I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 24: Avenging Dad’s Death

The bodyguard then came over to report, “Lu Shao, the files in the study have been checked one by one, and indeed nothing is missing.”

Manager Chen was incredibly fortunate that he was only timid enough to look at them and didn’t dare to take them.

Upon hearing this, he busily said, “Mr. Lu, as you can see, we really didn’t dare to steal it. We were just going through the motions, pretending to be ……”.

“Just a formality?” Lu Junhan smiled eerily, “Come to my study to go through the motions? Do you think I’m playing with you?”

Vice President Liu was so frightened by his appearance that he lost his soul. He knew there was no escape this time and only begged for mercy.

“Lu Shao, Lu Shao, you just let us go this time. We truly know we were wrong …… we promise we won’t dare …… next time.”

Suddenly, a sharp dagger with an ice-cold blade struck the ground directly in front of them.

“It hit the carpeted floor with a heavy, muffled thud and looked as if it would cut through the ground, which was very dangerous!

The two men looked at the knife, full of panic, “Lu Shao …… this, this is ……”

Lu Junhan bent down slightly, his deep, dark eyes seemingly smiling as he gazed into their panicked pupils, his tone not warm.

“Leave your hands behind, and you people can go.”

“Lu Shao!”

The color disappeared from their faces instantly, “I, we can quit the company, we don’t want anything or any other terms we can ……”

“Can’t do it,” Lu Junhan leaned back on the sofa and inhaled his cigarette carelessly, “I’ve got plenty of people here who can assist you.”


“You have three seconds to choose one. Do it yourselves, or shall I help you?”

Vice President Liu and Manager Chen looked at each other with cold sweat streaming desperately from their foreheads ……

But they still have one last shred of hope: “Lu Shao ……”.

“Three seconds have passed,” Lu Junhan’s eyes had no emotion and smiled, “Okay, I’ll find someone to help you.”

The two men went soft and fell to the ground, their lips and bodies trembling desperately, “No, you can’t ……”.

“Dad! Don’t look for anyone else! I’ll do it; I can do it! I can do this!”

Then, suddenly, there was a quiet, milky sound from the doorway.

At some point, the door to the study was actually opened silently.

In the next second, a little girl in a white camisole nightgown ran in from outside.

She saw at once the two villains who would later bully her father!

It says in the book that after Dad cut off their hands, they have been looking for someone to kill him with a grudge as if they were crazy.

If he hadn’t been so meticulous and lucky, he would have been dead!

And after they quit the company, they even deliberately sold many of the company’s secrets, which gave Dad a headache for a while.

Lu Li doesn’t care if her dad is a bad guy or not, but he’s the best dad in the world to her, and no one can bully him!

The little girl came to pick up the knife on the ground, which was quite heavy, but she still held it in her hand, the tip of the knife pointed at Manager Chen and Vice President Liu.

The knife was so big that it was half as long as she was. When she held it, the people next to her didn’t dare to breathe for fear that she might hurt herself if she wasn’t careful enough.

The little girl was about to follow her father’s example and speak harshly to the two villains when suddenly the knife in her hand was taken away by a large, strong, slender hand.

In the next second, the man’s dark, gloomy voice came right down.

“Little girl, why are you playing with knives! Get the hell out of here!”

“I’m not playing around!”

The two exposed arms are thin and white: “These two people are bullying daddy. I want to cut off their hands to avenge daddy!”

Others: “……”


Did they hear wrong?

This little girl just said that she wants to avenge whoever bullied whom?

(end of chapter)

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