Yu running away.

Seeing this, Wen Ruyi secretly sighed with relief.

Xue Zi Yu is not too stupid!

As long as the person ran away, it was good. Otherwise, her deal with Xue Zi Yu, she was afraid that it would be exposed ……

“No need to chase.” Wen Ruyi stopped the family butlers who were going to catch Xue Zi Yu.

The family servants hesitated, but they thought that the Third Young Lady had always been highly valued by the old lady. If they disobeyed her at this time, they were afraid that they would get into trouble later.

The family servants had to give up chasing after Xue Zi Yu when they thought of this.

Wen Ruyi put her heart down and turned around to enter the Wen Mansion.

What she didn’t know was that Xue Zi Yu didn’t run away successfully.

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