My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 105: A creepy “I’m sorry”

The blade, pressed against the back of her neck.

The stench, coming from the back of her neck!

Gu Qi Qi calmly looked at the mirror, staring at Yao Dazhuang’s full face and drunken ugliness.

There was no nervousness, but instead a light chuckle: “Worthy of being the Police Commissioner’s son, you’re quite good at counter-surveillance and know how to guard the place.”

Yao Dazhuang bubbled with pride: “That’s right! This isn’t something I can brag about! This is why I’m here, waiting for you cute little bunny. ……”

That’s disgusting, forget it!

Gu Qi Qi’s face didn’t change, and her tone was flat: “Aren’t you afraid of going to jail? Don’t forget this is an upscale bar, there are cameras everywhere.”

“Aww bah! Your Brother Yao is a veteran, see? This whole floor of cameras was knocked out by me, nothing can be photographed or videotaped, hahaha!” Yao Dazhuang was even more proud.

As the son of the police station chief, he felt that a tiger’s father cannot have a dog son.

Just as Gu Qi Qi had praised, his anti-surveillance ability was truly first-class!

Gu Qi Qi curled her lips as if she was chatting, reminded him, “Don’t forget, there are waiters and security guards outside!”

“Stop! You don’t think I’ve thought about that? That shitty waiter and security guard, who were stuffed with a handful of money by me, just get the hell out of my way, little whore bunny, you’ll never be heard even if you scream your throat out!”

The more Yao Dazhuang said, the more he felt that he was two meters tall.

Gu Qi Qi, a simple student who has no social experience, was completely fooled by him.

He shook his head and said: “No, your brother Yao has a more fierce kind of ability, do you want to try? Oops little bunny, little bitch, you smell so good, Yao can’t help it, I think we’ll have to fuck right here-“

The words had yet to finish.

Yao Dazhuang, in the mirror, suddenly let out a miserable dry howl.


Immediately, he withdrew his hands abruptly from Gu Qi Qi’s neck and fiercely covered the area below his belt.

Gu Qi Qi turned around with a light movement.

The blades in her hands reversed against Yao Dazhuang’s neck!

“Fuck, you’re so fucking mean! Brother’s life-root!”

Yao Dazhuang howled like a pig getting slaughtered.

He was bent over, the sharp pain from below making his entire body bend up like a shrimp.

Fuck, Gu Qi Qi actually took advantage of the moment he was proudly showing off just now, and used some unknown broken blade to take one of his balls-…

Cut it off!

Maybe that blade was too small, or else the little bitch would have cut off both pairs!

As expected.

Gu Qi Qi sighed regretfully, “The blade is too small, making your wound a bit asymmetrical, I’m so sorry!”

This sorry.

I’m afraid it was the most horrifying sorry that Yao Dazhuang had ever heard in his life.

It’s simply horrifying and creepy!

“Gu Qi Qi, aren’t you even afraid of going to jail if you mess with me?”

“I’m not even afraid of death, why would I be afraid of that?” Gu Qi Qi faintly smiled, “Moreover …… what evidence do you have that I cut you? Don’t forget you’ve knocked out all the cameras.”

Gu Qi Qi’s eyes swept over the broken spot on the ceiling in front of the bathroom.

Yao Dazhuang gritted his teeth, “There are still people outside, you can’t get away even if you make a scene!”

“Yeah? Did you just not pay them enough money and they didn’t roll far enough?” Gu Qi Qi laughed sarcastically.

Yao Dazhuang: “……”


Why does it feel like Gu Qi Qi’s words are the same as the ones he used to scare her earlier!

Yao Dazhuang suddenly got the chills.

Gu Qi Qi was not scaring him.

It was real.

He had lifted a stone to smash his own feet!

No cameras for evidence, no security guard for a witness, his balls, cut off for nothing!

Cold sweat… appeared all over my head in a moment!

“Qi Qi, forgive me, I’m an asshole I deserve to die I shouldn’t have been fooled by that Gu Xue Xue bitch ……”


Another wimp who pushes on others when things go wrong.

Gu Qi Qi sneered, disgustedly, removing the fruit knife from Yao Dazhuang’s hand and kicked at Yao Dazhuang’s knee socket.

Translators Note:

The whole ball though? That’s rough

Weird title right? Also if anyone is following along with the RAWS and my translations, I switched to a new source so lmk if you notice something missing.

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