White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 71: I am her Master

Zhong Li Shi would naturally not hurt Su Mo Li, so he was focusing on restricting her.

However, during the fight, Zhong Li Shi was also very shocked. Su Mo Li’s martial arts were actually so high!

Su Mo Li’s eyes were red, her mind was dizzy, and she was fighting with Zhong Li Shi by instinct alone.

Shi Zhu, who was nervous was shocked when she heard Zhong Li Lan’s cry for help. She wanted to stop Zhong Li Lan, but all the maids around Zhong Li Lan followed her.

One person could not stop two or three people.

Shi Zhu’s face was pale and her lips were shivering: “It’s over, it’s over, Li’er! Wake up!”

Su Mo Li’s mind was filled with scenes of immortality cultivation, being assassinated, going mad, being killed when she was five years old, and in a ghostly state, seeing everything the Su family did to her and her mother.

She hates, hates these people!

The hatred in her heart boiled over and seemed to annihilate her!

Zhong Li Shi obviously felt that Su Mo Li was not right. He feinted and flew to Su Mo Li’s side, reached out and tried to hold Su Mo Li’s hand.

However, Su Mo Li’s sword cut directly into Zhong Li Shi’s arm.

Seeing the blood, Su Mo Li’s hand that was holding the sword gave a slight lurch. She raised her head and looked at the familiar and unfamiliar faces around her and her brow wrinkled imperceptibly.

Shi Zhu looked at Zhong Li Shi incredulously, murmuring: “How could it be, when Li’er has an attack, only the dead can wake her up. How come this time ……

The Crown Prince was only injured and yet this girl is about to wake up?”

Inside Su Mo Li’s mind, a different image suddenly appeared.

Sanity gradually returned.

“I ……” Su Mo Li looked at the sword in her hand and threw it away quickly, “How can you let me hold a sword! I’m so weak, what if I hurt myself?”

Hearing that, Zhong Li Shi quickly coughed.

Shi Zhu, Xiao Guozi: “……”

Zhong Li Shi looked at Su Mo Li who was pretending to be soft and covering her chest. Her little face was full of aggravation and he couldn’t help but laugh: “Really won’t let people forget that she is a soft and weak person ……”

Zhong Li Shi put the injured arm behind his back, then said, “You think about how you will get through this later.”

Su Mo Li had started spinning her story in her head a long time ago. She also didn’t expect that she would actually have an attack in the palace.

Shi Zhu also ran over: “Li’er, now the Eldest Princess has led people to rush out. I’m afraid that someone will come over soon, what should we do?”

Su Mo Li picked up the sword on the ground and looked at Shi Zhu: “Are you afraid of the pain?”

Shi Zhu was just about to nod when she found a cut on her arm.

“It hurts like hell!” Shi Zhu’s eyes filled with tears at that moment.

Su Mo Li laughed, directly reached out and knocked Shi Zhu unconscious. She carried her and gently laid her on the ground, then looked at Xiao Guozi, who immediately said, “Don’t worry County Princess Suo Rou, I’ll do it myself.”

Then, he fell directly to the ground and pretended to faint!

Su Mo Li looked at Zhong Li Shi again: “I’ll have to ask the Crown Prince to put on a show with me.”

Saying that she took the sword, directly flipped it and stabbed it directly into her chest.

“You!” Zhong Li Shi looked at Su Mo Li incredulously.

Su Mo Li pursed her lips and said indifferently, “Only if I get enough wounds on me can I make them believe that there was a real assassin coming.”

After saying that, her eyes rolled back and she directly fainted.

Zhong Li Shi hugged Su Mo Li’s body and said helplessly, “Aren’t you afraid that I will refuse to act with you?”

To be honest, Su Mo Li never thought that Zhong Li Shi would not help her. It seemed that she already trusted Zhong Li Shi 100%, which made people very strange.

After all, when Su Mo Li was reborn, she was suspicious of everyone. So how could she trust Zhong Li Shi, whom she just met, so much?

As expected, very soon, Zhong Li Lan came with the Emperor and the Noble Consort.

“Shi’er!” The Emperor exclaimed after seeing Zhong Li Shi, “How are you?”

Zhong Li Shi revealed the wound on his arm.

Before he could speak, he heard Concubine Gui say, “Oh my! This Su Mo Li is so bold, how dare she hurt the Crown Prince!”

The Emperor’s face was gloomy at the words of the Noble Consort: “Someone, call the doctor! Also, take Su Mo Li down for me!”

“Father!” Zhong Li Shi stopped the guards, his face was full of doubts, “Father, if it wasn’t for County Princess Suo Rou protecting me, I would be dead now. Who is talking nonsense in front of you? How could County Princess Suo Rou harm me?

Obviously it was the assassin who caught Zhong Li Lan. County Princess Suo Rou went to great lengths to save Zhong Li Lan and dragged the assassin to her. If I hadn’t heard the cry for help and come over, County Princess Suo Rou would already be dead.

Father, Aunt Huimin saved you, and County Princess Suo Rou saved me, yet she was so wrongly accused… Father, this matter absolutely cannot be condoned!”

Zhong Li Shi’s eyes burst out with strong cold light: “I would like to see who wants to wrong a loyal person like this!”

Zhong Li Shi’s words caused Zhong Li Lan to rush out, “Big Brother! What are you talking about? It was clearly Su Mo Li! She was the one who tried to kill me!”

Zhong Li Shi coldly snorted. He walked to Su Mo Li’s side and turned her over. The wound on her chest was still bubbling out with blood and everything that could be seen at a glance.

The Emperor took a breath and stepped backwards. Fortunately the Imperial Doctor came and immediately bandaged up Su Mo Li.

Soon, Zhong Li Xi and the Empress also rushed over.

“Li’er! Li’er, Big Brother, what happened to Li’er?” Zhong Li Xi’s tone was tinged with tears, “Mother, take a look at Li’er! Li’er has such a big wound on her chest.”

The Empress hastily pulled Zhong Li Xi away, “Let the doctor treat Li’er, don’t make trouble.” After saying that, she looked at the Emperor, “This matter has something fishy. This place is close to Lan’er’s palace, why don’t we carry Li’er in for treatment first?”

Zhong Li Lan screamed, “I don’t want Su Mo Li to go to my palace! I don’t want to!”

Zhong Li Shi sneered and said word by word: “In this palace, there’s no place for a princess like you to give orders.”

Zhong Li Lan was furious and wanted to say something else, but was stopped by Concubine Gui: “The wounded are the most important, but as for how things happened, it must not be based on one person’s account alone. Your Majesty, I believe that Lan’er will not lie.”

The Emperor thoughtfully glanced at Zhong Li Lan and said indifferently, “The doctor will go to treat Li’er first, you come with me.”

After the doctor carried the injured person inside, he treated her with peace of mind.

In the hall, the Emperor looked at Zhong Li Lan who was furious, and Zhong Li Shi who was expressionless, and frowned: “Lan’er said that Li’er hit her, Shi’er, do you know about this?”

Zhong Li Shi shook his head: “I don’t know, I didn’t see it either.”


Zhong Li Lan glanced at Zhong Li Shi and did not say anything, but Concubine Gui on the side said, “Lan’er, didn’t you just say you saw His Highness the Crown Prince? Don’t be afraid to speak the truth just because he is the Crown Prince. With your father here, he will definitely judge fairly for you!”

After Concubine Gui finished speaking, she coldly glanced at the Empress, and a hint of complacency flashed in her eyes.

Today, she was going to pull the Crown Prince down!

And make the Emperor unhappy with the Crown Prince!

Zhong Li Lan pursed her lips and nodded: “Yes, Big Brother was right next to her, he saw it all!”

Hearing that, Zhong Li Shi only sneered in his heart and did not make a sound.

The Emperor’s face sank, slowly said: “Lan’er, do you still remember when you saw Li’er?”

“It was a quarter past noon.” Zhong Li Lan quickly said, “I remember very clearly, I went to the Consort Mother’s place and came back after eating.”

Concubine Gui also quickly said, “Yes, everyone in the palace can testify to this matter.”

“Humph!” The Emperor slammed the table, his face was full of anger.

Seeing this, the Empress’ heart trembled violently, and just as she was about to speak, she saw the look that Zhong Li Shi passed over.

The Empress took a deep breath and closed her mouth.

Concubine Gui’s eyes were full of joy and she immediately said, “Your Majesty, you should not blame the Crown Prince. Perhaps the Crown Prince has some hardships.”

Zhong Li Lan looked at the Emperor with a her face was full of aggravation: “Father, I really did not lie, you have to believe me!

Father, Su Mo Li was originally Zhong Li Xi’s master. It is normal for His Highness the Crown Prince to favor Su Mo Li.” Zhong Li Lan said with a bitter smile, “Who made my own brother not the Crown Prince.”

*Bang!* The Emperor slammed the table and quickly walked to Zhong Li Lan’s side, “You dare to say that what you said is all true?”

Zhong Li Lan was startled and looked at Consort Gui. Seeing her nod, she immediately said, “Father, what I said is all true!”

*Pa!* The Emperor directly slapped Zhong Li Lan on the face, “At a quarter past noon, Shi’er just left from my imperial study!”


Concubine Gui’s face turned pale and Zhong Li Lan fell to the ground unsteadily.

“No, I may have misremembered the time, Father, you have to believe me ……” Zhong Li Lan knelt on the ground and pulled the hem of the Emperor’s robe.

The Empress, however, breathed a sigh of relief. She picked up a cup of tea from the side and took a sip: “Today, Lan’er has the guts to wrongly accuse the Crown Prince. I’m afraid that what she just said about Li’er wanting to kill her is also false.

Li’er is not well and is a gentle child. Not to mention killing a person, she couldn’t even step on an ant. How could she possibly hit Lan’er?

Furthermore, Lan’er even dared to hit Miss Shi. If Li’er really made a move against Lan’er, would Li’er still have a life?”

“What is the meaning of the Empress’ words?” Concubine Gui retorted, “There is no way Lan’er would disrespect Miss Shi!”

“Ha Ha.”

The Empress laughed lightly twice.

Just at that moment, Shi Zhu supported Su Mo Li to walk in.

Su Mo Li’s face was pale and she had just woken up. At first glance, she had a little blood on the white cloth on her chest.

The imperial doctor followed her aside, and after seeing the Emperor, he knelt down: “Your Majesty, County Princess Suo Rou could not be persuaded. She forced herself to come over, but her body ……”


Su Mo Li kneeled down directly. She raised her pale little face, and her eyes were full of stubbornness: “Your Majesty, it was me who beat the Eldest Princess. It was not for any other reason, just because she deserved it!”

A single sentence shocked the crowd.

Concubine Gui immediately stood up: “You are just a County Princess, how dare you offend your superiors. What reason do you have?”

Su Mo Li looked at Noble Consort and said word by word: “In terms of seniority, I am her senior master!”

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