White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 81: The End (Complete)

Zhong Li Shi’s reaction caused the Emperor to freeze and he couldn’t help but look over, “What are you thinking now?”

Zhong Li Shi coughed dryly and said slowly “Well it’s still possible to bestow the Princess Residence with Cousin’s identity. If she also becomes Imperial Mother’s real daughter her identity would be too conspicuous and would arouse others jealousy. And now Cousin is without her family’s support which is not good.”

The empty excuse made the Emperor look at Zhong Li Shi once again in doubt.

However Zhong Li Shi was looking up at the sky not saying anything.

In the end the Emperor did not refute Zhong Li Shi and only said “Shi’er’s words are also reasonable. It is not advisable to be too prominent. In this way I will not make a big show of rewarding you with the Princess mansion.

You know in your own heart what is good. If you are bullied in the future you can come to me.”

Su Mo Li did not have a good look for Zhong Li Shi. She glanced at him angrily then fixed her face and bowed her body. “Thank you Your Majesty”

After Su Mo Li left the Emperor looked at Zhong Li Shi “Tell me what are you doing.”

Zhong Li Shi narrowed his eyes “Father if she become Mother’s real daughter, in the future when I marry her won’t that be more trouble?”



Zhong Li Shi looked at the Emperor’s shocked face and swept a glance at the broken teacup. Sighing he said, “Father can you not focus? This teacup is worth a lot of money.”

“You say it again for me.”

The Emperor could not help but speak in a deep voice.

Zhong Li Shi was not afraid and directly said again causing the Emperor to be silent.

After a long time he said “Are you serious?”

“Father does not agree?” Zhong Li Shi continued to ask

The Emperor opened his mouth but did not say a word. He was silent for a while before saying “It is not impossible but the identity of that child is not good enough. How can she become the Crown Prince’s consort? The future Empress?”

Zhong Li Shi smiled “Father you don’t have to rush after all, Li’er hasn’t agreed yet.”

The Emperor was choked. He helplessly shook his head waved his hand and said, “Its just that this girl is also capable. Whatever, you youngsters can decide for yourselves.”

After saying this, he signaled Zhong Li Shi to leave.

At the same time the Empress also got the news. Who knows why, but she suddenly laughed, “I knew this kid was interested in that child Li’er, otherwise why would he specially ask myself to take care of her?”

Shaking her head, the Empress smiled “This is good!”

Momo Gui at the side said, “I always feel that County Princess Suo Rou is not that simple, after all Grandmaster Feng He and Miss Shi both know her, ah, so isn’t it possible that she know others?”

“It’s possible,” The Empress became interested “Only this girl, if you don’t ask her she won’t say. Still, we’re not busy, let’s wait and see.”

After Su Mo Li moved to her new home, Shi Zhu and Feng He both came. Feng He came to say goodbye as he was ready to continue his journey, while Shi Zhu decided to accompany Su Mo Li so that Su Mo Li would not be bullied now.

The only thing that surprised Shi Zhu was that Su Mo Li did not need protection at all!

Today, there was a flower appreciation banquet.

Su Mo Li was also invited.

Many people saw Su Mo Li and pointed her out. Su Mo Li came together with Su Jia Xuan. As for Su Xin Zhen, she was being watched by Su Mo Li’s people and naturally no one will take her in. She can only go stay with Old Madam Su and now she is also in Putuo Temple.

But she was no longer a proper young lady of a prominent family, yet she still throwing the temper of a young lady of a prominent family. Therefore the people in Putuo Temple did not like her and continued to punish her.

Looking at Su Mo Li’s appearance draped in gold and silver, many of the ladies were jealous

Su Jia Xuan was so angry that she pulled Su Mo Li’s sleeve, “Sister they said bad things about you.”

“No, they are jealous of me.” Su Mo Li laughed out lightly. She swept a glance at a few people not far away and said lightly “You have opinions about me?”

Before several people could speak they heard Su Mo Li continue, “You have to put up with it even if you have an opinion, who made me the County Princess.”

One of the women stood up her face full of mockery “What are you happy about? You only have a title of county princess. Your family is broken what is there to be proud of?”

“That’s right, if it wasn’t for the benevolence of the Emperor and Empress there would be no place for you here!”

“What’s the big deal? If I were you I would never come out to make a fool of myself!”

“Ashamed?” Su Mo Li laughed “I’m not a murderer, what do I have to be ashamed of?”

Several people listened to this and looked at each other unable to refute.

Su Jia Xuan couldn’t help but reveal a smile.

“Why is it so noisy?” Zhong Li Lan’s voice sounded and she slowly walked over When she saw Su Mo Li she raised her eyebrows and said mockingly, “I thought it was someone it turned out to be County Princess Suo Rou.

Your parents are dead and you’re not sad! How dare you still have the mood to attend the banquet?”

The people around sucked in a deep breath. The Eldest Princess was really straightforward ah. Isn’t this rubbing salt into peoples wounds

Su Mo Li lightly laughed out. “My mother died when I was five years old, is it useful to be sad? I avenged her and now she can rest in peace. As for my father, there is no fatherly love and he killed my mother, why should I be sad?

Rather what does the Eldest Princess mean by this? The Empress decreed not to mention this matter again. Eldest Princess is really powerful capable of treating the Empress’s imperial decree as nothing!”

“You shut up!” Zhong Li Lan roared. “You are violating the law you!”

“Whats wrong?” A lazy voice came over. The crowd looked over and saw the famous Zhong Li Shi slowly coming over.

Then the crowd saw Su Mo Li suddenly blush and her eyes turn red. In the next second the crowd saw Su Mo Li directly run towards Zhong Li Shi and throw herself at him, “Cousin, someone is bullying me. Waaa-“

The crowd sucked in a breath .Although Zhong Li Shi acted as gentle as a jade everyone knew that Zhong Li Shi did not like women especially crying women!

However, what did they see?

They actually saw Su Mo Li running over in tears.

The Crown Prince did not push Su Mo Li away as they thought, instead he reached out and hugged Su Mo Li but the look on his face was fierce and a cold murderous intent emerged in his eyes

Zhong Li Lan instantly became proud. “Big Brother, you don’t listen to County Princess Suo Rou. If she complains, Father will definitely punish her!”

The other ladies were also proud of themselves, it seems that Su Mo Li has kicked an iron plate this time. She dared to actually complain to Zhong Li Shi

Do you really think you are the Second Princess? Even the Second Princess wouldn’t dare to do that!

Zhong Li Shi swept a glance at several people and lowered his head, His voice suddenly became softer, “They bullied you. Do you want them to be split into pieces by five horses or do you want to execute their clans to the ninth generation? All according to you.”

The people took a step backwards, their faces suddenly became miserably pale

Among them Zhong Li Lan’s whole person was shocked. Her lips trembled and she didn’t know what to say

Su Mo Li got out from Zhong Li Shi’s arms, “Its not that serious, since they like to say things let me teach them a few lessons.”

The words just fell when Su Mo Li directly untied the whip around her waist and struck directly towards several people.

There were also ladies who knew martial arts and they immediately fought with Su Mo Li, however in just two moves they fell to the ground.


Su Mo Li fiercely flung the long whip and raised her jaw. Where there was previously softness, it had been replaced by confidence and coldness.

Zhong Li Ling who had just come over saw such a Su Mo Li and was instantly bewildered.

Shi Zhu looked at Su Jia Xuan who was pulling her arm and said helplessly, “Are you sure you want me to back her up?”

Su Jia Xuan said sarcastically, “It seems that there is no need.””

Zhong Li Shi narrowed his eyes and curled the corners of his lips.

He slowly walked over and directly took Su Mo Li’s hand. “Lets go.”

Su Mo Li only felt a warm touch on her hand and tilted her head slightly to meet Zhong Li Shi’s eyes. Her pupils shrank and she suddenly smiled.

The two held hands and walked away while the crowd was silent for a long time before they reacted.

County Princess Suo Rou and the Crown Prince are together!

Three days later they finally got the accurate news the Crown Prince consort candidate was Su Mo Li!

At this time Su Mo Li was in the courtyard to raise herself a few pots of herbs. Seeing Shi Zhu’s complex face looking at her, she could not help but smile.

“Want to ask why I became the Crown Prince Consort?”

For Su Mo Li to guess her question, Shi Zhu was not surprised at all. “Yes I need an explanation.”

“Because I like him.” Su Mo Li smiled. “Since I like him why not try? Even if it doesn’t work I still have a way back don’t I?”

Su Mo Li looked at Shi Zhu and her eyes were a bit lost. In fact she didn’t know how she really treated Zhong Li Shi. Its just that one night Zhong Li Shi specifically found her..

His heartfelt words caused her to be a little confused

But she also knows that if not Zhong Li Shi there will also be others, after all the Emperor and Empress will not let her be single and alone.

In that case let her choose the one she has a good feeling about.

Shi Zhu stared at Su Mo Li for half a second before saying, “Just figure it out yourself…”

Su Mo Li laughed lightly. “Well, many thanks.”

When Elder Ge knew about this matter it was already ten days later. He then directly left the capital as he had to tell the good news to the City Lord!

Zhong Li Shi on the other hand began to prepare for his own wedding.

The Empress slowly said, “Shi’er are you sure.”

Zhong Li Shi turned around and nodded. “Mother, I am sure. Although Li’er does not have much love for me yet I am willing to wait for her.

I also promised her that I will not have three wives or four concubines.”

The Empress smiled. “Good! I hope you’ll do what you say!”

Zhong Li Shi nodded.

However there are still some people who feel that Su Mo Li is not good enough for Zhong Li Shi and often find fault and complain on several occasions with Zhong Li Xi.

When the two could finally got married Zhong Li Xi was the happiest!

“Li’er, now you are my sister-in-law, don’t worry I will definitely protect you in the future!”

Su Mo Li smiled gently. “Good.”

On the day of the wedding everyone was happy and cheerful.

Until the arrival of the First City Lord caused everyone to be stunned.

When Su Mo Li opened her mouth and called “Foster father” the people were once again in an uproar.

The Emperor could not help but ask the Empress – “This daughter-in-law is a bit big right?”

Zhong Li Shi pondered, “Can I eat soft rice now?”(basically asking if he can mooch of his wife since she’s the big shot)

Zhong Li Ling’s hand clenched fiercely and his eyes were red – what the hell did he miss?

Su Mo Li stood on the steps and smiled slightly. After being reborn in this life her purpose was achieved.

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