White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 70: Murder!

Su Chen slowly walked in, looked around, then walked to the two rows of bookshelves. He took out a red box, took out the account book inside, picked up a pen, wrote down a few words.

If Su Chen looked up, he would have seen Su Mo Li struggling to stick to the ceiling with her body that was already trembling.

The account book in Su Chen’s hand was seen clearly by Su Mo Li. Her eyes shone brightly and she did not expect that the account book was actually here.

But, hanging on the ceiling, since there was no where to brace her body, she was about to fall down.

The good thing was Su Chen did not stay long. As soon as he turned around, Su Mo Li fell down and flew to the back of the cabinet.

Su Chen touched the back of his head, turned around to look, and saw that everything was normal. He had some doubts in his mind and felt that something was wrong.

Su Mo Li tried to slow down her breathing and watched Su Chen leave. She did not dare to come out and waited inside for half an hour before she came out and took out the account book. Looking at the contents if it, her eyes got cold and then she walked out quickly.

When she returned to Cui Zhu Yuan, it was already dawn.

After instructing Cheng Tao and Huang Fan to protect Su Jia Xuan, she quickly returned to the imperial palace.

As soon as she changed her clothes, she heard Zhong Li Xi’s voice.

She forced a sleepy look, opened the door, and saw Zhong Li Xi happily standing outside: “Li’er, next month Father is going to take us hunting. Mother asked me to go over with you and have the tailors make a set of clothes to wear for hunting outing. Let’s hurry over!”

Su Mo Li face also showed a happy smile: “Second Princess, wait for me, I will change my clothes.”

With that, she quickly washed up, and only then went to the empress’ palace with Zhong Li Xi.

As soon as they arrived, they saw palace maids coming and going, holding trays with a lot of jewelry and fabrics inside.

When Zhong Li Xi and Su Mo Li walked in, they saw the Empress smiling and talking to Momo Gui beside her.

And Shi Zhu was actually there.

“Mother! Shi Fu Zi.” Zhong Li Xi walked over and gave a greet.

Su Mo Li followed and when she saw Shi Zhu, her eyes were cold: “What’s wrong with your face?”

Saying that, she came closer to Shi Zhu and looked at the whip marks on the right side of her face.

This question attracted the attention of the Empress and Zhong Li Xi. The two looked over and Zhong Li Xi exclaimed, “Shi Fu Zi, what is the injury on your face ah?”

Shi Zhu put down her teacup and said indifferently, “Nothing much, just hurt by the Eldest Princess accidentally.”

Su Mo Li stared at Shi Zhu.

The Empress glanced at Momo Gui, who nodded and quickly left.

“Will you tell me yourself, or will you wait for the Empress to inquire and tell me?” Su Mo Li still used her usual soft voice, but the Empress and Zhong Li Xi both felt something was wrong at once.

Zhong Li Xi stole a glance at Su Mo Li. Obviously she had a smile on her face and was still the same old Su Mo Li, but she couldn’t help but be afraid.

Shi Zhu coughed dryly twice and did not to look at Su Mo Li: “Nothing is wrong, except that the Eldest Princess asked me to take her as a disciple and I refused.”

“So she struck you?” Su Mo Li continued to ask.

“Mm.” Shi Zhu answered vaguely.

Zhong Li Xi said incredulously, “She went too far! Isn’t she already a disciple of Grandmaster Feng He? How can …… she’s going too far! How dare she make a move against Shi Fu Zi!”

Saying that, Zhong Li Xi was about to go to Zhong Li Lan.

But she was pulled back by the Empress.

The Empress’ face had a helpless expression: “You girl, if you go over now, will Zhong Li Lan admit to it? If she doesn’t admit it and then turns around and says you’re bullying her, what will you do?”

Zhong Li Xi froze. Indeed, this is what Zhong Li Lan would do.

Su Mo Li however took a deep look at Shi Zhu. She then looked at the Empress: “Let’s keep this matter quiet in advance. I think Miss Shi can solve it herself.”

The Empress nodded: “Okay, I won’t forget to mention this matter to the Emperor, so don’t worry.”

Zhong Li Xi then smiled: “Mother, you must tell Father and let him know how excessive Zhong Li Lan is! If I may say so, it’s a blessing for us that Shi Fu Zi came to teach us how to draw, but I didn’t expect Zhong Li Lan to force Shi Fu Zi like this. Shi Fu Zi, why don’t you go and report her?”

Shi Zhu curled her lips and said with a smile, “Nothing, just like what the Empress said, the Eldest Princess will not admit it.”

After the fabric and clothes were chosen, Zhong Li Xi was held back in the palace by the Empress so she could teach her some things.

When Su Mo Li and Shi Zhu left, they just ran into Momo Gui who had returned. Su Mo Li stopped Momo Gui and asked what was going on.

Momo Gui didn’t hide anything. She said the same thing as Shi Zhu, that is, Zhong Li Lan dragged Shi Zhu to a remote place and then made her move.

After saying thanks, Su Mo Li and Shi Zhu left.

When they left the Empress’ palace, Shi Zhu immediately said, “I will handle this matter myself, don’t mess around!”

“What mess around?” Su Mo Li smiled is looking at Shi Zhu, “I never mess around, but you, your nature is fiery and explosive. This time, the fact that you can endure, is it because of me?”

Shi Zhu eyes were a little flustered. After glaring at Su Mo Li, she lightly laughed: “Don’t think that your face is gold. Why would it be because of you? I just think that after all, this is the imperial palace- It is better to be more restrained. Although I am quite famous, if they want to kill me, it is not impossible to do so.”

“Shi Zhu.” Su Mo Li frowned, “The matter in the capital, the matter of the Su family, I can do it myself. I don’t need you and Grandmaster Feng He’s help. You don’t need to stay here because of me.”

Shi Zhu raised an eyebrow, “What, are you looking down on us?

Don’t worry, we won’t cause you any trouble. Besides, with us around, no one will dare to bully you!”

Shi Zhu’s words were like a warm stream that gushed into Su Mo Li’s heart.

“My friend also can’t be bullied like this.” Su Mo Li looked at Shi Zhu and said word by word, “Since Zhong Li Lan dares to hit you, you always have to return the favor.”

After saying that, Su Mo Li circled around and came to Zhong Li Lan’s palace with Shi Zhu.

Who knew where Zhong Li Lan had gone, but she had just returned.

“Eldest Princess.” Su Mo Li directly called out to Zhong Li Lan, “Did you hit and cause the injury on Miss Shi’s face?”

When Zhong Li Lan saw Su Mo Li, she frowned. After sweeping a glance at Shi Zhu, she showed a disdainful smile, “What, Miss Shi went to complain to County Princess Suo Rou? You might as well have gone to Imperial Father and complained directly to the Emperor. A mere County Princes, what can you do to me?

Yes, it is true that I hit Shi Zhu, so what? Do you really think that because you know how to paint, you are great? Just a pariah yet they hold you in high esteem, but not me! Only people like my master, who are famous in all four countries, deserve my respect!

Just a mere you, you’re only somewhat famous in our country is all.”

Zhong Li Lan moved closer towards here Shi Zhu: “Not to mention that just now I hit you in a deserted place, even now if I hit you, you will also suffer for me!”

Shi Zhu sneered: “Really a unknowledgeable fool. Four countries?”

Shi Zhu directly took out four gold medals of immunity of death: “Recognize them? Four countries’ unlimited immunity gold medals. This painting immortal’s name, you really think I’m just the painting immortal of the Fengyun country?

Because I ignored you, do you really think I’m afraid of you?”

Zhong Li Lan looked at Shi Zhu incredulously. Her small face filled with anger and her hand pointed directly at Shi Zhu: “You!”


Su Mo Li directly flung a slap over. Before Zhong Li Lan could react, Su Mo Li directly held her finger: “Didn’t your mother tell you that it’s impolite to casually point your finger at people?”


Zhong Li Lan only felt her face burning hot. She was actually hit by a minister’s daughter!

Even if that’s not enough, this person even threatened her!

“Su Mo Li! Are you going to rebel!”

The maids around Zhong Li Lan also reacted: “Let go of the princess! How dare you offend your superiors! You don’t want to live! Let go of the princess!”

Su Mo Li directly kicked the maid away and backhandedly slapped Zhong Li Lan’s face: “Since the Emperor’s Noble Consort doesn’t have time to teach you, I, as your master, don’t mind teaching you well!

You’re right, you actually insulted your superiors. Do you want to be expelled from your master?”

Su Mo Li sneered as she looked at Zhong Li Lan. She directly let her go and Zhong Li Lan was unstable and fell to the ground.

“Pri …… Prince?” Xiao Guozi looked at everything in front of him incredulously, “This, is this really County Princess Suo Rou? Why do I feel like it’s not ah ……”

Zhong Li Shi was also passing by this place. He just happened to see Su Mo Li, so he walked over, not expecting to see this scene.

Zhong Li Shi curled the corner of his lips: “This is what she originally looked like.”

Xiao Guozi looked at Zhong Li Shi in shock and was about to say something when he saw Su Mo Li directly choking Zhong Li Lan’s neck.

The people of Zhong Li Lan’s palace quickly rushed out and tried to free Zhong Li Lan, however, they were knocked down to the ground by Su Mo Li alone.

Su Mo Li sneered, “What? Really think I’m easy to bully?”

“You ……” Zhong Li Lan’s eyes were filled with panic, “You were pretending!”

Su Mo Li eyes flashed a trace of killing intent. The anger in her heart quickly surged and a blood-red appeared in front of her eyes. The look on her face became more and more cold-blooded, and her eyes were emotionless when she looked at Zhong Li Lan.

Zhong Li Lan was scared and moved backwards step by step: “You, what do you want?”

Su Mo Li, however, did not answer her, but slowly walked towards Zhong Li Lan.

“Li’er!” Shi Zhu directly held Su Mo Li’s hand, her face full of anxiety, “Okay, okay, we’ve taken revenge.”

The familiar voice, however, did not make Su Mo Li return to her senses. She directly shook off Shi Zhu’s hand and continued to walk forward.

Shi Zhu’s face became more and more anxious, calling out loudly, “Li’er! You wake up! Look at me! Li’er!”

Zhong Li Shi frowned fiercely and quickly walked over. Seeing Su Mo Li’s hand about to touch Zhong Li Lan, Zhong Li Shi directly yanked Su Mo Li’s hand and pulled Su Mo Li into his arms.

Su Mo Li immediately fought back, and the two began fighting directly!

Shi Zhu whole body was shocked. This… if other people found out ……

The consequences were unimaginable!

And Zhong Li Lan is quickly climbed up, while running while screaming: “Help! Murder! Su Mo Li is going to kill me!”

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