White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 25: Separation of Powers

“Well, well, Li’er really is a good girl.” Old Madam Su was instantly touched.

Su Chen also nodded and praised, “Indeed, Li’er is a filial one.”

Su Xin Zhen, on the other hand, stared at Su Mo Li who only knew how to butter people up! But so what, she is her mother’s own daughter, no matter how much Su Mo Li sucked up, it is useless!

At this thought, Su Xin Zhen had a disdainful look on her face.

Su Jia Xuan, however, lowered her head.

But Li Qianshi’s heart was dripping with blood, Su Mo Li was beating around the bush to scold her for being old, but she was being called filial!

How could she stand it!

But then again, what she said was spot-on!

Su Mo Li seeing that Li Qianshi’s face barely had a smile on it, smiled in her heart and continued to show a worried look: “Mother, I am not well, I know the pain of taking medicine every day, Mother, you must pay attention to your body, you must not tear it down.

Father, Daughter has something to say and I don’t know whether to say it or not.” Said Su Mo Li. Su Mo Li sneaked a glance at Su Chen, with some hesitation on her face, then she looked at Li Qianshi, and a touch of determination appeared on her face.

Su Chen was curious about the look on Su Mo Li’s face: “Whatever Li’er has to say is fine.” Su Mo Li took in the look on Su Chen’s face.

Su Mo Li pursed her lips: “I figured that since the Emperor’s Harem is not managed by the Empress alone, but also by the four concubines, so Mother should also let the other aunts help manage the Prime Minister’s Residence.

After all, Mother’s body is important!

Although the Prime Minister’s Residence is not as large as the Imperial Harem, there are also a lot of things to manage. Whether it’s purchasing or the staffing of the various courtyards, it’s a lot of hard work, not to mention some return gifts and socializing must be done in all aspects.

Of course, Li’er doesn’t know anything about it, but I just feel that Mother is working too hard. If I’m wrong, please don’t take it to heart.”

With that, Su Mo Li closed her mouth and looked at Su Chen obediently.

However, at this time, Li Qianshi was already so angry that she couldn’t speak, what a Su Mo Li!

She urges the Master to distribute her power!

She took a deep breath and suppressed the anger in her heart, saying lightly, “That’s not necessary, I know my body, it’s no big deal, besides, I’m the master’s wife, taking care of the back house is what I should do.”

“You don’t have to worry about this, Li’er, just take care of your illness in peace.”

When Su Mo Li heard this, she stumbled and almost fell to the ground.

Cheng Tao helped Su Mo Li in a hurry.

“Yes, I have spoken too much, and I ask Mother to please punish me, but Mother, I don’t mean anything else, I just don’t want you to be too tired.”

After saying that, she bit her lip, raised her head, and her red eyes made Li Qianshi’s heart skip a beat.

“I forgot that I am not Mother’s own child, Mother having a grudge against me is also natural, if my sisters say this, it would be better than me …… so that there will be no doubt about my purpose. Isn’t Mother suspecting that I want your power to be distributed? Not a all, I’m just concerned about Mother ……”.

Saying that, Su Mo Li’s tears fell down and her pair of eyes filled with sadness: “Please Mother don’t hate me for this.

I was five years old when my own mother died early, and now I have long forgotten what she looks like. Now that I can come back to the house, I know it was Mother who put in a good word for me in front of Father.

I now think of Mother as my own mother, but I have forgotten since my memories of the past are fuzzy, but Mother still remembers.”

“Master! That’s not what I meant! I treat Li’er as my own daughter!”

Li Qianshi was anxious, she never thought that Su Mo Li would say such a thing!

Isn’t this just saying that she was only superficial with her?

Although the Master didn’t like the Princess, he still felt guilty about Su Mo Li.

What’s more, the Old Madam was very fond of Su Mo Li!

“Really?” Without waiting for Su Chen and Old Madam Su to speak, Su Mo Li happily looked at Li Qianshi, her eyes filled with a look of longing for a mother’s love.

When Su Chen saw this, he felt more and more guilty: “Naturally, this is your real mother.”

Li Qianshi said in succession: “Yes, Li’er is not saying anything, I naturally know that Li’er is doing this for my own good, so how can I blame Li’er?”.

Saying that, to show her true sincerity, she also got up and walked to Su Mo Li, took Su Mo Li’s hand, and said with a smile, “It’s just that you’re weak, and Mother is afraid that you worrying about Mother will make you even weaker.”

“Thank you for Mother’s concern.”

A shallow smile appeared on Su Mo Li’s face, and a blush appeared on her cheeks as she pulled Li Qianshi to sit in her own seat, and moved slightly closer to Li Qianshi.

Like a child longing for a mother’s love, Old Madam Su couldn’t help but shed tears.

Su Chen’s face was also somewhat moved.

The smile on Su Mo Li’s face grew larger and larger: “Mother, then you promise Li’er, okay, don’t be too tired, Li’er is worried about Mother’s body.”

After taking a sip, Su Mo Li continued, “Is Mother afraid that Father won’t agree? It’s okay, I’ll talk to Father!”

Saying that, Su Mo Li looked to Su Chen, “Father, you will agree, right?”

Without waiting for Su Chen to speak, Li Qianshi quickly said, “No, Li’er, don’t worry, Mother’s health is very good, Mother ……”.

“Mother, don’t lie to me ……” Su Mo Li’s face was full of heartache, reached out and touched Li Qianshi’s face, “Mother you see, such a thick powder can not cover the haggard look of your face.

Look at the blackness under your eyes, so thick.

Look at your face, it is so rough.

And look at your hands, they are no longer as smooth as they once were.”

The look on Su Mo Li’s face was heartbreaking.

But Li Qianshi who was described this way by Su Mo Li, her whole person felt as if she was soaked in cold water, was she really so ugly?

The worry and distress in Su Mo Li’s eyes made Li Qianshi dizzy, could it be that she really cares for herself?

Su Mo Li, however, seemed to feel that it wasn’t enough, and turned to Su Xin Zhen: “Second Sister, look at Mother, isn’t she a lot more emaciated?”

Su Xin Zhen was about to retort, but suddenly thought of something, and now said, “Yes, Father, you’d better send someone to share some of the burdens.”

Su Xin Zhen thought extremely well that only when her mother had more free time, could she deal with Su Mo Li properly.

Li Qianshi looked at Su Xin Zhen incredulously.

“Chen’er, for the sake of the children’s filial piety you should do it, I see that both Aunt Nian and Aunt Shui are capable, let them share some of the burdens.”

Old Madam Su opened her mouth.

She looked at Su Mo Li again, her face full of love: “Nan Nan always thinks of others, but doesn’t think of herself what to do?”

Su Mo Li laughed, “Grandmother, as long as my family is well, I’m fine.”

“What a silly Nan Nan!”

Why did things turn out this way?

When Aunt Nian and Aunt Shui got the news, they were very excited.

They had someone ask what had happened.

After all, it was in the house, if you ask around carefully, it is not impossible to find out, and they soon realized that it was Su Mo Li who said these words.

Aunt Nian’s face is ordinary, but her background is good, and she is the first daughter of the Zhi Fu, who was favored by Su Chen and brought back.

“Eldest Miss is too kind.” Aunt Nian sighed and wrinkled her eyebrows imperceptibly, “Such a temperament, just like the Eldest Princess.”

“Not true! It’s just a short-lived one!” Auntie Shui looks exceptionally charming. She also heard the news and came to Auntie Nian.

When she heard the words of Aunt Nian, she rolled her eyes and said unconcernedly: “This kind of temperament, it’s thanks to the Old Madam’s protection, if not for the Old Madam, I’m afraid that she would have been eaten by that person without even her bones left!”

Aunt Nian sighed, “Just, in the future, we can also manage the house’s affairs, no matter what, we also benefited because of the Eldest Miss, so let’s watch more in the future.”

“Do you still need to say it?” Auntie Shui snorted, “I know very well who is good to me. Come on, hurry up and get over there, I can’t wait to see that one’s face!”

The struggle between the aunts, Su Mo Li did not care much, as long as it did not involve her, how they choose to fight is fine.

After returning to Cui Zhu Courtyard and hearing the words of Bai Chuan Taoist, Huang Fan was a little worried: “Miss, is it possible that you really have to marry a Prince as a concubine?”.

Su Mo Li ate the fruit and laughed lightly: “Is your Lady such a sitting duck?”

Huang Fan shook her head, “But if Bai Chuan Taoist said so, what else can you do?”

“There’s no rush.” Su Mo Li took a sip from her teacup, “I have to know which Prince they have set me up with, and if he’s good looking, it’s not impossible ……”

Cheng Tao and Huang Fan were startled at the same time, followed by a strong resistance.

“Okay.” Su Mo Li was helpless, “I’m just telling a joke, you don’t have to worry about this.”

“Su Jia Xuan is a little upset, did you find out why?”Su Mo Li changed the subject.

Cheng Tao and Huang Fan both shook their heads.

“Miss, Third Miss woke up with a cold, cried, and laughed outside the courtyard, and then it was the same as usual.” Huang Fan thought about the news reported by her own people, “There is too little time to find out anything at the moment.”

Su Mo Li was thoughtful.

“Miss, Third Miss is here.”

Outside, the voice of Er Ya rang out.

Su Mo Li raised her eyebrows, “Third Sister is here, let her come in quickly.” The soft voice matched with Su Mo Li’s expressionless face, and Cheng Tao and Huang Fan looked oddly at each other.

When Su Jia Xuan came in, Su Mo Li’s face instantly put on a shallow smile and her eyes filled with water as if extremely excited to see Su Jia Xuan.

Looking at such a Su Mo Li, Su Jia Xuan’s heart was fiercely pained, and she quickly came to Su Mo Li’s side: “Big Sister.”

“What’s wrong?” Su Mo Li smiled and stroked Su Jia Xuan’s two buns, “Third Sister has lost a lot of weight, how is your health?”

Su Jia Xuan’s little hand tightly gripped Su Mo Li’s, and the look in her eyes was so unbecoming of her age!

Su Mo Li had a vague suspicion in her heart.

“Sister, the one you want to marry is the Second Prince, you can’t marry over there, the Second Prince is not a good man, let’s go now and beg Grandmother!”

Su Jia Xuan said, about to pull Su Mo Li away.

However, Su Mo Li was holding Su Jia Xuan’s hand tightly and asked, “Third Sister, how do you know that?”

Su Jia Xuan bit her lip for a long time before she said, “I just know, Sister, will you trust me?”

Su Mo Li sighed, helpless: “Well Third Sister, you are definitely in a daze, don’t think so much, whether it’s the Second Prince or the Third Prince, it has nothing to do with us, things haven’t been decided yet and there will be room to turn things around.

Don’t you worry, why don’t we go do something you like, how about this, you go make some stinky tofu for your big sister, that way you’ll be in a good mood ……”

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    “Sister, the one you want to marry is the second prince, you can’t marry over there, the second prince is not a good man, let’s go now and beg grandmother!”
    Instead of saying ‘the one you want to marry’ wouldn’t it be better to put it as ‘the one you will marry’? We know Su Mo Li doesn’t want to marry the second prince and I rather doubt that was any different even in the life Su Jia Xuan lived before she died and came back to this period, so saying that “she wants” to marry him doesn’t really make sense.

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