White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 72: Enough[Catching Bugs]

Su Mo Li’s words instantly made Consort Gui choke.

Su Mo Li reached out and wiped the sweat on her forehead. She raised her head with a look of defiance. Her teeth and lips were bitten tightly, and she stared at the Emperor.

On the side, Shi Zhu had a cold sweat. Although their status is superb, but if the Emperor wants to kill them, it is also very easy.

“Your Majesty, do you believe me?”

The Emperor looked at Su Mo Li’s expression. He was in a trance for a moment and seemed to think of the time when Princess Huimin also knelt in front of the late emperor and told him that he was innocent.

At that time, everyone felt that it was because he was jealous and so caused his brother to be injured, but only elder sister Huimin believed in himself.

However, she was not afraid of other people and tried hard to find evidence for him.

“Li’er get up, quickly sit down.” The Emperor came back to his senses and instructed her. He then looked at Zhong Li Shi, and then at the Noble Consort and Zhong Li Lan. His eyebrows furrowed together and he said, “Li’er, tell me, why did you hit Lan’er?”

“Because she spoke out of turn.”

Su Mo Li said word by word: “It’s bad enough that she spoke rudely to Miss Shi, but she even hit her.

Yes, she is a princess, but Miss Shi’s status is not bad either!

Miss Shi has a high position in other countries. If this affects your friendship with other countries due to this it would be bad. What if other countries unite and attack our country?

Perhaps in the Eldest Princess’s opinion, it’s just that she doesn’t like Miss Shi, but other’s might think it’s your order, Your Majesty! I was thinking of you in the end!

So, I hit the Eldest Princess, but I didn’t expect that the Eldest Princess was enraged enough to kill me. If not for His Highness the Crown Prince rushing over in time, Miss Shi and I would have become the unjust souls under the Eldest Princess’ sword.”

Su Mo Li finished speaking and coughed violently.

The Empress said quickly, “Your Majesty, in the end, Li’er is weak. It is better to let her go to rest.

Ai, in the end, Li’er is also doing it for your sake and for the sake of our country. Your Majesty, what do you think?”

The Emperor raised his head to look at Zhong Li Lan and his expression was icy cold.

Concubine Gui immediately knelt down: “Your Majesty, you can’t listen to Su Mo Li’s words alone! Lan’er, Lan’er would definitely not be so rude to Miss Shi!”

Zhong Li Lan’s face was a bit flustered, but she knew she couldn’t admit it. She was just about to speak when Shi Zhu said coldly, “What, even I the party involved, can’t be trusted?”

Saying that, Shi Zhu pulled down her sleeve, and the whip marks on her arms were very obvious.

The crowd took a deep breath and heard Shi Zhu say, “How about having the Eldest Princess take out the whip and compare it to see if it’s the same?”

Zhong Li Lan’s hand fiercely tightened: “No, I didn’t, I didn’t mean to …… I ……”

“Good!” What else did the emperor not understand. He fiercely slapped the table, “Someone, take the Eldest Princess down and heavily beat her ten times with the board!”

Concubine Gui instantly screamed, “Your Majesty! No! Please be merciful, Your Majesty!”

In the end, this was his own daughter. The Emperor was also heartbroken. Just as he was about to speak, he heard the Empress exclaim, “Li’er! What’s wrong with you, Li’er!”

Zhong Li Shi stepped forward, picked Su Mo Li up and ran towards the side room.

Shi Zhu, on the other hand, glared fiercely at Zhong Li Lan and her tone was full of sarcasm: “The Eldest Princess is really good!”

Zhong Li Lan’s was naturally still beaten with ten hits.

Concubine Gui was furious, but there was nothing she could do.

When Su Mo Li woke up, the Emperor had gone to deal with political affairs.

The Empress had people carry Su Mo Li to her palace and then instructed her to rest well before leaving.

“Shi’er, stay with Mother and talk.” The Empress called out to Zhong Li Shi who wanted to leave.

Zhong Li Shi’s eyes deepened for a few moments. He responded and walked over.

The Empress let Momo Gui take the people away before looking at Zhong Li Shi: “Shi’er, you are also old. It’s time to look for a Crown Prince Consort, do you have a favorite candidate?”

Zhong Li Shi sipped his tea and said indifferently, “Why did Mother bring up this matter again?

Didn’t I say so? It’s not time yet.

What’s more, I don’t need to marry a Crown Princess to consolidate my power.”

The Empress was helpless: “Mother knows what you have in mind, but you always need to have someone by your side.”

“Well, if I fall in love with a certain woman one day, I will let the Empress Mother make it happen.”

The Empress had been observing Zhong Li Shi’s expression and saw that his face did not look different. She thought for a while and asked tentatively, “What does Shi’er think of Li’er?”

Zhong Li Shi’s hand holding the cup tightened, then he smiled: “This cousin is naturally excellent. Although she grew up in the countryside, her painting and qin are both good, and she does not lose to those famous ladies in the capital.”

The Empress nodded: “You are right, Li’er is a poor person. You also choose well, if there is a good male brother of yours, you keep an eye out for some and save him for Li’er.”

“Yes.” Zhong Li Shi lightly smiled and answered.

When the Empress saw this, she said with a smile, “Okay, you go and do your work.”

After Zhong Li Shi excused himself, the Empress summoned Momo Gui: “Did you hear what was said just now?”

“Empress, this old slave still doesn’t understand. Do you want the Crown Prince to be with the County Princess or not?”

Momo Gui asked in confusion.

The Empress sighed: “As long as Shi’er likes her, I am willing to let Li’er be my daughter-in-law. Only, I am afraid that Li’er will not agree. This girl looks delicate, but she has her own ideas, otherwise how can she get the favor of Grandmaster Feng He and Miss Shi?

Shi’er will definitely be the Emperor in the future, as the Emperor’s wife, there will be a lot to endure.”

Looking at the Empress’ gloomy and lost look, how could Momo Gui not understand. She could only sigh and whisper comfortingly.

The next day, after Su Mo Li finished her medicine, she and Zhong Li Xi were chatting about their plans for the day when she saw Bai Ling walk in: “Second Princess, the Prime Minister’s Residence has sent word that the Third Son has been robbed by bandits.”

“What?” Zhong Li Xi was shocked and quickly looked at Su Mo Li.

She saw Su Mo Li tense up and struggle to get up.

Zhong Li Xi hastily held Su Mo Li down: “Don’t move, your wound is not healed yet! I know you are anxious, don’t worry, it will be fine.”

Su Mo Li shook her head with a face full of gloom: “No, I want to go back to the house, I am going to ……”

Before the words were finished, Su Mo Li fainted.

“Quick! Call the Imperial Doctor!”

Zhong Li Xi was anxious and quickly asked someone to call the doctor. She asked Bai Ling to report the matter to the Empress.

Soon, the Empress came over. She looked at Su Mo Li lying on the bed with a pale face, and sighed: “The news of Li’er’s injury has also spread to the Prime Minister’s Residence, yet no one came over to comfort her.

This time, the Su family’s son was robbed by bandits, so what can Li’er do? What are they trying to do?”

Zhong Li Xi was also indignant: “Who knows! These people don’t go to the authorities but come to Li’er. Who knows what they want!”

The Emperor also received the news and raised his eyebrows: “Why is that?”

Zhong Li Shi, who was reading a memorial, raised his head, and his sharp eyes took on a smile as he said briskly, “Why else? I heard that the robbers wanted silver before releasing the Su family’s son. They are obviously looking for money from County Princess Suo Rou.”

“They want money?” The Emperor was even more puzzled, “Li’er is just a child, what kind of money can she have?”

As soon as the words left his mouth, the Emperor felt that something was wrong. Li’er should have quite a lot of silver, however, Li’er gave all those properties to himself. Now he is afraid that she is also out of silver.

Zhong Li Shi did not answer, but yawned: “Father, let’s stop here today, I’m tired.”

The Emperor said in a good-natured way: “There are so many more! What, just want to dump it to me?”

Zhong Li Shi said with a smile: “Father is capable of more work!”

“Come on!” The Emperor did not have a good expression for Zhong Li Shi, but he could not stop the smile coming to his face is. “Let’s do it this way, the matter of the third son of the Su family will be left to you, you must save the person.”

Zhong Li Shi frowned: “Then how about I continue reading the memorials with you, Father?”

“No good!”

The Emperor directly threw the memorial at Zhong Li Shi: “Go!”

Zhong Li Shi was full of rejection, but he had no choice but to respond and walk towards the outside.

“This child! He’s really ……” The Emperor shook his head with a helpless look on his face.

Da Gouzi on the side said with a smile, “The Crown Prince’s relationship with the Emperor is really good ah. This old slave has followed the Emperor for so many years, and only when the Crown Prince is there will the Emperor be happy.

The Crown Prince also believes in you. This old slave can see at a glance that the Crown Prince is a million times reluctant to succeed the throne.”

The Emperor shook his head: “But that’s not it! I also know his mind is non-competitive, but he’s the only one who can guard my kingdom!

Look at those other children (i.e. third price), they can only look at him. They are not as good as one ten thousandth of Shi’er!

Look at those who are jumping up and down everyday. Do they really think that Shi’er can’t see what they are doing? Only Shi’er is not willing to bother with them.”

The Emperor coldly snorted: “But Shi’er not caring is his generosity, but I can not chill his heart. This is a good opportunity. If Su family’s third son is saved, it can also make Su Chen recognize the Crown Prince’s goodness.”

Da Gouzi immediately said, “Your Majesty has a heart.”

At this time in the Su Mansion, Li Qianshi was crying non-stop and Su Xin Zhen’s eyes were full of anger: “Father, Sister must not be willing to save her brother. That’s why she hasn’t replied!”

Su Jia Xuan fiercely turned back to Su Xin Zhen and glared: “Second Sister, have you forgotten that Eldest Sister has suffered a very serious injury? The Empress has said that it is difficult for her to even get out of bed!”

“So what?” Su Xin Zhen said unconcernedly, “As long as she gives us the money, it’s not like she needs to get out of bed!”

Su Jia Xuan looked at Su Xin Zhen incredulously, “Second Sister, you want Big Sister’s dowry to save your brother? Then why don’t you take out your own dowry? You and your brother are blood siblings!”

Li Qianshi glared at Su Jia Xuan: “What are you talking about? Your second sister took out her dowry a long time ago, it’s just not enough!”

Su Jia Xuan sneered and lowered her head: “Oh? I remember that Second Sister’s dowry is 50,000 silver, plus seven or eight chests. Adding it up should be 100,000 taels and the kidnappers are asking for 100,000 taels. Clearly it’s enough!”

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