White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 27: Giving Marriage to the Second Prince

When Xiao Guozi looked at the cakes that had been crushed by the Crown Prince, he was confused.

It seems that he had to talk to the people in the kitchen so that they wouldn’t send all the cakes to the Crown Prince, which would make him feel bad and bring misfortune to those who served him.

In the royal study room, the Emperor walked back and forth a few times, and then said to Da Guozi: “Let Bai Chuan Taoist also enter the Palace.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

A quarter of an hour later, Bai Chuan Taoist Master and the Second Prince Zhong Li Ling entered the study room at the same time.

“Sit down, Taoist Bai Chuan, tell us about the destiny of that Miss Su.” The Emperor instructed everyone to sit down, and then asked.

The Bai Chuan Taoist Master’s heart was somewhat choked, but his face was indifferent, and he repeated his initial words.

In the Fengyun Kingdom, Buddhism and Taoism are particularly prevalent.

The reason is that the Emperor believes in it.

The Taoist priest of Bai Chuan is one of the very famous Taoist priests, and his calculations have saved the Emperor several times.

Of course, the most powerful person in the Wind Cloud Kingdom is not Taoist Master Bai Chuan, but Grandmaster Sankong, who left the capital three years ago to travel the world.

If Master Bai Chuan is believed by the high officials and nobility, then Grandmaster Sankong is believed by the entire nation of the Fengyun Kingdom.

It can be said that Master Sankong’s words are more useful than the Emperor’s. The good thing is that Master Sankong is a low-key person, otherwise, he would have been killed by the Emperor for whatever reason he could find.

After all, the Emperor’s authority could not allow others to be above it.

Even Taoist priest Bai Chuan knew that he could not reach the height of Master Sankong, so he had already said that he was not as good as Master Sankong.

In this way, Grandmaster Sankong was a god-like existence.

By virtue of Master Sankong’s prophecies, several major disasters were averted for the people, and it was Master Sankong who pulled the Emperor back from the gates of hell with his bad heart.

“Lao Er, did you hear what Master Bai Chuan said?” The Emperor looked at Zhong Li Ling and inquired faintly.

Zhong Li Ling was a bit arrogant as if he despised all people.

However, facing the Emperor, he was much better.

Hearing the Emperor’s question, Zhong Li Ling was a little confused and looked at the person above: “Father, what you mean is, let this son marry that Su Mo Li?”

The Emperor responded and said indifferently: “That is also your cousin now, you should take more care of her.”

In the meantime, Zhong Li Ling’s brows knitted: “I heard that Su Mo Li grew up in the countryside, not to mention the qin, chess, calligraphy, and painting, I’m afraid that she can’t even recognize all the words, how can such a person afford to be a side consort?”

The Emperor’s heart also had some reluctance to hear this, yes, where was there a village woman as a side consort? The side consort, although also a concubine, is still part of the Imperial family.

But at the thought of Su Mo Li’s destiny, he said, “Lao Er, the matter has been decided, and me asking you to come here today is to inform you, not to make you agree.”

Zhong Li Ling’s anger surfaced in his heart now, and he couldn’t help but say, “If that’s the case, why doesn’t Father allow the Crown Prince to marry Su Mo Li and make her the Crown Prince’s side concubine?”

“Nonsense!” The Emperor slammed the table, and Bai Chuan Daoist looked away as if nothing here had anything to do with him.

“If you can convince the Crown Prince, I will let him marry.”

The corner of Zhong Li Ling’s mouth twitched, he couldn’t do it.

Remembering, back then when he was asked to marry, he directly ran away, causing his brothers to chase after him night after night before they brought his father’s Imperial decree stating that in the future the Crown Prince can decide on his wife without interference.

That was the only way to coax the Crown Prince back.

He thought that the Crown Prince would be scolded by his father, however, although their father was indeed very angry, he didn’t know what the Crown Prince said that the two of them talked and laughed inside.

“Okay, that’s settled then.”

The Emperor waved his hand irritably, “Su Mo Li should not be bad looking, more than enough to match you.”

Zhong Li Ling’s whole body was upset and a little sullen, but he did not dare to disobey, so he agreed.

After Bai Chuan Taoist priest and Zhong Li Ling left, the Emperor was silent for a long time, but still said, “Call Su Mo Li to the Palace.”

“Announcing to the Su Family, Su Mo Li must enter the Palace to meet the Emperor!”

The first time she heard the news, Su Mo Li changed into a pale pink dress in no hurry.

“Cheng Tao follow me into the Palace, and Huang Fan, watch the house.”

“Yes, Miss.”

When Su Mo Li brought Cheng Tao to the front hall, she saw Su Chen exchanging pleasantries with the decreeing eunuch.

“Father.” Su Mo Li walked over and greeted the Eunuch with another bow, “Hoping Gong Gong is well.”

“This, this is Eldest Miss?” The Eunuch was obviously stunned, he had seen many beauties in the palace, but none as beautiful as Miss Su!

And the way she held her hands and carried herself, was obviously the way of nobles, was she really from the countryside?

Thee Eunuch looked Su Mo Li up and down and exclaimed, “Miss Su really has the style of Princess Huimin from back then.”

Su Chen’s face looked out of place for a moment, but quickly returned to its natural state: “Eunuch’s praise is too much.”

Su Mo Li’s little face also appeared red, and her eyes were bright and shining.

Seeing this, Eunuch’s favor towards Su Mo Li grew a little more, such a simple woman was simply too rare.

“Miss Su, this way please.”

Su Mo Li looked towards Su Chen, Su Chen smiled and nodded, “The Emperor has summoned you, don’t lose your manners.”


Su Mo Li responded, before following the Eunuch to the carriage.

With this Eunuch’s order, they headed towards the palace.

After getting off the carriage, Su Mo Li came to the outside of the imperial study room under the guidance of the Eunuch.

Da Guozi had been waiting and was startled when he saw Su Mo Li. He looked at the Eunuch next to him and saw him nodding his head before he smiled, “Miss Su, this way please.”

“Thank you, Eunuch.”

Su Mo Li bowed her body to Da Guozi before heading inside.

“Your Majesty, Miss Su is here.”

“Hmm.” The Emperor opened his eyes, and he heard the sound of Su Manger’s greeting.

“Get up.”

He saw Su Mo Li get up, raise her head, and meet the Emperor’s eyes.

The Emperor was also startled by Su Mo Li’s good appearance.

Su Mo Li had a shallow smile on her face, and her delicate features seemed to radiate light, making it impossible to move one’s eyes away from her.

“Are you Su Mo Li?”

“Yes, this servant girl is Su Mo Li.”

Su Mo Li’s voice was soft, but not humble or overbearing.

His Majesty slowly said, “Have a seat.”

“Thank you, Your Majesty.”

Su Mo Li walked to the side and sat down, blinking her eyes.

The Emperor’s hand unconsciously tapped on the table, and for a moment, the Imperial study was very silent.

Su Mo Li stared at the teacup and did not speak.

There was no sign of timidity either.

Such a Su Mo Li made the Emperor take a closer look at her: “Do you know that Bai Chuan Taoist divined you a life?”.

“I am aware of that.”

“Oh? What do you think?”

Su Mo Li laughed twice and said slowly, “Your Majesty, this girl does not believe in fate.”

The Emperor was surprised, obviously not expecting Su Mo Li to say such words.

Su Mo Li raised her head, slightly tilted her head, and her smile deepened a little: “What this girl believes in is that a man is destined to win.”

The Emperor raised his eyebrows: “You’re not so timid.”

“If this girl was a coward, she would have died at the age of five.”

Su Mo Li’s words startled the Emperor, and he asked in confusion, “Why do you say that?”

Su Mo Li briefly described what the criminals did to her when she was five years old, then said: “Your Majesty, don’t you think so? If this girl was cowardly and didn’t push that man into the river, it would be this girl who would die.”

The Emperor narrowed his eyes, “Although you were raised in the countryside, you are also the daughter of Princess Huimin and Prime Minister Su, so how could anyone want to kill you?”

Su Mo Li only smiled and did not reply to His Majesty’s words.

After the Emperor finished his sentence, he reflected that, yes, just because she was the First Daughter of the Su family, she would get in other people’s way.

However, in the end, it was a family matter, and as long as it didn’t come up in front of him, he wouldn’t bother.

“My mother is the Eldest Princess Huimin, which is also considered an Imperial relative, but someone actually did it to her child, Your Majesty, don’t you think there is a conspiracy for my mother’s death?”

The Emperor raised his eyebrows and looked at Su Mo Li in confusion.

Su Mo Li didn’t seem to see the scrutiny in the Emperor’s eyes, and continued: “This daughter prayed for the Prime Minister’s blessing in the countryside, which sounded good, but in the countryside, she was terrified that if she wasn’t careful, she would die.

This daughter’s weakness was due to the poisoned food she had mistakenly ingested, and although her life was no longer in danger, she was injured at the root.

Your Majesty, what do you think these people want to do? Who am I blocking with my presence?

If my mother knew that I was living like this, she would have cried her eyes out in heaven.

So Your Majesty, are you going to make a decision for me?”

Da Guozi stood in the corner trembling, this Su’s eldest daughter really dares to say anything!

The Emperor was silent for a long time but Su Mo Li was not afraid. She just had a bad body and coughed lightly, and there was more than a little bit of lethargy between her eyebrows. Leaning on the back on the chair, her face was pale, and her whole body seemed very weak.

His Majesty’s brow was furrowed: “Send for the Imperial Doctor.”

Soon, Imperial Doctor Chen arrived.

When he saw Su Mo Li, he was surprised: “Miss Su?”

Knowing that Imperial Doctor Chen had previously diagnosed and treated Su Mo Li, the Emperor was not surprised: “You must quickly take a look.”

Imperial Doctor Chen went forward and took her pulse and his brows furrowed. A quarter of an hour later, he said, “Miss Su’s body is too weak, so she should not have too many emotional ups and downs.”

With that, he wrote down the prescription.

The Emperor waved his hand and instructed Imperial Doctor Chen to grab the medicine before he spoke, “Your mother’s death, how you were victimized, all of these accusations must to have evidence.”

“This servant girl knows.” Su Mo Li tried to sit up straight to meet the Emperor’s eyes. Her delicate voice entered the Emperor’s ears, clear and unmistakable.

“I just know that I can’t find any evidence with only my maids, that’s why I came into the Palace to complain!”

His Majesty was shocked: “Complain?”

Su Mo Li’s small face had a serious look: “According to the seniority, you the Emperor are this servant girl’s uncle. If your niece is wronged, shouldn’t she find her elders to complain? This servant girl’s elders besides Father are the Emperor. If Father can’t be trusted, so naturally I must find the Emperor!”

He didn’t know why, but looking at the little girl’s trusting gaze, the Emperor only felt his heart burning: “Then what if I didn’t call you to the Palace today?”

“It doesn’t matter, after all, at the end of the year banquet, Father will bring this servant daughter to the Palace, and it won’t be too late for me to complain to the Emperor then.”

“You’ve really got it all planned out?”

“That’s right! This servant girl will not let the murderer off so easily!”

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