My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 128: Hitting their faces with fancy scores

Marked papers, which provide an opportunity for cheating in grading, must be voided.

This is a universally accepted exam room rule.

Even if she released this copy to the public, it would not save her reputation, and I’m afraid her reputation would be even worse –

For the sake of high scores and vanity, she didn’t want to wear the big hat of marking and bribing the markers to cheat …….

Gu Qi Qi clenched her fist.

There was no point in checking the scores at all.

Did she have to allow these people to slander her like this?

The office lady smiled and said, “But don’t worry, Miss Gu, the Education Bureau will hold a re-examination in three days. It will give the students who were found cheating …… no, no, no, it’s a chance to prove their capabilities. Here’s the notice, you must make sure to attend!”

Gu Qi Qi was stunned.

She had heard of retakes for midterms and finals, but retaking a college entrance exam was unheard of!

Would the Board of Education be so kind as to do something for them?

Why did she think the possibility was zero?

Every year, countless people miss out on their dream of going to university because of unfair admissions and carelessness in the grading system of each province and city. How lucky is she to have one more chance to prove herself?

“Okay, I’ll attend.” Gu Qi Qi received the notice and promised to attend.

This was the only chance she had.

She could only use a magnificent score to throw it in the faces of those who slandered her.

Only then could they understand what it was like to feel the pain of being slapped repeatedly in the face!

Gu Qi Qi turned around and walked away.

The smile on the office lady’s face suddenly disappeared without a trace.
She gritted her teeth in resentment and spit, “If it weren’t for the call from the Director of the Education Department just now, would a plagiarizing dog like you still have a chance? I think you’re just a plagiarizer and a cheater! Even if I gave you a retake, you wouldn’t make it! Damn girl, you still don’t know that this retake is going to be broadcasted live on the Internet, right? I don’t care how good you are in the background, when you’re on camera, you’ll be just as humiliated!”


Gu Qi Qi went to the post office first.

She mailed out the shirts and handkerchiefs she bought for her brother last time.

The nursing home was in the suburbs, which was too far away, and no one was allowed to visit without the guardian’s permission.

Gu Xiao Bei’s guardians were Gu Qiushan and Gu Mei Feng.

The nursing home was also chosen by them.

Although she was extremely unhappy with the greedy and irresponsible nursing home, she had no right to help her brother find another one.

She made up her mind that when she had enough money, she could file a lawsuit against Gu Qiushan and Gu Mei Feng for custody and guardianship of Xiao Bei.

Take Xiao Bei out and find a better nursing home, or even better, she would build the best nursing home for him!

The first thing that I want to do is to get rid of the problem.

She had to study for the exams, work hard to earn money, pick up her brother, and …… stop Xiao Ning’s scumbag uncle from persecuting Xiao Ning …… there were many urgent and important things.

She had never felt so fulfilled in life.


Yes, this is the feeling, the feeling of fighting against an unjust fate.

All of her body was filled with passionate emotions.

The Little Dirty Turtle seemed to have sensed her hot-blooded emotions and said excitedly, “Master Silver, why don’t we go earn a little money today?”

“Good.” Gu Qi Qi looked forward. Not far away was the Bai family’s National Medical Hall’s golden sign causing her to suddenly reveal an enigmatic smile, “Let’s go make money.”

Inside the National Medical Hall.

Bai Long was bored as he leaned on the sofa in the VIP room.

Flipping through the ledger.

“Ahhhhh, how come there are so many ledgers, can’t you guys keep track of just one total? With so many numbers like ants, my beautiful peach blossom eyes are exhausted, what if they affect the handsome and seductive beauty of this divine doctor?” Bai Lang complained.

The store manager twitched his lips helplessly: “Er Shao …… was told by the eldest youngster that you are here to inspect the store for him ……”.

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