White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 80: Imperial Jade Butterfly

Indeed, the dust has settled.

Su Mo Li was received in the palace. The case of Princess Huimin was also announced to the public.

The people sighed, but at the same time felt sympathy for Su Mo Li.

The Empress Dowager wanted stopped Su Mo Li from leaving, but Su Mo Li approached the Empress Dowager and said, “I’m not at home in the palace because I’m the daughter of a criminal, and because the Imperial son of the harem has grown up.”

The Empress Dowager did not know this, helplessly sighed: “Just you alone, how to live?”

Su Mo Li smiled: “The Emperor gave Shi Zhu and Grandmaster Feng He a set of mansions. Grandmaster Feng He will soon go on a journey and told me to go directly to his mansion. Shi Zhu also told me to accompany her.”

“That said, it’s still a foster home.”

The Empress Dowager murmured a sentence. She thought about it and her eyes lit up. Smiling, she patted Su Mo Li’s hand: “Well, you should rest first, even if you want to leave, it will be tomorrow.”

Su Mo Li also did not refuse. Just then Zhong Li Xi came looking for Su Mo Li and the two went to the imperial garden.

“Li’er, do you really want to leave the palace? You are my master, there is nothing wrong with living in the palace ……”

Zhong Li Xi was not willing to let Su Mo Li leave.

Su Mo Li helplessly shook her head: “People’s words are scary.”

Zhong Li Xi could not refute these four words. She was silent for a long time before saying, “I should have begged Father to let me go out to live, so that you can live in my princess mansion. Then no one would dare to say anything about it.”

Su Mo Li smiled and shook her head, but did not say anything more.

At the same time, in the imperial study room, the ministers asked: “Your Majesty, the First City has always existed independently. The First City’s steward Elder Ge came to our country, what exactly is his purpose?”

“Yes, Your Majesty, the First City’s strength is unfathomable. This time, could it be that he wants to make a move against our country? But thinking about it, it doesn’t look like it.”

“Yes, I’ve already had someone check it out, but it didn’t turn out to be true.”

The crowd looked at each other, their faces full of doubts, obviously not knowing why.

The Emperor frowned, then said indifferently: “Elder Ge came, only to find me to play chess, but did not say anything else.

The most mentioned person was Li’er.”

“County Princess Suo Rou?” The ministers were puzzled, “Why would he mention Country Princess Suo Rou? Could it be because of her relationship with Grandmaster Feng He and Miss Shi?”

“But it doesn’t make sense. Can it be that the First City also wants to befriend Grandmaster Feng He and Miss Shi? This ……”

“I don’t think it’s that simple.”

The Emperor shook his head. He took out a token and handed it to a few of his inner circle, “Look at this, it’s a gift from Li’er to me.”

Looking at the symbol on it, the crowd sucked in a breath: “This, this is …… this is the token of the 4th Kingdom store, with this, it can be said to be rich enough to beat the 4th Kingdom!”

The Emperor nodded: “Exactly. The reason why I went to investigate the matter of Eldest Sister Huimin is because Li’er asked for it. And this is a gift of thanks from Li’er to me. This niece of mine, is not simple!”

The Emperor’s words made the crowd silent.

“You say that there is something wrong with Li’er living in the palace, but if Li’er becomes the daughter-in-law of another family, that is what is really wrong.” The Emperor’s words made the crowd startled.

“Your Majesty, what you mean is that you want to marry County Princess Suo Rou to the Crown Prince?”

The Emperor nodded: “I do have this idea, I once inadvertently mentioned it to Elder Ge. Guess what Elder Ge said?”

One by one, the people perked up their ears and looked at the Emperor nervously.

The Emperor smiled and said, “He said, the marriage of County Princess Suo Rou is her own decision. No one can stop her or interfere.”

The crowd sucked in a breath: “This, what does this mean? Do you mean to say that Elder Ge also knows County Princess Suo Rou?”

“Your Majesty, what do you think?”

“I don’t know either!” The Emperor sighed softly and smiled, “Even if I go to ask Li’er, if she does not want to say, she will not say.

Otherwise, when she just returned to the capital, she should have told everyone about her acquaintance with Feng He and Shi Zhu. If she did, who would dare to bully her?

But she didn’t, that means she has her own ideas.

No hurry, let’s wait slowly.”

The crowd looked at each other and felt more and more that Su Mo Li was mysterious.

And at this time, Su Mo Li and Zhong Li Xi were chatting in the rear garden, and coincidentally, Zhong Li Shi walked over.

“Three days later, Su Chen will be executed. In the next days, what are you going to do?” Zhong Li Shi went straight to the topic, making Su Mo Li freeze before she smiled and said “Naturally, I will continue to stay in the capital.

The Emperor will give me a place to stay.”

“Why?” Zhong Li Xi asked suspiciously, “Has Father already found a place for you?”

Su Mo Li shook her head and smiled, “Not yet.”

Zhong Li Shi was silent for a moment and seemed to understand something.

“It’s good. We can also take care of each other in the capital. If you are bored, you can go into the palace to see the Empress Dowager, who likes you very much.”

“The Empress Dowager’s fondness is my blessing, if the Empress Dowager does not mind me, I will naturally come often.”

Su Mo Li raised her head and met Zhong Li Shi’s eyes. She slowly moved her eyes away, her face natural, but her heart was beating uncontrollably.

Zhong Li Xi always felt that there was something wrong between these two, but her head couldn’t figure it out.

“This servant has met His Highness the Crown Prince, Second Princess, and County Princess Suo Rou.”

Da Guozi’s voice rang out as he slightly bent down and slowly said, “His Majesty summoned County Princess Suo Rou.”

“Well, it just so happens that I have something to say to Father, let’s go over together.”

Su Mo Li answered shallowly and they left together.

Zhong Li Xi: ????

So, just like that, she was left alone here?

When they arrived at the imperial study room, the Emperor was a little surprised to see Zhong Li Shi. When he saw Zhong Li Shi sitting directly aside without any care for him, he felt upset and could not help but glare at him.

Su Mo Li stood obediently below, waiting for the Emperor’s questioning.

The Emperor looked at Su Mo Li, sighed in his heart: “Today, Empress Dowager sought me out to talk about the matter of your home. I didn’t consider it well, so, I’ll give you a mansion.”

“A mansion?” Su Mo Li looked at the Emperor with a doubtful look in her eyes, “But Your Majesty, with no merit, a reward can’t be given. This will not be good ……”

“Huh.” The Emperor smiled, “The Empress Dowager likes you very much and the Empress also treats you like her own daughter. Your mother, Princess Huimin, also grew up at the knee of the Empress Dowager, so the Empress decided to directly accept you as a rightful daughter and directly added to the Imperial Family Lineage.”

“No way!”

Su Mo Li had not yet spoken when Zhong Li Shi directly and quickly spoke up and refused.

The Emperor looked at Zhong Li Shi in doubt, but saw this son for the first time showed a torn look.

Su Mo Li felt it was naturally good. No one would dare to bully her.

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