White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 79: The Dust Has Settled

However, just as Su Chen’s voice fell, a large group of guards rushed in the door. Su Chen’s heart jerked and he quickly looked over, but found that it was royal army.

At once, his face turned white.

“This ……”

“Lord Su, you are suspected of causing the death of Eldest Princess Huimin. By order of the Emperor, we are to bring you forward for interrogation.” Zhong Li Shi’s voice faintly came over.

Not waiting for Su Chen to react, he saw that the guards had already clamped Su Chen in place.

“What are you doing? I’m the Prime Minister of the country! You let go of me!”

Zhong Li Shi lightly laughed and slowly said: “Now Lord Su is indeed still the Prime Minister, but later, it is not known. After all, Lord Su committed not just a crime, but a major crime that would cause the execution of nine generations.”

Su Chen’s face changed and he said angrily: “This is someone planting evidence and framing me! I would never do such a thing!”

“Then Lord Su can wait and go and explain to the Emperor.

Take him away!” Zhong Li Shi’s eyes were cold and he quickly ordered.

Soon, the guards took Su Chen away.

Immediately after, another guard brought out Li Qianshi, who had just been beaten and treated so rudely that she had already fainted.

After Su Xin Zhen saw Zhong Li Shi, she didn’t dare to let out a breath and was a bit confused. She didn’t know why things had turned out this way.

Old Madam Su wanted to come out, but was stopped by Su Mo Li’s people who took Old Madam Su away directly.

Momo Ke slowly said: “Old Madam, Eldest Miss is doing it for your own good. If this matter is really related to the master, then the Su family ……”

Old Madam Su closed her eyes and the Buddha beads in her hand were turning vigorously.

Momo Ke continued: “If it was before, you can blame Eldest Miss. But now, the Emperor has intervened, which means that the Emperor has begun to suspect the master. Even if Eldest Miss wants to make a big deal out of a small thing, it’s no use!”

At this sentence, Old Madam Su’s hand paused slightly, and then she opened her eyes with a complicated expression on her face.

“Ah Ke, I know what you mean. I just can’t get past this hurdle in my heart. I’m blaming Chen’er! I didn’t think that Huimin’s death was related to him! How am I going to meet Huimin after I die?

Huimin was true to me! How could I not have seen that ……”

Old Madam Su shook her head with tears flowing out of her cloudy eyes.

“What a sin!”

Momo Ke sighed and did not speak.

On the other side, Su Xin Zhen quickly rushed towards Su Mo Li’s side. She raised her hand to hit down, but was directly held by Su Mo Li by the wrist and pushed violently, causing her to fall to the ground.

Her face was full of shock: “Su Mo Li! You dare to push me!”

In the next second, Su Mo Li directly stepped forward and stepped on Su Xin Zhen’s stomach: “Su Xin Zhen, I’ve put up with you long enough.”

Her indifferent tone was full of killing intent, so Su Xin Zhen couldn’t help but shiver.

Su Mo Li coldly glanced at Su Xin Zhen: “If you want to die, I won’t stop you. Now your father and your mother have been arrested, what, you also want to join them?”

Su Xin Zhen shivered and looked at Su Mo Li in horror. The current Su Mo Li had become unrecognizable to her.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Su Jia Xuan next to her. Su Jia Xuan did not have any expression on her face, as if the one who was arrested was not her parents.

At this time, Su Lin ran out and was very happy after seeing Su Mo Li: “Big Sister!”

“Su Lin! Are you a fool! The person in front of you has captured your real parents!” Su Xin Zhen roared out angrily and Su Jia Xuan immediately said, “No, it was Father and Mother who killed someone!”

Su Lin’s little face was filled with a confused expression and he was somewhat puzzled.

After Su Jia Xuan explained, Su Lin frowned and looked at Su Mo Li and said, “Big Sister, is it really my parents who killed your mother? Why?

Was it because your mother did something wrong?” Su Lin thought of this and nodded, “It must be so, otherwise why would my father and mother kill your mother?

It must be your mother’s problem, you quickly let them release my father and mother, or else ……”

“Shut up!” Su Mo Li coldly glanced at Su Lin, “What do you want?”

Su Lin froze. He did not expect Su Mo Li to be mean to him all of a sudden. Obviously this big sister was very gentle before.

“Cheng Tao.” Su Mo Li called out, “Bring Su Lin to the City Lord and let him discipline him properly.”

Cheng Tao was slightly stunned then she answered and directly knocked Su Lin unconscious and took him away.

Su Xin Zhen’s heart rose to her throat, “You, what do you want to do!”

Su Mo Li sneered, “Xuan’er, let’s go.”

Su Jia Xuan took a deep look at Su Xin Zhen and slowly said, “You take care of yourself.”

Looking at the two’s backs, Su Xin Zhen quickly climbed up and wanted to call out to them, but her heart was not willing to do so. Stomping her feet, she ran directly to the Second Prince’s residence, however, the Second Prince did not even see her!

She had no choice but to go to the Qian family, but what she didn’t expect was that the Qian family also closed their doors and refused to see her!

Su Xin Zhen returned to the Su family only to find that all the servants were dismissed, and the Su family Mansion was sealed.

This incident involving the Su family made a big fuss, and almost everyone knew about it.

At this moment, Su Chen was extraordinarily anxious in his cell. He was now caught, and there was no way to get out and contact people!

Until now, he realized that he did not have a person around him who could take charge!

But thinking of those who were in the same boat with him, they should be able to do something, after all, if he falls, they would fall too.

There was also the Second Prince.

Thinking of the Second Prince, Su Chen’s heart was faintly comforted.

Only, Zhong Li Ling was currently busy. He didn’t know why, but all of a sudden, all his businesses were being suppressed and there were problems.

Without money, nothing can be done!

“Second Prince, the Prime Minister’s side ……”

Zhong Li Ling rubbed his brow and said indifferently, “Su Chen’s side has no leverage on us. Don’t bother with him. Whether he’s dead or alive, it has nothing to do with us.”


Three days later, the interrogation of Su Chen.

Su Chen was ready to deny any crime.

However, what he did not expect was that Zhong Li Shi was also uncomfortable with his ruse and directly threw the evidence at him.

“Lord Su, why don’t you explain it properly?”

Looking at the evidence, Su Chen froze, having no more words to argue.

After all, there was his seal here, a handwritten letter.

In one day, the Su family had fallen!

Immediately afterwards, Su Chen and Li Qianshi’s crime of killing the First Princess Huimin was also admitted.

Except for Princess Huimin’s daughter, County Princess Suo Rou, the entire Su family was sentenced to be killed.

“Originally, they were to be executed to their ninth descendants, but County Princess Suo Rou went to plead for mercy. She said that person who committed the crime should be punished and thee person who was uninvolved should be spared.”

“Oh my God, County Princess Suo Rou is too kind-hearted.”

“No, County Princess Suo Rou saved the lives of the rest of the Su family!”

“It’s a good thing that the Emperor agreed, otherwise would have been a river of blood running through the capital.”

Old Madam Su who was placed in a courtyard, sighed and slowly said, “After all, it was, she was not raised in vain.”

After a pause, she continued, “Let’s pack up and go to the temple, let me spend the rest of my life to atone for Huimin’s death.”

Momo Ke opened her mouth, but in the end did not persuade. She served Old Madam Su and walked towards the Putuo Temple.

Su Mo Li, who got the news did not stop, and said indifferently, ” The dust has settled after all.”

Translators Note:

The ending is fast approaching

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