I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 28: Bedtime Stories

“What is it?”

Lu Junhan’s voice was hoarse from the shower and sounded a little impatient.

“Can you come out for a moment?” The butler spoke softly as if he was afraid of disturbing something, “There is a matter that you may need to deal with in person.”

Lu Junhan frowned slightly, his eyes and eyebrows revealing unexplainable irritation. He walked over, opened the door, and said with a cold look.

“What the heck is ……”

When he suddenly saw the little person who sat on the floor in front of him and fell asleep, Lu Junhan’s voice stopped.

The little girl was still wearing the white strapless nightgown, and in the middle of the night, she looked very cold.

Her long eyelashes were drooping down from her eyes, her white cheeks looked very chubby and soft, and her small mouth was slightly open, breathing softly. She was sleeping very soundly, beautiful and delicate, like a doll.

Her little head was leaning against the door with a big pillow in her arms, so she curled up in the little corner of the door.

The little one looked like a poor little homeless kitten.

It’s not a good idea to disturb her or to wake her up.

It’s just that he didn’t care much, and he’s never been used to sleeping with anyone else, let alone a little girl.

Even if she really was his daughter. No!

The housekeeper pursed his lips. He was a man with a daughter and also a father. Naturally, he saw at once that Lu Li was trying to sleep with Lu Shao, so he opened his mouth.

“I passed by Little Miss’s room before and didn’t see anyone. Then I found her sleeping here. I think Little Miss wanted to sleep with you; after all, children are very insecure ……”

It was already the biggest concession of the day for him to recognize the child.

Now she wants to sleep with him?

Don’t even think about it.

What kind of person is allowed in his bed?

“Give her a bed, and she won’t sleep on her own,” Lu Junhan’s eyes were cold: “If she likes to sit at the door so much, then let her sit, leave her alone.”

The housekeeper looked embarrassed: “The night temperature in this …… villa is quite low, and Little Miss doesn’t wear much, so I’m afraid Little Miss’s body won’t be able to stand it if she sleeps here for one night. ……”

Lu Junhan pursed his thin lips, whirled around, and ordered again in a deep voice, “Carry her back to her own room.”

The housekeeper didn’t speak yet, the little girl who was pretending to be asleep was suddenly awakened by his words!

She was actually asleep, but when the housekeeper approached, she thought it was the bad guy who wanted to harm Dad and immediately woke up.

After that, Dad opened the door.

She didn’t open her eyes.

Seeing him turn to leave, the little girl stumbled up and grabbed Lu Junhan’s bathrobe with her little hands, as if she would cry out the next second.

“Dad …… I don’t want to go back! Li Li just wants to sleep with you!”

Now how could Lu Junhan not see that she was pretending to be asleep? He looked coldly at the housekeeper: “Take her back to her room.”

“Dad, I don’t want to ……”

As she said this, the tears in the corners of the little girl’s eyes fell down one by one. Her doll-like delicate face was stained with pitifulness, and she sniffed her reddened nose while crying.

“Please …… dad, don’t drive me away, okay?”


The little girl rubbed her eyes and cried, “Oooooh daddy …….”


Five minutes later, Lu Junhan threw a new blanket in the middle of the European-style bed with a black face.

Lu Junhan had a dark expression as he threw a new blanket in the middle of the European-style bed, marking the boundary. He then raised his dark eyes and stared at the little girl sleeping on the right, threatening her with a dangerous tone.

“You’ll sleep on that side; your body is not allowed to cross the line.”

The little girl was happy to stay with him. She blinked her big eyes that were still a little red. Her long eyelashes fluttered, and she nodded her head nicely: “Okay, Daddy.”

The happy little face had no trace of the sad, grieving, and pitiful look just now.


He was very suspicious that the little thing was playing with him again.

As soon as Lujun lay down on the spot where he belonged, the little girl’s head rolled over the line, her big, clear, beautiful eyes wide open, and her little milky voice clearly asked him.

“Daddy, do you want to hear a bedtime story?”

(end of chapter)

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