I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 23: There Are Bad People

In the water, her mana will recover faster, and she will not be sleepy easily.

To wait for her father’s return, Lu Li took a bath that lasted for more than two hours.

At first, the maids were afraid that her skin would be soaked and refused to let her stay in the tub any longer than ten minutes, so they let her put on her pajamas.

Lu Li was reluctant, but she put it on.

When the maids thought she was asleep, she crawled out of bed again after covering the door and turning off the lights.

Due to her short legs, she couldn’t reach the switch, so Lu Li could only cast a spell to put the water into the bathtub, and then she turned into a fish and swam around happily in the bathtub.

It was especially enjoyable.

To pass the time, Lu Li swam for more than two hours, thinking that her father wasn’t back yet.

Her body slowly absorbed the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, recovering her own mana at the same time, but she was bored and didn’t know how many bubbles she spat.

Gradually, over time, her body began to glow with a faint but extraordinarily dazzling golden light.

Fortune descended.

In the courtyard, a maid was surprised.

“What happened? The koi in the pond were just sickly and weak like they were dying, and I was just about to fish them out, so why are they suddenly so alive?”

A maid under a nearby tree held a cell phone in ecstasy: “Eh, I won! I really won the lottery! I didn’t think I’d be so lucky this time. It’s the first time I’ve ever won!”

With nearly a third of her magic power restored, her hearing became sensitive, and many sounds entered Lu Li’s ears one after another.

Her water-red tail was like a thin layer of red veil, beautiful and provocative in the water, spitting bubbles from time to time as she plays.

At the same time, gently flicking her tail, she floated in the bathtub, floating, floating…

In the next moment, she stopped abruptly, her fish eyes wide.


She heard Dad’s voice!

He’s on this floor!

And he’s surrounded by bad people!

The little girl stopped taking a bath and soaking in the water. She quickly turned back into her human form and ran out in her little nightgown.


“Lu Shao, just as you expected, someone sneaked into the study tonight during the banquet and tried to steal the Lu family secrets!”

The bodyguard threw the two men he had just caught in the study at Lu Junhan’s feet.

The two men struggled and tried to get up from the floor, but suddenly the bodyguard behind them kicked them on the back and forced them to lie on the floor like dogs.

This humiliating and shameful posture made the two fifty-something-year-olds blush with anger, but they didn’t dare to say anything.

Lu Junhan sat on the luxurious sofa. He lowered his eyes, lit a cigarette, took a puff carelessly, and tapped his fingers on the sofa twice before raising his eyes, looking as if he was smiling instead of laughing.

He didn’t say anything, but he made the two people on the ground shiver with cold sweat running down their backs.

At this point, how can they not be clear that this is clearly a trap against them!

Lu Junhan deliberately set up the Lu family banquet to draw the traitors out and find the mole in the group!

They laughed at Lu Junhan’s lack of brains before, but now …… they are all green with remorse.

Since Lu Junhan did not speak, no one in the room dared to speak, and the entire study room was filled with a cold, dead air.

The two people on the floor were about to be scared to death by this oppressive and frightening atmosphere and didn’t even dare to move.

For a long time, the man sitting on the sofa gently exhaled a mouthful of smoke, his voice silent, before he finally opened his mouth.

“Manager Chen and Vice General Manager Liu, what a rare visitor.”

Manager Chen and Vice General Manager Liu, both of whom had seen Lu Junghan’s incomparably cruel and hostile methods, shuddered, knowing that the matter was a foregone conclusion and that it was useless to argue. They could only beg for mercy.

“Mr. Lu …… We know we were wrong. Please forgive us this time …… Please, I, we also have no choice! If we don’t do this, Master Lu will not let us go! We were just going through the motions; we wouldn’t dare to steal from you. ……”

(end of chapter)

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