Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 228 – Get Compensation From Gu Lin Chao

“It’s true.” Lu Qiao nodded and smilingly took another box and whispered, “Miss, it’s all gold and silver jewelry, take a look.”

Wen Qi Qi suppressed the excitement in her heart and couldn’t wait to open the boxes one by one.

Sure enough, as Lu Qiao said, they were all gold and silver jewelry.

Of course, there was a letter in each box, signed by which family and which lady.

Wen Qi Qi put down the box. Sitting down again, she thought that so many people came to give her gifts, it can’t be that her character suddenly popular. It should be related to Gu Lin Chao.

Could it be that since she followed Gu Lin Chao to the Ministry of War and showed her face there, those people thought that Gu Lin Chao valued her, and that’s why they asked their own ladies to send her gifts and wanted to make friends with her?

The more Wen Qi Qi thought about it, the more she thought it was possible.

Those people are really good, although she accepted the gift, she will not be soft.

Thinking of one thing, she twisted her head and asked Lu Qiao, “When you received these gifts, were they seen by Wang Ye?”

With Gu Lin Chao’s nature, if he knew about it, he would definitely disapprove of her doing so, and might even ask her to return the gifts.

Lu Qiao froze, “Housekeeper Chen saw it.”

Wen Qi Qi’s face collapsed. If Housekeeper Chen had seen it, how could Gu Lin Chao not know about it?

What a waste of happiness.

“Return these gifts …….” She endured the pain in her heart and said.

Lu Qiao looked at her in surprise, “Miss ……” was she serious?

After this period of understanding, she found that the young lady is still a fan of wealth. She is especially fond of money and property.

In the face of so much gold and silver, the lady can actually say the words to return them. The sun really rose from the west.

“If I don’t return it, do I have to wait for Wang Ye to say it in person?” Wen Qi Qi said depressed. She didn’t dare to look at the gold and silver jewels on the table, because she was afraid that if she looked at them more, she would be more and more reluctant to give them up.

But people say, ‘If you can’t spare the cub, you can’t trap the wolf.’

With Gu Lin Chao’s nature, he is definitely not in favor of her receiving bribes. Since that was the case, it would be better to return it, so that she can still win goodwill.

When she thought of something, she whirled and said, “Not only do we have to return it, we have to return it in a high profile.”

Lu Qiao looked at her confusedly, “High-profile?”

“At least let the Regent know.” Wen Qi Qi said with a smile. In contrast to the depression she had just felt, she was in high spirits again.

Because although she had to returned these gifts, but perhaps, she can still get compensation from Gu Lin Chao.

Her eyes flashed cunningly, and she said to Lu Qiao, “Invite those people who sent gifts to come here.”


Gu Lin Chao had to go to the military camp, and when he passed by the front yard, he heard lively noises coming from the front hall.

“What’s going on?” He glanced at Wang Houde.

“This servant will go over and take a look.” Wang Houde ran into the front hall in a flash and came back a moment later, “Master, it’s Wang Fei.”

Wen Qi Qi?

Gu Lin Chao’s eyebrows knitted lightly and he couldn’t help but lift his steps towards the front hall.

Only when he reached the door of the front hall, could he hear Wen Qi Qi’s familiar voice coming from it.

“Tell your madam that she should not send gifts to this Princess in the future. Our Prince is fair and selfless, wise and clean, and will not allow such crooked wind in the court.”

Gu Lin Chao paused and surprise crossed his brow.

Within a few moments, the servants of each house, received their own gifts back and withdrew from the front hall.

Wen Qi Qi had long seen Gu Lin Chao, and at this time got up and walked out, “Why is the Wang Ye here?” The tone of her voice was so surprised.

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White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 46: Slapping Faces

Madame Hou’s words caused all the people present to look over, and the scene inside made them blush, and they were busy blocking the eyes of the younger generation of the family.

It was not good for a woman who had not yet left the house to see this.

“How dare you do this in my house! So shameless!”

Madame Hou’s voice rang out again.

The crowd looked at Li Qianshi’s face and changed.

Li Qianshi only felt her head buzzing, and quickly went in, her body dizzy: “Zhen’er!

With that, she took Su Xin Zhen, who was lying on the bed, into her arms and hurriedly put on her clothes. As for the Second Prince Zhong Li Ling, he was naturally woken up by someone.

In his mind, he was still floating in the bed with Su Xin Zhen, who could not help herself.

When he found people around him, he turned pale and quickly put on his clothes: “What’s going on?”.

Su Xin Zhen also woke up in Li Qianshi’s arms, her face flushed and her eyes as looked charming and luminous.

“Well ……”

Su Xin Zhen rubbed her head.

“Zhen’er, how do you ……”


Su Xin Zhen interrupted Li Qianshi’s words, slightly startled, and then looked at Zhong Li Ling beside her. Her face suddenly turned pale, and she quickly sat up, looking at her disheveled clothes: “How did this happen?”

“Mother …… I …… I don’t know …… this is impossible …… Second Prince ……” Su Xin Zhen trembled and spoke incoherently.

No, it’s not like that!

Zhong Li Ling’s eyebrows were furrowed. He looked at Madame Hou, took a deep breath, forcibly endured his anger, and bowed: “Please, Auntie, please take the unrelated people out first.”

As soon as Zhong Li Ling’s voice fell, a snort of laughter was heard.

Zhong Li Shi slowly walked in and looked at Zhong Li Ling with cold eyes.

Zhong Li Ling’s heart sank violently.

“Second Imperial Brother dares not face it? Please go out for what? Why don’t you also let us be a witness to see how the Second Imperial Brother wants to handle this matter.

Second Miss Su is your future concubine’s own sister, who was given in marriage by Father, yet you have skin-to-skin contact with Second Miss Su.

Second Imperial Brother, you’re slapping Lord Su’s face, as well as Father’s face!”

Zhong Li Shi, with a “swish,” opened the fan and sighed, “Why don’t we all give you some ideas on how to get Father not to prosecute you?”

Everyone bowing their heads slightly and coming up with ideas together?

What kind of idea is this!

Moreover, the gloating expression on the Crown Prince’s face did not look like he was here to help come up with an idea.

Madame Hou coughed twice and glared at Zhong Li Shi before saying, “All ladies go home first, please keep your mouths shut about what happened here.”

All the people naturally agreed and left.

Liu Qian Qian worriedly looked at Su Mo Li, and under the influence of Madam Liu’s tug, she had no choice but to leave.

“I want to go in.” Su Mo Li looked up at He Le, “You should also go. You don’t belong here.”

He Le frowned tightly, the look on her face becoming more and more serious, “I’ll go in with you.”

Then, not allowing Su Mo Li to say anything else, she helped Su Mo Li to walk in.

The corner of Su Mo Li’s mouth twitched. She really didn’t need He Le……

Inside, Madame Hou, Zhong Li Shi, and Zhong Li Ling were all sitting on chairs, while Li Qianshi held Su Xin Zhen on the bed.

Su Mo Li kneeled down as soon as she came in: “Mother, it’s my bad, I didn’t look after my sister, let her and the Second Prince …… If my sister and the Second Prince are truly in love, I can withdraw.

Don’t worry. I will go to the Emperor and explain the reason.”

Saying that Su Mo Li fell into tears.

“Miss Su isn’t in the wrong. If Miss Su goes to Father, then Father will definitely blame Miss Su. Second Imperial Brother, even if you don’t like Miss Su, you shouldn’t let a weak woman take responsibility for you.”

Zhong Li Shi drank his tea and said leisurely.

Zhong Li Ling’s eyes were a little deeper: “Don’t worry, I will ask for forgiveness from Father myself.”

“Then what about the marriage contract? Could it be that you want to make Second Miss Su a consort and First Miss Su as a concubine?” Zhong Li Shi looked at Zhong Li Ling with a smile, “Second Imperial Brother, have you forgotten that Miss Su is the daughter of Aunt Huimin, the daughter of our father’s savior, and it would have been wrong for her to be a concubine.

You think Father will agree?

I think it would be better to take Second Miss Su as a concubine. After all, Second Miss Su’s conduct is appalling.”

Zhong Li Shi’s words were so sharp that Li Qianshi and Su Xin Zhen wanted to find a dig a hole to hide in.

But to be a concubine is something that can never be done!

Su Xin Zhen rolled right off the bed and got on her knees: “I didn’t, I’m not …….”


Zhong Li Ling quickly rushed over and embraced Su Xin Zhen in his arms: “What are you in such a hurry for? Did it hurt anywhere?”

Zhong Li Ling’s action relieved Li Qianshi but made Madame Hou frown.

He Le, on the other hand, quickly looked at Su Mo Li.

But Su Mo Li had tears on her face, her eyes were dull, and her teeth were biting her lips tightly.

“Today’s matter is my fault. I will report to my father. Also, my father’s decree states that I am to marry a Su Family Miss. It did not name Eldest Miss Su.”

Zhong Li Ling said indifferently, “I will report to Father Emperor and marry Zhen’er as consort.”

Su Mo Li lowered her head, seemingly extremely sad.

“Sister, I’m sorry.” Only then did Su Xin Zhen think of Su Mo Li and crawled to Su Mo Li on her knees, “Sister, I didn’t mean it, I don’t know why I became like this ……”

Su Mo Li raised her head and looked at Su Xin Zhen, her eyelashes quivered, and tears fell, “Does Sister mean that someone set you up and made you like this?”

Su Xin Zhen was instantly choked up.

Remembering what happened before, she suddenly wanted to get close to the Second Prince for some reason, and the Second Prince hugged her, and then they went to …….

But, this can definitely not be said. Biting her lips, Su Xin Zhen immediately said: “Sister, the Second Prince and you have a marriage contract, how could I have an affair with the Second Prince without shame? There must be some misunderstanding.”

Su Xin Zhen’s words were in response to Zhong Li Shi.

Su Mo Li tilted her head: “How do you expect me to believe that? You guys …… broke my heart too ……”

“All right.” Zhong Li Ling said coldly, “I will handle this matter.”

“What is the Second Prince going to do about it?” He Le looked up, stared at Zhong Li Ling, and said word by word, “You had an affair with Su Xin Zhen, hitting Li’er’s face so that Li’er can’t hold her head up in front of everyone for one.

Secondly, the Emperor bestowed Li’er’s marriage to the Second Prince as a concubine, and the Second Prince will report to the Emperor to marry the Second Miss as the Main Consort, so how can Li’er live?

Thirdly, everyone knows that the Emperor gave the marriage to the Second Prince and Li’er, and you’re just telling everyone that you don’t want Li’er.

I would like to ask the Second Prince, what is wrong with Li’er?”

In the face of this, even Zhong Li Ling could not refute the words of He Le.

In the end, there was still a trace of guilt, Zhong Li Ling said indifferently: “I will try to compensate Miss Su.”


Standing in the corner, Su Jia Xuan’s face was full of innocence, but her hand hanging in her sleeve was clenched in a fist so tightly that her nails dug into her hand, and the pain made her regain her sanity: “Didn’t Second Sister and the Second Prince often correspond? It was the Second Prince who asked Xuan’er to send a letter to my sister to go to the appointment today.”

“Su Jia Xuan!” Su Xin Zhen screamed.

Su Jia Xuan looked to Su Xin Zhen in confusion, “Sister, what’s wrong? I still have a lot of letters from you to the Second Prince. My master has said that one cannot lie, so how can my sister lie?”

After saying that, Su Jia Xuan showed her anger and ran to Li Qianshi: “Mother, you have to punish my sister, she lied.”

Li Qianshi’s heart was beating fast, and her head was dizzy. She opened her mouth, but she couldn’t say a word.

Su Jia Xuan was instantly aggrieved: “I still have a letter from the Second Prince and Sister here. Why don’t you believe me, Mother? It’s obviously my sister’s fault!”

Without waiting for Li Qianshi to speak, she took out some notes: “Look, Xuan’er is not lying!”

*Pop!* Li Qianshi slapped Su Jia Xuan directly in the face, “What are you talking about! Shut up!”

Dong Xue immediately went to Su Jia Xuan and brought Su Jia Xuan to the side. She wanted to say something, but eventually closed her mouth, but looked pityingly at the five finger marks on Su Jia Xuan’s face.

“Third, Miss, don’t say it ……”

Su Jia Xuan looked at the tears in Dong Xue’s eyes and shook her head: “Don’t cry Dong Xue, it doesn’t hurt.”

Zhong Li Shi sneered: “So, this is the so-called lack of communication that Second Miss speaks off? You don’t know the reason? Ha Ha, what an eye-opening experience.

Or are you going to say that Third Miss Su is the one who set you two up?

Not to mention that Third Miss Su is only eight years old. It’s okay to compare this handwriting. What does Aunt Royal think?”

Zhong Li Shi looked at the Madame Marquis of Chengning and said indifferently.

Madame Marquis sighed, her face full of disapproval as she looked at Zhong Li Ling and Su Xin Zhen: “I didn’t expect that you would be so bold in my place, what if this were outside, in other places where we couldn’t see?

How can such a woman, who is not of good character, become a Royal daughter-in-law?

This matter, after all, happened in my rear residence, I will report it to the Emperor.”

Saying that, Madame Marquis stood up and helped Su Mo Li up, “Good girl, you have been wronged, stay at the Marquis’ Residence today, and come with me to the Palace tomorrow.

Crown Prince, Second Prince, you can go back.”

Madam Hou looked at Li Qianshi and Su Xin Zhen again, with a sarcastic look on her face: “You should also leave, you won’t need to come to my Chengning Marquis House in the future.”

Li Qingshi’s face was red and white, and Su Xin Zhen’s heart was even more upset, and she looked at Zhong Li Ling, but Zhong Li Ling didn’t say a word and left directly.

Su Xin Zhen’s heart was filled with disappointment, but she could only follow Li Qianshi to leave.

“Can Princess He Le bring Xuan’er back today?” Su Mo Li looked at He Le, her face a little worried, “She spoke for me. I’m afraid she’ll be blamed by Mother.”

Su Jia Xuan raised her head, her eyes red, “Big Sister, I’m fine.”

“I’ll take her back, just don’t worry.”

He Le said, and bowed to Madame Hou, then led Su Jia Xuan away.

Dong Xue breathed a sigh of relief and nodded gratefully toward Su Mo Li.

Outside the Marquis’ Residence.

Zhong Li Ling looked at Zhong Li Shi, and his voice had a bit of coldness in it: “This matter is my business, and I ask the Crown Prince not to meddle in it.”

“Meddling?” When Zhong Li Shi raised his eyebrows, the corners of his lips curved upward, “Is there anything in this world that I, the Crown Prince of this country, cannot get involved in?”

Zhong Li Ling’s hand was fiercely clenched into a fist as he watched Zhong Li Shi leave in an open and unrestrained manner.

That position, he wanted to see how long Zhong Li Shi could sit there!

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My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 133: What does it mean to be “dumbfounded”?

What are you talking about?

What is it that’s so tight?

The shopkeeper was confused and didn’t quite understand.

In a flash.

Bai Yeyuan’s voice returned to its usual cool, solemn tone.

“Remember, the deficit from this purchase of herbs, and the deficit from the last purchase of gelatin is on Bai Lang’s head. Do not transfer any expenses to him this month! Until he pays the money back!”

Even through the phone, Bai Yuyuan’s cold words still made the store manager tremble with fear.

He finally understood that the reason why the young master agreed to sell this batch of problematic herbs at a low price.

It was not, as he said on the surface, to give face to Miss Qi Qi.

It was to teach the Second Young Master a lesson.

The second young master needed to understand that business cannot be used as a child’s play, or else he will have to suffer the consequences.

As expected, the Bai family Eldest Master is the real ruthless character in the marketplace.

Even lecturing his own brother, he was so unforgiving.

The store manager put down the phone.

With a smile on his face, the shopkeeper said to Gu Qi Qi, “Miss Qi Qi, the eldest master agrees with your proposal, and I would like to thank you for helping us discover the problem with the herbs.”

This is really a case of knocking teeth and swallowing tears.

Even if you die of loss, you still have to smile.

Because there are so many herbs, a junior shopkeeper had to carry the herbs to the cab for Gu Qi Qi.

Before getting into the cab, Qi Qi looked back and smiled faintly in the direction of the VIP room.

You think I don’t know that you’re in there, Bai scum, right?

He had to watch the precious herbs he purchased turn into a pile of cheap garbage.

How does it feel?

At this moment, Bai Lang was standing on the couch with its arms crossed.

His whole body was about to explode.


For $250, she bought herbs that cost him tens of millions!

And he was scolded by his big brother again.

Even his living expenses for this month, next month, and even next month have been deducted completely.

He had a profound experience of what it meant to be “dumbfounded”!

At this particular time, Gu Qi Qi was even looking back with a provocative sarcastic smile.

It’s simply like pouring oil on his dog’s head. ……

“Goblin, I swear to you, ow ow ow ow ……!”


Gu Qi Qi asked the cab driver to make a big circle along the Qingcheng seashore.

Blue sky and blue sea, connected into a line of sea and sky, unspeakably magnificent, beautiful.

It was the first time she had ever been to a place like this.

In her previous life, she worked hard to make money for her family, but she didn’t even have the time to come to the beach to relax and enjoy the sea breeze.

The reason was that she was controlled and brainwashed all her life and had already become someone else’s slave, instead of belonging to and living her own unbridled life.

At this moment, looking at the familiar city and the vast seawater, Qi Qi’s heart suddenly opened up.

The world is a big place.

She is still young.

Even if there are thousands of obstacles, they can’t stop her from conquering the world.

Scum, are you ready to be abused?

The driver was shocked by the light that bloomed on Gu Qi Qi’s delicate face.

He thought she was a tourist from the north who came to buy herbs, greedy for the summer scenery at the seaside and intoxicated by the gorgeous beauty of the south.

“Beauty, do you want to drive another lap of the coastal road?”


“Actually, you northerners look at the sea in the south the same way we envy you snow in the north, huh?”


Gu Qi Qi casually agreed.

Snow in the north?

In her last life, she didn’t have a chance to see it, but in this life, she will also feel it, and she will enjoy all the beauty of this world in a high profile way.

Imperial Capital, Imperial Military Medical University, you’ll all be waiting for me!

The driver was very happy to have pulled such a generous, non-stop circling patron.

It’s not surprising that QII Gu didn’t just immerse herself in the scenery.

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My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 132: The gloomy and cold Master Bai


It’s wasn’t just the cordyceps.

There are also wild ginseng, musk, red lingzhi …… almost all of the expensive herbs laid on the table, and if you look closely, all of them have serious worm infestation.

The store manager shook his hands and was on the verge of tears.

It was as if he saw a piece of money, ruthlessly burned in front of his eyes.

No, no, no, it was clearly their pharmacy, on fire, burned down!

All valuable herbs are actually problematic!

He stole an uncanny glance at Gu Qi Qi.

The question, in a moment, surfaced!

Why did this problem arise as soon as Miss Qi Qi came?

Did Miss Qi Qi do it?

No, no, no, this was unscientific.

The two of them were speaking face to face, and Miss Qi Qi has been calm as water, only raised moving her eyes and tapping with her fingertips. There were no opportunities to tamper with the herbs.

Could it be that it was the work of a ghost?

Gu Ji-Qi carelessly and idly said, “I heard that your second youngest son has been buying herbs everywhere lately. Hmm?”

It suddenly occurred to the shopkeeper that almost all of these herbs were scavenged from the city a few days ago by Second Master in order to trap Miss Qi Qi.

I’m not sure if this is the case, but it is.

At this point, the store manager is too scared to judge!

However, this tip from the Seven Seven Girls is undoubtedly the best step: “Yes yes yes, it may be that the new purchase channel is unstable, sorry ah Seven Seven Girls, this herbal ……”.

“There’s something wrong with these herbs, so I’d say you’re wrong about that total price. It would have been worthless junk, but as a regular customer, I can offer you a friendly purchase price to solve your problem.”

Gu Qi Qi wrote a number on the table with her finger.


“Two and a half million?” The store manager was pleasantly surprised.

Gu Qi Qi faintly shook her head: “Collecting garbage is the price of garbage. Get rid of that 5 zeros.”

Store Manager: “……”

Miss Qi Qi, you are cruel!

With some hesitation, he felt that it was very difficult.

Just as Gu Qi Qi said, these herbs were worthless.

Although in the VIP room, the second young master desperately winked at him, asking him to insist on selling them at ten times the price,.

However, he knew that Miss QI Qi Qi was not stupid, so how could she accept the high price of these questionable herbs?

Even if the high price was really accepted, it was even more frightening.

With Miss Qi Qi girl’s black belly personality, she might accept these drugs, then take the bill of sale, turn around and go to the FDA and file a complaint. ……

The business license will definitely be revoked this time.

No, He can’t listen to his second young Master’s rancid ideas, he has to report this to his eldest son.

“Miss Qi Qi, please wait a moment.”

The store manager quickly dialed Bai Yuyuan’s phone.

First time.

It was ruthlessly cut off.

The store manager felt strange since the Oldest Master was a business genius and a workaholic.

He has a full-time secretary who always answers the phone 24 hours a day for work requests.

Why today ……

Apprehensively, I had to call a second time with trepidation.

This time, it worked.

“What is it?”

The gloomy voice of Bai Yuyuan came through the line, causing the store manager to shiver.

It was actually the Eldest Master himself who answered the phone!

The shopkeeper stumbled and briefly told the whole story, asking for instructions: “Major, if these problematic herbs are reported to the FDA, we will be destroyed. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to afford to sell the garbage, and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to sell it to Miss Qichi. Or do you want to continue to sell it at ten times the price as Er Shao said?”

Bai Yuyuan snorted, “Give her face and sell it to her.”

“Okay, this subordinate understands!”

Just as he was about to hang up, the store manager suddenly heard a voice over there.

“Just a moment.” Bai Yuyuan’s tone was dark and hoarse as if he wanted to command something else.

However, there was a rustling on the other side of the phone, not knowing what it was doing.

I only heard Bai Yuyuan draw a breath of cold air, suddenly stopped and muffled.

“Don’t do that…… so tightly.”

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Guys, as much as I want to continue translating this. The continued violation of Xiao Ning really rubs me the wrong way. I’ve read ahead to chapter 1000+ and nothing really seems to be done about it. It kind of just gets ignored as Gu Qi Qi and Gong Jue continue progressing in their romance. As a girl, I don’t know if I want to continue putting this kind of thing out there :(. This might be the last chapter but I’ll let you guys know. I probably should have read ahead before deciding to translating it.

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My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 131: Waiting for the goblin to get screwed!

Is the total price wrong?

The store manager, hearing this from Gu Qi Qi, quickly took out a calculator, calculated, and re-calculated.

“Miss Gu Qi Qi, there’s nothing wrong with the price 85 million ……”.

Could it be that Miss Qi Qi actually can’t afford it and is looking for a discount on purpose?

Gu Qi Qi faintly scanned the herbs on the countertop.

The card in her hand slammed on the counter.

“Money is not a problem. It’s just that I’ve offered eighty-five million dollars, so you have to give me the same value of medicine, right?”

The store manager was shocked by Gu’s cool action, and almost burst out applauding at the overbearing “Money is no problem”.

Only after a moment did he panic and explain.

“This …… Miss Qi Qi, I’m sorry, our pricing is a little bit more expensive than the outside, but our inbound channels are particularly good, and the quality of the same herbs is particularly high, you can see how clean and full this cordyceps is ……”

He thought that Gu Qi Qi was griping about the fact that the price was ten times higher.

He could only boast about the quality of the herbs.

Not far away, Bai Lang, secretly watching the scene, also sneered in his heart, “Little demon, it’s useless for you to grasp the loophole that the price ten times more expensive! Even the Price Bureau cannot interfere with the pricing of expensive herbs. Expensive herbs are like diamonds; the bigger the market, the higher the price! Next time you dare to come, I’ll raise the price a hundred times!”

In the past, he was very lucky to have been trapped by Gu Qi Qi. He who hated doing business had to honestly go back and look up the legal provisions all night.

He has memorized all the legal provisions about the herbal business.

At the moment, he was sitting with his legs crossed, squinting his peach blossom eyes, sipping a mouthful of chilled red wine, and leisurely waiting for Gu Qi Qi to get screwed!

Eighty-five million yo.

She couldn’t expect that.

Gu Qi Qi stretched out the jade-like finger and pointed at the most expensive cordyceps in front of her eyes, and nonchalantly said: “Very clean? Very full? Are you sure, Mr. Store Manager?”

The shopkeeper looked over at her without knowing why.

Wearing gloves, he carefully pinched a golden cordyceps, “Miss Qi Qi can take a closer look at it, the quality of this cordyceps is really perfect. I’ve been in the pharmacy business for twenty years, and I’m not lying…”

The promises suddenly stopped!

The store manager looked at the “perfect” cordyceps with a blank stare.

Perfect, my ass.

On that short and thick cordyceps, there were several wormholes, which had hollowed out the perfect cordyceps.

The original perfect cordyceps were hollowed out by the wormholes.

This was a very serious quality problem.

It could be said that the cordyceps that were originally worth over a hundred thousand dollars became worthless because of these wormholes!

Because it was worm-eaten, it means that something went terribly wrong with the storage, the efficacy of the medicine is compromised, and it’s impossible to predict if there are other problems.

“This, this, this is definitely a mistake. I’m sorry Mis Qi Qi, I guarantee that this is the only one with bad quality in it, and I’ll throw it away and not include it in the total price. I’ll, I’ll, I’ll recalculate the price for you.”

“Hmm. I suggest you check them all out before you do the math.” Gu Qi Qi was well-prepared and calm.

The store manager’s forehead broke out in cold sweat: “Okay, okay. It will absolutely never happen again-“

Unfortunately, it took less than three seconds to finish the word “absolutely”, and the shopkeeper was horrified to discover that the whole row of cordyceps was infested with worms.

No exceptions.

All – worm-eaten!

In a moment, he felt like he had been slapped in the face.


What about the promise that there will be absolutely no more?

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My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 130: Step by step into his trap.

The shopkeeper was still speculating about what Gu Qi Qi had in mind for Bai Lang.

However, she was already pointing at the counter, where there was a slew of expensive herbs.

“Dendrobium, seahorse, musk, red lingzhi, wild ginseng, Cordyceps …… this, and that, bring them all out for me to see.”

The shopkeeper was in a state of shock.

You know, nowadays their prices are ten times higher than before.

It’s no big deal to raise the price ten times for a ten-dollar medicine.

However, these expensive herbs are priced in the tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands per gram.

If the price is raised ten times, Miss Qi Qi, have you really done the calculations?

However, as if she didn’t care about the price, she seemed bored: “What, you don’t want to sell?”

“Sell sell sell! Just a moment.”

The shopkeeper could only comply with the order to get it.

Again, he wondered, “Could it be that Miss Qi Qi is really not going to fight with Er Shao? Could it be that this time it is not to trap him, but to show friendship and send money to make peace?

Although this probability seems almost zero!

The little dirty turtle is just as confused as the store manager: “Lord Silver, why are you giving money to that Bai scum? He’s a douche, a bad pervert!”

Gu Qi Qi slightly quirked the corners of her lips, and a touch of cunning flitted across her eyes.

She didn’t answer the little dirty turtle’s question.

Instead, she asked it: “You said before that you could get away from me and move around?”

The Little Dirty Turtle said awkwardly: “At present, there are too few color points, and I can only move a meter or two away from you at most, but if I move farther, I won’t have the energy to support it.”

Gu Qi Qi nodded, “Hmm. That’s enough!”


The mahogany counter of the pharmacy was covered with expensive Chinese herbs.

Especially the top grade Cordyceps, it was placed even one by one, in a golden velvet tray, carefully aligned head and tail in a single line.

Top-quality herbs, more expensive than gold!

Everyone knows that designer bags and jewelry are expensive, but it’s surprising that one or two grams of really rare herbs can beat those gleaming luxury items in price.

At the moment, the row of Cordyceps in front of Gu Qi Qi’s eyes, any one of them is the price of a diamond ring.

She scanned the entire counter.

Her eyes swept over the cordyceps and finally landed on a small box of inconspicuous, second-grade deer antler slices.


Gu Qi Qi’s jade-like finger stretched out and pointed it out.

The store manager smiled.

As expected, Miss QI Qi Qi had done the math.

Of all the luxury herbs, the deer antler was the cheapest.

The original price was two thousand yuan.

Now it was deliberately made into twenty thousand by Er Shao.

If you buy this box of antler, you don’t lose much.

Miss Qi Qi, please be merciful, this time it’s a small loss. Just buy it and leave, don’t fight with our young master.

He neatly packed up the box of antler: “Okay, come this way to pay the bill.”

However, in the next second, the shopkeeper’s mouth burst open.

The shopkeeper’s mouth became the size of an egg!

He completely misjudged Gu Qi Qi’s meaning.

I only heard Gu Qiqi frown and continued, “This one, I don’t want it! The rest, wrap it all up and I’ll take it all!”

The shopkeeper was stunned for a moment.

Only then did he realize that out of the pile of expensive Chinese herbal medicines, only the cheapest box of second-grade deer antlers was the one that Miss Qi Qi didn’t want.

The rest she actually wanted to pack them up and take them away.

When calculating the total price, his old hands were shivering non-stop.

The VIP room is not far away.

Bai Lang watched excitedly as Gu Qi Qi walked into his trap step by step.

He was so happy that he just about spun in circles and wagged his tail.

10 million ……

30 million ……

In the end, watching the store manager type out a total price of eighty-five million.

Bai Lang couldn’t help but laugh out loud: “Hahahaha, little goblin, see if you spend over eighty million dollars from Lord Gong this time, won’t he admit that you’re a bad woman who specializes in spending his money!”

Not only is it a waste of money, but it’s also stupid!

Bai Lang’s fingers have already pressed on the name of Gong Jue in the phone’s contacts.

He was going to live stream to Gong Jue Gu Qi Qi’s unjust use of his black diamond card.

He couldn’t believe it.

Suddenly, Gu Qi Qi’s voice sounded out as she said: “The total price is wrong,”.

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My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 129: How many young masters do you have in the Bai family?

The store manager mentioned the Bai family’s eldest son, Bai Yuyuan.

Bai Lang immediately lost his temper.

He whispered, “He’s good, he’s happy somewhere, but he’s got this divine physician facing these nasty accounts ……”.

He was grumbling.

Suddenly, a light came on!

Through the floor-to-ceiling glass window, he saw a petite, exquisite figure walk in the store door.

The man’s military-style shirt tied into a dress, seaweed-like long hair, slim small waist, clear eyes, and snowy skin …… If not Gu Qi Qi, who else could it be?

“Hey, this is going to be fun!”

Bai Long rubbed his hands, and suddenly felt that looking through the ledger at the pharmacy wasn’t boring at all.

“Go, give this divine physician a good ‘treat’ for that little goblin!”

He gritted his teeth and made a face like a hungry tiger pouncing on its food.

The shopkeeper’s lips twitched a few times.

In his heart, he silently muttered, “Er Shao, are you sure it wasn’t the goblins who ate you up and spit out your bones?

“What are you waiting for? Go on! Give me back all the money she screwed this divine doctor with last time!”

“Yes, Er Shao!”

The shopkeeper, with a bitter face and a smile on his face as he led the impossible task, greeted Gu Qi Qi: “Miss Qi Qi, you’ve come. What herbs do you want to buy this time?”

“Just looking around.”

Gu Qi Qi’s tone was indifferent and didn’t seem offensive at all.

The store manager, however, tensed his nerves. He didn’t dare to relax at all.

After the first two encounters, he knew too well that although the girl looked petite and small, she was definitely not to be messed with.

When he saw Gu Qi Qi heading towards the expensive Chinese medicine counter, he hurriedly followed up: “Miss Qi Qi, we have all the medicines in the store this time, so feel free to choose any of them ……”.

Last time, in order to prevent Gu Qi Qi from buying the medicine, Bai Lang withdrew all the medicine and almost lost his business license as a result.

This time, Bai Lang has learned a lesson.

The problem is that on the price tag, there are all zeros!

The price went up tenfold!

Gu Qi Qi’s snorted in her mind ” Bai Scum!”, but her face showed no emotion.

Suddenly, she asked a question that had absolutely nothing to do with buying drugs!

“How many young masters do you have in the Bai family?”

The store manager was stunned.

The suddenness of the question made him dumbfounded.

None of the ten thousand lines he had prepared in his heart could help him respond to such a question.

Without stumbling, he replied, “There are a total of …… two young masters……”.

“Is the Bai Lang the younger one?”

“Yes, yes, Miss Qi Qi is right, the second young master is Bai Lang, and the eldest young master is Bai Yuyuan.”

Gu Qi Qi was in deep thought.

Bai Lang is the youngest one?

That’s ” Little Uncle”, right?

Fortunately, she asked a few more questions.

It would have been bad if there were several men in the Bai family and she had wronged Bai scum.

It’s one thing for her to pit Bai scum’s money against him before.

It’s another thing to take out her anger for Xiao Ning now.

Now that she is sure that Bai Lang is that “little uncle”, she will not be lenient!

That bastard, “Little Uncle”, did that disgusting thing to Xiao Ning and imprisoned Xiao Ning at home. …… She wanted to see if he would still have the leisure to bully Xiao Ning after setting his store on fire.

The store manager was wiping away cold sweat.

He couldn’t figure out what was going on in the head of Gu Qi Qi.

Could it be that Miss Qi Qi and the Second Young Master, who have never fought each other before, have begun to appreciate each other and have …… feelings for each other after so many encounters?

However, as soon as the thought came to him, he himself shuddered and got a bit of a chill.


The difference between them …… is too great.

The store manager sighed slightly.

Someone as smart as Miss Gu Qi Qi ……

She probably doesn’t like our “second” son, right?

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My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 128: Hitting their faces with fancy scores

Marked papers, which provide an opportunity for cheating in grading, must be voided.

This is a universally accepted exam room rule.

Even if she released this copy to the public, it would not save her reputation, and I’m afraid her reputation would be even worse –

For the sake of high scores and vanity, she didn’t want to wear the big hat of marking and bribing the markers to cheat …….

Gu Qi Qi clenched her fist.

There was no point in checking the scores at all.

Did she have to allow these people to slander her like this?

The office lady smiled and said, “But don’t worry, Miss Gu, the Education Bureau will hold a re-examination in three days. It will give the students who were found cheating …… no, no, no, it’s a chance to prove their capabilities. Here’s the notice, you must make sure to attend!”

Gu Qi Qi was stunned.

She had heard of retakes for midterms and finals, but retaking a college entrance exam was unheard of!

Would the Board of Education be so kind as to do something for them?

Why did she think the possibility was zero?

Every year, countless people miss out on their dream of going to university because of unfair admissions and carelessness in the grading system of each province and city. How lucky is she to have one more chance to prove herself?

“Okay, I’ll attend.” Gu Qi Qi received the notice and promised to attend.

This was the only chance she had.

She could only use a magnificent score to throw it in the faces of those who slandered her.

Only then could they understand what it was like to feel the pain of being slapped repeatedly in the face!

Gu Qi Qi turned around and walked away.

The smile on the office lady’s face suddenly disappeared without a trace.
She gritted her teeth in resentment and spit, “If it weren’t for the call from the Director of the Education Department just now, would a plagiarizing dog like you still have a chance? I think you’re just a plagiarizer and a cheater! Even if I gave you a retake, you wouldn’t make it! Damn girl, you still don’t know that this retake is going to be broadcasted live on the Internet, right? I don’t care how good you are in the background, when you’re on camera, you’ll be just as humiliated!”


Gu Qi Qi went to the post office first.

She mailed out the shirts and handkerchiefs she bought for her brother last time.

The nursing home was in the suburbs, which was too far away, and no one was allowed to visit without the guardian’s permission.

Gu Xiao Bei’s guardians were Gu Qiushan and Gu Mei Feng.

The nursing home was also chosen by them.

Although she was extremely unhappy with the greedy and irresponsible nursing home, she had no right to help her brother find another one.

She made up her mind that when she had enough money, she could file a lawsuit against Gu Qiushan and Gu Mei Feng for custody and guardianship of Xiao Bei.

Take Xiao Bei out and find a better nursing home, or even better, she would build the best nursing home for him!

The first thing that I want to do is to get rid of the problem.

She had to study for the exams, work hard to earn money, pick up her brother, and …… stop Xiao Ning’s scumbag uncle from persecuting Xiao Ning …… there were many urgent and important things.

She had never felt so fulfilled in life.


Yes, this is the feeling, the feeling of fighting against an unjust fate.

All of her body was filled with passionate emotions.

The Little Dirty Turtle seemed to have sensed her hot-blooded emotions and said excitedly, “Master Silver, why don’t we go earn a little money today?”

“Good.” Gu Qi Qi looked forward. Not far away was the Bai family’s National Medical Hall’s golden sign causing her to suddenly reveal an enigmatic smile, “Let’s go make money.”

Inside the National Medical Hall.

Bai Long was bored as he leaned on the sofa in the VIP room.

Flipping through the ledger.

“Ahhhhh, how come there are so many ledgers, can’t you guys keep track of just one total? With so many numbers like ants, my beautiful peach blossom eyes are exhausted, what if they affect the handsome and seductive beauty of this divine doctor?” Bai Lang complained.

The store manager twitched his lips helplessly: “Er Shao …… was told by the eldest youngster that you are here to inspect the store for him ……”.

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My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 127: I’m not your real uncle.

A dark room.

The young girl’s dream-like bed was tossed into a bit of a mess.

The white and clean light pink bedspread is covered with spots and stains.

There are a few places, as if they were accidentally wet by water, forming small puddles of round water stains.

The silk nightgown was already wrinkled and disfigured.

The man looked down on her condescendingly.

The long, cold finger, tapping the caller ID on Xiao Ning’s phone screen and spoke in a dark and cool tone: “Did you make a friend?”.

Xiao Ning was teary-eyed: “Uncle Xiao, I didn’t tell her about you and me. Please don’t do anything to her …… she doesn’t know anything, really!”

The man looked at her coolly and askance: “Don’t call me that. People will misunderstand that I am really your real uncle.”

The man looked at her with a cool glance, “Don’t call me that,” and said, “People will mistake me for your real uncle.

With a faint look of the eyes, he directly removed the phone battery: “What about the pregnancy test?”

Xiao Ning’s breathing was stagnant, mumbling: “No …… no …… I’m afraid …… of what if …….”

“What if you’re pregnant with my seed?” The man suddenly grabbed her chin and slammed it down, “You’re so delusional! Ning, have you forgotten who you are?”

“I …… “Xiao Ning’s soul was knocked out for three minutes and his throat choked, “I’m sorry Un- ……”

The rest of the word “uncle”, she couldn’t say.

Yes, he was not her real uncle, and she was not his real niece.

Their identity is just a man! A woman!

In the next second, however, even this pitiful perception was knocked to pieces.

The man’s cool voice, once again, poured down from on high, without any emotion: “Remember your identity. Have you ever seen a toy give birth to a child?”

Playing with …… toys ……

Xiao Ning’s heart fiercely trembled!

Tears rolled down in big drops.

It turned out that she was not even a woman, but just a toy.

But the man sneered: “What a loser. It’s only been five hours and you’re already crying? It’s still early. ……”

“No ……” Xiao Ning sobbed softly, begging, “Can you please leave me alone ……”

“No way.” The man said coldly, “When have you ever seen that a toy can shout stop?”

“But you said for each minute late …… then that for one hour …… I’m only five minutes late ……” Xiao Ning gathered her courage.

“I’ve changed my mind now.” The man was indifferent.

Then, as if he had thought of something, his thin lips hooked coldly: “To celebrate your admission to the Imperial Military Medical University’s veterinary program, I’ve decided to double your reward, what do you think, Xiao Ning?”


Wouldn’t that mean …… she wouldn’t be able to get up!

“No …… No ……!”

The next second.

Her objection was shut down hard!


At the entrance of the Education Bureau, Gu Qi Qi was stopped by someone.

She looked back.

It was the office lady with a bad attitude just now.

At this moment, the lady smiled like a pile of fresh blossoming flowers: “Miss Gu, your application has been approved.”


Even the Little Dirty Turtle couldn’t believe it: “Master Silver, your human bureaucracy is actually quite efficient ……”.

Gu Qi Qi faintly raised her eyebrows, “So I can go in and look at the papers now?”

The lady waved her hand, and her attitude was simply 180 degrees: “Don’t bother, I’ve copied it out for you. You see, your grades are very good, but there is a mark on your English paper, and according to the regulations you must be counted as cheating. Well, we’re helpless. I’m sorry.”

Gu Qi Qi frowned.

This mark is definitely not her doing.

But, it’s not clear at all now!

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My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 126: She is sneaky and arrogant.

A suspicious rustling noise on Xiao Ning’s side just rang out.

The phone was then disconnected with a “beep beep beep beep”.

When she called again, the phone was turned off.

Why was Xiao Ning so afraid of answering this question?

There must be a secret.

Gu Qi Qi’s heart was filled with a chill.

Could it be that in her previous life, Xiao Ning had to commit suicide because she was pregnant with a child of her close blood relatives?

If this is the case, then why did Bai Yujiao bully Xiao Ning and make her pregnant?

It hurts!

What does she have to do to help her best friend and not make the same mistakes?

Her eyes hung down in silence for a moment.

Gu Qi Qi suddenly got up.

Something had to be done!

Her university, Xiao Ning’s life, she has to change them all. She refused to accept the shameless arrangements of fate.

Why do innocent people have to die while scum wantonly steps on their heads and flaunts their power?

She’s not convinced!

This time, because Gong Jue gave her time off every day, she left the house without a hitch.

The first stop, straight to the Education Bureau.

The Qingcheng Education Bureau is part of the Imperial Education Department, and they must know about the problems the inspection team found out.

She was going to find out more about it.

Unfortunately, ……

She had underestimated the shamelessness of these officials.

When she handed over the application to inquire about her results, the Education Bureau officer in charge of the reception, a middle-aged lady, rolled her eyes: “Cheating and plagiarism, and you have the nerve to check?”

Gu Qi Qi endured her anger: “How do you know if you’ve made a mistake without checking?”

The office lady sneered, ” There is absolutely no mistaking it! That was discovered by the Imperial Education Department inspection team. They are the sky, and you are an insect. You’re a pest, so what’s the point of competing with Heaven? Go home and do what you have to do. Doing hard labor, working as a nanny or something else is also a way out.”

Gu Qi Qi said in a deep voice, “No. I must see the exam paper. I must prove my innocence.

“Innocence? The office lady laughed sarcastically at Gu Qi Qi, “You copied the exam results. A person like you, ha! I’d just hang myself if I were you!”

After saying that, she actually tore up the application form of Gu Qiqi on the spot!

The paper scattered all over the floor like confetti.

It also fell on the shoulders of Gu Qi Qi.

Hang herself?

Hearing these two words, Gu Qi Qi could no longer maintain a peaceful attitude.

“Yes, in my last life, I was hung to death!” Gu Qi Qi suddenly took a step forward.

Her cold eyes narrowed: “So I have nothing to fear in this life. I’ve recorded your remarks earlier. Perhaps it would be more interesting to publish it on the Internet so that everyone can hear your official attitude, rather than me admiring it alone?”

The office lady was dumbfounded.

This girl is so sneaky!

She thought that she was just a high school student who would be sent away with a few insults, as instructed by Gu Enlong.

She just spoke so harshly that the average girl would have cried and left in anger.

This girl, however, actually turned around and threatened her.

“Then you rewrite an application!”

Gu Qi Qi lifted her chin, her eyes cold: “Shouldn’t it be the person who ripped it up should rewrite it?”

Officer Lady: “……”

This girl is not only sneaky, she’s arrogant!

Coming out of the Education Bureau.

Gu Qi Qi did not feel very relaxed.

Although it took a little bit of tactics to submit the application, from the attitude of that person just now, one could tell that the Education Bureau would never let her successfully find out the truth.

The little dirty turtle sighed: “Master Silver if only we were stronger, I could crawl farther away to steal the test papers for you!”.

Gu Qi Qi raised his eyebrows: “Can you crawl away?”

Why didn’t she know about this new skill?

The Little Dirty Turtle guiltily cringed ……

Suddenly, someone came out from behind them and said, “Please stay, Miss Gu.”


The Xiao family.

The room at the end of the fourth floor.

It is Xiao Ning’s bedroom.

At the moment, it is filled with a musky smell ……

Xiao Ning was crying: “Ooh …… I”m, I’m only five minutes late …… now, it”s over five hours, can you …… stop? “

The man’s dark, cool voice was heard in the darkness…

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