My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 125: Who exactly is the man who bullied Xiao Ning?

“Not only do I want a retake, but I also want her blasted live all over the internet!”

Gong Jue’s resounding command shook Lieutenant Lu to his core.


Never in the history of the Imperial Empire had a student who cheated on the entrance exam been given an opportunity to retake it.

Much less live stream the exam!

Chief, you’re going to hell.

Couldn’t you just be like that big man in the background, silently getting the Imperial **Medical University to directly admit Miss Qi Qi?

Seeing the dumbfounded look of Lieutenant Lu.

Gong Jue frowned unhappily, “What, you can’t do it?”

“Do it! It can be done. It’s just that Chief …… wouldn’t that be too high profile?”

“People are stomping on your neck and you want to keep a fucking low profile?”

Lieutenant Lu: “……”

Chief, aren’t your words too harsh.

He suddenly understood the good intentions of the Chief in doing it this way.

It’s not difficult to change an entrance exam application.

It’s not difficult to change an admission result either.

What was difficult was to turn the dark hearts of the people around and clear the charge of being slandered by others!

In a flash, he suddenly felt that the Chief was more ruthless and direct than the big shot behind the curtain, hitting the crux of the problem.

Of course, the premise of all this was that the Chief trusted Miss Qi Qi.

Yes, how could the chief trust Miss Qi Qi to retake the exam again and produce stunning scores again?

What if …… Mis Qi Qi doesn’t perform well?

What if …… Miss Qi Qi’s test papers were actually suspected of plagiarism?

Of course, he meant that just in case.

Apparently, the Chief hadn’t even considered the slightest what if scenario!

The chief has always been arrogant and conceited, so was he not afraid of being hit in the face this time?

As Lieutenant Lu was pondering, the cold voice of Gong Jue once again, blasted overhead: “Wait, you have to do one thing first.”

“Yes! As you command.”

“Buy ten pregnancy tests …… no, just buy a box back and throw it in the stupid woman’s room.”

He broke off two or three of hers, right?

If he paid for the damage, it’s okay, right?

Lieutenant Lu: “……”

His old face was sad! How embarrassing!

What did he do in this life that he had to help buy a box of pregnancy tests?

Won’t the clerk think he’s an old bull and a hooligan?


The bedroom.

Gu Qi Qi dialed Xiao Lime’s phone.

Just like when Gong Jue dialed just now, the ringing sounded at least several times before Xiao Ning picked up, “Hmm …… Hmm? …… Qi Qi?”

On the other side of the phone, Xiao Ning’s voice was soft, low, and hazy.

It was like being on a shore that can’t be touched, carried, and floating by the lapping of the waves.

Moving like water …… delicate!


Gu Qi Qi looked at the clock in confusion, “You’re still not up?”

Clearly, she was naive.

On the other side, Xiao Ning’s tone was immediately tense: “No …… not …… Qi Qi …… um… . is something wrong with you?”

“It’s nothing, but I left in a hurry yesterday and there’s still a few things I didn’t talk to you about. I’ll send you the pregnancy test today, do you still want it?”

Xiao Ning’s voice was even more strained, even with a touch of crying, “No no no …… Well, no!”

The intermittent sound, like she couldn’t breathe, was very suspicious.

Even the naive Gu Qi Qi frowned, “Xiao Ning, what’s wrong with you?”

“I …… ah!”

The bed on Xiao Ning’s side suddenly plopped down.

Gu Qi Qi thought she had to get up and wash up, and felt a little guilty for causing her to trip as she hurried to answer the phone without looking at the ground carefully, so she said, “Forget it, you’re busy for now. Just tell me, is Bai Lang really your uncle?”

“Yeah, yeah.”

“So the …… man who bullied you is actually your uncle?” Gu Qi Qi’s heart was on fire.

That Bai scum!

“I ……”

Xiao Ning’s reply was drowned out in a series of rustling noises.

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