White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 26: Bestowing Marriage

Su Jia Xuan was a bit confused when she walked out of Cui Zhu Courtyard.

“Miss, what happened to you?” Dong Xue looked at Su Jia Xuan in confusion.

Su Jia Xuan raised her head, looked at Dong Xue, and slowly said, “I just made some stinky tofu for my big sister, and then I came out?”

Dong Xue seemed to understand and said with a smile, “Miss, are you reluctant to part with your eldest sister? It’s okay, just come back tomorrow.”

“Then did I say anything about the Second Prince?” Su Jia Xuan felt as if she had amnesia.

Dong Xue hesitated for a moment, then nodded, “Third Miss, we can’t say more about this, if it spreads out, it will cause Eldest Miss to be mocked.

Although Bai Chuan Taoist said that The eldest Miss can only be a Royal concubine, but this matter has not been decided yet.

I know Third Miss thinks the Second Prince is similar in age to the Eldest Miss and it could only be the Second Prince, but who can be sure it’s the Second Prince?

If it’s the Second Prince in the future, it’s just fine, but if it’s not, if this gets out, won’t it create a gap between the Eldest Miss and her future sister-in-law?”

Dong Xue sighed. She looked at Su Jia Xuan and said: “Third Miss is still young, naturally you don’t know this, but things haven’t been decided yet, we’d better wait.”

Su Jia Xuan pursed her lips, knowing that she was reckless today. She nodded her head and went back with the Dong Xue.

In the Cui Zhu Courtyard, Su Mo Li finished her tofu and let out a sigh of satisfaction.

“Miss, the information you asked for about the Second Prince is here.”

Huang Fan handed the letter to Su Mo Li.

Su Mo Li took it and looked at it a few times with a raised eyebrow, “The son of a Noble Consort, fifteen years old, vying for the Crown Prince position.”

“Yes Miss, the Emperor has five sons and two daughters in total.”

After Su Mo Li burned the letter, she was thoughtful: “How could Su Jia Xuan be so sure that I want to marry the Second Prince?”

Cheng Tao and Huang Fang looked at each other, and Huang Fang said tentatively, “Is it because the Second Prince’s age suits you best?”

Su Mo Li placed her cup of tea on the table and stood up, looking out at the scenery, Su Mo Li’s eyes were deep.

“What kind of woman does the Second Prince like?”

Cheng Tao was slightly startled, “I don’t know about that.”


“Yes, Miss.”

Bai Chuan Taoist’s words not only shocked the people but also spread into the Palace.

In the study, the Emperor listened to these rumors and frowned, “Can it be true?”

“Your Majesty, it is from the mouth of Taoist Bai Chuan himself.” Da Guozi said slowly.

The Emperor’s brows furrowed: “It is better to believe it than not to believe it. ……”

“So Su Mo Li is now twelve years old?”

“Yes.” Da Guozi echoed.

“The Crown Prince is eighteen, the Second Prince is fifteen, the Third Prince is fourteen, and the Fifth Prince is only eight years old, so it seems that the most suitable one is the Second Prince.”

Da Guozi hesitated and asked tentatively, “But Your Majesty, will the Second Prince agree?”

“Marriage matters are the parents’ orders and the matchmaker’s words, besides, it’s time for the Crown Prince and the Second Prince to get married, especially the Crown Prince, who is eighteen! At his age, I had Lan’er!”

Da Guozi laughed, “Why is the Emperor anxious, the Crown Prince is a dragon and phoenix among men, why not worry about a good woman?”

The words of the Da Guozi made the Emperor feel comfortable: “Okay, don’t talk about him, you go to call the Second Prince here, and say that I want to give him a marriage.”

Meanwhile, in the East Palace, Zhong Li Shi frowned as he listened to Xiao Guozi’s words, “Zhong Li Ling and Su Mo Li”

“Yes, the Emperor is trying to give these two a marriage.”

“Although it’s only as a side consort, after all, it’s the daughter of the Eldest Princess Huimin, so the Emperor is trying to give Miss Su a decent appearance.”

Zhong Li Shi snorted and raised his eyebrows, “These two are not worthy.”

“Then what does the Crown Prince mean?” Xiao Guozi asked with confusion.

Zhong Li’s frown deepened, “What does it have to do with me? Marry whomever you like, marry whomever you want.”

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