White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 73: Vicious and Merciless

Su Jia Xuan’s words made Li Qianshi’s face sink.

Su Xin Zhen fiercely glared at Su Jia Xuan and her eyes were full of anger: “I am the one who is going to marry the Second Prince. Who are you to make me take out all my dowry? I have already taken out half of it, if you can, you take yours out!”

Su Jia Xuan looked at Li Qianshi: “Mother, how much of my dowry is left?”

Li Qianshi was just about to speak when she heard Su Jia Xuan say, “If I’m not wrong, I think you’ve taken it all out, right?”

Li Qianshi immediately said, “That is natural. Your brother had such a big incident, of course we took out all the valuable things we could.”

“Okay. Second Sister, did you hear that? I have taken out all mine, why can’t you take out all of yours?

Let’s not talk about whether the Second Prince will even marry you. If you don’t take all of yours out, why should you ask Big Sister to take out her dowry? Big Sister’s dowry was left to her by her own mother and has nothing to do with our family.

“Big Sister is now the county princess. Behind her is the Emperor and Empress. This matter must also be known to the Emperor and Empress. I’m afraid that in the Emperor’s heart, Father’s position has fallen a thousand times.”

Su Jia Xuan’s words made Su Xin Zhen angry: “What do you mean I can’t marry the Second Prince? I am the Second Prince’s concubine, you!”

“Alright!” Su Chen scolded and looked at Su Xin Zhen, “You are so old yet you don’t know how to behave like your sister!

It is true that we were wrong in this matter. The Emperor has now remembered how good Princess Huimin was to him and will naturally defend Li’er.

The dowry in Li’er’s hand was not prepared by us, so we have no reason to ……”

Su Chen paused and looked at Li Qianshi: “Take out all of Zhen’er’s dowry and go save Lin’er first.

As for the Second Prince’s side, withdraw the marriage after saving Lin’er.”

“Father!” Su Xin Zhen’s face was full of shock, “No, you can’t withdraw from the marriage! Why do you want to withdraw the marriage!”

Su Chen frowned: “After you did such a thing, do you think the Second Prince will still marry you? The Second Prince did not say anything because the Emperor pressured him! The Emperor is giving face to both you and I so that we can take the initiative to propose the cancellation of the marriage contract! Otherwise, you will be a royal abandoned woman! Who else will dare to marry you in the future?”

“Su Mo Li is also a royal abandoned woman, but she is still alive and well!”

Su Jia Xuan said with a smile, “Second Sister, have you forgotten that Eldest Sister withdrew from the marriage because the Second Prince and you …… You dare to say such words when in fact the fault does not lie with Eldest Sister. Plus now, Eldest Sister is a county princess, how can you compare with her?”

“Xuan’er is right.” Su Chen gave Su Jia Xuan an appreciative glance, “Zhen’er ah, you need to learn from your sister.”

Su Xin Zhen pouted. Her face was full of anger, but she didn’t dare to disobey Su Chen’s words. She reluctantly agreed and then gave Su Jia Xuan a fierce glare.

Su Jia Xuan on the other, lowered her head and didn’t say anything.

Afterwards, Li Qianshi came over with the rest of the dowry. Although she was heartbroken, compared to her own son, she could only give it up: “Master, it’s all here.”

“Well, count the value, then let’s go over.”

Su Chen stood up and his face was full of gloom.

“Father, why don’t we report it to the authorities!” Su Jia Xuan looked at Su Chen, “If something happens to my brother, what can be done?”

“What can the authorities do?” Su Chen frowned, “I’ve asked the housekeeper to report to the authorities, but it’s still up to us.”

“Let’s go.”

Saying that, Su Chen took the silver and walked out.

Looking at the silver in Su Chen’s hand, Su Xin Zhen’s hand fiercely clenched into a fist and her nails were embedded in her flesh. Unnoticed, she glanced at Li Qianshi and saw that her mind was on her brother’s, so she stomped her foot and ran out.



The maid looked at Li Qianshi, did not know what to do.

Su Jia Xuan immediately said: “Don’t worry about it too much. Sister is an adult. She’s probably in a bad mood so she went out. Mother, I’ll help you to go back to rest and we’ll wait for Younger Brother to come back. Don’t worry, Father will definitely bring Brother back.”

When Li Qianshi heard Su Jia Xuan’s voice, she thought of what just happened and frowned: “Xuan’er, Zhen’er is your real sister. How can you speak for your eldest sister?”

Su Jia Xuan pretended to be confused and looked at Li Qianshi: “What is speaking for Eldest Sister ah? It’s obvious that Second Sister was not going to do the right thing! Teacher said that one should be upright. I won’t lie!”

Su Jia Xuan beamed and her face was full of unwillingness.

Li Qianshi was unable to find a reason to disagree. Indeed, there was nothing wrong with what Su Jia Xuan said.

She frowned and continued: “That’s true, but no matter what, Zhen’er is your own sister. You should be the closest to her!”

“But brother is also my own brother. I can’t give up my brother for the sake of my sister!”


Li Qianshi only felt a headache and waved her hand, “Forget it.”

Saying that, she gestured for Su Jia Xuan to go back to her courtyard.

Su Jia Xuan also did not stay and went directly to the rear garden.

Dong Xue looked at her own miss and whispered, “Miss, do you think that the Young Master will come back safely?”

Su Jia Xuan was silent. She did not want Su Lin to come back but big sister said to let him come back …… let him pay back all that he owes us.

Big sister, could it be that she is also reborn back?

Then ……

Su Jia Xuan’s eyes lit up and her heart beat quickly.

“Miss, what’s wrong with you?”

Dong Xue looked at Su Jia Xuan in confusion.

Su Jia Xuan came back to her senses. She shook her head, and slowly said, “I’m fine, I just don’t know when Big Sister will come back.”

Meanwhile, the missed Su Mo Li had directly changed into her night stalking clothes and leaped out of the palace.

Just as she was about to leave the gate of the capital, she saw Zhong Li Shi leaving with his guards.

Su Mo Li followed behind them and frowned slightly. She touched her chest and had to say that it still hurt.

“Still hurts?” A familiar voice came over.

Su Mo Li looked over and stared slightly: “Why are you coming over?”

However, Zhong Li Shi did not answer Su Mo Li’s words and directly took her in his arms and entered the carriage behind the guards.

“Sit down.”

Su Mo Li’s face flushed red, but she quickly responded.

“Many thanks to His Highness the Crown Prince.”

Zhong Li Shi came back to his senses and coughed twice to hide the embarrassment in his heart.

“It’s okay.”

Then he glanced at Su Mo Li again and saw that the redness on her face had faded. He couldn’t help but feel a little chagrined and felt that he should have looked more.

Just, that stunning glimpse made him feel very shocked.

For a moment, he wanted to forget everything and just appreciate it.

“Going to save?” Zhong Li Shi changed the subject.

Su Mo Li answered and curled the corner of her lips: “I want Su Lin to know that without me, Su Mo Li, he can not live.”

Soon, they arrived at the bottom of the mountain.

Su Mo Li was just about to go out when she was pressed by Zhong Li Shi.

“Wait and listen to my instructions, when I tell you to come out, you come out.”

Saying that, Zhong Li Shi then had someone go and negotiate with the people above.

At the same time, he had his own secret guards go and stop Su Chen and his group. He also made sure to snatch the box from Su Chen’s hand.

The butler’s face was white: “Master, how can this be good! This is the Young Master’s life-saving silver!”

“Damn it!” Su Chen roared in anger, but in his heart he felt regret. He should have waited for the authorities to send someone to protect him, but he was too anxious, so he ……

He didn’t expect that someone would actually rob the silver halfway!

“Master ……” the butler called out again.

Su Chen took a deep breath and his eyes flashed with cold intent: “Go and pick up a few stones. First let’s pretend so that we can see Lin’er. The money can be raised again, but I have to make sure that Lin’er is safe.”

Although the butler was a little apprehensive, he also knew that this was the best way, so he could only agree.

The time that Su Chen delayed was enough for Zhong Li Shi.

Zhong Li Shi had long arranged for people to enter the mountain, therefore, with a single order, the people inside were directly tied up.


A boy’s cry came out loudly.

Afterward, Zhong Li Shi signaled someone to help the boy up: “Su Lin?”

Su Lin’s eyes lit up and he quickly raised his head: “Yes, I am Su Lin, the son of the current Prime Minister! Are you the one my father sent to save me! Quick, you quickly kill them all! They actually dared to capture me!”

Su Lin’s face was filled with rage.

He was manic and frenzied.

Zhong Li Shi swept a glance at Su Lin and said indifferently, “Your father doesn’t have the ability to instruct me. It was your big sister who asked me to come over to save the people.”

“Big sister?” Su Lin felt a little strange. He had never seen Su Mo Li before.

After Zhong Li Shi’s voice fell, Su Mo Li knew that it was time for her to take the stage.

Su Mo Li had already changed into normal clothes in the carriage.

Everyone froze after seeing Su Mo Li walk over. They didn’t know when County Princess Suo Rou actually followed him over.

“Su Lin, this is your eldest sister, Su Mo Li, the present-day County Princess Suo Rou.”

Zhong Li Shi said indifferently.

Su Lin’s entire body was dirty at this time, and when he met Su Mo Li’s eyes, he was a little strange: “I didn’t know I had a big sister.”

“Cough ……” Su Mo Li coughed twice. Her whole person swayed and it seemed like she was going to fall down in the next second.

Su Lin couldn’t help but hold her up: “Did you save me?”

“Yes.” Su Mo Li said in a soft voice, “The kidnappers needed silver, I took all the dowry my mother left me and saved you.”

“Why are you the one who took the silver, and who is your mother? Where is my father and my mother?” Su Lin frowned and a a few hints of hostility surfaced between his eyebrows.

Su Mo Li covered her chest and seemed to be a little uncomfortable.

Su Lin said at once: “You are injured?

You were injured and still came over to save me, why didn’t they come?”

The more Su Lin thought about it, the more aggrieved he was and he immediately burst into tears.

Zhong Li Shi instructed the subordinates to bring them to the carriage.

Su Mo Li rubbed Su Lin’s head and slowly said, “Let me explain to you. My mother was the Eldest Princess Huimin, but she passed away due to illness. Your mother was Father’s concubine, and only after my mother passed away did she become Father’s wife.

So do you understand?”

Su Lin said unconcernedly, “Of course I know, I’m very smart! Isn’t it just that you have a noble status? Don’t worry, I know!”

Su Mo Li hooked the corner of her lips, “It’s good that you know.”

Su Lin cocked his head and looked at Su Mo Li: “You are very good looking, even better looking than my two older sisters.”

Su Mo Li laughed out lightly, “You need to be good.”

If Su Lin can snap back and become good, she will give Su Lin a chance and forgive him. If he can’t snap back, then don’t blame her for being ruthless.

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