Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 1 – It Feels Terrible

“Qi Qi, Qi Qi, wake up …… how can you fall asleep at this time?“

A complaining voice came into her ears. Wen Qi Qi’s eyelashes moved and she wanted to open her eyes, but she just couldn’t wake up until a sharp pain came from her arm. She then opened her eyes haughtily.

“Who, who pinched me?” Wen Qi Qi narrowed her eyes with irritation from being disturbed from her good dream.

“You’ve finally woken up.” A relieved voice came to her ears.

Wen Qi Qi was stunned and turned her head to look, only to find that a young girl of about fifteen or sixteen years old was holding her arm and exiting the house.

The young girl was gentle-looking, giving people a sense of quietness and tenderness, and her voice was very soft, which was very comfortable to listen to.

Wen Qi Qi immediately had a good feeling about her.

Where did this fairy come from?

However, the next sentence from the young girl made her good feeling disappear and caused her to be surprised.

“You yourself asked Xue Zi Yu to meet you at the back door at the time. You didn’t forget, did you?“

“Xue Zi Yu?” She was first puzzled, but quickly remembered something. Her pair of beautiful peach blossom eyes immediately glared and she exclaimed loudly, “What, there is really this person Xue Zi Yu?“

The young lady covered her lips and laughed lightly, “You are not awake. This is not funny at all. You’d better walk faster, lest you’ll disturb the others later. Then you can’t leave even if you want to.“

Wen Qi Qi’s eyes widened at her words and her gaze fell on her clothes. She then took a quick look at her surroundings.

“Thud,” her heart sank to the bottom.

It can’t be what she thought, right?

During this time, she wasn’t filming a drama so she stayed at home. Since she was bored, she downloaded a book to read, and there was a scholar named Xue Zi Yu in it ……

She gulped, looked at the young girl, and hesitantly asked, “You, you are Wen Ruyi?“

The young girl sniffed and said unpleasantly, “Qi Qi, what time is it now? Why are you still making such jokes with me? Are you going to go with Xue Zi Yu or not? It’s not easy for you to come back to your mother’s house. Since now is a great opportunity, you have to think clearly. “

Wen Qi Qi wiped her face and forced herself to calm down.

She didn’t expect that she would be transported to that book and become the cannon fodder girl in the book, Wen Qi Qi ……

Tonight was the night that the original owner eloped with Xue Zi Yu. But as soon as she stepped out of the back door, what awaited her was a death sentence.

Wen Ruyi always pretended to be kind to the original owner, but in fact, she was ruthless and wanted to kill the original owner.

Because on this night, at the back door, there were not only Xue Zi Yu but also the original owner’s husband Gu Lin Chao’s people ……

The original owner was unaware of this and thought that she could escape with her lover, but when she followed Xue Zi Yu out of the city gate, she was shot by arrows and killed.

The original owner was so miserable that she only lived for a few chapters.

And when Wen Ruyi became the empress, she would also fabricate charges to frame the Wen family causing a century-old family to perish.

Wen Ruyi became the biggest winner, the mother of the world, sought after by millions of people. Even the imperial historian commented that she was righteous, fair, and impartial while she prosecuted the Wen family who had collaborated with the enemy and betrayed the country. He claimed that she was the most virtuous empress ever in the history of the DaYe.

These incidents, one by one appeared in Wen Qi Qi’s mind. When she was reading the story, she felt particularly happy, but at this time, she was only alarmed.

Especially when she thought of the original owner’s tragic end, she got cold feet and hands.

Although the original owner was not a good person when reading the book she did not feel much sadness for the original owner’s fate. But now that she was in this situation and became the book’s Wen Qi Qi, she felt really bad ……

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