White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 74: I Will Kill You

Su Chen arrived at the bottom of the hill just in time to see Su Mo Li. He took a couple steps towards her and raised his hand to hit her.

But Zhong Li Shi stopped him, and his cold eyes met Su Chen’s angry ones: “What is Lord Su doing?”

It was like a pot of cold water fell from the sky, which made Su Chen startled. He immediately bent down: “Greetings, Your Highness.”

Zhong Li Shi put down his hand and said indifferently: “Lord Su came here to beat my cousin without asking any questions, I wonder what the reason is?”

Su Chen hurriedly said, “Your Highness, forgive me, I was just too anxious ……”

“Anxious?” Zhong Li Shi sneered, “If Lord Su was really anxious, why did you come here only now? Your son was almost killed by bandits.

If Cousin hadn’t taken out her dowry, and given it to those mountain bandits, did Lord Su think he would still be able to see his son?

However, after Lord Su came over, instead of asking about Cousin’s previous injury, you even tried to beat her… What, is Lord Su saying that Cousin shouldn’t take out her dowry to save others?”

Su Chen froze and looked at Zhong Li Shi with a shocked face: “She took out her dowry?”

Su Mo Li let out a bitter smile, “Father, do you not believe in me that much?

I knew that something had happened to my brother, so I begged His Highness to bring me here. In order to bring my brother back with my own hands, I knew that Mother she …… was going to prepare a dowry for my second sister, and my second sister would not agree to take out her own dowry ……”

“Bad people! You are all bad people!” Su Lin, who had not spoken, suddenly raised his head and glared angrily at Su Chen, “You’re bad people! You don’t want to save me! I hate you!”

Su Lin’s voice caused Su Chen to look over: “Lin’er, are you okay? Come, let Father take a look.”

“You go away!” Su Lin pushed Su Chen away and ran directly behind Su Mo Li while glaring at Su Chen angrily, “You don’t want to save me! None of you want to save me! Only Big Sister wants to save me!”

“Okay Lord Su.” Zhong Li Shi glanced at Su Chen, “This is not the place to talk, Cousin is still injured so let’s go back first.”

Saying that, Zhong Li Shi then gestured for Su Mo Li to follow.

Su Mo Li’s face was full of aggravation. She looked at Su Chen and slowly said, “I always thought that Father knew who I was, but clearly it was me who thought too much.”

Saying that, Su Mo Li got on the carriage.

Su Chen frowned fiercely. He always felt that Su Mo Li did not know what to do or say. He had only wronged her a little, but she was making it seem as if he had done something big and unforgivable.

“I don’t want to go back! I want to go to Big Sister! Let go of me, you guys let go of me!”

Su Lin screamed loudly after being held by the old butler. Su Chen had a headache from all the noise, but after all, this was his only son, so he could only go along with him and coax him.

When they returned to the Prime Minister’s Residence, everyone gathered around, but Su Lin had already fallen asleep.

Su Chen had a tired face, and he gestured for them to go down first. If there was anything, they would talk about it tomorrow.

In the imperial palace, Su Mo Li handed some things to Zhong Li Shi: “These won’t bring down Su Chen, but they can break his left arm.

The best thing is to present it to him tomorrow morning at court, so that the night will not be too long.”

After speaking, Su Mo Li took two steps back, bowed her body and walked towards her room.

Zhong Li Shi raised his eyebrows, swept a glance at the information in his hand, and said to the man in the shadows, “Take these to Lord Lin.”

Lord Lin was Su Chen’s arch rival!

After that, the man in the shadows quickly left.

Su Mo Li lay on the bed and thought of how Zhong Li Shi defended her just now. She had to say that her heart was grateful.

Returning from rebirth, he was the only one who was willing to stand in front of her. (Shi Zhu to Su Mo Li: am I joke to you?)

After taking a deep breath and thinking of Su Chen, Su Mo Li’s eyes turned cold.

The next day, in court, Zhong Li Shi’s side had acted very quickly. Lord Lin had really confronted Su Chen.

When he first heard what Lord Lin said, Su Chen immediately took a step forward: “I’m being wrongfully accused, Your Majesty. How could I have done something corrupt! There must be some misunderstanding here! Lord Lin, don’t talk nonsense about things without evidence!”

Lord Lin sneered, “No evidence? Hmph, I have received an anonymous letter! I’m also asking Your Majesty to look at it!”

Saying that, Lord Lin handed something to Da Gouzi.

The Emperor’s expression grew worse and worse as Da Gouzi read it to him.

When he saw this, Su Chen’s eyes snapped shut and he knelt down: “I am asking Your Majesty to investigate this clearly!”

“Father, your son feels that there must be some misunderstanding here.” Zhong Li Ling hurriedly said, “Lord Su is diligent and loves the people. How could he do something like embezzling and taking bribes?”

Zhong Li Shi laughed lightly, “Back then, Lord Shi was also diligent and loved the people, but in the end, wasn’t he also investigated and punished for embezzlement?”

Su Chen was just about to argue, when he heard Zhong Li Shi continue, “It just so happens that this son here also has some evidence. This son wanted to investigate clearly before taking it out, but Father, please take a look.”

Saying that, Zhong Li Shi handed something to Da Guo Zi.

The Emperor looked at the evidence his his whole face changed. In the next second, he directly threw these things in front of Su Chen: “Su Aiqing take a good look at it.”

Su Chen took the papers with trembling hands. Looking at the information on it, it was written in his own handwriting. The whole person was confused as to how it got out, but he knew that he could not admit it.

So Su Chen directly fell on the ground: “Your Majesty, I am being wronged! I’m being framed! This must be someone framing Your servant ah!”

Zhong Li Shi looked at Zhong Li Ling who had a bad face, and said with a smile, “Does Second Brother want to see these things too?”

Zhong Li Ling took a deep look at Zhong Li Shi. He then picked up the evidence. When he read through it, his pupils shrank and his face was filled with disbelief.

Zhong Li Shi laughed lightly, “Indeed, someone might have framed Lord Su.

So, Father, it’s better to have someone go ahead and investigate a bit.”

The Emperor’s face was dark and sullen. He glanced at Zhong Li Shi and Zhong Li Ling: “This matter, you two go and investigate.”

Zhong Li Ling’s eyes lit up, it seems that their father wants to let them both race!

Zhong Li Shi helplessly glanced at the Emperor. He knew that the Emperor did not want him to offend Su Chen alone, after all, there were many people behind Su Chen.

If he was wrongly accused, with both of them checking him out, he wouldn’t resent them.


The Emperor’s good intention, he would naturally accept it.

The Emperor glanced at Su Chen who was kneeling on the ground and said indifferently: “Su Aiqing should not go to court for a few days. Stay and reflect in your mansion.”

“All right, this official will retire from the court.”

Su Chen staggered and stood up. He glanced at Zhong Li Shi and smiled, “The Crown Prince is really good at planning.”

Zhong Li Shi raised his eyebrows and looked at Su Chen: “What does Lord Su mean by that? I’m just saying what I know, if Lord Su is wronged, I will naturally return Lord Su’s innocence, if not ……”

The smile on Zhong Li Shi’s face disappeared, “Then Lord Su will have to think hard about how to apologize for his crime.”

After saying that, Zhong Li Shi flung his robe and left.

Zhong Li Ling walked over and slowly said, “Lord Su don’t worry, I will definitely find out the truth.”

Seeing Zhong Li Ling, Su Chen’s face eased a few points: “Second Prince, I wonder what you think about Zhen’er’s matter?”

Zhong Li Ling’s face sank: “Lord Su should know what to do.”

Su Chen sighed helplessly. He nodded his head and returned to the Su Mansion.

Soon, word spread that Su Xin Zhen dared to break off her engagement with Zhong Li Ling.

In the Su Mansion, Su Lin woke up and clamored for Su Mo Li and was dismissive of everyone else.

Su Jia Xuan felt it was a bit strange and found Su Lin who was playing in the garden while everyone was away: “Why are you looking for Big Sister? I’m telling you, don’t you try to bully Big Sister!”

Su Lin raised his head, looked at Su Jia Xuan and asked suspiciously, “Why would I bully Big Sister? It was Big Sister who saved me. You all didn’t save me, Big Sister is the good guy!”

“What are you talking about?” Su Xin Zhen walked over, “What are you babbling about? We are your sisters from the same mother, how dare you turn to outsiders?”

Su Xin Zhen was so angry that she glared at Su Lin angrily.

Su Lin already disliked Su Xin Zhen, and when she saw how she treated him, he screamed, “Second Sister is bullying me! Mother! Second Sister is bullying me!”

Su Jia Xuan had a momentary trance. When Su Lin came back, he also falsely accused her of bullying him, and at that time, her mother scolded her severely.

However, it was clear that she had not done anything.

Hearing the sound, Li Qianshi rushed over, and after hearing Su Lin’s words, she hurriedly hugged Su Lin in her arms: “My beloved son, who bullied you? Tell Mother!”

“It’s her! It’s her!” Su Lin pointed at Su Xin Zhen, his face was full of anger.

Su Xin Zhen glared at Su Lin and immediately said, “Mother, who has bullied him? When he came back, we all treated him like a treasure, who dares to bully him!”

Hearing this, Li Qianshi also hurriedly said, “Yes, how could your second sister bully you? Lin’er, don’t be naughty.”

Su Jia Xuan eyes dimmed as she looked on from the side.

They were both daughters, yet they were treated differently. And even though she was younger than Su Xin Zhen, it didn’t matter.

“I’ll go first.” Su Jia Xuan said in a small voice and was about to leave.

However, Su Lin directly broke away from Li Qianshi’s embrace and ran to Su Jia Xuan’s side: “I’m going to find Big Sister, do you know where Eldest Sister is?”

“Hey, you child!” Li Qianshi directly pulled Su Lin to her side, “This is your real sister, what are you looking for your eldest sister for?”

“Eldest sister is my Big Sister!” Su Lin got angry, “You guys don’t even like me! She’s not my sister either! Big Sister told me that she only thought about her dowry and didn’t give money to the kidnappers at all! It was Big Sister who took out her dowry and went to save me!”

“You! You white-eyed wolf!” Su Xin Zhen was furious, “Where did I not give you the silver? I clearly did!”

Su Jia Xuan said indifferently, “Second Sister did give it, just a few hundred taels of silver.”

“You shut up!” Su Xin Zhen raised her hand and slapped Su Jia Xuan directly on the face, “You always go against me, have you forgotten that I am your sister!”

Su Jia Xuan covered her cheek and turned her head to look at Li Qianshi, but she saw Li Qianshi frowning, “Xuan’er, your sister is right, why do you always turn to your eldest sister?”

“So, she can beat me?” Su Jia Xuan looked at Li Qianshi stubbornly.

Li Qianshi sighed: “All right, it’s just a dispute between sisters ……”

However, before she finished her words, she saw Su Jia Xuan directly rushed over. She threw Su Xin Zhen to the ground and slapped her face one after another.

Then, she stood up quickly and ran towards the outside.

“Ah!” Su Xin Zhen screamed, “I’m going to kill you!”

Su Jia Xuan is the best girl and I’m fighting anyone who wants to hurt her. She’s only 8 and has to deal with parents and a sibling that don’t love her

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