My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 126: She is sneaky and arrogant.

A suspicious rustling noise on Xiao Ning’s side just rang out.

The phone was then disconnected with a “beep beep beep beep”.

When she called again, the phone was turned off.

Why was Xiao Ning so afraid of answering this question?

There must be a secret.

Gu Qi Qi’s heart was filled with a chill.

Could it be that in her previous life, Xiao Ning had to commit suicide because she was pregnant with a child of her close blood relatives?

If this is the case, then why did Bai Yujiao bully Xiao Ning and make her pregnant?

It hurts!

What does she have to do to help her best friend and not make the same mistakes?

Her eyes hung down in silence for a moment.

Gu Qi Qi suddenly got up.

Something had to be done!

Her university, Xiao Ning’s life, she has to change them all. She refused to accept the shameless arrangements of fate.

Why do innocent people have to die while scum wantonly steps on their heads and flaunts their power?

She’s not convinced!

This time, because Gong Jue gave her time off every day, she left the house without a hitch.

The first stop, straight to the Education Bureau.

The Qingcheng Education Bureau is part of the Imperial Education Department, and they must know about the problems the inspection team found out.

She was going to find out more about it.

Unfortunately, ……

She had underestimated the shamelessness of these officials.

When she handed over the application to inquire about her results, the Education Bureau officer in charge of the reception, a middle-aged lady, rolled her eyes: “Cheating and plagiarism, and you have the nerve to check?”

Gu Qi Qi endured her anger: “How do you know if you’ve made a mistake without checking?”

The office lady sneered, ” There is absolutely no mistaking it! That was discovered by the Imperial Education Department inspection team. They are the sky, and you are an insect. You’re a pest, so what’s the point of competing with Heaven? Go home and do what you have to do. Doing hard labor, working as a nanny or something else is also a way out.”

Gu Qi Qi said in a deep voice, “No. I must see the exam paper. I must prove my innocence.

“Innocence? The office lady laughed sarcastically at Gu Qi Qi, “You copied the exam results. A person like you, ha! I’d just hang myself if I were you!”

After saying that, she actually tore up the application form of Gu Qiqi on the spot!

The paper scattered all over the floor like confetti.

It also fell on the shoulders of Gu Qi Qi.

Hang herself?

Hearing these two words, Gu Qi Qi could no longer maintain a peaceful attitude.

“Yes, in my last life, I was hung to death!” Gu Qi Qi suddenly took a step forward.

Her cold eyes narrowed: “So I have nothing to fear in this life. I’ve recorded your remarks earlier. Perhaps it would be more interesting to publish it on the Internet so that everyone can hear your official attitude, rather than me admiring it alone?”

The office lady was dumbfounded.

This girl is so sneaky!

She thought that she was just a high school student who would be sent away with a few insults, as instructed by Gu Enlong.

She just spoke so harshly that the average girl would have cried and left in anger.

This girl, however, actually turned around and threatened her.

“Then you rewrite an application!”

Gu Qi Qi lifted her chin, her eyes cold: “Shouldn’t it be the person who ripped it up should rewrite it?”

Officer Lady: “……”

This girl is not only sneaky, she’s arrogant!

Coming out of the Education Bureau.

Gu Qi Qi did not feel very relaxed.

Although it took a little bit of tactics to submit the application, from the attitude of that person just now, one could tell that the Education Bureau would never let her successfully find out the truth.

The little dirty turtle sighed: “Master Silver if only we were stronger, I could crawl farther away to steal the test papers for you!”.

Gu Qi Qi raised his eyebrows: “Can you crawl away?”

Why didn’t she know about this new skill?

The Little Dirty Turtle guiltily cringed ……

Suddenly, someone came out from behind them and said, “Please stay, Miss Gu.”


The Xiao family.

The room at the end of the fourth floor.

It is Xiao Ning’s bedroom.

At the moment, it is filled with a musky smell ……

Xiao Ning was crying: “Ooh …… I”m, I’m only five minutes late …… now, it”s over five hours, can you …… stop? “

The man’s dark, cool voice was heard in the darkness…

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