White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 6: Miss, please think twice.

Su Xin Zhen saw Su Chen’s face sink, and a surge of panic arose in her heart.

If it was before, when she cried, Su Chen would definitely coax her.

“Father, I didn’t ……”

Su Chen looked at Su Xin Zhen coldly, “No, then what are you doing this for?”

“Father, don’t blame my sister, it’s all my fault.”

Su Mo Li’s face was filled with anxiety, and she pleaded with a strong voice.

Hearing this, Su Chen sighed and felt more and more guilt.

He didn’t like Su Mo Li’s mother, Princess Huimin, but Su Mo Li was his daughter after all.

“Li’er, get up.” Saying that, Su Chen reached out his hand to help Su Mo Li up, “Your body is already not good, don’t kneel on the ground at every turn, why are your hands so cold?”

Su Chen took a look at the sky, it was clearly a bright sunny June day.

Frowning, Su Chen looked at Cheng Tao and Huang Fan, “Take my name card and go ask the Imperial Doctor to come and take a look.”

“Yes!” Huang Fan immediately responded, received Su Chen’s name card, and quickly walked out.

Su Xin Zhen stared at Su Chen, she had always been the jewel in Su Chen’s palm.

No matter what she wanted, Su Chen would always agree to it.

Even her own sister, Su Jia Xuan, was not as favored as her.

But now, Su Chen was speaking coldly to her, caring for and loving Su Mo Li, how could she bear this!

Raising her skirt now, she stood up and rushed straight towards Su Mo Li!

“Sister! Don’t you hit Father!”

Although Su Mo Li was dealing with Su Chen, she had been paying attention to Su Xin Zhen, and when she saw her rushing over, she immediately hugged Su Chen and shouted out this outlandish phrase.

Su Chen quickly reacted, hugging Su Mo Li and taking two steps back.

“Sister, how could you fight Father, how could you ……”

Su Mo Li’s face was full of disbelief, she then looked at Su Chen, full of worry, “Father, are you alright ……”

Her trembling voice leaked her nervousness.

Su Chen’s face was now very pale.

Su Xin Zhen was also stunned, her brain exploded with a bang, and her whole being panicked.

“I didn’t! Su Mo Li! Don’t talk nonsense! You’re the one who spoke ill of me in front of Daddy, right! I’ll kill you!”


Su Chen shouted, his face showing his anger.

“Someone! Take the Second Lady away and lock her up at the ancestral shrine. Let her face the wall!”

Saying that Su Chen looked at Su Mo Li. Seeing that her face was pale, and cold sweat was already appearing on her forehead, he softened up a bit and shouted at Cheng Tao, “What are you waiting for? Still haven’t helped your lady to rest in the house yet!”

“Father!” Su Mo Li stubbornly shook his head, “Don’t blame my sister, it’s my fault.”

“Father knows.” Su Chen sighed, “Go rest, this matter is in Father’s heart.”

Su Mo Li saw this and her face was filled with worry. She nodded and bowed her head towards Su Chen before leaving.

Li Qianshi who got the news, however, was stunned, “What did you say? Zhen’er was locked up in the ancestral shrine? How is that possible?”

Momo Chen replied evenly, “Madam, there is no mistake, I heard that at the entrance of the house, the Master not only struck Second Miss but also sent Second Miss to the ancestral shrine to face the wall.”

Li Qianshi’s eyebrows furrowed: “Who else was there besides the Master and Zhen’er?”

“The Eldest Miss.” A hint of confusion crossed Momo Chen’s eyes, “Madam, I always feel that the Eldest Miss is devious.”

Li Qianshi was silent for a moment then slowly said, “Go, let’s go to the ancestral shrine.”

As soon as Li Qianshi approached the ancestral shrine, she heard cursing from within.

With a “creak”, the door opened.

Su Xin Zhen quickly turned her head, and when she saw Li Qianshi’s figure, she cried more and more bitterly: “Mother!”

“Zhen’er, what the hell is going on?” Li Qianshi stroked Su Xin Zhen’s face and touched the slap marks that were still visible on her face, causing her heart to sink, “Zhen’er, you tell Mother everything that happened today.”

Su Xin Zhen cried as she revealed what had happened today, “Mother, it must be that slut Su Mo Li! If she hadn’t said bad things about me in front of Daddy, why would Daddy punish me and beat me!”

Li Qianshi’s pupils flickered with anger, holding Su Xin Zhen in her arms, she slowly stroked Su Xin Zhen’s back, making sure her emotions were stable before she whispered: “Zhen’er, you’re mistaken.”

Su Xin Zhen was stunned, incredulous as she looked at Li Qianshi, her voice sharp and thin: “Mother!”

“Zhen’er, Mother told you that what your father hates most is having the decisions he makes questioned and opposed.”

“Mother, I didn’t ……”

Su Xin Zhen was busy defending herself.

Li Qianshi sighed and looked at Su Xin Zhen, sighing in her heart that she was still a child in the end.

“Su Mo Li is the one your father wants to bring back, since that’s the case, no matter how much you hate her, you can only pretend to like her.”

“Besides today, you just relied on your own judgment and thought that Su Mo Li said something wrong about you in front of your father, but have you ever thought that Su Mo Li didn’t?”

“It would be good for you if the Su Mo Li were to complain about you in front of your father, it would make your father think that she is a narrow-minded person.”

“But what does it mean that your father is so angry at your words?”

Su Xin Zhen came back to her senses, her mind rapidly spinning, “That means that Su Mo Li was saying good things even if she mentioned me in front of her father.”


Relief appeared on Li Qianshi’s face: “Only then, your father will be especially angry when you insulted Su Mo Li, and I’m also to blame for underestimating this Su Mo Li.”

“Then Mother, will Father get tired of me!” Tension appeared on Su Xin Zhen’s face, “Mother, what should I do?”

“Show weakness.” Li Qianshi’s lips curled up into a smile, “One of the most important weapons a woman has is to show weakness.”

Li Qianshi saw a confused look appear on Su Xin Zhen’s face and broke off her words to explain to her.

Su Xin Zhen’s face showed a sudden understanding, “Mother, Daughter understands.”

“Now that you understand, just face the wall in front of your ancestors, I believe that Zhen’er is a smart child.”

With that, Li Qianshi stood up and was helped out by Momo Chen.

“Go to the Cui Zhu Courtyard.”

In the Cui Zhu Courtyard, Su Mo Li looked at the Imperial Doctor who walked in and was somewhat impressed.

Cheng Tao, however, stared at Huang Fan as if she was an enemy.

Huang Fan’s face revealed her innocence, she also does not want to!

“Miss, please extend your hand.” The gentle, jade-like voice made one’s heart tingle.

Coupled with such a stunning face, it was pointless to try to find fault with it.

Su Mo Li stretched out her wrist as per the request, that slender wrist made the Imperial Doctor faintly frown.

It was only after covering it with a single handkerchief that the pulse was taken.

Su Mo Li’s eyes fell on the Imperial Doctor’s hand, and a hint of surprise crossed her face.


Long and strong!

And then looking at that face, it really goes along with the saying, “There are gentlemen, cut and polished, like fine jade”.

However, there is no way to describe his beauty in plain language.

The lightly pursed lips reveal his seriousness.

Su Mo Li’s other hand was supporting her jaw, a pair of eyes unbridled.

However, when the Imperial Doctor looked up to inquire, she quickly reverted back to normal with a pair of eyes that were filled with water, cute and adorable.

“Miss’s body is weak, it is not advisable to be extremely happy and sad, it is good to have more rest.” Saying that the Imperial Doctor wrote down a prescription and nodded his head towards Su Mo Li.

“Imperial Doctor, please stay.”

Su Mo Li got up and swayed slightly twice, the Imperial Doctor couldn’t help but reach out and grab Su Mo Li’s arm.


So skinny!

If you exert pressure, I’m afraid it’ll break!

“I wonder how to address the Imperial Doctor?”

Su Mo Li smiled wanly, as if she was a budding blossom bone, making it impossible to refuse.

“Shi Jun.”

“Many thanks.” Su Mo Li bowed her body, then looked at Cheng Tao, “Go and take the jade pendant in the red carved box out and give it to Dr. Shi Jun.”

“No need, it’s my duty.” Shi Jun cupped his hands with a faint smile on his face, “Farewell.”

Cheng Tao, however, quickly took the jade pendant out and handed it to Su Mo Li.

Su Mo Li placed it in Shi Jun’s hand without any hesitation, “Imperial Doctor, slow down.”

Shi Jun was astonished, how else could he forcefully return it?

To Su Mo Li’s smiling eyes and soft grace, he always felt that if he refused, the person in front of him would faint.

Then he could only take it, thanking her again and leaving.

How nice of herself!

The smile on Shi Jun’s face grew a little more as he thought this.

“Your Highness, Prince!”

When the boy outside saw Shi Jun, his eyes lit up and he flew over, taking another look around before whispering, “Prince, if Imperial Doctor Lin finds out that you’ve been treating patients privately again, you’ll be punished again!”

“What are you afraid of?” Shi Jun said unconcernedly, “He’ll forget about it in a few days.”

“Then for a few days, you won’t go to the Imperial Hospital?”

“Naturally, I’m not going.” A brilliant smile appeared on Shi Jun’s face, “I’m going to follow my father to manage political affairs.”

The corner of the boy’s mouth twitched, “Prince, you are trying to use the Emperor to hide from Imperial Doctor Lin ……”

With a dark glance from Shi Jun, the boy immediately covered his mouth.

A pair of eyes turned and changed the subject, “Prince, let’s go back to the palace.”

“Well, I heard that the subordinate country has offered a lot of things again, cough.” Shi Jun coughed twice, and said in a serious manner, “As a child, one must be filial to one’s elders, let’s go, let’s go bring soup to Father.”

The little boy took two steps back and touched the back of his head, “Prince, if you want those treasures, just say ……”

Shi Jun stared at the boy for half a moment, “Little Guozi, sometimes the more you know, the faster you die ……”

In the Cui Zhu Courtyard.

Su Mo Li’s eyes shone brightly, exclaiming, “Since when are there such handsome men in the world, tsk! What do you think I should do to snatch him closer to me?”

Cheng Tao was hopelessly angry, “Huang Fan, was the Imperial Hospital empty?”

“You can’t blame me! As soon as I entered the Imperial Hospital, this Imperial Doctor was extremely excited and insisted on coming along.”

“I saw that the other Imperial Doctors were busy with other matters at hand, so that’s the best I could do.”

Cheng Tao slapped her forehead: “It was just a matter of time anyway, we’d better find a way to stop Miss from snatching someone.”

Huang Fan shivered, “Cheng Tao, I think it’s a bit difficult, don’t forget, the jade pendant given by Miss is in a red box, it’s the only one of its kind in the world!”

“And I’m afraid of getting hit for trying to stop a Miss from grabbing a good-looking person …….”

After a moment of silence, Cheng Tao raised her head, and looked into Su Mo Li’s smiling eyes and couldn’t help but shiver, “Miss, Think Twice!”

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