My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 124: No, the turtle wheel is short.

Because the address book name is too obscene.

So the phone can’t even get through?

What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Gu Qi Qi simply felt that this stupid man’s IQ was not up to date.

According to his words, then in Xiao Ning’s cell phone, wasn’t her name is not also very dirty?

Thinking of this, Gu Qi Qi suddenly felt guilty.

Cough cough cough.

It seemed like it was really like this.

Because in Xiao Lime’s phone, her name seemed to be – “Big Milk Qi Qi”!

That girl who liked to play pranks and often took pleasure in making fun of her big buns.

The nickname had been the most subtle of them all.

Can it really be blocking signals for having obscene names?

Naturally, she didn’t notice the upward curve of Gong Jue’s lips at the moment.

She only saw that Gong Jue swept a glance at the table, the untouched and almost cooled seaweed rib broth, and inexplicably commanded, “Do you know that wasting food in the barracks is a serious crime, punishable by sweeping the toilet, eh! In five minutes, drink it all up for me!”

Cleaning toilets?

No way!

It’s all men’s toilets here!

“So if I drink up, am I free to go out and do my business?” Gu Qi Qi retorted.

“Finish your drink first!”

What’s the matter with you, you stupid bitch?

However, now that Lord Gong knew that she must be going out for the college entrance exam results, he no longer restricted her.

Gu Qi Qi muttered, “Then I’ll give you a face ……”

She finished the soup in one gulp.

Gong Gong stepped away with long, contented strides, his military boots knocking the ground powerfully.

“You will be allowed to go out for one hour a day from now on. The premise is that you must report in advance!”

Listening to the military order, which was thrown down by Gong Jue on his way out, Gu Qi Qi was a little shocked.

She had scolded him just a moment ago, but he was not angry and did not hold a grudge.

Didn’t even yell at her?

Wasn’t that unusual?

The tone of his departure was still somewhat amused, and he actually allowed her to go out for the first time, not keeping her as a female prisoner?

Good things happening all at once, she can’t believe it.

The little dirty turtle, who was silent and didn’t dare to speak, secretly laughed twice and bounced around in the head of Gu Qi Qi, saying: “Master Silver, it can’t be …… that he is actually a trembling ~~m, right? A little abuse by you and he’s relaxed?”

Gu Qi Qi frowned, “What are you talking about trembling?”

“A trembling ……m ah! It’s the cute attribute that has a strong tendency to suffer from abuse!” (m = masochist)

“Where did you learn such words?”

“It’s on your phone, I learned it online!” The little dirty turtle offered a treasure-like report, “He is M then, that Master silver you are S then, S and M simply match each other!”

“Nonsense!” Gu Qi Qi blushed.

She didn’t want to play s…… and m with the impotent man.

“Kids are not allowed to learn adults things on the Internet later! The Internet is a very dark and violent place, you know?”

“But Master Silver, I need to learn about this world as soon as possible to better help you collect color points and open new skills ah ……”

Gu Qi Qi: “……”

This reason for hard work and study, she couldn’t even refuse.

Drop it!

Forget about it, no point arguing with a turtle.

It’s proper for her to call Xiao Ning first ……


As soon as Gong Jue left.

He immediately instructed Lieutenant Lu, who was following the side

“Go, find out which website is responsible for the dubious fake news, I want them closed today! All unemployed!”

“Call that old loser at the Education Department again and tell him that he’s ordered to make sure she can get a retake for me ……”

Listening to Gong Jue’s orders, the corners of Deputy Lu’s eyes kept twitching.

Those journalists who received money from people to make up stories blindly are so pitifully unemployed ……

The director of the Education Department, who holds the fate of college entrance exam candidates, has become an “old trash” ……

Sir, do you dare to be more aggressive?

Sure enough, in the next second, Lord Gong gave him an even more awesome shock.

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