Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 2 – Let Her Eat Her Own Words

Her gaze fell on Wen Ruyi’s youthful face, and while her heart was shocked, she felt that it was ironic.

Wen Ruyi had such a gentle and harmless face and played around with the original owner. But the original owner did not know until her death that she had set her up.

It was only because the original owner listened to her instigation and thought that Gu Lin Chao was not only ugly but also murderous that she decided to run away with someone to escape from the royal family.

The reason why the original owner believed Wen Ruyi’s words was because on the day of her wedding with Gu Lin Chao, news of enemy invasion suddenly came from the border. Gu Lin Chao did not even have time to take off her bridal veil before he led his troops out to quell the rebellion.

Therefore, the original owner did not see Gu Lin Chao, so naturally did not know what he looks like.

In fact, Wen Ruyi has done so many things because she likes Gu Lin Chao.

In order to make Gu Lin Chao kill the original owner, she even wrote an anonymous letter and sent it to the border.

If the original owner dared to go out of that door and elope with Xue Zi Yu, what was waiting for her was only death.

It’s a pity that after all that Wen Ruyi did, Gu Lin Chao still didn’t like her from the beginning to the end. Disappointed, she had to turn to the emperor’s embrace and concentrate on her career.

In the past, when reading the book, she felt that Wen Ruyi being capable of taking and putting down this kind of thing was an admirable feat, but now that she is in the book, she feels creeped out.

Wen Ruyi had the most harmless face, but was doing the most vicious things.

Wen Ruyi saw that she did not say anything for half a day and her heart became anxious. She had done so much, and was only one step away from sending her to her death, so how could Wen Qi Qi back out and ruin her plan?

Her eyes flashed with viciousness, but she said in a gentle tone: “If you’ve changed your mind, I will go and send Xue Zi Yu away for you. As for today’s matter, you can say that it was me being nosy.”

Looking at her gentle and kind face, Wen Qi Qi had a plan in her heart and pulled her back. She then said in a delicate manner, “Third sister, do you want me to meet Mr. Xue in such a slovenly state? That’s not going to work!”

Wen Ruyi sighed with relief and asked in a calm manner, “Then what do you want to do? Time is very short now.” After a pause, she reminded, “In a few days, Gu Lin Chao will return to the court.”

Sure enough, after she finished speaking, Wen Qi Qi’s face changed and she grabbed her hand and said urgently, “Just give me a quarter of an hour. I will dress up and go to see Mr. Xue. Sister, go help me stabilize him and let him stay for a while.” Saying that and fearing that she would not agree, she also shook her arm in a spoiled manner, “Okay, Third Sister?”

Wen Ruyi suppressed the disgust in her heart and nodded reluctantly, “Then you must hurry.”

Wen Qi’s Qi’s eyes flashed cunningly. If Wen Ruyi wanted to harm her, let her eat her own evil!

“I’ll be quick.” After saying that, she turned around and ran back into the house.

Wen Ruyi was annoyed.

If she could, she would really like to escort her to the back door immediately.

But she also knew Wen Qi Qi’s nature. If she tried to force her, it would be counterproductive.

She had to make her go willingly to the appointment in order to let the Regent know that this new wife of his had taken advantage of his absence from the capital to elope with someone.

Gu Lin Chao, who has no room for sand in his eyes, would not allow Wen Qi Qi to live if he learned that she had eloped with a wild man.

It was as if she had already seen the scene of Wen Qi Qi’s head falling to the ground.

Thinking of this, the corners of her mouth curled up and she walked briskly towards the back door.

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  1. well if Gu Lin Chao doesn’t know what his wife looks like + Wen Ruyi sent him a letter saying that his wife is going to elope and WR ends up being with the other party… LOL the ending.

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