My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 106: Who did she dial?


The fat body was suddenly kicked on the ground.

A handful of blood.

Too dirty.

With a frown on her face and no more disinfectant wipes on her body, she twisted the faucet and washed her hands vigorously ……

Behind her, Yao Dazhuang was covering his broken balls and lay on the ground, but his eyes were bursting with a touch of venomous hatred.

“Dare to plot against your Brother Yao …… I’ll have you skinned alive……”

He slurred and muttered, his hands shaking, and fished out a thin tube of a syringe from his pants pocket.

While Gu Qi Qi washed her hands.


One sound.

A thin needle bursts from the syringe and sank into Gu Qi Qi’s ankle!


Like a mosquito bite, Gu Qi Qi’s feet trembled and she immediately realized that something was wrong.

Turning her eyes, her stern gaze was directed at Yao Dazhuang: “You don’t want to live?”

Yao Dazhuang observed her face and saw her cheeks flush red, and was so impressed that he dragged her feet: “I’m not willing to die until I play with your pair of bunnies. You ruined my balls, and when I get tired of playing with your body, I’ll cut off a pair of your bunnies too, huh, let’s see who’s worse ……”

You want to cut off her tits?

Dream on!

Gu Qi Qi’s hand flickered with a cold flash and the blade forced its way towards his head, “You talk too much!”

A backhand stroke!

Yao Dazhuang’s heart was trembling.

Fuck, he had never seen such a cruel woman!

He was so frightened that he held his head and dodged.

The scalpel of the Qi Qi’s scalpel was able to slice through his thick lips and instantly burst into a column of blood.

It looked just like he was spitting blood.

Yao Dazhuang saw his own miserable state from the mirror and was so frightened that he couldn’t speak well: “You, you, you …… I’ll have my father put you in a cell with a prostitute ……”

Gu Qi Qi’s eyes were cold, and she did not say a word.

Raising the scalpel again ……

If she can save someone, she can kill someone!

No one knows better than her which artery to cut to die faster.

Just ……

An intense dizziness cut through the mind.

Even the little filthy turtle’s voice was somewhat inaudible: “Master Silver, run! He just gave you an anesthetic injection ……”

Gu Qi Qi put away the knife and stumbled towards the outside.

No wonder she didn’t stab the bastard’s eyes or poke the bastard’s stinky mouth, her nerves were numbed and she couldn’t aim well.

Behind her, a bloodstained Yao Dazhuang finally laughed maniacally, “Hahaha, what did I just say? Why don’t you listen? To tell you the truth, in our Qingcheng High School, there is no woman who can escape the hands of this Yao …… Previously, it was brother did not fancy on you, and now that I fancy you, you are shameless! Then don’t blame me for being cruel, I’ll find the whole class of boys and gang up on you later!”

Yao Dazhuang laughed evilly as he crawled on the ground.

Anyway, Gu Qi Qi has been shot with an anesthetic needle, so she wouldn’t be able to walk two steps before she would faint on the ground.

At that time, it would still be him playing how he wanted to play right?

The more he thought about how Gu Qi Qi had just cut one off his balls, the more upset Yao Dazhuang became.

As he crawled to the door, he retrieved a steel wire broom by the door in passing.

“Little bitch, you cut off my balls, thinking that I can’t get you, right? Tell you what, I’ll use this broom to break you! See if I can’t get you!”

Yao Dazhuang’s evil laughter rang out in a blur behind him.

Gu Qi Qi’s footsteps became heavier and heavier.

Eyelids were also getting heavier.

Running out of the bathroom door.

She got outside the door, but there was no one there!

The security guards and waiters had really been bribed by Yao Dazhuang, and there wasn’t even a ghost.

All the doors of the private rooms were tightly closed, and the guests were each frantic, paying no attention to what was going on outside.

What’s more, the deafening music was enough to swallow any cry for help.

Gu Qi Qi’s consciousness became more and more undisciplined.

Hands weakly gripped the phone and dialed a number out ……


The petite and exquisite body was finally unable to control it and fell to the ground.

Authors Note:

[Second Shift Today]

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By the way, leave a message and guess whose number Qi Qi dialed?

Translators Note:

Why are these kids so bad? Where are they getting all these drugs from?😱😱

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