White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 7: Injustice

Su Mo Li changed her posture, leaning on the back of the chair, and tenderly said, “What are you guys planning to do? It’s not like I’m going to do anything to him, I’m raising him, right?”

“How much silver does one make as a doctor?”

That soft voice made Cheng Tao’s heart beat faster and faster, and she couldn’t help but say, “Miss, the gentlemen you had your eyes on before are all kept in the manor, they are so bored that they have learned all eighteen martial arts, and as long as they have bullied you, they have all been punished to the point of mental breakdown.”

“Miss, these people are getting scarier and scarier, if you let the Imperial Doctor also enter the group, I’m afraid …… that I ……”

“What are you afraid of?” Su Mo Li looked at Cheng Tao in confusion.

Cheng Tao’s eyes closed and she said as if she were dead, “Gongzi Chen was a painter before, but now he likes to paint on corpses.”

“Gongzi Li liked to embroider work, but now he likes to sew on corpses.”

“Gongzi Ma liked to carve, but now he only likes to carve things on corpses.”

“Miss, Gongzi Shi is an Imperial Doctor and saves lives, I’m afraid he’ll become a homicidal man in the future!”

Su Mo Li was thoughtful, “Isn’t that just right? In the future, Gongzi Chen, Gongzi Li, and Gongzi Ma won’t have to worry about the corpses.”

Cheng Tao’s pair of eyes rounded: “Miss, the corpses you prepared for them are already enough ……”

“Yes?” Su Mo Li raised her eyebrows.

Cheng Tao was busy giving Huang Fan a look.

Huang Fan quickly said, “Miss, if that person finds out, you’ll lose!”

The corner of Su Mo Li’s mouth twitched, chagrin appearing on her face, “Why did I make this bet with him in the first place?”

“Miss, after all, it’s under the foot of the Heavens, in the capital, we’d better keep a low profile.”

Cheng Tao let out a sigh of relief in her heart and was about to say something when footsteps sounded outside.

“Greetings to Madam.”

The maid’s voice came over.

Cheng Tao and Huang Fan quickly looked towards Su Mo Li.

In the blink of an eye, they saw that she had lost her spirit from a moment ago and transformed into a weak beauty, leaning on the bed and squinting her eyes slightly.

“Where is your master? I wonder if your Miss has to be begged to greet? The master came from the countryside and doesn’t know the rules, don’t you servants know how to remind the master?”

Momo Chen shouted harshly.

It seemed like she was reprimanding the maids, but in reality, she was telling the crowd that her identity was not acceptable to the public.

After a few mocking chuckles in her heart, Su Mo Li allowed Cheng Tao and Huang Fan to help her up, and slowly walked out.

“Greeting Mother, please ……”

“Ahem! Ahem!”

Before she could finish her sentence, Su Mo Li collapsed onto the Huang Fan, coughing quietly.

The little face turned red from coughing instantly.

Cheng Tao was busy bowing her body with panic on her face: “Forgive me, Madam, Miss’s health is really not good, the Old Madam and the Master have asked Miss to come back to rest, which is why she didn’t have the time to pay respects to Madam.”

Li Qianshi’s eyes were cold.

This maid was all but telling herself that the Old Madam and the Master had let Su Mo Li rest, and if she was aggressive, she was going against the Old Madam and the Master.

“Li’er, get up quickly, we’re all family, there’s no need for that.”

Worry appeared on Li Qianshi’s face: “In a little while, the people broker will come, I’m also afraid that you don’t know the difference between good and bad people, that’s why I want to help you chose.”

“Thank you, Mother.”

Su Mo Li said with a breathless voice.

As soon as the few people took their seats, Momo Ke’s voice sounded outside.

“Greeting Madam.” Momo Ke bowed her body after seeing Li Qianshi.

Li Qianshi even helped Momo Ke up: “There’s no need to be polite, Momo.”

“I’m afraid that Li’er has just returned and doesn’t know how to choose a maid, so that’s why I came to take a look.” Li Qianshi explained her intention without moving a muscle.

Momo Ke smiled: “It’s still the Lady who is thoughtful, but these maids the Old Madam has already looked at them, they are all fine, as long as Eldest Miss likes them, they can just stay.”

Saying that she called out to the people outside.

The little maids were seen walking in.

Su Mo Li took a look at Cheng Tao, and when she shook her head she knew that her people didn’t mix in.

“Eldest Miss, do you see any suitable ones?” Momo Ke smiled and asked.

Li Qianshi swept a glance and lowered her eyes, since Momo Ke said that they had already passed the Old Madam’s hurdle, she naturally wouldn’t say anything more.

Su Mo Li revealed a soft smile: “Can you guys raise your heads for me to see?”

The people below heard this and raised their heads.

Su Mo Li noticed that there was a little maid in the corner who seemed to be panicking, and the moment she lifted her head, Su Mo Li’s eyes lit up.

“The last girl in the fifth row wearing green clothes, what’s your name?”

The little girl in the corner puffed out her knees: “This slave girl Erma has seen Miss.”

The voice was also beautiful.

The smile on Su Mo Li’s face grew thicker, then she tilted his head, looked at Momo Ke, and said softly, “Momo, I like her.”

Momo Ke was in a trance for a moment as she looked into Su Mo Li’s eyes.

The agile eyes and exquisite face caused her to be momentarily blinded.

Only when Su Mo Li coughed did she bring back Momo Ke’s thoughts.

She even poured a cup of water and handed it to Su Mo Li, then whispered, “Miss, this girl is too beautiful, and in the end, being a maid she has to be nimble with her feet.”

Su Mo Li knew that Momo Ke was doing it for her own good, and couldn’t help but smile softly, “Momo, I want some good-looking maids so that even if I’m weak and can’t go out to see the scenery, I can still look at them and feel good.”

Momo Ke remembered that the looks of Cheng Tao and Huang Fan were not worse than this Erma.

However, every time the three of them came out, her attention could only be on Su Mo Li.

And yes, who could compare to the Eldest Miss’s gorgeous face?

Thinking this way, SMomo Ke nodded, “Erma come here.”

Erma obviously didn’t expect that she was chosen.

Su Mo Li ordered two more maids of good quality looks before Momo Ke left with the others.

After Li Qianshi instructed a few words, she sighed, “Li’er, your sister is inconsiderate, I will apologize on behalf of your sister for what happened today.”

“Mother is too serious.” Su Mo Li instructed Cheng Tao to take the maids away, before saying, “Mother, don’t worry, I’ll go and beg Father to release my sister later.”

“That’s not necessary.” Li Qianshi had a smile on her face, “As long as you don’t blame your sister, it’s good. Zhen’er’s temper has grown, it’s good to lock her up.”

“Mother knows that you have been wronged, you have just come to the capital, there are many things to add, I don’t know your preferences, take this silver, just buy whatever you want.”

Saying that, Li Qianshi handed ten taels of silver to Su Mo Li, and said a few more words before she left.

As soon as Li Qianshi left, Su Mo Li sneered and played with the silver in her hand, asking in confusion, “How are the prices in the capital?”

Huang Fan bowed her head in thought before saying, “Ten taels of silver can buy a set of shoddy ready-made clothes.”

Upon hearing that, Su Mo Li blinked her eyes and spoke leisurely, “In that case, Huang Fan, go tell Father that Mother gave me silver and that I was a little scared, so I came to consult Father.”

Huang Fan instantly understood, and with a strong smile, she responded and quickly left.

“Miss, the three new maids have been arranged.” Cheng Tao lifted the curtain and walked in.

“Well, the three of them will be left to you.” Su Mo Li smiled, “Let’s go to Grandmother’s yard, otherwise I have nothing to do.”

At this time, Su Chen was in Old Madam Su’s courtyard, listening to Huang Fan’s words, his face flushed red.

Old Madam Su sneered, “She can be really generous, ten taels of silver? Zhen’er can buy any food for more than ten taels of silver!”

“Mother, don’t be angry, it’s your son’s fault.” Su Chen was busy pacifying Old Madam Su.

Huang Fan lowered her head and whispered, “Old Madam, ten taels of silver is already a lot, you can spend two months in the village and still eat meat for a meal! Miss is thinking it’s too much silver and she doesn’t dare to take it ……”

When Old Madam Su heard the news, her eyes turned red: “Chen’er, it’s just that you don’t like Nan Nan’s birth mother, but Nan Nan is also your child! If it weren’t for Nan Nan’s daily prayers for you and for our Su family, how could we be getting better and better!”

“Chen’er, the back of your hand is flesh, you can’t afford to be too generous!”

Su Chen’s face was also full of complexity, and he sighed, “You go to the accounts room and bring back Eldest Miss’s monthly silver.”

Huang Fan looked at Su Chen in shock and said with a trembling voice, “Master, does Miss still have the monthly silver?”

Su Chen only felt a surge of sorrow in his heart, Li’er is also his own child, no matter what, food and clothing should not be less for her.

Nodding his head now, he said, “Fifteen taels a month, if there is anything you like, if the silver is not enough, come to me.”

“Thank you, Master! Thank you, Old Madam!” Huang Fan was delighted, “This slave servant is going to tell Miss.”

Just as she was about to run out, she seemed to think of something, her face went white, and immediately knelt down, “Old Madam, Master please forgive my rudeness.”

Old Madam Su waved her hand: “You are also loyal to your Miss, okay, go down, just don’t be so reckless in the future.”

“Yes, Old Madam.”

After Huang Fan went out, the excitement on her face disappeared instantly, she looked up, just in time to see the figure of Su Mo Li and quickly walked over.

“Fifteen taels?” Su Mo Li smiled gently, “You guys take it and go buy food.”

Huang Fan’s mouth twitched, “Miss, you give us a hundred taels of silver every month, where else do we need the fifteen taels of silver.”

Cheng Tao couldn’t help but laugh, “You’re not satisfied with the money!”


Su Mo Li also laughed, “Okay, no matter how small the fly is, it’s still meat, it’s good to take it to buy buns for the poor.”

“Come on, let’s go in.”

When Su Mu Li went in, she felt that the atmosphere was bad, but her face was revealed nothing. She was just about to salute and greet when she was stopped by Old Madam Su.

“Nan Nan come over, come sit here with Grandmother.”

Su Mo Li laughed shyly and quietly looked at Su Chen, seeing that he didn’t object, before quickly walking over.

Su Mo Li’s reaction Su Chen naturally saw it clearly, and for a moment, his guilt grew bigger and bigger.


Su Mo Li held Old Madam Su’s hand, her small face full of smiles.

“It’s been hard for you, child.” Old Madam Su lovingly stroked Su Mo Li’s hair, “Is there anything you want? Or any wishes?”

Su Mo Li’s eyes flickered with confusion.

Su Chen at the side also said evenly, “Good, Li’er, you can ask for anything, Father will definitely satisfy you.”

“Really?” Su Mo Li looked towards Su Chen, her eyes shining brightly.

There was anticipation on her small face that was palm-sized.

Su Chen nodded his head: “Just say it.”

Su Mo Li’s face was tinged with two flushes, “I, I want to learn to read and write.”

Even Su Chen didn’t expect that Su Mo Li would actually mention this request.

Old Madam Su was stunned and asked tentatively, “Nan Nan, don’t you want nice clothes and gold and silver jewelry?”

Su Mo Li turned her head to Old Madam Su’s eyes and shook her head, “Grandmother, these are just outside of my body, before, in the village, I was envious when I watched those children go to school, so can I study?”

“Yes, naturally!” Old Madam Su stated immediately, “Tomorrow, you’ll be with Zhen’er and Xuan’er, our family has hired female masters to teach you whatever you want to learn.”

“Thank you, Grandmother, thank you, Father!” Su Mo Li couldn’t help but cheer up.

“Three days later, Madam Marquis is hosting a flower viewing banquet, can Nan Nan go with Grandmother?”

Su Mo Li was a little apprehensive, “But Grandmother, I’ve just come to the capital, I don’t know anything, will I embarrass Grandmother?”

“How? Our Nan Nan is the best, these three days, learn the rules well.”

Old Madam Su said with a smile.

Su Mo Li naturally agreed.

Su Chen wanted to say something, but Old Madam Su glared back.

In the evening, Su Chen returned to the Liuli courtyard and became furious, scaring Su Xin Zhen, who had just returned from the ancestral shrine with a ghastly pallor.

“Father, I was wrong, I shouldn’t have started a conflict with my Big Sister.” Said Su Xin Zhen, kneeling down on the ground, “Father, I’m scared wuwu, does Father not want Zhen Er?”

Su Chen was slightly startled.

“Daddy, as soon as Big Sister came back, Daddy’s eyes were without Zhen’er, Zhen’er knows that Big Sister suffered outside, but Zhen’er’s heart was also hurt as she watched Daddy loving Big Sister, I’m sorry Daddy.”

Su Xin Zhen is in the end the daughter that Su Chen held close to his heart, listening to Su Xin Zhen’s little girl’s heart, where would he still blame her. He helped Su Xin Zhen up, looking at the tears on her face, and sighed, “You, Dad loves you the most, and how could he not love you because your Big Sister is back?”

Su Xin Zhen looked at Su Chen timidly, “Daddy, is it true?”

“You girl, okay, don’t cry, go have a good sleep.”

Su Xin Zhen responded before leaving cheerfully.

Once Su Xin Zhen left, the smile on Su Chen’s face disappeared, he looked at Li Qianshi and said coldly, “Ten taels of silver, how can you even take out a single hand?”

Li Qianshi’s face was pale, but she couldn’t help but shed tears: “Master, don’t you know what kind of person I am? Why do you want to wrong me so badly ……”

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  1. I’m pretty impressed with how well she’s got her people trained/twisted. Where is she getting all this money to pay them, though, if she’s not getting it from her father……?

  2. ‘Su Stranger noticed that there was a little maid in the corner who seemed to be panicking, and the moment she lifted her head, Su Stranger’s eyes lit up.’
    Should be Su Mo Li.

    The smile on Su Mo Li’s face grew thicker, then he tilted his head, looked at Momo Ke, and said softly, “Sister, I like her.”
    First, ‘he’ and ‘his’ should be ‘she’ and ‘her’. Second, ‘Sister’ should be ‘Momo’.

    Are you sure that servant’s name is Erma? That doesn’t sound Chinese. Even if you separate it so it’s Er Ma it still doesn’t seem right.

    ‘After Huang Fan went out, the excitement on her face disappeared instantly, she looked up, just in time to see the figure of Su Stranger and quickly walked over.’
    Should be Su Li Mo.

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