White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 28: A Family of good looking people

The Emperor was stunned, then laughed out loud.

The Emperor smelled the bitterness of the medicine and was about to order someone to bring the candied fruit when he saw Su Mo Li drink it all down.

Then Cheng Tao wiped the liquid from the corner of Su Mo Li’s mouth.

Da Guozi and the Emperor were successfully stunned for a moment.

Da Guozi couldn’t help but exclaim, “This old slave has seen a lot of ladies drinking medicine, and also knows that most women are afraid of suffering, isn’t Miss Su afraid of suffering?”

Su Li smiled gently: “Gong Gong is joking, who is not afraid of suffering? It’s just a matter of getting used to it.”

Da Guozi showed a sudden realization. He took the bowl back, bowed to the Emperor, and only then left.

His Majesty’s face was complex: “Accustomed to it? Why are you accustomed to it?”

Su Mo Li’s eyes were in a daze: “Your Majesty, I was sick at the age of five, and now I’m twelve, and it’s been seven years, and in those seven years I didn’t have enough money to buy medicine, so I went straight to the mountains to pick herbs to eat. Since the herbs weren’t processed, they were much more bitter than those bought by prescription.”

“No money? How come there was no money?” The Emperor was shocked, “You are the daughter of the Prime Minister, could it be that someone was withholding it from you?”

Su Mo Li pursed her lips and remained silent.

The Emperor saw that there were already tears in Su Mo Li’s eyes, and there was some abnormal sickly pallor on that delicate face.

If the child was healthy, it would be so bright and beautiful.

Thinking of this, the Emperor asked again, “You are at least my niece, so tell me what is going on.”

With a “thud” sound, Cheng Tao knelt down and said, “Your Majesty, I beg you to get justice for the Lady.”

“No talking!” Su Mo Li got up directly from her seat, got down on one knee, and covered Cheng Tao’s mouth, “Don’t say that!”

“Miss!” Cheng Tao broke free and couldn’t help but shout, “Master doesn’t make decisions for you, you have a hard time getting into the Palace, why don’t you confess to the Emperor?”

“Little ……”

“No way! Shut up!” Su Mo Li stared at Cheng Tao. Her appearance was soft and delicate. Even if she was angry and tried to be fierce and ferocious, not only did not make people afraid but also made the Emperor unable to resist.

He thought of those people in his harem, every time they would pretend to not let their own maids complain, but still, they waited for the maids to finish before rebuking them.

It’s not like this girl, who really did not let the maid say it and directly covered the girl’s mouth.

“Tell me, what’s going on?” The Emperor opened his mouth, Su Mo Li naturally dared not go against the will of the Emperor. She pursed her lips and because of the argument with Cheng Tao, her small face looks even paler than it did before.

The Emperor hurriedly said: “Knowing that you’re not well, you still argue with your own maid, quickly sit down.

Let your maid say what is going on.”

Cheng Tao saw this and even as she busily helped Su Mo Li to sit on the chair, she patted her chest to smooth her breathing. Seeing that Su Mo Li was a little better, she knelt down, kowtowed and slowly said: “Your Majesty, you do not know, this slave maid was picked up by Miss when she was six years old, this slave maid was an orphan, Miss is this slave maid’s savior, so this slave maids stayed and took care of Miss.

For six years, Miss had to pick her own medicine and mend her own broken clothes, not to mention eating and drinking well, it was already good enough to eat hot white rice.

It’s just that, the most important thing is, from time to time there will be an assassination, or someone poisoning her food, no matter how much the slave servant checks, several times Miss has been tricked. The only way for Miss to recover is by inducing vomiting to save her life. But Miss’s health is getting worse and worse ……”

With what Cheng Tao said, the Emperor was surprised.

It was only after Cheng Tao had finished speaking about what happened, and after a long period of silence, that the Emperor said: “You were to go and pray, not to suffer, why ……”

In the middle of the conversation, the Emperor did not say any more, but the tears in Su Mo Li’s eyes fell down as she silently wept, making the Emperor’s heart extremely unpleasant.

No matter what, Su Mo Li is a relative of the Emperor, but someone actually tried to kill her!

“What evidence is there?” The Emperor asked.

Cheng Tao shook her head, her face full of grief and anger: “Your Majesty, every day this slave servant had to think about how to keep Miss alive, I didn’t expect to be able to find evidence ……”.

The Emperor nodded: “Yes, after all, you are all still young, it’s good that you can save your lives, how can you think of this.

That’s fine, I will look into this matter, you should not worry, after all, you are already in the capital, those people do not dare to do anything to you.

When you marry into Lao Er’s house next month, no one will dare to touch you even more.”

Su Mo Li’s face was confused as if she didn’t know what the Emperor was talking about.

The Emperor sighed, in the end, she is still a child, if there was a mother present, she would have already shown a shy posture, just because she doesn’t understand anything, it is the most authentic.

“Da Guozi.”

“This Slave is here.”

“Go to the Prime Minister’s residence and tell him that I am particularly fond of Li’er, my niece and that she should stay in the Palace for three days before being sent back.”

“Yes.” Da Guozi answered in rapid succession.

The Emperor smiled and said, “You can go to the Empress’s palace to stay for three days. The Second Princess in the Empress’s palace is similar in age to you, so you should be able to play together.”

Su Mo Li’s eyes shone brightly, then she showed hesitation, “Will the Empress dislike me?”

“No, the Empress was exceptionally close to your mother back then, so naturally she will like you.” Said the Emperor, letting the maids take Su Mo Li away.

The Emperor’s maid Yazhi looked at Su Mo Li’s delicate and weak appearance, and felt a little more pity in her heart: “Miss Su, don’t be nervous, the Empress is most virtuous and good-natured.”

Su Mo Li shook her head, her face full of seriousness: “I am not afraid that Her Majesty the Empress will give me a hard time, but I am afraid that I will do something wrong and make Her Majesty angry.”

“In that case, I do know some of the Empress’s preferences, if you are willing to listen, how about I tell you about them?” Yazhi said with a smile.

As soon as the words left her mouth, she saw Su Mo Li’s eyes light up and gaze at her. Her pitiful appearance reminded her of a puppy in the back garden with no one to feed it.

“Please, Sister Yazhi.”

The soft and gentle voice made Yazhi feel like a spring breeze, and her voice also softened: “I dare not be called so by Miss Su, the Empress likes silence, she does not like trouble. This slave servant feels that Miss’s temperament is just in line with the Empress’ preferences.”

“In addition, the Empress and your mother-in-law don’t get along in face and heart. The Eldest Miss was assigned to marry the Second Prince as a side consort, so don’t offend your mother-in-law while being friendly with the Empress.”

“What Sister Yazhi said is true.” Su Mo Li nodded seriously.

Seeing this, the smile on Yazhi’s face deepened: “There’s nothing else, in short, the Empress is an extremely easy person to get along with, and as for the Second Princess, her temperament is rather arrogant and wild, so Miss will just go along with her.

After all, she is the legitimate Princess, the Crown Prince’s own sister, the Empress has favored her, and inevitably her temperament is a bit arrogant.”

Su Mo Li’s face showed envy: “I know, just like my second sister, she is favored by her parents, so her temperament is a little more lively, and if my mother were still here, I would be the same.”

In the end, Su Mo Li’s voice was a little smaller.

Yazhi’s face was full of pity: “Eldest Miss need not be sad, the Princess is watching you from heaven, if you are happy, the Princess will also be happy.”

“Every night, the brightest star is the Eldest Princess, so you can look at it at night,”

Yazhi coaxed her.

Su Mo Li’s eyes shone brightly, “Really? I will be watching it tonight!”

She’s just a kid!

Yazhi sighed in her heart and looked at Su Mo Li with a little more kindness.

“As for the Crown Prince, he is the only man who has not left the Palace to build a Palace outside and lives in the East Palace.”

Yazhi continued, “Generally speaking, His Highness the Crown Prince doesn’t go to the Empress very often, so you don’t have to worry about bumping into His Highness the Crown Prince.”

“Thank you, Sister Yazhi.” Su Mo Li bowed herself, and Yazhi hurriedly side-stepped her greeting, “I don’t dare accept Miss’ thanks.”

“It’s what I should do, no one has ever told me this, Sister Yazhi is a good person ……” Su Mo Li’s face was full of trust.

In the end, she said: “Miss, the Palace is not as simple as you think, you should be careful.”

Su Mo Li nodded her head good-naturedly, and Yazhi was relieved: “Let’s go, we’ve arrived at Feng Ning Palace.”

Yazhi walked forward and spoke to the maids of the Feng Ning Palace.

Soon, the Empress herself came out.

It was obvious that she had received the Emperor’s order.

When Su Mo Li looked up slightly, she saw the Empress come out in a casual dress. The Empress was not beautiful, but rather ordinary.

However, the more you look at her, the more beautiful she looks.

“Is this Li’er, come, come in with me.”

The Empress gave Su Mo Li the greatest kindness, and a smile appeared on Su Mo Li’s small face as she reached out to grasp Her Majesty’s hand, which was soft.

“Thank you, Empress.” After Su Mo Li whispered, she followed her lead and walked in.

When she was seated, Yazhi said a few words and left.

“I didn’t expect that Li’er is already this age. Before I learned that you had returned to the Capital, I was thinking of finding an excuse to summon you to the Palace, but I didn’t expect that the Emperor would have you enter the Palace today.

Having come to the Capital, do you have any discomfort?” The Empress smiled and looked at Su Mo Li and couldn’t help but exclaim, “Li’er looks so good, even better looking than your mother.”

Su Mo Li revealed curious eyes, “Do I look the same as my mother?”

The Empress saw Su Mo Li’s longing for her real mother, and her heart felt slightly sour as she smiled and said, “Li’er looks even better.”

Su Mo Li’s little face blushed scarlet: “Empress also looks good, just like budding flower buds, with time, more and more beautiful.”

The Empress was slightly startled and suddenly laughed, “It is true that you’re mother and daughter, even the way you praise people is the same!”

Su Mo Li tilted her head, somewhat puzzled.

The Empress was just about to speak when she heard the noise outside: “Mother, is my little cousin is here? I need to see her. If she’s not good looking, I don’t want her as my cousin …… sister ……”

The Second Princess Zhong Li Xi quickly came in, and when she saw Su Mo Li, she sucked in a breath of air, and her voice became quieter and quieter, and finally, she couldn’t even be heard anymore. She swallowed her saliva, stared at Su Mo Li and said: “Mother, is this, my little cousin?”.

The Queen Mother couldn’t help but laugh and said jokingly, “Do you still want Li’er to be your cousin?”

“Yes! You must! Let’s see how Zhong Li Lan still fools around with me about my cousin!”

Su Mo Li was silent. Should she politely remind the Second Princess that she is not only her cousin but also the cousin of the Eldest Princess Zhong Li Lan ……?

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